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The Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw by The Phantom
Chapter 11 : You Can't Spell Teammates Without The Words 'Team' and 'Mates'
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A/N: Readers of the MIA story Lily Evans, read my letter below please!


It was a glorious Friday morning. Well, glorious (in my terms) being overly bright, excessively chatty, extremely stuffy, and overly populated. Yup, that was my cup of glory for the day, which happened to meet me right as I entered through the Great Hall.

Walking through the doors, I was attacked with the rabbit-like chitchat of first years, and was overwhelmed with the amount of students in the room itself. Why did going to breakfast seem like a grand tea party for the entire world?

Normally, I would’ve tolerated all of this. But after being discharged from the Hospital Wing, I still felt like crap. And this little ‘cup of glory’ was just hitting the spot.

“Ah! She lives!” the unmistakable voice of Jeremy Stretton hollered, extravagantly bowing as I made my way to the table.

My expression softened at Jeremy’s little greeting—until I saw what he did next. He cocked his head a tad bit too suggestively in Samuels’ direction, turned back to me, and gave me a grand view of his tongue swirling in the air like a tornado.

Wow. My day just kept getting better and better.

Luckily, Samuels didn’t notice. In fact, he was the only team member who didn’t look up. I guess the welfare of his cereal was so much more important than my leg recovery.

“How are you feeling?” Jill asked gently, sliding over to give me a spot. Gently? This was not Jill. Who was this imposter?

“Oh, I feel just crappy!” I perkily replied, plopping down and picking up my goblet of pumpkin juice savagely. Jill gave me a questionable look, one which I answered quite snappishly, “Hey, if you were force fed a bottle of Skele-gro, you’d be even worse.”

Desperately, I brought my lips to the goblet and washed the biting taste of that wretched potion out of my mouth. What was Dumbledore thinking when he hired a nurse who forced students to drink shit out of a bottle? At least add some sugar to it, or something.

When the juice slid down my throat, I felt relief. But I knew that relief wouldn’t last long. I was surrounded by the Ravenclaws, remember?

“So,” Jill pressed, her voice as soft as a peach. “Anything interesting happen when I left last night?”

I slammed the goblet onto the table, unintentionally causing a few plates to clatter. Well, that conniving little bitch. Was she seriously going to make my talk with Samuels breakfast chitchat?

My eyes flickered over Samuels, whose head was still facing down, yet his slightly raised brow indicated that he was listening. It didn’t seem like he was coming to my rescue anytime soon. Ponce.

“Oh, you know, the usual…” I started off with, trying not to focus on the scrutinizing stares of my teammates. I just came out of a Hospital Wing, couldn’t they at least save the grilling for later?

“The usual?” Jill continued with a hint of a smirk playing on her mouth. She annunciated it slowly as though it were a foreign concept to her—a concept she so dearly wanted to know. “What do you do in a Hospital Wing, I’m curious?”

“Well, would you like to find out?” I clenched my fist, looking straight at her. She grinned at me, pleased that she was getting to me.

So, was that her grand plot? Goad me into telling the entire world about my little nightly session with Samuels? She knew me to be impulsively enraged enough to actually do it. And I knew myself to be impossibly so-caught-in-the-rage-moment-stupid enough not to stop it.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Jeremy imperiously tapped his goblet with his fork, unaware that his peacemaker act was fairly pissing me off. “Increase the peace.”

Peace? Amongst the Ravenclaws? Ha, that was laughable.

“Well, aren’t you a bunch of tattlers?”

Collectively, we all looked up at the figure who approached us. I was thankful for the distraction, but was a tad bit taken aback by the rage in his face. I never knew anyone’s head could look so much like a ticking time bomb, but Roger Davies was certainly doing a fantastic job at it.

“Flitwick has announced that my Captainship has just been suspended for two weeks.” Davies gritted his teeth, smiling pleasantly at us. I cringed a bit. He looked like a suicidal joker.

