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There's Something About Dom by hpfan45
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous
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disclaimer|JK OWNS
a/n : I know I shouldn't be starting another story...but I had this one in my head for ages.
Some helpful insight... Teddy is 21, Vic is 20 & Dom is 19.

Dom Weasley

Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous


“Good Afternoon London! It’s 3:15pm on a Monday in August. I’m MontyP on the Heart of London from WWW station. Witches and Wizards, after a bloody hot day, you’re in for an even hotter afternoon! Hottest Temperature for the whole summer! I wouldn't like to be in crowded London on this day. Hot and Humid loves, Hot. And. Humid. Anyway, here’s the latest single from Frenchie France ‘I’ll Be The Question, If You’ll Be The Answer.’ ”


Dom passed a cafe, listening to the snippet from the radio. She felt the heat waves from Diagon Alley’s crowd around her as they sweat and fan themselves Witch Weeklies and Daily Prophets. She wiped her forehead and decided it was too hot for the city. 


She quickened her pace bypassed the shops full of tourists and walked into the Leaky Cauldron at the end of the Alley. 


A blast of air hotter than outside hit her face as she opened the door. The air smelt heavy of sweat and alcohol, travelers and loners alike came for a cool brew. 


A look of pain crossed her face as she thought of flooing in the sweltering heat. She brushed the thought aside and threw a handful of powder into the empty fireplace yelling “The Burrow”



The same WWW station played as Teddy heaved a heavy box onto the dusty floor of Vic’s new apartment.


“Why can’t you get Ben to do all this?” He complained. Her boyfriend of four and a half months, Ben Walters was absent from moving process. Teddy’s loose white tee now stuck to his wet back with sweat. 


She turned around from where she stood unpacking yet another box. Her cheeks flushed prettily to a tone matching her dress. She took misstep and fell to the ground. 


Teddy dropped the box he held and quickly jumped over the some others to get to Vic. He tried to cradle her gentle, but she brushed his help off with a wave.


“Teddy, you know how clumsy I am, I’m fine” Vic said as she stood, ignoring his out stretched hand and smiled. 


She turned back around and pulled her wavy blond hair into a ponytail, her blue eyes adorably determined, he still looked at her with adoration


She was his best friend of fifteen years and his unrequited love for the last one. She was tad short, which emphasized everything innocent and young about her. Though he never saw the romantic appeal of her, she was never seen without a boyfriend from the age of twelve.


Veela blood only gets you so far. Her appearance was the perfect girl. Her silvery blonde hair and classic blue eyes with her clumsiness and gullibility made her all around lovable to everyone. Well, almost everyone. 


Almost a year ago on that summer afternoon, he was lounging with Dom outside their Shell Cottage when he realized he was in love with Vic.

She came outside to bring Dom and Teddy some iced tea. She wore a loose white dress, her wavy blonde locks free, traveling down her spine. She lay down the tray, and he saw her hand tremble a little. He glanced at Dom to see if she noticed anything, but she was still staring at the blood red sun setting, her icy blue eyes saw nothing else. 


He glanced back at Vic but she was already walking quickly away and around the house. He took a glance back at Dom, and stood up and followed her. 


“Vic! Vic! Victoire!” He yelled after her. She finally stopped at the side of the cottage. They were both out of sight from where they were previously seated with Dom.

“I’m fine Teddy,” she said. In vain, she tried  to brush away her tears and gave him a shaky smile. 




“Oh, its just’s nothing” Mark, Vic’s boyfriend of a little over a month. 


“We’ve been best friends for years Vic, don’t try and fool me, You’ve never cried over anyone before”


“Actually I cry over every single one of them I just try to hide it from you. My problems shouldn't be yours or Dom’s. I’m fine Teddy” She sniffed and tried to keep walking away.


He pulled her back “Vic, you don’t have to be selfless all the time. We’re here for you. I’m here for you....always” He wanted nothing more than to hug her forever.


“He has work or something or other, and I wanted to surprise him with dinner, not a pile of boxes” she laughed, breaking his memory.


