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Marauding There And Back Again by Prongs05JP
Chapter 2 : Potter's Year
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Well this is chapter two! Enjoy, R&R. I HAVE EDITED THIS because Lily's actual birthday is the 30th January :S thanks! EDIT(AGAIN): undergoing more edits/revision to make it flow better, as of 30/08/10

Fantastic chapter image by AccioHedwig (formerly Avalon) at TDA!!

Chapter Two:
Potter’s Year

Lily Evans rolled around in her bed, trying to find the coldest spot on her pillow. Her auburn red hair was scattered in tangles around her face, as she pulled the duvet up to her chin. She sighed – the hot summer air made it difficult for her to get a good night’s sleep. Reluctantly she sat up drowsily, rubbing the sleep from her emerald eyes with a slender fist. 

She pushed the duvet back quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping people around her, and slid her legs round so that her feet touched the carpet. The sound of heavy breathing was all around her as she lifted herself from the bed and tiptoed over the sleeping bundles camped on the floor. When she reached the landing she relaxed a little, but was still treading lightly and being careful to avoid the creaky floorboards – Lily knew which one’s were which by heart. 

As she passed her sister’s room she paused. On the front, nailed, read a small wooden sign which made Lily’s eyes prick with tears.

Petunia Evans. No parents. No pets. And especially no freaks.

Lily knew the “freak” was applying to her and a new emotion found its way into her drowsy mind. Anger. Lily blinked back the tears ferociously and turned on her heel to continue down the landing. She passed the guest room and her parent’s bedroom before she reached the stairs. If was a modest staircase pressed into the corner of the house and Lily tiptoed down them, careful to miss the wobbly step, until she reached the bottom. 

As she walked along her hallway, she noticed the clock hanging from the wall. 5:17. Great, she thought, I have to be up at literally the crack of dawn. She stepped into her kitchen, her bare feet slapping the floor quietly until she found herself a seat at the table. Lily hadn’t actually planned on what she was going to do when she got down here, but she didn’t want to wake the sleeping persons who were in her room by staying in there. 

Lily had her three best friends staying round her house for a sleepover since yesterday. Rachel Sanderson, Abbie Riley and the only boy in their group, William Crockford. They had all slept in Lily’s room last night inside conjured sleeping bags. The four friends had all been on various holidays over the summer and this weekend was the only time they would all be in England at once - they needed to celebrate! However, the small party had come to a rather abrupt standstill when an owl had appeared giving her a "summers gift". Of course all of the friends were rather curious as to what it was, and had opened it.

A beautiful locket with a lily embroidered on it. Or at least it would have been beautiful, if it weren’t for the fact that James Potter had sent it. 

Potter. James bloody Potter. She hated him with all the vehemence she had inside her, but that wasn’t to say he didn’t sometimes make it difficult. Sometimes. 

He always seemed to act like a complete prat and had ruined her Hogwarts school years. He cursed any guy that stepped within a five metre radius of her and went to great and embarrassing lengths to tell her that he loved her. It wasn’t as if Potter loved her really anyway – he was only in it because she was one of the only girls who didn’t fawn over him – he liked a challenge. Not to mention he was indirectly the cause of the break of her long time friendship with Severus Snape. Lily grimaced at the memory as she sat at the table deep in thought. Lily regretted ending her friendship with Severus but not for the reasons you’d think. She regretted losing the great friend she’d had since she was eleven, not for the reasons behind it. Who knew how many times in the week leading up to the break he had called her a mudblood in the presence of Slytherin company? 

He wasn’t the same boy she had grown up with. He’d changed. For the worse. 

Lily pondered over that period in her life. The people who had really been there to comfort her were Abbie, Rachel and Will. She didn’t know what she would have done without them. Abbie had forced her to attend her classes and mealtimes, made her do her homework and made sure she didn’t fall behind. Will offered moral support. He was always making funny jokes and knew when to insult Severus and when to fondly remember parts of him depending on Lily’s mood. Rachel was always there for Lily to speak to, seemed to understand all her feelings that were going on inside her head until Lily was able to understand and sort them out herself. 