Just?” Ben whined in an aggravated tone.

“Don’t push it.” Davies growled, causing even Ben to sit back.

“We know this already.” Jill pointed out, her tone neutral yet having a positive vibe to it. “Flitwick told us when we, as you say, ‘tattled’ on you for almost killing our two most valuable Beaters, injuring one in the process.”

Her voice sounded razor sharp, yet chillingly perky at the same time. Davies’ face was so priceless, I could’ve hugged Jill.

“Well, Billings, now you’re just being cute,” Davies maliciously spat, glaring at Jill’s pleasant approach to the matter. “But I’m also here to assign a temporary Captain to take my place.”

This time, Samuels finally looked up at me, and our eyes locked. The tension was back again. For a second, I nearly gasped at the intensity, and hoped that Jill was looking the other way. His eyes became such a distraction for me nowadays. I never failed to get lost into those dark heated eyes, which looked at me with such—

“Stretton, I choose you.” Davies announced, breaking the tension that hung over us.

What?!” All of the Ravenclaws shrieked.

“Yes!” Jeremy rejoiced, pumping his fist in the air.

I had to admit, I was a tad bit disappointed that it wasn’t my name he called. Even if it was just for a short time, his choices were his preferences. Apparently, for Merlin only knows why, Jeremy was his preference of the day.

I already had Samuels as competition. Did I honestly need Jeremy too?

By the look of Samuels’ inscrutable features, I could tell he was on my exact same train of thought.

With the exception of Jeremy, we all turned our glares on Davies, demanding an explanation. Jeremy, who was doing a little dance of victory that included an unnecessary amount of thrusting, suddenly stopped and looked at all of us.

“Oh come on, mates!” Jeremy pleaded, the excitement in his voice not yet contained. “I’ll be a great temporary Captain! I won’t screw anything up, I promise!”

“Please, Stretton, knock on wood.” Brad beseeched, shaking his head shamefully into his hand. There were some murmurs in agreement from the table.

“Oh come on, Ravenclaws!” Davies’ voice took a more friendly tone. He obviously predicted that we’d be horrified with his decision—hence why he was looking so smugly amused. Bitch. “Have a little faith!”

“But why…Jeremy?” I shuddered, thinking of the possibilities of him as Captain. I could already hear him ordering us to practice Quidditch stark naked.

Wow, I am so quitting the team.

“Hey!” Jeremy protested, pouting. “Do not offend the Temporary Captain!”

Davies flipped his fluffy brown head at me, regarding with a look that was cold. He was probably pissed that my unfortunate little accident (caused by him!) was what landed him in suspension.

“Well, Dobbs, obviously you aren’t fit for the job because you’re just way too…fragile.” Davies answered cruelly, almost as equivalent to slapping me hard in the face. It made me want to give him a right kick in the ass.

My heartbeat raced in fear. Did that mean I wasn’t a choice for real Captain anymore?

“Would you just lay off, Davies?” Samuels snapped, granting our suspended Captain with a heavy glare. “It’s not her fault that she broke her leg on your stupid little test.”

“And that, Samuels, is precisely why you weren’t a good choice either,” Davies strung his words out delicately with an entertained little smirk. “You’re just way too protective of…certain members.”

A fierce blush crept up my cheeks, so I covered my face with my loose dark hair. Hopefully it hid the redness well enough, even though I looked like I just crawled out of a haystack.

Samuels, however, looked as though he were conflicted with the choice to go over there and rearrange Davies’ face right now, or do it later. Either one would’ve been great, as long as I had a front row seat.

“Oh, come off it Davies,” Jill chuckled nervously, obviously trying to cover up the tension. It wasn’t working whatsoever. “Stretton isn’t really the new captain, is he?”

Jeremy threw up his hands in the air, looking a tad bit betrayed, “Et tu, sweetheart?!—”

Jill punched him in the arm before he could say anymore. I smiled secretly. It was a comfort to know that at least Karma was on my side…for the most part.

