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Living Dead Girl by Lily123Evans
Chapter 4 : Breakfast and Murder
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AN: Chapter Four! Yeah! I’m so happy! I think this is a pretty good chapter! Longer than my other’s too. :O) That’s always nice! Well, enjoy! OH! Thanks to lotrfan185 from TDA fot he simply splendid chappie image!

Aldora reawakened around 3 o’clock in the morning. The Burrow was pitch dark, and the living room floor was covered in large lumps, presumably sleeping Weasleys and company. Carefully, she pulled herself upright and crept on tiptoe through the room and to the kitchen door. She had almost made it through without waking anybody when… “Bloody hell!” a muffled voice exclaimed. Then, from the lump on the floor rose a boy with a lightning shaped scar. Harry Potter. 

Aldora felt a rush of different emotions. Anger. He was the cause of her misery. When he escaped, she was the one punished. But she also felt hope. He was the Chosne One. The only person in this world who could put an end to her father’s tyrannical reign. And most of all, she felt pity. What had he done to deserve Lord Voldemort’s wrath? Masking these emotions, she silently placed one thin finger to her lips and beckoned him to follow her. Harry watched with wide eyes as the slim figure disappeared into the kitchen. Then, reaching for his glasses, he followed. 

The kitchen was dark. Neither Allie nor Harry could see anything in the darkness. As they groped their way to the kitchen table, Harry asked, “So you’re really his daughter… errr… Voldemort, that is.” Aldora looked at him mutinously, and then nodded slowly. “Blimey… must’ve been hell for you.” Again, Allie nodded, and sighed. 

In a low, intense voice, she replied, “You have no idea what the past seventeen years of my life have been like.” She took a deep, shaky breath, and then continued, “It was worse than being dead. It was worse than living with the Devil himself. When I’d wake up in the morning, I’d always have to wonder if I’d live another day. You have no idea what hell is, until you’ve lived with Lord Voldemort.” Harry sat across form her, green eyes contemplative. They both were silent for quite a long time. 

“I’m – I’m sorry. I’ve always felt bad for myself… being written down as Voldemort’s, errr, what d’you call it… ummm, ‘match’ before I was born, but you; you’ve had it so much worse. I can’t even imagine what life was like for you.” 

There was another pause, and then Aldora replied softly, “Thank you. For understanding… and not hating me because of my father.”

Harry stuck out his hand with a half smile and said, “Friends?” 

Allie smiled back and hesitantly reached out her hand. “Friends,” she agreed. The two sat in silence for a few moments, then she asked suddenly, “Do you want some breakfast?” 

Harry laughed. “Sure… wait! Here’s an idea. Let’s surprise everyone and make breakfast!”

Allie’s eyes lit up. “Do you know how to cook? Because if I did it alone, we’d most likely be eating charred bacon and blackened pancakes!” Harry nodded with another chuckle, and the two set to work. They cracked eggs, whisked pancake batter, and heated up milk for cocoa. The sun was just beginning to rise when the pair was finished. The table was set, and filled to the max with towering stacks of waffles and pancakes, platters of bacon and sausage, plates upon plates of buttered toast, and a tray with at least three different kinds of egg. To say the least, Allie and Harry were very proud of themselves. 

Shortly after they sat down, Tonks, Remus, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs. Mrs. Weasley’s mouth fell into a perfect o. “You two did all of this?!?!” Allie and Harry nodded with identical grins. “You didn’t have to do that! I would’ve made breakfast for you!” 

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but Allie cut in, “We wanted to give you a break. And say thank you for all you’ve done.” 

“Anyway, we woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep,” Harry added. 

Mrs. Weasley tried to argue some more, but Tonks placed her hand on her arm, “Molly. Just sit down and eat… I don’t think they poisoned anything, but if you’re worried, we can double check.” The whole room burst out laughing. 

“Oh fine, you two! But tomorrow, I make breakfast!” And with that, Mrs. Weasley sat down to eat. 


Back at the Malfoy Mansion, things were not looking too great for the Death Eaters. Lord Voldemort was in a rage, and anyone in his way was punished. “THAT DISGRACE! HOW DARE SHE! SHE THINKS SHE CAN JUST RUN AWAY… I’LL SHOW HER! SHE’LL DIE JUST AS HER MOTHER DID!” Pieces of furniture went flying as Voldemort flung them out of his way. A couple of Death Eaters, cowering in a corner, shrieked as, one after another, the chairs and sofas flew on top of them, quickly stifling their screams. 

