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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 7 : Celebrate
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, characters, movies, series or anything to do with it. I also do not own any of the named celebrities.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So I'm really loving the new look of the site! Looks really good! I was also nominated for a 2009 Dobby award with Hogwarts, Here We Come, the first in this series, but I don't think I won. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted, you all rock! I have a gallery up on TDA now, so if you would like to request something, please contact me on there as the main site I was using is down and probably not coming just depends on a lot of factors. Hopefully I'll resurrect it if there's enough interest, but once again, a lot depends on what's going on in my life at the moment. So thank you all for the reviews and such and read on my lovely readers! Also, that little box at the bottom, it's not for decoration! At the song part of the chapter, listen to "Distracted" by KSM (which I don't own).

Chapter Seven: Celebrate

I was rudely awoken the next morning by someone, or something for that matter, nudging my arm repeatedly.

"I don't wanna get up so go away," I said, refusing to open my eyes and flailing my arms, trying to make whoever it was go away.

"Get up, lazy bones," The person said. Well at least we've discovered that it's a someone, not a something.

"That's not a very nice thing to say," I replied, not bothering to open my eyes.

"And this isn't a very nice thing to do," They said, making my whole hammock flip over, causing me to fall to the ground in one big heap. How I even got on my hammock, I'll never know. When I finally opened my eyes using pure, brute strength I saw that Harry was standing there with a smirk plastered on his face.

"That was totally unnecessary," I said, rubbing my sore backside.

"Whatever," He said nonchalantly.

"I'm glad to see how concerned you are about your girlfriend," I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes for extra effect.

"Well, it's ten in the morning; you should be up by now," He said.

"It's ten. In the morning. You woke me up at ten?!" I demanded.

"Yeah...I usually wake up around eight," He said, shrugging it off as if it was nothing.

"Well, I don't. I sleep in until one," I said, glaring at him.

"Wow, you really are as lazy as Lindsay and Emilie has told me on many occasions," Harry said, kneeling down beside my sprawled out body.

"Thanks," I said sarcastically. "But really, what kind of sicko gets up at eight in the morning during the summer?"

"Um...the kind who has the Dursley’s as his only living relatives," He said.

"Right," I said, almost immediately regretting my previous statement. "So are you going to help me up or what?" He nodded and stood up before giving me his hand and pulling me up.

"Ah, that's better," I said, dusting myself off before looking at him. "And you're dressed as well. You really are psychotic."

"Thanks," He said sarcastically as I gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I still have to get dressed so you can wait right here," I said as I grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom. I slipped into a pair of grey shorts that reached my knees and a black tank top with a purple and white argyle design on it. I brushed my teeth quickly and brushed my hair before pulling it back into a high ponytail. I put on my basic make-up which consisted of just black mascara and a tiny bit of peach blush, before walking back to where Harry was waiting for me.

"So what do you want to do right now? Because it will probably be a while before anyone else gets up," I said.

"Hm...I don't know," He said as I pulled him over to the couch to sit. He sat down, pulling me on top of his lap making both of us shift until we were completely comfortable.

"Why don't we play some video games?" I said as I started to set one up. "This one is a racing game."

"Okay," He said as I handed him a controller and got one for myself. I leaned over to where he was sitting and pointed out how to do everything before the game started.

"Ready? Go!" The game announced as we both slammed down on the gas button and started driving the cars in the game. We both started to get really into it, and really competitive at that. Sometimes, we'd knock each other's controllers out of each other's hands. Before I knew it, Harry was on top of me as his lips came crashing down onto mine. My fingers tangled themselves in his hair, and his hands were gripping my hips.

He lips were gently massaging mine, and moving along my jaw and neck.

"Harry..." I said, trying to get his attention. "Harry!" He looked up, right into my eyes, smiling at me impishly as I rolled my eyes.

"Three things. One, that was really random. Two, we should probably go downstairs soon because everyone should be getting up and I smell pancakes," I said, grabbing my controller. "And three, I totally just beat you."

"That is not fair!" He said, gently pushing me back on the couch before tickling me. I was laughing so hard that it hurt!

"Harry!" I exclaimed in between laughs. "Stop!" He finally did and I gladly welcomed the air into my lungs. "Merlin, Harry," I said finally, shaking my head at him. "Let's go downstairs; we need to wake everyone up." I gave him a quick peck on the lips before I led him back downstairs, where my mom was already in the kitchen, making pancakes. "Good morning mom."

