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What is Truth? by HermioneJadeZabini
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1: A Brand New Me
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Chapter 1, What Is Truth by HermioneJadeZabini, Depicted: a transformed Hermione

     I woke with the sun blazing though my window and my alarm blaring. I glanced at the clock as I turned it off. 5:30 Am. Fabulous. Just enough time to get a quick shower before James and Mum woke. I quickly went to the bathroom with my clothes and bag of toiletries. I closed and locked the door before turning to the mirror to brush my hair before the shower like I always do. Only this time, when I looked in the mirror, I didn't see my messy bush of brown hair, or my honey brown eyes.

 I screamed.

This resulted in my mother to wake up and come running, pounding on the door, demanding to know if i was ok. I opened the door, pulled her inside, then shut and locked the door again.

“Mum, look at me! What….I don’t under….” I began sobbing. She looked shocked. Then a weird grimace appeared on her face.

“Happy seventeenth birthday baby.” Was all she said before turning and walking out. I locked the door behind her then looked at the mirror again. Right now I needed to keep a calm head. 'I'm Hermione Jane Granger,' I remineded myself, 'Keep a calm head Hermione, just breathe.' I sighed, closed my eyes for a moment and calmed myself down. I'd have time to figure this all out once I was safely locked in my own room again. James would be up soon, and it would do me no good to be in a panic and not be in my own room, safely behind locked doors. I sighed again and stepped into the shower, washed, and then went into my room.
  It had become habit to lock doors behind me now, because of James. I sat on my bed, staring at the mirror on the opposite wall. My eyes had become blazing green, bright and shining, and my just-past-my-shoulders length hair now reached mid-back and was no longer bushy brown but sleek silky shiny black. Black as obsidian. Suddenly a tapping noise from the window next to my bed awoke me from my thoughts. A tawny owl perched on the sill. I quietly let him in. He stood perfectly still as I removed the letter from him. I didn’t recognize the writing, but as soon as I touched the letter, I could hear faint voices in my head. Oh Great. Now I was going crazy. I ignored this new development and read the letter.

Our Dearest Hermione,

Happy 17th birthday darling. By now, you have probably noticed many changes, as the glamour charm placed on you as a baby will have worn off.  As you may have guessed, you are not Hermione Jane Granger, as you have grown up believing. I cannot tell you your real identity in this letter, as it would be dangerous, however, at precisely 5 pm this evening your father and I will arrive at your current place of residence to tell you what has happened and take you home, if you so wish to come with us.

As well, you may now be hearing voices in your head. You’re not going crazy my darling. Those will be the thoughts of your two siblings. Hermione, you’re a triplet. You have two brothers. You will meet them and you’re younger brother and sister later today as well. I hope you will forgive us for giving you away once you hear the story. And I hope you will decide to come with us as well.

All our love,

Your Mother, Father, and siblings.

I sat, gaping at the letter, then noticed the postscript.

P.S. Oh, before I forget, the owl delivering this letter is yours now. You may name him.

I glanced at the owl now sitting on my knee. He gazed at me with beautiful golden eyes. When he saw me looking, he gave a low soft hoot. I reached to pet him and he closed his eyes as I stroked his silky feathers. “Well, what shall we call you handsome?” I thought for a moment before the perfect name came to mind. “I’ll call you Nutmeg. Because like the ingredient in the potion called Felix Felicis, you brought me the lucky news, I am getting out of here today. It’s my lucky day.” A wry smile covered my face as I thought of getting out. He hooted and flew to my desk and sat there watching as I hurriedly packed everything I owned into the three trunks I had. Two for my personal belongings, one containing all my school supplies. It took me until around eight to finish, by which time James had already gone to work. I headed downstairs where my mum was just finishing the eggs and bacon. I forced a smile as I sat and ate. She wouldn’t, or couldn’t, look me in the face. I finished eating grabbed my sketchbook, side bag of supplies, easel, folding chair, and a reading book and left.