Being a muggleborn, Lily had never really had high hopes for herself at Hogwarts but she had been dearly proved wrong. She found that she took to most spells with ease, barring Transfiguration, and she found that she was especially good at Charms. And potions. But the reason she was good at potions was because Severus had taught her everything he knew… 

Lily’s thoughts began to relive the happy memories she had shared with him and before long, as she glanced at the clock on the cooker, she realised it had just turned 7:00 am. Lily gasped – she had just been sitting here for over an hour! 

She leapt from her seat and rushed out of the kitchen. But as she reached the bottom of the stairs she remembered that most of the house would still be asleep anyway, so proceeded to cautiously tiptoe her way back to her room – intending to grab some clothes and get changed in the bathroom. 

But it was not meant to be. 

As Lily was walking across to her bedside cabinet, her knee hit something hard - the annoying handle that stuck out from her chest of draws - and she recoiled in pain. Cursing loudly, she stumbled back and her foot stepped on something soft and squidgy. It let out a high pitched yelp and Lily turned around in shock covering her mouth with her hands. 

Out of the sleeping bag emerged a masculine face with drowsy light blue eyes and golden brown bed hair, glaring at her. 

“Oh god, Will, I’m sorry!” Lily whispered biting back a laugh. Will narrowed his eyes at her. Looking around he then just rolled them as his face broke into a smile. 

“I may as well get up now then.” He grumbled. Their little escapade however had not gone unnoticed as another sleeping bag moaned next to Will’s. He could no longer contain himself as another head popped out of the top and he burst out laughing. Rachel Sanderson on the other hand was not as amused. 

She sat up slowly, stretching her arms and yawning, brushing some long, straight, raven black hair from her ice blue eyes. She glared at Will and then at Lily, putting two and two together. 

“Sorry!” Lily whispered again, not wanting to wake the third person in the room. Rachel shook her head. 

“You have nothing to be sorry for. I heard a girlish yelp next to me and that’s what woke me up.” She glared pointedly at Will who gestured at his chest in mock horror. 

My fault? Tell that to the girl who stepped on me!” he pointed an accusing finger at Lily who giggled. “Hang on, girlish yelp?” Will carried on, glaring at Rachel. 

Rachel merely shrugged her shoulders, not elaborating. She pushed back the cover of her sleeping bag and stretched her arms out in a large yawn. She then stumbled to her feet, her black hair in knots around her face as she stumbled into the bathroom. Lily couldn’t help but laugh. At school she may be quiet and studious but in the mornings she was a completely different person. 

Will, on the other hand, was a morning person just like Lily. He jumped to his feet placing his hands on his hips dramatically, revealing he was wearing a pair of light blue pyjamas with shorts and a shirt – the kind that eight year olds would normally wear. Lily raised her eyebrows. 

“And the other guys in your dorm don’t tease you because of that?” She sniggered. Will looked down at himself, unperturbed, he bounced across the room to his bag, where he was keeping his clothes 

“The Marauders are actually quite nice, you know. When they’re not pranking.” He mused; Lily snorted and rolled her eyes. Will was always trying to persist that the Marauders were nice people but Lily knew what they were like no matter what he said. Will rummaged through his bag and pulled out some clothes just as Rachel stumbled back into the room. Lily and Will shared knowing looks before Will took the bathroom. 

Rachel yawned loudly. Lily smirked. With Will locked away in the bathroom Rachel changed into a pale yellow t-shirt and some light blue jeans, whilst Lily ran a brush through her own auburn curls. When her hair was straightened out Will bounded in wearing a navy blue sweater and some black jeans. He ran a hand through his golden brown hair and shook it again. Rachel glanced at him and sighed. He looked hyper – today was going to be eventful. As Lily then went to do her own makeup and brush her teeth in the bathroom Will and Rachel shared a mischievous grin – the final member of their quartet was still sleeping soundly in her bright pink sleeping bag. 

They knew Lily wouldn’t want them to wake her up without her being there so they patiently waited until she emerged, dressed in a dark green v-neck jumper and some jeans. Rachel nodded her head in the direction of the pink sleeping bag and Lily’s face broke into a malicious grin. 