"Morning Emmy."

"Good morning Mrs. Williams," Harry said.

"Good morning Harry," She said, laughing slightly.

"So how are we waking them all up?" Lindsay asked from where she was sitting at the kitchen table, a smirk adorning her face. I was already in full awareness that Lindsay knew exactly what we were going to do.

"I don't know Lindsay, how are we going to wake them up?" I asked.

"Do air horns sound good to you?" She asked, holding out the aforementioned object.

"Hell yes," I said, taking one. "But wait, we've got to do more than that."

"Good point," Lindsay said, looking as if she was deep in thought before saying, "Would you like a marker, Miss Williams?"

"Why thank you Miss Hunter," I said, taking the top off of the marker and holding the pen in the same hand was the air horn. "Harry, you stay here. They're going to want to kill after this."

We put silencing charms on our feet, each other, the house and the surrounding houses before sneaking into each tent. We drew and wrote all sorts of things over any showing skin before running back out and unsilencing each other.

"One...two...three!" We pressed down on the button, the loud, booming sound filling the backyard.

"Get your lazy arses out of bed!" We screamed as cries of frustration and anger filled the air. Everyone came out of their tents with scowls on their faces as they glared at us.

"Come on everyone! Turn those scowls into frowns and then turn them upside down!" Lindsay exclaimed to receive weird looks from everyone, including myself. There was an awkward silence before Emilie spoke up.

"What is wrong with you two?" Emilie asked angrily, rubbing at her eyes.

"Oh so many things," I said, grinning like a loon. "Time for everyone to get dressed for breakfast!"

The three of us who were already dressed and ready sat down at the table, eating while the others got ready. I put my normal stuff on mine; strawberries, blueberries, whip cream and to top it all off, I drowned it in syrup. Yummy.

"You're a pig," Brad said once everyone was back downstairs, dressed and eating the breakfast my mother had prepared.

"Yeah, well you're a bigger pig," I retorted.

"Look at what you're eating compared to what I'm eating," He said. He had much less additions to his.

"Well, you know what? I have all four food groups. See? The strawberries and blueberries are from the fruits and vegetables group, pancakes are from the bread products or whatever it's called, and whip cream from the dairy products," I said.

"That's only three," Hermione said matter-of-factly. "You need protein as well."

"Well why would anyone put meat on pancakes? Seriously," I said in disbelief, eating some more. Within two minutes I was done, and helping myself to some more.

"Merlin, you're like a vacuum," Emilie said, and I glared at her, giving her a look that clearly told her to shut up because she was just as bad as me. We finished eating and I just couldn't wait any longer. I had already waited so long.

"PRESENT TIME!" I ran into the living room, sitting in the middle of the Floo while everyone surrounded me. It brought back memories of when I was a little girl who only wore dresses and skirts. And hated wearing socks with a passion. And had to be bribed to wear socks when I started kindergarten. I'm going to shut up now.

"Who's first?" I asked as Emilie shoved her present in front of me.

I unwrapped it to find a box containing a pair of dark blue low-rise jeans, a grey dress-style tee with a hood and all over print in shades of grey, blue and purple, as well as a silver necklace.

"I love it!" I exclaimed, giving her a hug. Present kept coming until there were two left. Lindsay's and Harry's.

I took Harry's first and gasped when I opened it. It was a beautiful white notebook with black, sparkly music notes going across it like a line of music. I opened it up to see it was all blank sheet music, the exact kind I needed for my song writing.

"Ohmigod," I said, tears prickling my eyes. "You remembered."

"Of course I remembered," He whispered, giving me a soft kiss before I hugged him tightly.

"HEY!" Lindsay shouted, coming in between us and pulling us apart. "Time for my present!"

"This will be good," Emilie muttered, and I still regret opening it to this day.

First I pulled out a fire engine red, feather boa. Not so bad, right? Well, trust me, it gets worse. I pulled the last two items out of the box at the same time, and they just so happened to be a matching set of fire engine red, lacy bra and matching lacy underwear that were more see-through than anything else.

"Ohmigod," I said, turning a bright shade of red, probably the exact same as the undergarments now that I think of it. Lindsay and everyone else for that matter were all killing themselves laughing. "Yeah, that's not embarrassing," I said sarcastically.

"That's not the real present, just to let you know," Lindsay said, pulling out another box and handing it to me.