I stood and stretched. My back was a little stiff from leaning against a tree in the park for; I checked my watch, a little over three hours. I had gotten to my favorite spot in Hudson Park around 9:27; it was now 12:48. I looked around and set my book down in my side bag. I grabbed the folded up easel and chair before I slung my bag over my shoulder, setting out to find something to draw. As I rounded a small grove of trees, I came upon the park pond. I smiled and sat on the bench, setting up the easel, my pencils, and drawing pad. The baby ducks and swans were out. It was a really just the perfect day. No one recognized me, so for once I didn’t have people standing over my shoulder as I drew like I normally did. No little kids coming over and saying “Mi, will you play with us?” and no mothers asking me to baby-sit again. I smiled and drew various scenes from the pond and park around me. A gosling falling off a rock, the mother leading them around and through some weeds, children running across the grass, a mother reading her little boy a book….on and on it went. I finally decided I had drawn enough today. I glanced at my watch. 3:45. I quickly packed up and walked home. I packed my stuff back up after showering and changing into one of my best outfits. I then drug my trunks downstairs, setting them off to the side of the door. I glanced nervously at the clock in the kitchen. 4:57. They’d be here soon. James had already come home and was eating at the moment. Mother…’No, Janice, not mother.’ I silently corrected myself, was pacing nervously in the living room. I had shown her the letter when I had brought my trunks downstairs. James was the only one who didn’t know about the imminent arrival of a bunch of “freaks” to “his” home. I was just about to glance at the clock again when the doorbell rang. Mum…’Janice’…Jumped a mile, James looked angrily confused. I raced to the door and opened it. What I saw was not what I expected.

I stared, open mouthed, as the Zabinis smiled warily, nervously, from my front porch. Mrs. Zabini stepped forward slightly and whispered shyly. “Hello, Hermione darling. May we…May we come in?” I nodded and stepped back, allowing them in. I showed the six of them to the living room. Ms. Granger, my former mother,  ushered them into seats, asking if they wanted refreshments. They politely rejected them. This is when James found his voice once more.

“What the bloody hell is going on? Who are these people? Are they some of your lot then?” He was directing his thundering voice at me again. I winced and nodded.

“They are my real parents” I managed to mumble. This shut him up. Mother, ‘Janice’, looked to the floor, when she looked up at  me, again I saw tears in her eyes. I glanced around the room. James was glaring at me, which was normal though. The two younger kids were sitting furthest from me, talking quietly and looking around the room. ~Their names are Adina and Aiden~ came a deep voice in my head, ~And I’m Brandon.~ I looked to the two boys sitting on the couch. Blaise was staring at me, the other one, Brandon I took it, was smiling at me.

*Don, which one do you think she is? Or is she a new one altogether?*

~I’m not sure, why don’t you ask her? You know she can hear us right now…~ I walked over to them and wedged myself between them. I turned to Blaise. ‘So, you’re Blaise,’ turned to Brandon, ‘And you’re Brandon, correct?’

~Yea, but you can call me Don like everyone does, or you can…~, He smiled sadly and looked away. I frowned ‘What, what is it?’ He looked at me. ~You always used to call me Donny when we were kids.~ I smiled and gave him a hug. ‘Donny it is then.’ I turned back to Blaise. ‘Did I have any nicknames for you then?’ He nodded and rolled his eyes. *Bebe.* came the reluctant reply. I giggled. This is when I noticed that James, Mother, and Mr. and Mrs. Zabini were looking at us. James and Mum looked confused. Mr. Zabini had a laughing expression while Mrs. Zabini looked…amused.  “What?” I asked, “Why are you all staring at us?” Mrs. Zabini grinned and said softly,

“I take it you three were trying out your telepathy? You were all making faces at each other.” I blushed, the boys grinned.

“Telepathy? They can read minds?” Came the harsh voice of James.

“Only each others.” Replied Mr. Zabini. Blaise was staring again. ‘WHAT?’ I thought to him. He jumped a little and the mumbled thought came,

*Just wondering which Hermione you are. It’s a very uncommon name. I know of only two. I was wondering if you’re either Hermione Granger from Hogwarts or Hermione Gustouv from Beaubatons. Or perhaps you’re a new Hermione all together.* I smiled.

‘I know Hermione from Beaubatons. She is fairly nice, though a little ditsy. And as for Hermione Granger…What is she like?’

*Well, she is a very pretty Gryffindor, top in our year actually. Only one who comes close to reaching her standards in school is my best friend, Draco. He talks about her a lot actually. To her face, he is this mean and cruel cold-hearted bastard. But he really isn’t like that at all. I don’t think even he realizes how much he talks about her. I am beginning to suspect he likes her. But he is promised to…*

~Blaise! No! We promised his parents and ours not to tell anyone about that!~

*Oh, right. Well, anyway. She seems like a great person. I wouldn’t mind being her friend, I’d love it actually. She is so brave and compassionate, very determined, and always ready to defend her friends. But as I am in Slytherin, she won’t look my way twice. Which is really too bad, she seems like an amazing person…*

‘Thank you,’ I was blushing. My brothers gaped at me.