The three tiptoed over deciding on the best way to wake her up. 

“We could all make loads of noise?” Will suggested; forever the most inventive. Rachel rolled her eyes. 

“How about a bucket of cold water?” she whispered. Lily furrowed her eyebrow in thought before she grinned. 

“I know.” she whispered dangerously. She crept down onto her knees and brushed a strand of red hair behind her ear. She slowly leaned her mouth down so it was next to the sleeping girls’ ear. “Abbie? Abbie someone’s here for you.” Abbie groaned and swatted her hand pathetically, obviously still asleep. Lily grinned again and said louder. “Abbie, Remus Lupin’s here for you.” Abbie’s eyes shot open and she bolted to her feet, knocking Lily backwards who was shaking with laughter. Abbie surveyed her three friends, her were all rolling around with laughter – she narrowed her eyes. They always seemed to manage to do this to her. 

“Abbie Riley!” Will gasped, out of breath. “You are the most gullible person on earth when it comes to Remus Lupin!” He laughed more, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. Abbie glared at them before grabbing some clothes and flouncing into the bathroom, her long blonde hair trailing behind her.

Five minutes later (after Will, Lily and Rachel had recovered themselves) Abbie re-emerged, having absolutely forgotten about the incidence involving her waking up. 

“Breakfast!” She cried and bounded from the room, her brown eyes bulging and her blonde ponytail bouncing out behind her. Lily shook her head. This girl was hyper, almost like a child – forgetting things that had happened moments before. Rachel merely laughed and followed her from the room with Will in tow. 

When they reached the kitchen, Lily’s father was already inside it with a not very happy expression on his face. Lily guessed their little spectacle of screams and wakings up hadn’t gone unnoticed. 

“Good Morning, daddy,” She tried and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. He always succumbed to the daughter charm. His face softened and he sighed roughly, adjusting his glasses and brushing some blonde hair out of his eyes. 

“Morning, Flower.” He rubbed his eyes tiredly. Lily grinned and turned towards where the others (who knew their way around Lily’s kitchen) rustled up some things for breakfast. Lily watched amused as Abbie and Will looked curiously at the toaster and Rachel let out another exasperated sigh and glared at Lily who was watching from the table, grinning. 

Once the foursome plus Lily’s father were eating their breakfast a low-swooping owl came crashing through the open window. Abbie screamed and drew her wand but it screeched past her and perched itself on the back of Lily’s chair. In it’s beak it held several letters addressed to the four of them. 

“It’s our Hogwarts letters, guys.” As she handed them out to the respective owners she frowned at her envelope. “It’s funny how Professor Dumbledore always knows where to send them. He always seems to know where we are at all times.” 

“Stalker, much.” Will interjected and Abbie laughed. 

“Creepy. Oh, just the usual old stuff. I know! Let’s go to Diagon Alley after breakfast and get it done.” Abbie suggested, and Rachel agreed. 

“Yeah, I hear Forlean Fortescue’s has a new -" But she was cut off with a squeal of delight from across the table. Lily’s father looked sharply up and looked into Lily’s beaming face. 

“I’m Head Girl! Look, look I’m Head Girl!” Will shouted with glee and threw his arms around her. Abbie and Rachel issued similar sentiments. They were however pushed out of the way by Lily’s father who enveloped her in a bone crushing hug. 

“I’m so proud of you, Flower!” he cried and a rather flustered red haired woman walked into the kitchen. 

“What’s all the screaming about?” She grumbled, patting her hair. Lily threw her arms around her mother and shouted. 

“I’m Head Girl, mum!” Karen Evans also shrieked and returned the hug. 

“Well done! Oh, congratulations, baby!” When everything had calmed down, everyone settled themselves around the table, with almost all of them grinning ear to ear. Petunia Evans then decided to make an appearance. 

“Why are you all screaming?” She scowled, tossing a strand of blonde hair over her shoulder. 

“Lily’s been made girl, Pet.” Karen smiled. Petunia narrowed her eyes and sucked in her cheeks. 

