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You Don't Know Me by mr cool cat
Chapter 10 : Choices
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Must I dream and always see your face?

Why can’t we overcome this war?

Baby, maybe it’s because I didn’t know you at all.

--Jeff Buckley “Last Goodbye”

The baby is in my arms, smiling and laughing. I can’t tell what the sex is, but it sure does look happy.

“I’ll take it.” A voice says. It’s Frank and he has his arms out.

“It’s okay,” I tell him. “I want to spend time with my, er, ” I can’t exactly say daughter or son, because I don’t know what it is.

“No, Lily wants me to have a go, says I could use the practice. Go spend time with Emily, instead.” He winks at this and then takes my child and leaves. At that moment hands come from behind and hug my waist.

“We’re finally alone,” a voice says. “Just you and me.” I turn around to see Emily and I reach down and kiss her, as if it’s natural instinct. She kisses back and it feels like it’s meant to be.

At that moment a bell starts to ring. We both look around but can’t see anything anywhere. It’s at that moment that I realize it’s all a dream. I slip back into real-life and look around. I’m currently in Lily and Frank’s den, sleeping on the pull-out sofa. James’ told us to be at his house early so that we could start heading to the floo office because our appointment. Neither Frank nor I wanted to oversleep so I stayed the night so Lily could wake me up.

“What were you dreaming about?” She says as she shakes me. Next to her I see the alarm clock I had set, still beeping.

“Nothing,” I mutter.
“Well you had this stupid grin on your face and kept mumbling things.” She winks quickly and walks out of the room.

About half an hour later, we apparated to James’ house in Godric Hollow. The driveway was filled with small duffel bags and Chris, Scorpius and Al leaned against the garage, looking exhausted even though it was ten in the morning.

“Morning,” Scorpius mutters, his eyes partly closed.

“Late night?” Frank asks. 

Scorpius smiles. “You have no idea. Rose wanted to give me a proper goodbye. It’s the first time we’ve been separated for more than 24 hours since my stag night.”
I flinch a little.  I try to be mature about my sister’s sex life, but it’s hard. I do not want to picture her giving Scorpius a “proper goodbye”. 

James seems to be the only one who is really awake, and the only one who was really happy.

“I’m going to hell.” He says, as we packed our bags into the back of his minivan. “I found a stripper joint.” He says as if he’s proud that he wants strippers even though he’s a married man.

“Wow James, who would have thought that ‘world’s greatest dad’ would be the one who wanted the strippers the most?” Al jokes.

“Hey, you don’t live with four women, and your kids are still too young to crawl into your bed when you’re not wearing—Hello girls!” he says as his two youngest come out and stand by the door.

“We wanted to say goodbye.” Anna, the youngest says. Caroline comes out as well and puts her hands on the girl’s shoulders. She looks like she just rolled out of bed.

It’s quite obvious that James will do anything for girls, and even at the ages 11, 9 and 5, they know how to manipulate him. He went through a short depression last year in September, when he had to send his oldest, Josie, to Hogwarts.

“Bye love,” James says giving Maggie a big hug. “I’ll miss you sweetheart,” He tells Anna. “I’ll be back in two days,” he says as Anna’s eyes feel up with tears. He picks her up and coos her and she starts to smile. Then he turns to Caroline. 

“I’ll miss you darling.” He tells her.

“Yeah right,” she mutters and leans up to give him a quick kiss on the lips. “Be nice to the strippers!” she says to all of us. Maggie and Anna look confused, but James beams at his wife.
“I only have eyes for you Care,” He tells her. She gives him a little shove but still maintains a smile before heading back inside.

 “Best advice I can give to all of you,” James says to us as we pile in the car. “Get creative. Once the kids learn to walk they start getting nightmares, and then the bed no longer becomes an option. You’re going to have to start doing it in the shower, or the closet—“

“I hope you realize you’re saying this to our little sister’s fiancé.” Al points out. We all laugh and Frank blushes.

