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Somewhere Out There by acatnamedmouse
Chapter 1 : A Trick of the Eyes
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‘ THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK HARRY!!!!!!YOU’D BETTER NOT FORGET AGAIN!!!!!!!’ screeched Ginny’s howler. Harry winced and set it on his night stand. He rubbed the sleep out of his sparkling green eyes, then yawned and made his way to the kitchen .Why Ginny always seemed to send her letters before 6:00 in the morning, he didn’t know .He frowned. Things hadn’t been going well between the two of them lately. It was mostly his fault, he knew. But Ginny really had been trying his nerves. She‘d begun to make it a habit to tell anyone who‘d listen that her boyfriend was Harry Potter. And did she mention that they were going to end up married with 5 kids?!. It’d all started when he’d gotten that letter. He picked it up off the kitchen table, trying to make sense of it once more.

 ‘ Dear Harry,

A glint of silver could deem her dead

Or that strange flash of green would bring a sticky end

For what you think you see

Is not so, believe me

Remember no spell can reawaken the dead

A trick of the eyes was used instead

Love always ,Hermione.’

Harry scratched his head, mystified as when he’d received the letter two days ago. He’d written back, but there’d been no reply. But even the very mention of Hermione to Ginny had driven her to almost not speaking to Harry, so he decided he should drop the matter.‘ Well if you love Hermione so much maybe she should be your girlfriend!‘ Ginny had shrieked. Trying not to dwell to much on that embarrassing fact, Harry went to get dressed and go to Training.

A few hours later, Harry stood in a line with the rest of the soon-to-be Aurors. They were practicing the Cruciatus Curse, and many of them had broken out into a clammy sweat when the director suggested that they get into pairs and try it out on each other. ‘ Isn’t that illegal?‘’ a worried looking witch next to Harry had asked .‘Of course!! But you don’t think Dark wizards are going to care DO YOU?’ Harry couldn’t help but notice how alike the instructor was to Mad-eye Moody. He smiled a little sadly at the observation. Harry had just moved next to a pale looking wizard when someone came bursting through the doors of the gym.  ‘Harry you’ve got to see this!!!!!!! 'It was George Weasley.

 ‘ George? What are you doing-’’ But George hushed him and thrust a paper into his face .Harry grabbed it and read the heading:

 ‘ Ministry Witch Hermione Granger IS MISSING

Many of you remember Hermione Granger ,close friend and suspected lover of Harry Potter .This weekend, Miss Granger was reported missing by her friend Ronald Weasley ,after they’d made plans to meet and she never showed up. ‘ I just hope she’s alright.’ said a nervous Mr. Weasley to our reporters. Many suspect Dark wizards behind this disappearance .According to Granger’s boss, Harry Potter was the last person to have contact with Miss Granger. When asked about this strange coincidence ,Mr. Weasley looked very jealous before rapidly changing the subject. Will Harry be the one to rescue Granger ?Or will he leave it to his old sidekick?’

Harry felt as though his insides had frozen .He stared openmouthed in horror, at George .Neither could speak. ‘Do you know anything ?‘Harry whispered. George shook his head solemnly. ’You?’ Oh yes ,Harry thought. I know one thing. All Harry knew was this, he was most DEFINITELY going to miss his date with Ginny tonight.

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Somewhere Out There: A Trick of the Eyes


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