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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 10 : discoveries
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I watched Ron stomp out of the room. What an insufferable, lazy git? I slammed the door behind Ron. I ran back over to Hermione and held her in my arms. I was going to kill my brother for this one.


I walked over to the bed with Hermione. She sat on my lap as I held her like a little child that had just been made fun of. She was as fragile as child.


I let her cry. I never said a word. Her heart had just been broken into a million pieces. I didn’t have anything to say. All my words were like a forgotten language I had learned as a kid and forgotten as an adult. Everything I had to say was in my comfort.


I listened to her quiet sobs. I felt the tears absorb into my clothes. Her pain was greater than any I have known. I slowly began to rock her back and forth, and she slowly began to cease the sobs.


Hermione fell asleep in my arms. I moved her off my lap and laid her on my bed and placed the blankets over her.


 I gathered the clothes I would need to change into after a warm shower and placed them outside my door. I walked over to my windows and shut the curtains. I turned off my lights. I walked over to the door and left carefully shutting the door quietly behind me.


I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom across the hall. I closed and locked the door behind me. I put my clothes down on the counter and looked in the mirror.


I was a mess. My hair was going everywhere. My clothes had wet spots from Hermione’s tears, and my face looked worn out. I needed this shower.


I turned around and turned on the shower making sure to get it nice and warm. I slowly undressed trying to make sure the shower heated up before I got in. I stepped inside the shower.


I felt relief wash over me as the warm water fell across my bare body. The warmth flooded my body inside and out. It was so nice. Between practice and coming home to the fight, I felt like crap, but the shower seemed to take all that away.


My muscles seemed to relax as the water ran over them. I closed my eyes enjoying the sound of only the water. My thoughts even had stopped running through my head.


Love was hard to deal with. It was confusing, but it was the greatest thing in the world. Hermione and I would someday figure it out. We would someday find the perfect guy, and he would sweep us off feet.

Hermione seemed to think Harry and I were destined for each, but you know what I don’t know anymore. He’s nice alright, but maybe there is someone else out there waiting for me.


I kept my eyes closed enjoying the water and quiet. The only thing better than this was night, but even then it was no comparison to warm water running over your whole body. Taking away every anxiety and worry that you have.


This day started great. The middle was kind of crappy, but the end…the end was going to be awesome. I don’t know why I thought this. I just had this feeling like it was going to be a great rest of the day.



I turned off the water when I was finished taking a shower. I got out and dried my wet body off. I put on my clothes and looked back in the mirror. My hair though still wet looked a lot better. My face did not looked worn out but relax and calm.


I pulled out my wand and magically dried my hair with it. I didn’t bother with my make-up. I looked fine without it, and I didn’t want to reapply it only for a few hours only to take it off later.


I grabbed my clothes laying on the floor, my wand, and the, now, wet towel. I unlocked the door and walked into my room.


I threw the wet towel and my clothes into my hamper and walked over to my dresser. I laid my wand down on it and grabbed my hair brush trying to decide how to do my hair. I was trying to decide between up or down.


Up looked alright, but it was kind of sporty. A bun would look fine, but I didn’t want to try it. I guess down was fine, but it was kind of plain. I liked plain though. I liked simple. Simple was nice.


I brushed through my hair deciding down was fine. I put the brush down and pocketed my wand. I walked over to my bed to check on Hermione- who was still asleep.


I sat down on the bed beside her sleeping body. She looked so peaceful asleep. She needed the rest. It was good for her.


I slowly started to rub her back. It would relax her more and keep her asleep longer.


Hermione shifted as I started to rub her back. Her muscles that once were tense were now relaxing. Her hand which had been clutching something slowly relaxed its grip on the item and released it.


Hermione rolled over. Revealing the object she had been holding. It was a letter for me. A reply to the one I had written this morning.


I reached for the letter. I attempt to open it with one hand but failed. I stopped stroking hermione’s back only long enough to open the letter and returning to rub it after it had been open. I started to read:

 Dear Ginny,


It was a joy to have you stay with us, Ginny. I am glad that I invited you, and I am glad that you got to meet my family. I enjoyed deepening our friendship too. It was wonderful. Casey will definitely be around more now that she knows you. She enjoyed getting to know you as well. I am glad that you finally admit it. I hope you are right. Awww Ginny that’s so sweet. You deserve a man that makes you as happy as I do. I’m glad to know that I make you happy. Ginny about your brother. He and I had a run in the other day, and he thinks we argue too much to get married. I insisted otherwise so as of now we are still getting married, but things may change. I don’t understand my attraction either. It’s probably because he doesn’t pay attention to me, and Harry does. I hope someday that I may call you my sister, but if it doesn’t happen, know that I still love you like a sister and you will always be my sister in my heart. I hope what I have shared with you will help you through everything you face. Love you always.


Your sister at heart,



I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I finished the letter. This was all my brother’s fault. Oh my gosh, I really was going to kill him!


I felt Hermione stir behind and turned around to see her awake with tears running down her face…


A/N: OMG!!! I put so many twists in here that I didn’t even expect!!!! I never thought this is how this story would turn out! This is why I defy outlines. They take the fun out of writing. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know I definitely did. It was fun to write. I think from here out the chapters will get faster to write. So I might have to break that promise on not writing any other new stories because I got some really epic ideas for 2 new stories. I hope you will forgive me and write a review. If not, you should tell me so by leaving a review. Good or bad, I like reviews! they tell me how to do better next time J. I hope this and would love to here your thoughts. Thank you for reading. Love you all

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Through Her Eyes...: discoveries


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