“Hugo’s the luckiest. Whenever he wants to bring a girl home, he just has to drop off his baby at Emily’s.” Scorpius says.
“Unless it’s Emily he’s bringing home.” Chris mutters, but everyone manages to hear him.

“You and Emily have something going on?” Scorpius asks.

“No,” I glare at Chris, but he just ignores me.

“You wish you did.” Frank offers.

“So nothing’s happened?” Al asks.

“Besides me getting her pregnant? No.” I respond.

“You can’t forget New Year’s, a lot happened on New Years.” Frank pitches in.

I start to blush and James notices from the rear view mirror. “New Year’s is the time for something to happen. Maggie happened on New Year’s.”

“James, can we please not talk about your sex life? Please.” Al groaned. “I mean, I don’t have a problem picturing Caroline but you on the other hand—“

“You have your own wife you bastard!” James yells. Al just chuckles. “Anyway, Hugo what happened on New Year’s?”
“Nothing, I had to pretend to be Emily’s boyfriend because her boss assumed we were a couple.”

“Then he snogged her, got drunk and got in a fight with her ex-boyfriend.” Chris continues.

“And told her that he loved her.” Frank adds in.

“How did you know that?” I never told them that part. Frank just shrugs. “Lily told me. Emily told her.”

I really need to get some new friends, ones that aren’t engaged to my cousin or know my family in any way.  It seems that Al has read my mind.

“I feel your pain, mate.” He says. “Rose and Kennley apparently share sex tips. I know what its like to know the gross details of you’re cousin’s personal life.” Then he turns to Scorpius, “you know that thing with the ears? It’s a personal favourite of mine, too.”

“Wow, I’m learning a lot more than I needed to about the Weasley-Potter family.” Frank joked. “Mainly that you all are a bunch of sex addicts.”

“You’re just learning that?” Chris says incredulously.
“Well I knew Lil—“
“We’re here!” James shouted over his voice, as he pulled into the parking lot. 

The hotel is nice, and we're exhausted when we get there. I’m sharing a suite with Chris and Frank, and James, Al and Scorpius are sharing another suite. 

“Alright, so is it to early to start drinking?” Frank says as he plops down on the bed.

“I have a feeling the others won’t mind.” Chris replies as he unpacks. At that moment there is a knock on the door. I open it to find Scorpius.

“We’re going to a bar across the street, so get up.” He says. Frank jumps off the bed and we all exit the room quickly, without even thinking about grabbing a key. 

“Between you and me, she’s great. I mean, she’s, she’s my best friend! I’ve been in love with her for over 10 years, and they have been the besssssssssssssssst years of my life.” Al was telling me after about five beers. “But the truth is, babies take up a lot of time! And there is never any sex, because on those nights where they actually sleep for more than an hour, she wants to sleep.”

“I hear ya,” James groans. “And soon Hugo will too!” he yells.

“Cheers!” I yell back.

Scorpius looks solemnly down at his drink. “Rose is pregnant.” He says.

“Congratulations!” Chris shouts at him.

“Why haven’t you said anything yet?!” Me and Al and James start.

“We found out yesterday. Only four weeks in. It’s not even certain; we haven’t confirmed it with a doctor.” He responds. “I don’t think I’m ready for it though.”

“Pleeeeease,” James says. “You’re much more ready for it than,” he looks around the table. “Well than most of us quite frankly.”

“I mean look at me for instance.” He continues.  “I got Caroline pregnant when I was eighteen, and she didn’t even know I was a wizard.” Then he looks up. “And Al, Al used to do nonverbal contraceptive charms when Kennley wanted them to start trying for kids.” Al glares at him.

“Chris hasn’t been laid in a while, so maybe its not that he’s not ready to be a father, he just hasn’t had the chance.” James says. Chris laughs along.

“And Frank,” James thinks for a few minutes. “He can’t have sex with my sister. It’s just not happening.” Frank keeps drinking his beer and just smiles. Then James looks at me.