I opened it and found a scrapbook with all different pictures of me and my friends and family. It was every event that was important to me, like performances, competitions and everything right up to this moment.

"I got your parents to help by getting some of the pictures for me," She said as I gave her a hug.

"Thank you guys for the presents! I love them!" I exclaimed, giving everyone another hug.

"One last one," My dad said, coming into the room holding a long box wrapped in birthday paper. "This one is an early one, so the rest you get tomorrow on your actual birthday."

I took the long box, tore apart the thin layer of paper separating me from whatever was in it. I opened up the box and almost screamed in happiness, but settled on squealing very girlishly instead. It was my very own electric guitar. And better yet, custom-made to fit me and my personality.

The base of the guitar was built in the shape of a star and the whole guitar was gold with my name written across the bottom corner in sparkly black cursive writing.

"That's fab! Let's go try it out!" Emilie exclaimed as we all trooped upstairs, as I was especially careful with my new guitar. I had only had my acoustic guitar before, which I would bring to Hogwarts, but I wanted an electric for my totally hard core songs...okay, well the ones that required it. Nothing about me would really be considered "hard core".

I went into my room and plugged it into my amp, with my microphone set up as well as Emilie summoned her guitar and microphone before plugging it into the extra amp. I got my spare microphone out for Lindsay and quickly set it up as she say behind the drums.

We had been practicing a bit during the summer, so we knew a lot of my songs off my heart.

I started singing and when I got to the chorus, Emilie started doing the harmonies. My guitar sounded absolutely gorgeous. Clear, smooth and totally amazing! It added that "it" factor to my song. YAY! I finished singing and playing with a grand ending gesture, as did the other two. Everyone applauded loudly as we all bowed, laughing slightly. Just then, the doorbell rang. Creepy timing, don't you think?

"I'LL GET IT!" I announced in an opera voice before running downstairs, my guitar strapped to my back. I ran to the door, almost falling into the person that stood behind it as I opened it.

"Hello," I said, smiling brightly.

"Hi, are you Emily Williams?" The woman asked.

"Yes, yes I am..." I said, uncertain of what to think. There was a lady standing there wearing what I like to call a "power suit" with a tight bun, and a guy holding a large TV camera and another holding one of those giant fluffy microphones, both of them standing behind her. This was weird.

"We'd like to congratulate you on winning the amateur spot in the 2009 World Music Festival," She said, smiling genuinely. At first, I just stared at her in disbelief. Was this really happening? Then the excitement kicked in and I started screaming and jumping up and down.

"I'M GOING TO BE IN A CONCERT! I'M GOING TO BE FAMOUS! I'M GOING TO PERFORM IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!" I screamed, all the while jumping up and down, tears starting to leak from my eyes.

The lady handed a parcel to my parents while all of this was going on. "This is parental permission, dates and all of those sorts of things. You just have to fill out everything that asks for a signature and send it back, except for one copy which you'll need to keep," She said. "Well, congratulations Emily."

"Thank you!" I exclaimed, still bouncing slightly as she left. I grabbed the envelope right out of my mother's hands and ran into the kitchen, laughing manically.

"Don't lose anything from it!" My mother warned.

"I won't!" I pulled out all of the sheets of paper and looked through them all.

"Hark! A shark!" Emilie said randomly, for us all to look at her strangely. "Hey! There's a list of everyone who's performing! Michelle Branch, um...Avril Lavigne, the Jonas Brothers, some more random people, Justin Timberlake..."

There was a loud screeching sound from behind us and they all looked at us for an explanation.

"Hopeless J.T. fangirl," We answered in unison, referring to Lindsay.

"Anyways," Emilie said, ignoring the total spaz attack Lindsay was having behind us, "you get to have photoshoots, music video shoots and you get to record a CD!"

Even thought it felt as if my life might just be falling apart, maybe this was what I need to put all the pieces back together.

"This is going to be so much fun."

Next time on "Chaos In The Order"

"Please don't kill them, I'll do anything you ask," I begged, getting on my knees as tears streamed from my eyes.

"Your pitiful begging won't do anything now," Voldemort spat.

Harry came running out of nowhere and wrapped his arms around me protectively, telling me that he was here, and that everything was going to be okay. "Don't you even think of touching her," He growled in Voldemort's direction.

"Wouldn't think of it as long as you're around," Voldemort sneered. "Avada Kedavra!"

I felt his limp body fall into mine and I started screaming and crying even harder.

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