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Part-Time Lover by GinnyPotter25
Chapter 1 : Loathing With a Dash of Attraction
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   Hermione Granger was annoyed.


   The hands of her watch kept moving, but no Head Boy appeared. Already she was feeling such an antipathy towards him, God forbid he end up being one of the people she couldn’t stand. If only Ronald had cared enough to be Head Boy, she thought wistfully, sinking against her worn seat in the Heads’ compartment. Then I’d make sure he wasn’t late.


   She wrung her hands impatiently. If there was one thing Hermione hated, besides bad marks and undone homework, it was unpunctuality. The parchment she had been sent at the end of summer had clearly stated for the Heads to be there at half past eleven; it was twelve now. Rules were there for a reason.


   Of course, it didn’t actually make a difference that the Head Boy wasn’t there yet, since Professor McGonagall wasn’t there either. But still, Hermione insisted to herself, it was impolite to keep someone waiting. She sniffed reprovingly. Who on earth am I going to be stuck with for a year?



   Draco Malfoy sauntered through the corridors of the Hogwarts Express.


   Hermione Granger. Draco smirked to himself. Of course, he’d known that she would be Head Girl. However grudgingly, he had to admit that she was the only one smart and responsible enough for the position. But he didn’t like the idea of living with the Mudblood, even if just meant sharing a common room and a bathroom.


   The perks, however, justified the trials. He’d make her life a living hell. Draco laughed. A shivering first-year walking in the corridor in front of him jumped up in fear. That made Draco laugh harder. Granger would be like that by the time he was done with her. He’d play with her bushy-haired mind and wipe the smile right off her buck-teeth.


   Draco smirked again, rumpling his hair as he reached the door of the Heads compartment. He checked his watch and grinned. Turning up a half hour late surely would start off the fireworks. It’s going to be a great year, he thought as he pulled the door open. For me.



   Hermione heard the door of the compartment sliding open. Immediately she put on her “teacher face,” as Ron called it, and got ready to glare down the Head Boy for being late.


   But it was only Draco Malfoy.


   “Oh Malfoy,” she said carelessly, turning back to her contemplation of the window. “Prefects don’t meet till one.”


   Draco smirked. “Actually Granger, I was told to come here now. Well, thirty minutes ago really, but when you’re Head Boy, who cares?” He tried hard not to laugh as Hermione’s shoulders froze in shock. He slid down onto the seat opposite from her, still controlling his smile.


   Hermione slowly turned to him. “YOU’RE Head Boy? You’re HEAD Boy? You’re Head BOY?” she spoke furiously, turning pink.


   Draco raised his eyebrows as he got a better look at her. Her hair wasn’t nearly as bushy as it had been the year before. It’s actually quite pretty, he thought, watching the soft, brown tendrils bounce against Hermione’neck. He shook his head abruptly, and put the smirk back on.


   “Yes, yes, YES!” Draco replied, and burst out laughing. He watched as she turned red with anger, but that only made him more hysterical.


   “Who picked you?”


   “Pretty much the same people who picked you Granger.” Draco watched her brush her bangs away from her eyes. He could tell he was doing a good job at making her upset. Her jaw was clenched and she was rubbing her neck in a bothered way.


   Draco started suddenly. “Granger, what happened to changing into your robes the minute you get on to the train?” She had Muggle clothes on – but they were clothes different from anything he had ever seen her wearing. They revealed more than she usually let her clothes reveal, and left more to the imagination than Draco cared to imagine about this particular girl.


   Hermione huffed. “It’s none of your business. Why didn’t you come here when you were supposed to?”


   “It’s none of your business. Sound familiar?” Hermione got a confused look on her face, as if she didn’t know what to say. Draco realized that she wasn’t paying any attention to his wandering attention. He looked at her thoroughly. There was something different about her; she looked…hot.


   “Hey Granger,” Draco started slowly, “what did you do over the summer?”


   Hermione looked at him incredulously. “WHAT?”


   “What did you do over the summer?”


   “Um,” Hermione looked more confused than ever. “Nothing new. Why?”


   Draco shook his head. “Making small talk. Listen, whatever, okay? I don’t want to fight. I’m Head Boy, you’re Head Girl, we’ll live together – “


   “– Share a common room and a bathroom, not live together –”


   Draco shook his head. “Defeating the purpose of not fighting, Granger. And also, technicalities.  The point is that this means a lot to both of us, maybe for different reasons, but it does and we’re probably going to end up getting each other kicked off the position if we fight like we’re prone to doing, so let’s just get along okay?”