“And we can forget Hugo.” He says. “He got aroundddddddddddd and then finally he knocked up some girl. And now he won’t even admit he’s fallen for her.”

“I admit it!” I smile. “I’ll admit it right now. You guys as my witness! I’m madly in love with Emily Jane Osbourne!” Then I decide it’s a good idea to stand on the table. “Everyone!” I shout. “I love Emily! Very much! I am so glad that she is going to give birth to my child!”

“’Atta boy!” Frank shouts back. After a few minutes I get back down and they all pat me on the back.

“Congratulations Hugh.” Al says. “A father, wow, that’s something else.”

“But we already knew that.” Scorpius chimes in. “What about me? What am I going to do with a baby?”

“Eat it.” Chris says. We look at him for a second and then all burst into laughter.

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Frank says. “None of the women in here are pretty enough to bang.”
“I can’t believe what a pig my sister is marrying.” Al mutters as we get up from the table and leave the bar.

“I’m not saying I would bang them, just that none of them are bang-able.” Frank argues back.

“None of us can really bang girls this weekend.” Scorpius points out. “This is a terrible stag party.”

“No its not, we’ll just…we’ll just, have strippers. That’s not illegal right? It doesn’t break the vows we made when we became enslaved.” James says. We keep wandering down the streets, not even noticing where we’re going.

“I can have sex!” Chris says. “In fact, I should have sex! I haven’t had sex since,” he pauses for a few seconds. “I can’t even count right now I’m so drunk.”

“I haven’t either.” I mutter. “I can have sex.”
“That would be stupid.” Scorpius says. “You just realized and admitted your love for Emily. You can’t just have sex with anyone.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not…” he looks around. “Oh hell just have sex. When was the last time you were fucked good and well?”

“The night my child was conceived.” I nod. “Let’s find some girls to fuck!”

“Best thing about marriage,” I hear Al telling Frank, as he puts his arm around his shoulders. “The first few months are like one big sex marathon. All you have to do is come home and tell her she’s beautiful and she will just take off her clothes. It’s as easy as that.”

“It’s as easy as that until the kids start arriving!” Scorpius says.

“You don’t even have any kids.” Chris replies.

“Yet.” Scorpius mutters. 

The next thing I remember is freaking out because we were locked out of the room.

“Just knock, and someone will come get it.” Frank tells me as I try to jam it open.

“No,” Chris says sharply. “Mum will kill me if she see’s us drunk. She’s caught me before, and it is not a pretty sight.

“You idiot, we’re not at your house!” Frank shouts at him. Then he turns to me. “One of my sisters will get it, I promise. We made this plan up years ago when Allie was 16. It works every time.”

“We’re in Majorca!” I tell him. “Your sisters are not in there!”

“Just my parents? Then fuck, we’re screwed.” Frank says, and slumps down to sit on the hallway.

“Alright, let’s just go to the other’s room, I’m sure that they’re still drinking.” I tell them. We start walking down the hallway toward their suite, but I can’t remember what number they were. When I ask Frank and Chris they both just shrug and walk drunkenly down the hall.

“I think this is it.” Chris says pausing at a door. “Yes, this door looks familiar, it looks like their door.”

He begins knocking loudly. “Open up! We’re drunk and locked out of our room!” he shouts.

The door finally opens, a young women opens it. She rubs her eyes and then looks at Chris. She glances at him and then closes the door. 
Chris looks at both of us with a goofy grin.
“Well someone's getting luckyyyyyyyyyyy tonight!” 

I woke up with a massive hang over the next day. Everyone else was asleep so I went down stairs to the lobby to ask for another key. The woman smiled and handed me three (just as I asked). I went back upstairs and slipped the other two into the room I had been sleeping in and then went to my room and slept for another four hours.

When I woke up, it was two in the afternoon. Both Frank and Chris were back in the room and lying on the couch.

“Coffee?” I ask. They both shake their heads so I attempt to transfigure the alarm clock into a cup. It fails and so I pick up the phone and call for some coffee, and a few bottles of water from room service.

