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My Love is Neverending by Maggie_Morgue
Chapter 3 : Old Memories and Harry's True Feelings
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I was finally in the common room I sat at my favorite arm chair and draped my legs over the arm of the chair I sat thinking back to last year when I found out who I really was.

~Flashback, 5th year~

I was sitting outside with Harry we were taking and laughing about some random stuff we normally would talk when suddenly Professor McGonagall coming towards with a stern look on her face as always.

“Ms. Edwards Professor Dumbledore would like to have a word with you alone.” She said looking worried.

I then got up and looked to Harry who was getting up himself and grabbing his robe we had used as a blanket.

“Don’t worry Harry its going to be alright.” I said and I then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I then made it towards the Professor’s office once I was there I said the password and I went up the steps and I went through the door and I spotted Dumbledore sitting at his desk. He was scribbling away on a piece of parchment once he noticed I was in he laid his pen down and looked at me through his half-moon spectacles.

“Ah, Ms. Edwards please have a seat.” He said and with a wave of his hands a chair appeared.

“Thank you Professor I was summoned by Professor McGonagall because she said that you would like to talk to me.” I said looking at him straight in the eye.

“Yes it is very important that you should be first to know before anyone does.” He said getting up.

“Do you remember your mother Serethiel?” He said looking me straight in the eye.

“Yes she was my mother I don’t really remember my father he left my mom way before I was born.” I said biting my lip alittle to stop my tears from falling.

“Yes she was a wonderful person and very intelligent I think more so than Harry’s mother she came over to Hogwarts to learn of our magic she befriended almost everyone.” He said smiling.

“Did she have any boyfriends while she was here?” I said with curiousity.

“She had many guys who loved but her heart belonged to one guy.” He said happily.

“Who was he, is he my father?” I said smiling.
“It was Tom Riddle he had already graduated from Hogwarts long before she came but they met at a coffee shop some would say it was love at first sight.” Dumbledore said as he got up.

“Oh so is he my father.” I said my back facing Dumbledore.

“Yes he is your and he happens to be the same man who is trying to kill Harry.” He said looking at me with sad eyes.

I was at a loss for words my father was Voldemort the most feared man in the world his blood flowed through my veins it made sick just thinking about it. I slowly turned around to see Dumbledore standing looking worried.

“Who killed my mother was it him?” I said as tears fell freely down my face.

“No as evil of a person he was he would have never done any harm to you or your mother he loved her too much.” He said as he went back behind the desk.

“Then who is responsible for my mother’s death.” I said my voice shaking alittle.

“It was Lucius Malfoy it seemed he too had loved your mother but when he heard that she had married Tom and they were expecting their first child he grew jealous. Then one night while your mother put you to bed you were only one at the time he came and when your mother refused to run away with him in blind fury he killed your mother once he knew what he had done he got scared at reported to Tom that the ministry of magic came in while he was away and killed her thinking she was a death-eater.” He said as he sat down.

“Then what happened.” I said.

“Well Tom paid a visit to the Ministry of Magic and started firing curses at everyone and anyone who got in his way.” He said as he took off his glasses.

After Dumbledore finished the story of my parents lives I then said a quick good-bye and headed down the winding stairs. Once I was out in the hallway I sat down on the ground I cried softly into my hands my mother was murdered by that scumbag Lucius, and my dad was the most feared wizard. I sat there for what seemed like hours which was only 15 minutes I then noticed at the corner of my eye I noticed Harry sprinting over to where I was sitting I could tell just by sitting this way that he was worried. I really did hate making Harry worry about me especially with the other stuff he had to deal with. I looked up into his emerald green eyes that were filled with so much concern I almost felt so guilty seeing him like that.

“Its nothing Harry I’m fine.” I said getting up and wiping the dry tears from my face.

“What’s wrong Sam you can tell me.” He said coming towards me.

“That’s not my name Harry not any more.” I said turning away from him.

“I don’t understand.” He said confused.

“I’m Emilie Jade Riddle.” I said turning back to face Harry.

He stood there for alwhile letting what I just said to him all sink in he then got up and left me there I began to cry again I knew right there and then we were through. I felt my heart breaking as I heard the sound of his footsteps faded away as he walked out of my life after our break-up I saw him cuddling up with Ginny Weasley. She looked pleased that he was with her and whenever I passed them in the Great Hall I would catch them kissing which only broke my heart more. Once school was done I then decided that I would get a part-time job with Fred and George and maybe a place to stay until I started school in the fall.

~Flashback Ends~

I was just sitting there thinking about the past when I heard the others had come in I then noticed Ron, Hermione, Harry come along with Ginny. But as soon as she saw me she whispered into Harry’s ear and she then walked towards the Dorms.

“What’s the matter with Ginny it was past her curfew.” I said while I picked up a book.

“No, she just didn’t want to upset you and she said she was sorry about earlier tonight.” He said sitting next to Ron.

“I wonder why she couldn’t say that herself or perhaps she has trained you so well as her little messenger boy so she won’t have to face me herself.” I said getting up.

“I’m going to retire for the night I’ll see you all tomorrow.” I said smiling warmly.

I then went up to the girls dorm to get a goodnights’ rest for tomorrow would be a very long day.
~Harry’s POV~

After Emilie was out of our sight Hermione put her book down and shot me a glare that clearly meant she was upset.

“Hermione are you alright.” I said feeling alittle worried at what she might say.

“Harry how could you.” She began.

“Ever since you began dating Ginny she has you wrapped around her little finger you never used to be like this what has gotten into you lately.” She said looking at me her brow curled in a frown.

“I don’t know I like Ginny a lot but I still have some feelings for Emilie as well too.” I said running my fingers through my hair making it messier than before.

“Well you lost your chance with Emilie she is dating Fred now and if I say so myself I think she is very happy do not screw this up for her if anything you should do you should be happy for her.” She said getting up.

“I’m going to bed myself I think you two should do the same too and remember Harry be happy and don’t let Ginny control you please show alittle backbone.” She said and at that she disappeared up the stairs too.

“Well Harry we better go or we won’t hear the end of it when we are late on the first day back.” He said getting up too.

“Yeah I guess your right.” I said getting up as well.

We then went to our dorm to get some sleep Hermione is right I got to be happy for her, she moved on and so will I even if my heart is breaking.

A/N: Well it seems harry still likes Emilie I wonder how she will react to that well tell me what you think.

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My Love is Neverending: Old Memories and Harry's True Feelings


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