   “Sure,” Hermione said hesitantly. “I mean, yes, you’re right.”


   They nodded and turned to the windows, seemingly oblivious to each other. Inside, they were screaming, what the heck just happened?



   The Hogwarts Express rolled into Hogsmeade station. The doors opened and a flood of students made their way to the Thestral-drawn carriages. Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley stood in a corner, a gaggle of fourth-years hanging behind them, trying to be nonchalant.


   “Where is she?” Ron peered over the crowd, “she should have been out ages ago.”


   Harry shook his head. “Could you be more in love with her?”


   “What are you talking about?” Ron’s ears reddened. He put his hands in his pockets and stooped low, doing as bad a job at being nonchalant as the girls surrounding them. “We haven’t seen her all summer. And this Head Boy person, who knows who it is? Might be a dodgy bloke.”


   “Ron the only reason you want to see her right now is to make sure the “dodgy bloke” isn’t chatting her up.”


   “Harry the only reason you’re my best friend is because you’re famous.”


   “Shut up you loser.” Harry shoved Ron as he began to yell, “THERE SHE IS!”


   Hermione ran up to her two best friends and engulfed them in the biggest hug she could manage.


   “You two! I missed you both so much!” Hermione smiled up at them and noticed Ron’s red ears. “What is it Ron, is Madam Rosmerta around?”


   Ron laughed in spite of himself. “Nice one.” He beamed and hugged her again. “I missed you too, Hermione.”


   Hermione raised her eyebrows and looked at Harry over Ron’s shoulder. Harry shrugged and shook his head. He’s doomed.



   “Harry, mate is it just me, or does Hermione look totally hot?” Ron whispered urgently as they were getting on to the last carriage back to Hogwarts.


   Harry sighed. “And you don’t like her even a bit do you?” He shook his head. “If I say yes, you’ll beat me up. If I say no, you’ll beat me up.”


   Ron rolled his eyes and turned to Hermione who had her impatient look on her face. Quickly they got on to the carriage with her and it began to rumble its way towards Hogwarts.


   “So Hermione, you never said. Who’s Head Boy?” Harry asked conversationally after Ron gave him about ten death glares.


   Hermione sighed. “You’re not going to like it…”


   Ron slithered to the edge of his seat. “WHY? Who is it? Smith? Zabini? McLaggen? No wait, he left –”


   “Ron, you’re like one of those old women who have nothing to do but gossip. No it’s none of them. It’s – well it’s Malfoy,” Hermione sighed again. Now he’s going to explode…











   “Pansy, it’s just the common room.” And bathroom. “And she’s a Mudblood.” Gone hot.


   Pansy Parkinson brushed away her “tears.” “Oh Draco! I can’t stand you being that close to another woman! She’ll steal you away from me!”


   Insecure much?


   “No Pansy, she won’t steal me away from you,” Draco sighed. He looked towards Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini but they were purposefully staring in the opposite direction. “Trust me, okay?”


   “OH! Drakey-wakey, I lub you choo much!”





   Hermione stared at the common room in the Heads’ quarters. Everything was so tastefully furnished. She knew she was going to like it there.


   She was just contemplating her new abode when she head loud sweating behind her. It was Malfoy.


   “What happened?”


   “Pansy.” Draco swore again. “She’s insane!”


   Hermione smiled hesitantly. “Well, she is your girlfriend…and for the record, my friends aren’t in love with the idea of us living together either.”


   Draco cocked his eyebrows. “Living together?” How’d she know Pansy was upset about that?


   “You know what, forget it? Look at this place. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?”


   “Eh. Nothing special.” Draco watched as her smile ebbed away. “Though of course, very tastefully furnished,” he quickly added.


   “Isn’t it though? That’s exactly what I was thinking!” Hermione beamed around the room. Her color was high and Draco couldn’t help noticing how beautiful she looked when she smiled.


   Where the hell did the buck-teeth go?


   “Anyway, I’m going to go settle down. Um,” Hermione faltered for a moment. She looked at Draco. “Good night?”


   Draco heard the question in the farewell and swore mentally. “Yeah, good night.”


   He watched her as she walked away. Damn. This was supposed to be the Year of Tormenting Granger. Why the hell was he being like this?


   It’s because she looks all nice and pretty now, you fool Draco, he chastised himself. Pretty girls were his weakness. But there were other ways of messing around with Hermione Granger. And the hotness can be an advantage too.







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