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By the Firelight by GinnyWeasley_13
Chapter 1 : By the Firelight
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It was twilight. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were sitting together in a clearing. The air was damp, the weather was cold, and the two of them sat close together for warmth. Ginny was wearing an orange sweater, and her long, red hair was tied in a very messy ponytail. She was resting her head gently on Harry’s shoulder, and her arms were wrapped around his warm body. 

Harry was wearing an overlarge grey jacket and a pair of jeans. His very messy black hair was as untamed as ever and even more so in the cool breeze. Harry was stroking Ginny’s hair with one hand, and holding a mug of steaming hot chocolate in the other. 

In front of them was an orange, crackling fire. Sparks were flying in the air and landing softly on the ground below. The glow of the fire illuminated Ginny’s beautiful face. Harry could see her soft brown eyes and every single one of her freckles reflected in the firelight. 

Harry’s face was in complete shadow. He counted this as a good thing – hopefully Ginny couldn’t see the nervousness etched clearly on his face. Tonight he planned to propose to the young woman sitting beside him. After Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort, Harry and Ginny had got back together quickly. He had missed her so much after he had left her at the end of his sixth year, believing it was for the best as he carried out the task Albus Dumbledore had set for him. 

Harry was absolutely positive he wanted to be with Ginny for the rest of his life. He had grown up with her, fought alongside her and even saved her. Ginny was the only woman Harry had ever really loved. It had taken some time for him to realise it, though. Harry had only discovered his feelings for Ginny after six whole years of knowing her. He had loved Ginny for years now, and it was finally time to ask. 

Harry had to propose. 

He couldn’t wait any longer. 

He had to know. 

Pausing his action of stroking her hair, Harry straightened up slightly. 

“Do you want another hot chocolate?” he said. 

“Alright,” said Ginny, “Is there any left? We basically downed the entire tin last night.”

Harry chuckled. “True,” he said, “But I’m sure there’ll be some left, at least. Do you want marshmallows?” 

“Yes, please,” said Ginny. 

Harry glanced back at Ginny as he got up and started making the hot chocolate. He and Ginny had spent a lot of time camping lately. They had bought a muggle camp-kitchen, and had taken to making everything without magic. 

Harry felt the bulge in his pocket, which he knew to be an engagement ring for Ginny. He had bought it four days before they had left on their camping trip. It was a simple gold band with a glimmering green emerald placed in the centre. Around the emerald, clustered together were ground jade stones. 

Harry busied himself with making Ginny’s hot chocolate. He added the marshmallows, (making sure they were white and not pink; Ginny's preference was white) and then started walking towards her. 

“Here you go,” he said, as he handed her the steaming mug of hot chocolate. 

“Thanks, Harry,” she said, and started sipping it. 

“I love you, Harry,” said Ginny, her soft, brown eyes gazing at him, full of compassion and warmth. 

“I love you too, Ginny,” said Harry. Harry watched Ginny sipping her hot chocolate for a while before gazing up at the sky. It was a clear night. Not a single cloud was visible and the now black sky was littered with twinkling stars. 

Ginny finished her hot chocolate and set he mug down on the log where they were sitting. Then she turned her beautiful face towards Harry. 

“Thanks for the hot chocolate, Harry,” said Ginny, looking him straight in the eye. A smile crept across her face. 

“You’re welcome.” 

Harry laid a hand on hers, and she grasped it gently. Her hand was warm, and pleasantly soft. 

It was unknown how long Harry and Ginny sat like that. The silence was not at all uncomfortable or awkward. The two of them sat on the rough, mossy log, their hands entwined and each gazing up at the night sky. 

“Marry me, Ginny,” Harry said quietly. Ginny looked at him, a slightly puzzled look on her face. 

“Please marry me,” he repeated. His emerald green eyes locked with Ginny’s brown ones. She looked up at him intently. 

“Of course I’ll marry you,” she said. Then she leaned forwards and kissed him gently. 

Harry could feel her soft lips on his. He put one hand in her long hair and deepened the kiss. Ginny responded by putting her spare arm around his back and pulling him closer. Harry could smell her beautiful, flowery scent in the air. Harry and Ginny spent several long moments holding each other close and kissing each other passionately. 

Eventually, they broke apart. Ginny still had her arm around Harry, and pulled him closer, so that he was almost sitting on top of her. 

“I’m going to need your hand, Ginny,” said Harry. 

“What for?” said Ginny indignantly. 

For your ring,” said Harry. Ginny smiled and removed her arm from around his back, presenting it to him. 

Harry took out the ring box and opened it. He held Ginny’s warm hand in his own and slid the ring onto her finger. It fitted perfectly. 

Ginny snuggled closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. Harry picked her up and seated her on his lap. Her ring hand was clasped tightly on his other shoulder, and Harry had his arms around her back. He started gently rocking her backwards and forwards, at the same time humming contently. 

Ginny fell asleep in Harry’s arms, her eyes closed and her lips curled into a smile. 

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