“Of course he isn’t. I still am. I’ll just be on a much needed break, is all.” Davies proclaimed with confidence. The bloody nerve of him. “Stretton, you better whip this team into shape until I get back.”

“Oh, he’ll whip us into something, that’s for sure.” Brad side commented, chugging his goblet down to the last drop.

Even though Jeremy was mildly shocked at our team’s disapproval, he still bounded with the eagerness of a first grader receiving his first toy truck. I was still waiting pointlessly for Davies to pop up and say ‘Just kidding everybody! I’m not that much of a dipshit!’. But no such luck.

“Don’t worry Davies, they’ll be more than all-stars when I through with them.” Jeremy promised proudly, slowly getting out of his seat. “As a matter of fact, I’ll go brainstorm some new drills for practice tonight!”

After that little announcement, he fled out of the Great Hall, leaving one horrified team and one extremely entertained temporarily ex-captain behind him. Davies then faced us with raised eyebrows, daring us to ask him anything more on the matter.

“Even though he is one of us,” Jill piped up, naturally. “Do you honestly think he’s experienced enough to run an entire team for two weeks?”

“Of course not.” Davies answered with a snort. “That’s why I chose him.”

Stupid, sadistic beast.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

The school day dragged on with awful slowness. Father Time was probably mocking us, making us dread the practice that was to come. Was every natural force out to get us, nowadays?

Truthfully, nothing was really eventful throughout the day. Probably saving all of the good stuff for tonight, Stretton’s first practice.

I swore, if he was going to make us do something like wrap our brooms up in condoms—I would resign.

Not only was I still feeling like crap from the Hospital Wing, I was angry to match it. “Well, Dobbs, obviously you aren’t fit for the job because you’re just way too…fragile.” What a bloody tosser! I would just love to break something of his!

I didn’t know if it took me out of the running, but it was a comfort to know that Samuels wasn’t exactly receiving the five-star treatment either. “And that, Samuels, is precisely why you weren’t a good choice either”. Oh, how blessed those words sounded in my head. At least it made me seem like less of an airhead, considering that the other potential captain was equally dissed like me.

“You’re just way too protective of…certain members.”

Of course Davies had to ruin that special moment like that.

Samuels wasn’t protective of me. It was totally normal for guys to bring girls to the Hospital Wing after they nearly flew to their death. Nothing out of the ordinary when said guy also carries her to a safety campsite just a night earlier. Right?

Well, I certainly was a dunce. I’d rather have him torment me than protect me—it was less confusing. Now, I was stuck between feeling grateful, and feeling the need to punch him in the nose. I didn’t like it at all.

I tried not to notice him during the day. He didn’t seem to mind me during classes either. But whenever I did feel my eyes wander to his unintentionally, he just happened to be looking right at me in that same moment. Then quickly and childishly, we’d break eye contact, turn away, and stubbornly pretend that the interaction never happened at all. What a fun cycle.

“Would you two quit it!?” Jill attacked me after our last class, whispering urgently so that she would not be heard. We exited the classroom together, and were attempting not to get pummeled to the ground by our antsy classmates. “I swear, it’s like kindergarten all over again…”

“What are you talking about?” I decided to ask. Even though she almost divulged my secret to the entire team, I decided she’d get her comeuppance once she became exposed to Jeremy’s Captain-wrath. Nothing like a lover spurned, eh?

“You, and Samuels.” she huffed as though it were the most obvious answer. “Merlin, it’s like watching two horny bears trying to—”

“Jill,” I gag-moaned. “Enough with the savage animal references, I beg of you.”

Now I was going to behaving nightmares about bears for a while. Thanks Jill.

“I just call it like I see it.” she shrugged in reply, suddenly fixing her hair. She pushed a fallen lock of braid behind her ear, and bit her lips to make them rosier.

Confused, I arched an eyebrow. “What are you doi—oh. Hi Jeremy.”