Lucious Malfoy stood in the doorway to the dining room, nervously awaiting his Lord. The doors flew open, and there stood Lord Voldemort. “M-m-my Lord!” he stammered, bending over into a hunched bow. A jet of red light knocked him off his feet and slammed him against the opposite wall.

 “Lucious. I’m in need of your service once more.” He waited until the blonde man had stood back up and was looking into his eyes. “I need you to find Aldora. I need you to find her, and bring her back. Alive. This is IMPERATIVE! I want to make her suffer… do whatever you like, so long as she’s alive.” When Lucious did not respond, he snapped, “IS THAT CLEAR, MALFOY!?!?” 

“Yes! My Lord! Of course…” And with a fleeting glance at the Dark Lord, Lucious scurried out of the room. 

Once Lucious was gone, Lord Voldemort eased himself into one of the straight backed dining room chairs. The girl would pay. That was for certain. Whether it would be tomorrow, or next year, she would feel the wrath of Lord Voldemort. 


“Harry. Harry. HARRY!” Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were standing around Harry, shaking him. Harry was sitting in the chair, moaning and clutching at his scar. After a few moments, his eyes snapped open. “Harry! Are you all right?” Hermione asked anxiously.

“Of course not! What do you think,” Ron snapped back. Hermione looked very offended. She opened her mouth to retaliate, but then Harry spoke.

“He’s after her. He’s going to kill her.”

“Who? Who’s he going to kill!” Harry sat back in the chair, green eyes unusually serious. 

“He’s going after Allie.” Ron and Hermione both gasped.

“What do we do?” 

‘Let’s ask the Order… someone’ll know!”

“We need to get her out of here! It’s not safe!”

“D’you reckon –“

“WOULD YOU TWO SHUT THE HELL UP!” Harry shouted. The two stared at Harry, silent. “We are going to tell the Order. They’ll know what to do.” Ron nodded, and Hermione looked like she was about to object, so Harry got up and went into the other room, where the Order was gathered. 

Everyone gathered in the room stopped what they were doing and stared up at Harry. Remus Lupin was the one who finally asked, “What’s wrong, Harry?” 

Harry opened his mouth and began to tell the Order what he saw. When his tale was done, everyone stared at him incredulously. Then the room buzzed with questions. 

“You sure that’s what you saw?” 

“This isn’t like that time at the Ministry… with Sirius.”

“When is he coming?” 

A few moments later, when the noise level had reached an ultimate high, Bill stood up and bellowed, “EVERYONE SHUT UP!” The room immediately quieted. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll wait until tomorrow, when term starts, and then send Allie to Hogwarts. She can stay there. That’s the safest place in the world.” Everyone nodded and murmured their agreement. A few moments later, there came a small, quiet voice from the doorway.                                                                 

“So he’s really after me?” The room was dead silent as Aldora walked in. “Isn’t anyone going to ask what I think we should do?” She took a deep breath, but was cut off by Remus. 

“You know we only want the best for you! We want you to be safe. Hogwarts is the safest place out there!” 

“Sure it is. But when I get there, it won’t be. You don’t understand. He will do anything and everything within his power to kill me. Nothing at Hogwarts will save me. The only thing that’ll come out of that is that hundreds of other kids will die with me.”

Moments later, Tonks replied, “Allie. Harry has been at Hogwarts for six years. You-Know-Who would do anything to kill him, too.” 

Allie thought about that, and right when she was about to argue, Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, “Where else would you go! You have to stay safe! Somewhere we can watch over you! Please… if not for your own sake, do it for me! Put my mind at rest!” Allie looked at Mrs. Weasley’s caring, pleading face and knew she couldn’t refuse. 

With a sigh, she responded, “Fine. I’ll go… but I don’t have any books or anything.”

Harry hasted to answer, “You can get them at Hogwarts. And you can borrow any of my Potions stuff. And you have a wand!”

Mrs. Weasley added, “You can have some of Ginny’s old robes!” 

“See! It’s all going to work out,” Bill said with an easy smile. Allie tried to smile back, but she still felt uneasy. What if he found her? So many other people would be killed because of her. She couldn’t allow that to happen. She’d make an escape when she got there, and keep everyone at Hogwarts safe… until then, she’d make everyone happy and go to Hogwarts. 

AN: Cliffhanger! YEAH! So… what do you lot think? Any good? Or no? Please leave a comment! Love you if you do! I’ll update as soon as possible! OH! And please read my blog on the forums… I’m Lily123Evans there too! :O)

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