A few minutes after the coffee arrives, Scorpius, James, and Al come in. They look just as bad as the rest of us.

I try to bring up recollections of last night, looking for a key last night, the woman who opened the door on Chris, walking the streets, talking about babies and—

“Scorpius, did you say that Rose was pregnant last night?” I ask. He looks confused but then groans in realization.

“I’m not supposed to tell anyone,” he replies. “Rose wanted to keep it a secret. She specifically said ‘don’t get drunk and tell them all.’ Which is what I did.”

“I didn’t even remember until Hugo said it,” James mutters. Chris and Frank nod. Al just refills himself another cup of coffee.

“Well congratulations, again.” I say, and then I remember my own embarrassing confession, but say nothing.

“So what are we doing tonight?” Frank asks.

“Strip bar. I found one through a friend from work who had his stag night here.” James tells us.

“Someone brought hangover potion, right? This coffee isn’t doing it for me.” Chris says.

“Yeah, it’s in our room.” Al supplies. “Accio hangover potion.he mutters. Then he lazily opens the door with his wand and the hangover potion comes flying in.

We all add a little to our drink and my headache goes away instantly. “I’ll save the rest for later,” Al says, putting it into the pocket of his jeans before looking at the rest of us.

“Alright, now that we all feel better, let’s get going. It’s best to start early. Frank, let’s just pretend you aren’t my brother-in-law for tonight? I won’t say anything to Lily if you don’t say anything to Kennley.” 

The strip club turned out to be a failure. Everyone feels bad about looking at any other woman other than their wife, including myself. I may not be married, but there was a part of me that felt I was being unfaithful to Emily.

Instead we went to the closest bar and tried to find a girl for Chris.

“That one’s fit,” James says, looking over to a girl with a bright red dress. The girl looks over and winks at him.

“Well she’s more interested in you,” Chris mutters. “Does she look like she speaks English? I don’t exactly know how to get a girl to sleep with me if I can’t talk to her.”

“I bet I could.” I smirk.

“Well then you go for her.” Chris replies. “It’s not like you’re tied down.”

“But I feel bad about Em—“

“It’s not like you’re cheating on her,” James says. It's true, I'm not going to die alone just because I had a baby.

It’s really the first time that I’ve thought about how a baby will affect my, er, relationships. I mean where do women stand on men with bastard children?

So I walk up to the brunette in the red dress. “Excuse me miss, did you wink at me?” I ask her flirtatiously. It’s a sad pickup line, but I haven’t exactly done this in a while.

“No,” she says in a sexy Spanish accent. “I was winking at your friend. But that’s okay, you’re pretty good looking.”

“I like to think so,” I said. The girl laughs.

“Are all Englishmen this cocky?” She says.

“Only when they have something to be cocky about.” I joke. “I’m Hugo Weasley.”
“ ‘Ugo Weasley,” She repeated. “I’m Isabel Alvarez.”

“Pleasure to meet you. Can I buy you a drink?”

“A mojito would be wonderful.” She smiles.

We spend the rest of the night talking, until I realize the rest of guys have left.

“They were gone about an hour ago,” Isabel whispers in my ear as I look around for them. “You’re welcome to come home with me.”

This is what I wanted…I think. I mean, to have a girl want me again—it’s a nice feeling. I still probably shouldn’t, I mean I have a kid on the way with another one night stand, so it isn’t a really good idea.

Isabel seems to notice my troubled face. “What’s wrong?” she asks. Then she groans. “You’re married, aren’t you?”

“Not exactly.” I reply.
"Girlfriend?" I don't respond

“A boyfriend?” she says

“I have a child.” I tell her.

“A child?” she repeats.

“I got a woman pregnant last year and she just had a baby girl. But the thing is, Emily is part of my life. Its not like I just pay child support, I take care of her on weekends and see her most days after work.”

Of course, Isabel assumes that Emily is the baby, which is what I was hoping.