“Why is it me that always helps you?” He grumbled back jokingly, but his mind still half on that afternoon that seemed so long ago. 



“What are best friends for?” Vic smiled at him “Now go pick up that box and put it in the kitchen.”

We’re always going to be just friends. 



Dom sat in Grandma Weasley’s kitchen. The weather was just as hot indoors, even with the windows wide open. She loved visiting Grandma Weasley, she was always full of life even in her old age. Like most Grandmothers, she was harsh on her children and easy with grandchildren.

Even the hottest day of the summer hadn’t stopped Grandma Weasley from her stovetop cooking. The smell of pumpkin stew saturated the entire kitchen. 


“It’s hot today, isn’t it Grandma?” Dom asked while taking a seat on a chair at the kitchen table, she watched her cook with ease and practice. The heat was only the smallest bit more manageable here, yet her paper-thin yellow shirt still stuck with sweat to her small frame.


“Extremely hot is more like it,” she replied, nodding.


A layer of sweat covered Dom’s slightly sunburned, slightly tan skin. She rubbed the nape of her neck where her white-blond hair was piled in a low mess.


All her siblings had her mother’s silvery Veela hair, expect Dom’s whose hair was always more platinum-white. Side by side no one could tell that they were Weasleys.

Grandma Weasley was now talking into a muggle phone, courtesy of Aunt Hermione some Christmases ago, while she was still in Hogwarts. That was a blissfully easier time she thought back. The only problems in life were getting caught out of bed and passing a transfiguration essay you wrote that morning with a hangover.


Grandma was probably talking to one of her numerous children. Dom picked up that she was on the phone with Uncle George.


“George! You mustn't give that to Roxy! No wonder Angelina....”


Taking advantage of her distracted grandmother, she lit a fag, blowing the toxin smoke outside the window she was seated next to. 


Dom looked back down at the counter where the letter she was languidly writing to Louis lay. Even though Louis was younger than Dom by almost three years, it felt as if he was older than her a majority of the time.


Dear Lou!


Sorry Vic and I couldn't come this summer! I know it’s a drag but France is so sunny and there are lovely French girls with accents there! Don’t worry. I’m sure one of them speaks English this time....


Anyways summer here has been...bland. Vic is moving in today with her newest boyfriend, something or other. 


Teddy is helping her. I know. She’s still oblivious that he’s in love with her. I think it’s all mental anyways, Vic never will feel the same about Teddy. I can’t tell him that though, it will break his little heart.


Vic is alright. You know I love her, but she’s been a right prat lately. All she does is talk about her new boyfriend so I’m avoiding her as of now. That explains why I’m not helping her move in today, before you ask.


Love life, as you inquired about (what normal kid brother cares about his sister’s love life, Lou?) is alright. I mean I’m still going steady with Garland so that’s that. I am still pissed at Teddy for picking a fight with him the other night at the Toadspawn Bar, I mean I’m not bloody engaged to Gar! It’s more funny than intense to tell you the truth. You should have been there...actually stay clear of bars Lou (I'm doing the older sister thing!).


Yeah, yeah Teddy and I are in a fight again. As usual. Don’t worry Louis you don’t have to give me the whole speech. I’m going to be the bigger person (shut up you, it’s possible) and talk to him tonight. 


Hope Mum and Dad are alive. Don’t bring home a STI.




With her ciggie hanging from her mouth smoking slightly, she didn’t give the letter a second glance and walked to the window across the kitchen.


No breeze wavered through the frayed lace curtains. She wiped her forehead for what felt like the hundredth time that afternoon.


She attached the letter to the family owl and watched the him fly off to France. Exhaling smoke from her mouth, her thoughts were already somewhere else.


Why hello there. thank you for giving my story a go.
The beginning is a bit slow, but things will pick up in the next chapter!
Like my verison of Dom? Even better, dislike her?
Think Teddy is a hopeless case?
Typical? Atypical? I love to hear it all!

Review l’amor. I respond to all of them (:

becca xx

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There's Something About Dom: Prologue: Dreamers are Dangerous


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