How Jeremy Stretton appeared right in front of us, I did not know. Nor did I care. What I did care about was the sudden change of emotion in Jill’s face when she saw the black haired devil himself right in front of us.

Oh, the sweet smell of Karma.

Even in the midst of students rushing to prepare for dinner or some other activity, Jeremy bore his eyes right into Jill’s, as though demanding something of her. I made a mental note to ask her about her little fling with him—she’d been grilling me like a damn bad cop; I deserved to be annoyingly interrogative to her as well.

“Practice is in an hour.” Jeremy announced with such extravagant authority in his voice. I could tell he was enjoying it, the damn tyrant. He’ll be worse than Davies. “Just wanted to remind you.”

“We know, Stretton.” Jill answered in a bored sigh. “We’ve been having practices after classes on weekdays for how long? Oh…I don’t know, our entire Quidditch seasons?!”

I actually took a step back to observe the cage fighters at their best. So this was flirting in Jill Billings’ world happened. Fascinating.

“Ooh, anger.” he noticed, devilishly smirking for the sake of annoying her. “I like it.”

Then they just stared at each other. I never really saw Jill and Jeremy as a believable couple until that moment. It was strange, how just staring could make a witness see even the depths of a relationship as dysfunctional as theirs.

Was it even a relationship, or just attraction? Oh, I was so going to attack Jill when she was through with this whole ‘stare-argue-stare-argue’ bit with her lover.

“See you at practice.” Jeremy kept his eyes locked on Jill’s.

“Likewise.” she simply responded, gruffly grabbing me by the arm and pulling me in the opposite direction. I, of course, being the curious little brown noser, looked back just in time to catch Jeremy’s face.

It looked like a blend between a lovesick puppy and a devil-may-care pimp—it was, without a doubt, one of the most unusual faces I had ever seen him make. And that’s saying something, considering that this was Jeremy Stretton.

She walked briskly, staying silent. I smiled deviously, preparing for my claws to come out, “Oh, I swear, it’s like kindergarten all over again…”

Caught off guard, she flashed her green eyes on me, “What are you talking about?!”

I actually laughed. I threw her own words at her, and she had no idea. This grilling session would bring me so much satisfaction. “You and Jeremy you little chit. After the way you two looked at each other, I have to say—kinkiest eye sex I’ve ever seen.”

Jill blushed. Oh how I wish I could’ve documented this moment. Where is the Creevey boy when you need him?

“It’s really nothing it’s just…” she stopped walking for a moment trying to gather her words. “He’d been flirting with me ever since the beginning of the season. Then—”

“Then what?!” I eagerly asked, until a horrible realization hit me. I was turning until gossip hound Jill. Merlin, kill me now.

“Then,” she paused, probably just to make me suffer. I was right about to wring her neck. “That night you and Samuels raced, all of the Ravenclaws were all waiting for you in the Common Room.”

I would’ve thought it was sweet, but all I wanted to hear were the juicy parts. Yes, I confess, I was a shameless, horny dog just like the rest of my teammates. Sue me.

“I got really worried about you, so I decided to look for you myself.” Jill continued in a meek voice. My heart softened, and I was itching to buy her a BFF bracelet or something. If there was ever a moment to go ‘Awww’, it was now, but then she had to say—

“I walked out of the room and got to the end of the hall, until Jeremy stopped me,” she tried to hide her reddening face as she told the story. “He said that it was too dangerous to be out there, and when I didn’t agree—he just kissed me.”

“And?” I urged.

“And we just spent the whole night doing that.” She shrugged innocently—the slag.

Well don’t I feel so appreciated. Best friend abandons thoughts of saving me for an all-nighter snog with the perviest guy on earth. My thanks to you, Benedict Jillian.

“What, are you guys a couple now?” I urged as we walked along the crowded corridors. Although people were milling around, I didn’t make any notion to lower my voice. If any gossip came about our little conversation—well, sucks for Jill.