~You’re…You’re Granger?~

*And you let me blab like that?!* Blaise looked half amused half enraged. I grinned. ‘I guess it’s the Slytherin in me.’ They laughed. ‘So, how did this happen? Why did I grow up here, and not with you guys? Why did they keep you, but not me? Why…’

“Mum, Pop, you may want to start explaining soon. She is questioning us so fast she is giving me a headache…” Brandon whined. Mr. and Mrs. Zabini laughed and sat back down.

“Well, I do wonder where to begin. It’s not as if we didn’t want to keep you baby, it’s just…” My real mother began.

“From the time you were born until a month before your fifth birthday, you had a normal childhood. The memories will come back soon. However, at that point, a month before your birthday, something happened.”

“Now, honey, your father and I and your siblings have never been one to take sides in the wars. We have always remained neutral.” Mrs. Zabini interrupted.

“Yes, well, one night your mother and I went out for dinner, leaving the six of you home with your godfather,” At my puzzled expression he added in, “You have an elder brother, his name is Jasone. You always called him JJ. And your godfather is Severus; I believe he teaches potions at Hogwarts.” I cringed at the thought, almost crying aloud, but I’d have time to think of that later, “Blaise’s godparents are the Greengrasses, and Brandon’s is an old family by the name of Claydel. Anyway, back to the point. We had gone out to eat. We were the only ones there that night other than one large black cloaked group in the corner. As we were eating an old friend of the family, Mattie Harris, came in. She came over and we were talking to her when she went all weird.”

“She started rasping, her exact words were thus:

A girl child has been born to a prominent yet neutral family

 five years past. She will marry a young man,

a dragon himself, and together they will have the power to

 vanquish the dark lord, side by side the chosen one.

The dragon child is born as well to a prominent bloodline.

Born the same day as the girl.

The girl has the power, but she will need his strength, he can

do nothing with out her. Together they will break barriers and

Defeat the one severing families. She will be recognized by the

double marks  on her wrist and shoulder. Dragon marks.

A girl child born and to a dragon betrothed, will together

defeat the dark lord…

The group in the corner turned out to be death eaters. They attacked us. Wanted to keep the prophecy from getting out. They fortunately didn’t recognize us, and we got away. We had always wondered about the marks you were born with. When we realized it meant you were to be hunted by Lord Voldemort however, we immediately made the plans, placed the spells and left you here. We had hoped you’d grow up in a loving family. And you did…Until this bastard married Janice that is.”  Mother, my real mother, was glaring coldly at James, who was glaring right back, but was not reacting do to his fear of wands.

“We hope you can forgive us, we only wanted to protect you, my darling,” My real father said imploringly. I nodded.

“So, when can we get the bloody hell out of hear?” Blaise said, standing up. I smiled at him gratefully, for that is exactly what I had been thinking. Though looking slightly disapproving of his language, my real mother looked at me and said lightly,

“Whenever Hermione is ready.” To which I whispered in response,

“I have been ready since around four this evening.” They all smiled and we all stood. I turned one last time to the family I had known. “Well, I guess this is goodbye then. Thanks for…Keeping me alive I guess.” Janice became teary as was predictable and rushed forward to hug me. James scowled. I walked to the door, intent to pick up my trunks and start out the door, but my brothers got there before me. Blaise took my school stuff and Brandon got the two with my belongings in them. “Guys, I can carry my own things.”

“Nonsense sis, we just want to help.” Came Brandon’s reply, his cheeky grin reminding me very much of a certain ferret. I shrugged. It was their decision. I picked up the golden cage I had bought today that now held Nutmeg and started out the door. Blaise and Brandon followed me out right away, the twins lagging a bit. We stood out on the sidewalk a few minutes before Mum and Dad appeared.

“Um, I was wondering, how are we getting to…”

“To the manor? Easy, apparition. You passed your test, right?” Blaise finished for me. I nodded.

“Is it safe for Nutmeg?” Mum, Dad and the twins looked confused.

“She means her owl,” Brandon explained, “And yes, it is. Just concentrate on Zabini Manor.”


I stared up at the mansion in awe. It was beautiful. It had sort of a darkness to it, but it was still the most beautiful place I had ever seen besides Hogwarts itself. Could this really be my new home? I stared at the huge castle like mansion and took a deep breath. As we reached the front door, I noticed that my new last name was engraved on the knocker,Zabini.  I walked through the door of my new home, led by Blaise and Brandon, the others following behind. My dad vanished my luggage then turned to me.