“Whatever. I’m going out to meet Vernon.” She turned on her heel and stalked out of the kitchen. An awkward silence settled on the room until they heard the front door slam. 

“Um… we should probably go too. Then after Diagon Alley me, Abbie and Rachel will probably go home.” Will interjected, always one to lift awkward situations. 

“Yes, thanks for letting us stay Mr and Mrs Ev.” Abbie added. They said a few quick goodbyes before apparating to the Leaky Cauldron. 

“So, where first?” Rachel asked once they had all gained their bearings. 

“Flourish and Blott’s please – I want to get all the school books first.” Lily replied firmly. Will rolled his eyes at Rachel and Abbie but followed her nonetheless. 

The four walked into the store, and as Lily rushed off to find her higher level Charms book the others took a look around the store before buying their books quickly. Will began to have seizures if he was around books for too long. Lily turned the corner of a bookcase before she saw some very familiar faces at the end whispering. She groaned inwardly and quickly hid behind a stack of books so they wouldn’t see her. 

“…I’m telling you, Moony - dad said Moody had to deal with this one him- what was that?” She heard the Marauders whip their heads round to where she was a moment before. 

“What was what, Prongs?” Came a squeaky voice she recognized as Peter Pettigrew. 

“I thought I saw some red hair go behind that book stack.” She heard a distinct scoff. 

“You’re always seeing red hair, Prongs – it’s a daily occurrence in your daydreams. Not so discreet cough Lily Evans.” 

“Shut up, Padfoot, I least I dream rather than snore.” 

“I resent that.” 

“Guys? Back to the matter at hand, please?” Came an exasperated Remus Lupin. 

“Look, all I’m saying is that Moody had to sort it out himself. Moody. The attacks are getting worse each day and I’m not saying anymore. This area isn’t exactly private now, really.” 

“True, that. Wormtail are you coming?” No reply. “Wormtail?” 

“Sorry. Padfoot, I think Lily Evans is behind the book stack.” James laughed 
triumphantly, but before they could find out if they had been right Lily slipped from the stack and out of the shop before you could say ‘fast’. What had all that been about? Death eater attacks? And who was Moody? Lily thought furiously to herself as she felt a rough hand on her shoulder. 

She glanced up to a boy with chestnut brown hair and eyes, he grinned and Lily smiled back. 

“Hey, Andy.” Andy opened his mouth, but before he could speak there was a shriek from behind them. 

“Andy!” Cried Rachel and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss with as much vigour and Will, Abbie and Lily looked away making throwing up noises. Rachel pulled away and glared at them. 

“At least I have a boyfriend.” She pouted playfully. Abbie grinned maliciously and punched Will on the arm. 

“Yeah, Will, we need to get you a man.” She laughed. He scowled at her. 

“Correction. I need to get you a man.” He replied laughing. Lily moaned. She could have had a boyfriend by now if it weren’t for bloody Potter. 

The foursome accompanied by Andy proceeded to go through their day, including dragging Will and Andy into a dress shop to shop for dress robes. They kept muttering about women but managed to find some robes all the same. Around four o’clock, they left the crowded streets and bundled into Forlean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. Forlean had a new flavour ice cream (as Rachel had begun to say earlier) so Lily went up to order for them. 

“How can I help you dearie?” Forlean called over the counter. 

“Five Cherry Milk and Vanilla Sundaes please.” Forlean grinned and Lily leant on the counter waiting for their order. She noticed a young man who looked about her age standing at the entrance to the Parlour. He had lightly tanned skin, large muscles and raven black hair. Lily only saw him from the back, but she liked what she saw. Rachel soon came up to join her. 

“Oooh, ogling guys are we?” She purred. Lily grinned. 

“I can, because I’m not spoken for.” She laughed playfully. Rachel pouted. 

“Well…” She began. 

“Don’t you dare say that I am spoken for by Potter.” She spat, still looking at the young man by the door. 

“Well you are meant to be together and he is pretty fit.” Rachel grinned at where Lily’s eyes were gazing. 