“No!” she exclaimed a little too quickly. I eyed her with a knowing smile, happy to see that the tables have turned on her. “Ems, don’t give me that look.”

“Whatever do you mean?” I sang in a sickly positive voice. Revenge wasn’t served cold, it was served like a satisfying hot cup of chocolate. And I was just drinking it up. Yum.

“I don’t even like the bloke. He and I just—we’re barely civil to each other and—we just kissed—” Jill struggled to define the term, but then her eyes met mine with realization. “Oh. God.”


“I am the Emma to his Samuels,” she declared with a shocked stare, her voice sounding a little bit odd. Frankly I thought everything about her was odd, especially now in this moment.

“What on earth are you going on about?!” I demanded in a miffed tone. That hot cup of chocolate revenge just upchucked itself out of my mouth. Gritting my teeth, I continued, “Are you implying something?”

“No, I just used you as an example for the fun of it.” Jill sarcastically supplied, shaking her head slowly at both herself, and me. “Honestly Emma, you need to get rid of that obliviousness. It’s damn annoying.”

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

“Welcome, friends,” Jeremy grandly voiced over the crowd, his chin up. “Teammates, comrades, and peers—to what will be the best practice of your life!”

Why Jeremy was addressing us as though we were a crowd of millions, I did not know. His enthusiasm was met by terrified silence, from us, at least. The only thing responding to his speech was the howling of the wind on the field.

Whereas everyone else was huddled outside, I was conveniently located in the locker rooms, eavesdropping on Jeremy’s little formal monologue safely away from it. While the rest of my team was out there receiving the full glory of Jeremy’s captain-ness, I was concealed within stuffy room with the mission of “icing” my “sore” leg. Or at least, that’s what I told Jeremy before I ran away.

With my ear to the door, I heard him ranting about what a life-changing two weeks we were going to have with him. If Davies were here, he’d probably be laughing himself bald right about now.

“Now team,” Jeremy’s voice sounded clear as day, especially since everyone was so silent. “You all are the best players I know, and I don’t think any House in Hogwarts has the chemistry that we all share out there on the field.”

Wow, that was actually a pretty decent thing to say. I was tempted to skip on out there, but decided to stand my ground.

“Keepers, Seekers, Chasers, Beaters—positions that all of us should be knowledgeable of.” Jeremy went on saying. “Sure, we know how our own positions work—but what about the others? In order to truly work as a team, I think that the best way to carry on with your own Quidditch position is to work out the others will play as well.”

Jeremy Stretton was sounding intelligent, and it was kind of freaking me out.

“To know what it feels like to be in the other players’ shoes will give you a better sense of the field, and will keep you alert with all your teammates’ thoughts and locations.” our Temporary Captain continued. “If you know your own plan of action, realizing how your other team members will act can give you another advantageous step forward. Which is why I propose that for every practice, we spend some time swapping Quidditch positions, and learning how the other minds’ work. Let a Chaser be Seeker and realize how much the people rely on you to win the game. Let a Seeker be Beater to find out how much force goes into beating before you tire of it. Let ourselves see the game from one another’s perspective, and only then can we truly work as one machine.”

This time, even the wind stopped whistling. I had never heard Jeremy speak so eloquently and inspirationally in my whole life. I must be dreaming.

“Holy shit, Stretton.” one of the guys commented, obviously surprised. I don’t think anyone ever realized that Jeremy had such a strategic mind until now.

It actually really was a good way to start off practice. Davies would always just have every player run around the field about a billion times, fly around the field even more, and then give us individual drills according to our positions.

With Samuels and I, Davies would just unleash the nasty Bludgers on us. For Jill, he’d make her go chase after the Snitch again and again. And Ben, Jeremy, and Brad had to pass and throw the Quaffle so many times to each other that it would get rather repetitive.