“Okay, well, there is going to be a welcome home party for you tomorrow. Some guests who will be staying a few days will arrive throughout the day, the rest will arrive by 6:30 that evening. There will be a small dinner, then the dancing and mingling. Just around nine, your mother will take you to a special room at the top of the stairs in the ballroom, where you will wait for us to introduce you. Don’t worry, Tink will explain that part. After that you will join the crowd once more, try to talk to as many as you can. Be courteous, and don’t worry too much about things, just have fun. Around 10:30 will be the opening of gifts, though I am sure there will be very few gifts. Only the families we’re closest too will have brought gifts. Or those trying to suck up to us.” Father laughed quietly as did mother, Blaise scowled however and muttered something sounding very much like ‘Parkinson’ to Brandon, “Anyway, after that just have fun. Feel free to retire anytime after that, though the guests won’t be forced home until sometime around midnight.” I nodded, a bit overwhelmed. “From the way you talk, the way you hold yourself, I can see you were brought up by some very courteous people. Have you ever been to a gala?” I nodded again, “Oh, very good, then you know how these things work I’m sure,” Again, I nodded, “Okay, well, that’s it. Blaise, Brandon, why not show her around a bit?” They grinned, each of them taking one of my arms and they began walking around, talking as though they were tour guides.

 I looked around as Brandon and Blaise's voices droned on, explaining things and telling me where things are. Finally we reached a hallway with doors along the sides. On the left, a fourth of the way down is a door with thistles and clovers on it as well as a few night lilies. A fourth of the way down from that was a door covered in Orchids, sage, and honeysuckle. A fourth  of the way down from that was a door with mint clovers and lilies on it. Directly across from it, on the right, was a door with roses and lilies and lavender, a fourth the way down the hall from where we now stood. At the end of the hall on the right was a door with violets and sage and thyme. The first door on my right was covered in day lilies of yellow and sunflowers. The next door, half way between the rose one nand the sunflower one, was one covered in lavender and cinnamon, and mint leaves. The only reason I knew these were doors was because of the gold handles. Otherwise, I would have thought they were merely wall hangings of live plants. I couldnt even see the doors, just the gold handles. I suddenly saw a hand waving in front of my face.

“Hermione? You there?” Blaise's voice filled with laughter.

“What? Oh, yes, what were you saying?” I decided to pay attention, he countinued.

“Okay, the door with the thistles and clovers is mum and dad's room. the mint and liles is Draco, as he often stays here, the one across from that, with roses, is Yours, the one at farthest is mine, these two belong to the twins, the sunflowers is Aiden and the lavender is Adina. The one with orchids is of course Brandon’s. Draco’s room was originally Jasone’s, but Jasone moved out so we remodeled it for Draco. When He stayed over, he used to sleep in one of the guest rooms a floor down.” He walked to my door. “You can select your password later, right now we’re going down stairs.” He grinned and began towing me back down the stairs. I laughed as we continued our tour. Soon I had the general layout figured out. The ballrooms were on the first floor as well as a public dining hall, a library, a welcoming hall, and a study where meetings occurred. There were also bathrooms and the laundry room and kitchen on the first floor with a little more private sitting room. On the next floor up, were the balconies overlooking the first floor of the ballrooms. The guest rooms took up most of this floor. The second floor and balcony of the library were on this floor too, however. There was also a mini kitchen in case anybody got the munchies in the middle of the night. On the third floor was the indoor recreation center.  This floor included things like a theatre, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, hot tub, aerobatics area, work out section with machines, and a general gym area with movable mats. The fourth floor was where the attendants and house elves stayed. I was very surprised by the way they treated the house elves. They were all free elves who chose to work for the family. They were paid and everything. I had to hold back tears as I thought of Dobby while we walked around that floor. Then we were back on the fifth floor, where all the family and close friends’ bedrooms were. Four hallways on this floor, all containing bedrooms and suites. A fifth hallway held a kitchen, dining room, and a sitting room as well as the personal attendents’ quarters.  As we reached our hallway, one of the furthest back, Blaise turned to me.

“Well, g’night Mione, hope you enjoy living with us.” He kissed my cheek, Brandon following suit,  adding in “Sweet dreams Meeny Mione,” then they went to their rooms. I looked at my door, whispered “Sanity....” the door opened at once, and I hesitantly stepped into my new room. I discovered all my things already upacked. Not bothering to look around my new room, I sat on the bed with a sigh before laying all the way down and closing my eyes, I was soon asleep.

What do you guys think so far? Is it any good? I have big plans for this story and I hope it all works out really well. I beg you all to bear with me, as this is my first fanfiction. Please review :D. And thanks to the people who read this before hand and give criticism, you rule! By the way, Nutmeg’s name was originally going to be Felix, so if I missed any spots while changing it over, sorry.


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