“That is sweet.” She replies, looking a little disappointed.  “What about the mother?”

“She’s a friend.” I say. It’s the truth. “We knew each other before we slept together, and it was the only that one time we had sex.”

Isabel thinks about this for a few seconds. “I’ve never had sex with a father before.”

I laugh. “That’s very flattering Isabel, but I don’t thin I should. Thank you though.”

She smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Go spend time with Emily,” she whispers in my ear. I smile back at her.

“There isn’t anything I’d rather do, to be honest.” I reply.

“Why has the entire theme of this weekend been about how babies make life miserable?” I ask, when Al makes another comment about sexless life on our way to the floo office in Majorca.

“We’re trying to scare Frank into not having sex with our sister.” James jokes.

“About ten years too late.” Frank says. Both me and Chris snort as James and Al glare at him.

“You wish. You were obsessed with her and didn’t do anything until we were 21. It was ridiculous.” I reply. Frank just turns red and puts his head down.

“I have to agree with Hugo,” Scorpius says. “I was worried when Rose told me she was having a baby, and now I’m freaking out because of you two”

“Well you should. Babies are really scary.” James replies. “I mean one minute they’re fragile and can fit in your hand and the next minute they’re asking you if they can get their ears pierced.”

“Sometimes they cry, and there is nothing you can do to sooth them. Nothing.” Al pitches in.

“And they seem to really know how to get you. If they want something, they always knowhow to make you say yes.” James continues.

“Yeah, it’s like an instinct. The other day I was attempting to feed Jamie with formula, and he just kept pushing it away. Kennley told me I needed to keep trying because she doesn’t want to breast feed anymore, and he saw her and made this face, and I just had to give him to her.”

“So good luck, enjoy your irresponsibility while you can. It’s limited and then once the babies come, it is the end of an era.” James says solemnly.

We finally floo home and then decide to just apparate back to our respective places from their. Most everyone has apparated except me and James, and he smiles at me.

“Listen Hugh, I know you’re worried.” He says. “And me and Al love to scare you, but its not that bad, really.”

“Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t be that bad if you had three of them.”

“Well all three were mistakes to be honest,” James mutters. “But that’s beside the point. I couldn’t imagine my life without Caroline, Josie, Maggie or Anna. And every day I’m away, I miss them.”

I laugh a little. It’s rare that James gets sentimental like this.

“Anyway,” James continues. “We never see you anymore. Why don’t you come over for dinner this week? You can bring Emily if you want.”

“Thanks, I’d like that.” I tell him. “We moved in together.” I didn’t say anything this weekend because I didn’t want the guys to give me shit for it, but I feel like I have to tell someone.

James cocks an eyebrow. “Are you two…” he trails off.

“No!” I say quickly. “It’s just because it’s more comfortable since her sister moved to her flat. It’s easier and we were planning on it before the baby came just in case she went into labour. It’s earlier than we expected, but it’s been nice so far. Only been for about two weeks.”

“Well good luck with everything” James says. “See you this week?”

“Yeah,” I respond, looking at my watch. “Better get home.”

When I apparate into the flat, Emily is sitting on the sofa, reading a maternity book.

“How was the weekend?” She asks as I plop down next to her. “How were the girls?”

I think of Isabel and laugh. “There were no girls, and the weekend was good. But right now, I just want to spend time with you.” I tell her. She smiles, and then goes back to reading her book that’s propped up on her big stomach. She looks so cute that I just want to kiss her.  

I put my arm around her shoulder and bring her closer to me. She doesn’t say anything and just shifts so that she is leaning on me. Then she looks up and I can’t help but notice how cute she looks, even though she is in an old t-shirt and sweat pants. 

All I want to do is kiss her. All I want is her to be mine.

A/N: So what did you think??? I'm almost done with the next chapter so there won't be a long wait.

Anyway, I liked this chapter better than the last, so I hope you enjoyed it too! Please review because I love reviews (who doesn't) and I want to hear everyone's opinions?

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