We never really had much variety. Hell, I couldn’t even remember the last time Davies let us scrimmage against each other. Maybe Jeremy wasn’t doing too shabby for his first day…

Suddenly, I heard someone burst through the entrance doors, causing me to press myself up again the wall like the guilty culprit I was. But luckily, no one was coming to barge in on me eavesdropping. The team was still outside receiving their orders, and I was glued to the corner, scared-shitless.

Fortunately, the corner was also shadowed. I remained still, watching the figure as he threw his book bag to the ground and began preparing himself for practice.

I cursed myself for being in the boys’ section of the locker room—but the entrance to the field just so happened to be conveniently located there. And I was just oh so luckily hidden against the door of that entrance, not being able to eavesdrop any longer for I was far too distracted now.

I could tell it was Samuels by the way he entered the room. Confident, brisk, and filled with relief. From his strong facial expression, I could tell that even the sight of a crowded locker room brought him comfort after a long, hard day of classes.

Creeping closer a little bit more, I kept my feet silent. Far from my shadowed hiding place, his back was to me. His head, which was previously looking down, jerked right up. I immediately backed into the darkness. Why the hell was I even spying on him? Someone might as well brand me as Peeping Emma.

He exhaled, relaxing his shoulders a bit, and returned to removing his cloak.

Oh. My. God. He was going to change now, wasn’t he?

If ever there was ever a need for a “Push for Help” button to pop out of no where, now would be the time. What was I to do when I would soon be exposed to his display of…bare, manly features.

Crud, I had to get out. Before I started screaming like a banshee.

Childishly, I shielded my eyes from him, trying to think of what was to come. When he finished changing and came to my door to go to the field, how would that little conversation start out?

“Dobbs, what the hell are you doing there, hiding in a corner?”

“Umm...well…watching you change?”

Kill me please. I would probably explode with awkwardness and then run all the way to St. Mungo’s while I was at it.

I opened my eyes to see if the duration of my internal rant concluded the same time as his changing.

It didn’t.

And because of that, I opened my eyes to the sight of his back. His bare back.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen men bare chested (I can’t think of any woman who hasn’t—unless you count nuns or something). Hell, our entire team has gone shirtless before—apart from me Jill and I, thank heavens.

But after all that’s occurred between Samuels and me—the feelings he’s stirred, the heat he’s caused—seeing even a bare inch of skin of him was unbearable. Now that I had a whole entire back, I didn’t know how much longer I would last.

“Enjoying the view?” he said as he unfolded his jersey.

I stayed silent, and eyed him suspiciously. That turned out to be a horrible idea, considering his back was perfectly sculpted, muscled, and tanned. I opted to stare at the ceiling instead. The cold, dead, un-muscley ceiling.

Maybe if I remained quiet he would think it was his crazy imagination getting to him. Right, now that was my crazy imagination getting to me and filling me with false hopes.

“If you don’t come out of there I’m just going to have to pull you out myself?” He casually spoke, continuing his changing. It was so unfair how when he became calm and nonchalant, I had to be internally freaking out like a crazy person.

But still, the thought of him coming over to be in all of his glory was most likely to end up in disaster. Gritting my teeth and glowering my eyes, I emerged from the shadow like a ghost—and seriously wished at the moment I were one.

At the sound of my looming footsteps, he turned around and regarded me with a genuinely surprised expression, and then snorted. “Wow Dobbs, really?

“What?!” My voice came in an outburst, and then my eyes narrowed. “Oh, don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” he responded as though he were innocent. “Like a person who just caught someone clearly creeping on him? Because that would just be completely out of line of me.”

I fumed. I didn’t like his sarcasm, because it was absolutely right. In a sarcastic way.

“I wasn’t here on purpose.” I muttered with some sense of reason. “I was just hiding from the team, and then you came in! It’s not like I could’ve left or something!”

“Sure you could’ve, but,” he (thank Merlin) threw a shirt over his body, and proceeded by giving me an accusatory smile, his eyes hooking me right in. “You didn’t.”

“But you’ll cave. I know you will.” I remembered those words that he said only yesterday.

Note to self: perform memory charm on self.