“Potter?!” Lily spluttered turning to Rachel. Rachel laughed knowingly. 

“No, the guy you’re checking out. Well, Potter too. Watch out, gents, Evans is on the prowl." She giggled. "Why don’t you go say hello?” She raised her eyebrows seductively. 

“Hmm… I think I might...” 

She began before another young man walked into the Parlour. He had dark black hair that fell in gracious locks around his face and cool gray eyes that were laughing. Sirius Black was followed in by a sickly looking Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Remus’ handsome face smiled weakly, but it didn’t really reach his light blue eyes. Peter, a head shorter than Sirius was also grinning, and Sirius patted him on the back loudly. 

As Remus ran a hand through his sandy brown hair, the action was mirrored by the original black haired young man. He turned around to join them from behind to reveal a pair of glasses in front of hazel brown eyes – 

Lily gasped and turned round quickly grabbing their newly served sundaes and practically ran back to her table, Rachel almost falling over with laughter the whole way. Lily immediately ducked down in her seat, desperately trying to hide behind her sundae, as she blushed as red as the cherries on top. The last thing she wanted was to be spotted by Potter… and she also wanted to hide her own embarrassment. 

“What’s the joke?” Abbie laughed, bemused, as Rachel was still clutching her sides with laughter. 

“Lily just admitted James Potter was fit and has been checking him out without realising who he was!” She squealed again as the whole table burst into fits of laughter. Lily felt her cheeks flush once more and shot a death glare at Rachel. Unfortunately, their laughing fit had not gone unnoticed throughout the parlour. 

“Care to let us in on the joke?” Lily, still red with embarrassment (how had she not known it was him?!) didn’t turn round but continued to ignore them. “Now, now, Evans, ignoring is not very nice,” 

“You’re not very nice.” Lily spat back before James had a chance to reply. She slowly sat up in her seat and, ironically, was now trying to hide the fact that she was hiding in the first place.

“Didn’t exactly think that a few minutes ago, did you?” Abbie whispered so only she would hear. She sent another death glare at Abbie. 

“Hey, girls, uh…Crockford, Carter. Mind if we take a seat?” Input Sirius. 

“Sure,” Will replied before any of the girls could reply. “Peter can sit here. Because Peter’s cool. Remus can also sit down because Remus is cool too. James and Sirius… uncool.” James and Sirius just laughed along with the others. Except Lily, who decided not to say anything. 

“Well, if we can’t sit on seats, we’ll just have to be resourceful.” Sirius sighed, and perched himself on Remus’ lap. 

“Gerroff!” he growled but Sirius didn’t seem to hear. 

“Now, I would ordinarily sit on Evans," James coughed uncomfortably. "But she’s in one of her ‘silent but violent’ moods so um, I’ll just stand here. And, er, yeah.” He finished lamely.

“Well, James, you’ve certainly filled out a bit. In a good way.” Rachel added smiling secretively. James rolled his eyes. 

“Sirius forced me to train with him every single day - wants to get into the Auror Academy. Worth it, though.” James flexed his tanned muscles proudly. Lily flushed even more and kept her face trained on her feet.

“I hear you’re still on the quidditch team, Black?” Andy asked, curiously. Sirius nodded gleefully. 

“Damn straight. James couldn’t bear to let go of me. Even after the final’s fiasco.” Everyone laughed. 

“Damn. Guess we’ll be against one more rowdy beater this year,” Andy moaned. He was a chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. “Well, anyway, Potter you can have my seat. I better be going home anyway. Bye girls. Will.” Andy got up from the table with Rachel and they shared another passionate embrace, ignoring the whistles and catcalls of the rest of the group. 

“So… why so serious Evans?” 

“No, Sirius. Lily Evans. Sirius Black.” Peter laughed, unable to resist. 

“Shut it, Wormy. Got anything else to do but make pathetic puns on my name?” Peter laughed again and Sirius scowled. 

“Yeah, I mean it’s been five minutes and Lily isn’t shouting at James.” Will rolled his eyes. 

“Maybe because shouting at Potter is a waste of my frickin time because he comes back crying anyway.” Lily seethed. 