“Ok, I don’t need this right now.” I shook it all off and began crossing to the field entrance. I would rather face my team than Samuels, no contest. “Make yourself decent, and I’ll see you on the field.”

I turned around coldly, making my way to the doors while gathering up my hair to put into a ponytail. Only problem, there wasn’t an elastic band on my wrist like there always was. Stupid thing must’ve zoomed off when I was flailing my arms like a maniac.

“Shit,” I grumbled to myself, “Stupid hair elastic—”

My hand, which was already pushing the door, was roughly enclosed in his warm hand. He pressed the missing elastic band into my palm, but kept my hand forced onto the door.

“Found it.” he murmured, throwing his body into mine before I could protest anymore. With his hand keeping mine against the door and his body forcing mine, I was confined.

This brought our faces closer, our eyes boring into each other’s. His were intense, staring as though he were looking at the freshness of a beautifully cooked meal before he consumed it.

That, along with the sight of him shirtless earlier, drove my hormones up the walls. “Thanks.” I breathed out.

Then he raked his lips along my lower jaw, stirring a hotness within me. He kept at that until he got what he wanted. I forcibly brought his face onto mine, and kissed him hard on the mouth.

My hair was everywhere, but he used his hands to brush it back, fingering the ends with unnatural gentleness. He then brought a hand to my back, pushing my figure closer into his to keep from wavering.

He knew I was probably going to snap out of my enthusiastic daze eventually, so he did all he could to prevent that—by stroking my cheek, lacing his fingers within mine, keeping me standing. To show my appreciation, I nipped at his earlobe—which drove him crazy.

So crazy that we both stumbled onto the floor, me landing on top of him. One would think that this was natural at hot moments such as this, but there was nothing natural about the cause of our fall.

“Hey Dobbs, is Samuels finally here—” Ben bellowed after barging the door open, the whole team behind him. Shit my life right now. He took one look at me on top of Samuels with both arms around me, and opened his mouth silently.

“Oh God.” Part of Jill’s face was peeking outside, throwing me a look of pity.

I could feel Samuels’ heart beating from the palm of my hand on his chest. More like frantic racing. Well, I couldn’t say anything. My heartbeat wasn’t exactly normal at this point, either.

Jeremy, being such a good Temporary Captain, pushed everyone out of the way to find out what was so shocking. After shoving one bug-eyed Ben, he stood in front of us, staring down at the entwined fingers lying over our fallen bodies.

Jeremy, ever the leader, pointed out understandably, “Well if you two wanted to snog, all you had to do was ask.”


Dear My Ever Patient and Lovely Readers,
Once again, you may all throw virtual arrows at me. All with vacation ending and such, I’m sorry that I had to put you guys through such a horrendous wait once again. But so many things have happened to me, and I will just take a moment to clear it up.

Firstly, for all of those who nominated me in the Dobby’s, thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to me, and I am extremely flattered by your votes. Unfortunately, my sister (who uses the same computer as me sometimes) also voted for my stories, and thus, I got disqualified because it came from the same IP address. So for all of those who voted for this story and my others, thank you once again, and I’m sorry that you had to waste a vote in a category when I wasn’t even allowed in it :(

And secondly, for all of those who are readers of my Lily Evans story, I’m sorry that it has been taken down as well :( The story did not comply with ToS, and I never realized it because the validators never pointed it out. They said the only way they would put it up again would be to change everything to agree with the rules, but after receiving some words of good advice (*coughGretacough*), I think I’m going to move the story to another site that will accept (if I can find any). Once again, I am sorry for being such a bothersome author, and I hope that these news haven’t disappointed you terribly. And if they have, you can go on and shoot virtual arrows at me like an angry warrior.

Ok, enough with my rambling, I hope you liked the chapter with all the Dobbs and Samuels action. And the developing Jill and Jeremy action! Any favorite moments, characters, quotes—review it! It will make me feel so much better :) You guys rock!

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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