“Awww, but Evans –“ 

“No Potter! Just shut the hell up and leave me alone!” Lily, no longer red with embarrassment but with anger, almost slapped him then and there. The reason for her temper the girls obviously knew but the boys were still clueless. 

“Whoa, Evans, PMS much.” Sirius scoffed. Lily was about to turn to him when Rachel intervened. 

“Careful, Black, or Lily will put you in detention. She’s Head Girl this year.” Lily’s anger faded slightly. 

“Oooh, congratulations Evans.” Sirius shot a grin in James’ direction who merely smiled weakly. 

“Oh, Remus! Did you get Head Boy?” Lily asked, turning her attention from the immature gits next to her. 

“Err… no, actually.” A secretive smile reached his lips. “No. I’m not Head Boy.” Lily’s face drooped slightly, murmuring something about being sure. The boys all wore secretive smiles and Abbie narrowed her eyes. 

“You know who it is, don’t you?” She accused pointing a menacing finger at them. 

“You could say that…” Sirius trailed off. Remus cleared his throat. 

“Will, are you still up for keeper this year?” James interrupted. 

“Yeah, did you see some of my great saves last year, Captain?” James grinned. Will was the keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, as of third year.

“I almost didn’t do Captain this year. Focusing the majority of my attention on studying. NEWTs an’ all.” Everyone stared at him dumbfounded, Lily’s eyes widest of all. “Oh, come on, I have to study for my exams! Quidditch isn’t gonna get me a spot at the Auror Academy now, is it?” He smirked. Everyone remained silent before Remus cleared his throat uncomfortably. 

“We better be on our way. It’s been a pleasure, Ladies.” 

“Indeed. See you at Quidditch practice, Will.” Sirius winked.

“Evans, always a pleasure,” James grinned, grabbing her hand and planting a kiss on it before she could react. Lily would have slapped him, had he not ducked out of the way. Lily slammed her hand down on the table hard as they strutted out of the parlour. (After Remus had made a brief apology). 

“Stupid, stupid, stupid Potter!” She cried in frustration. Abbie just smiled. 

“Who knows, with the way you were looking at him before, this could be Potter’s year.” Lily’s mouth dropped at the sheer horror of it all. 

“Oh, come on, you must have been at least a little impressed by his new studying plan, mustn’t you?” Abbie sighed exasperatedly. 

But before Lily could retort Will caught Rachel staring at the door where the Marauders just left through. 

“Missing them already?” 

“He’s so fine…” She trailed off, sighing dreamily. 

“Andy?” Lily queried. 

“You should know by now that she’s talking about Remus.” Will answered drily. 

“Yeah, it’s kind of stupid how both Abbie and Rachel are always daydreaming about Remus Lupin! Especially when Rachel, not so discreet cough, has a boyfriend?” Rachel looked down from her daydream guiltily. 

“I like them both. I know it’s weird but I do. Andy’s helping me get over Remus, I’ve been crushing on him since second year – it’s not gonna happen!” Rachel laughed, looking dejectedly at the door once more. Abbie however chose that moment to bounce into the conversation. 

“However I can still chase after Remus because I’m a free agent.” She winked and the others laughed. 

“Don’t forget about Abbie’s five year long crush too!” Will laughed. “Are you sure you don’t want me to set you two up?” Abbie shook her head. 

“If it’s meant to be, Remus will come to me.” She winked again. The others chuckled. The four departed the ice cream parlour to wonder round the shops for another hour or two. 

“So this is our final year, eh?” Will put in as they started down the alley back to the Leaky Cauldron. The girls nodded. 

“Gotta make it our best.” Abbie added 

“Definitely.” Lily put in. 

“We’ll do everything we’ve always wanted to – this years our last chance.” 

“Three cheers for Potter’s Year!” Abbie cried. Lily scowled as the others whooped and cheered. 

They said their goodbyes and disapparated away to their respective homes, pondering on their seventh and final year ahead of them.

Special thank you's to all you who reviewed chapter one!
Thanks for reading and now's the part where you review ;) 
-- Nick x.

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