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Betting on the Heart by MiaMarauder
Chapter 1 : The Lake
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A/n- Hope you like it! Review and love it

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! This is all J.K.Rowling my hero!

Thanks to Draco_Luva@TDA for such a beautiful lovely chapter image! #1 Betting on the Heart

“Black! You give me my clothes now!” I shouted up to the three boys, knowing damn well they wont.

“Hell no Alverez! If you want them come out and get them!” Black shouted down to me. I couldn’t even see him in the dark and I being in the school lake, BUTT naked did not help.

It’s really simple how I got in this little situation; it all started in fourth year. Sirius Black thinking he’s the shit and of course was the “king of bets” the school bookie. And he was putting all of his family’s money to betting is one of the reasons his family disowned him with the so other reasons.

It was the final game for the Quidditch cup, Slytherin verse Ravenclaw. Everyone betted on Slytherin to take home the cup, except me Layla Alverez went against the odds and I betted on Ravenclaw. Black thought I was mental but I betted on Ravenclaw because my ex-boyfriend Sebastian was the seeker and I knew he could catch anything faster then Lucius Malfoy. But Sirius called me a nut and we’ve been enemies every-since more like dare/ bet enemies. Ravenclaw did win that day too I still have that money saved.

So back to the present, sixth year me….OH right naked in the lake. Black and I just played exploding snaps and he bet me if I lost I had to jump into the lake naked, but if I won he had to walk around for the whole day with pink hair. I obviously lost.

“Black please! This wasn’t part of the plan!” I shouted back not really knowing where he was now.

“Oh come on Alverez, I know ya want to come out and give me a great big bear hug!” He shouted back with him laughing with James and Peter.

“Sirius Black!” I screeched into the air, going closer to the dock.

Sirius was on the dock coming closer to the end. I heard his footsteps, then I saw the outlines of his god like face. His jaw line was in a great big grin.

“You know Lay this whole thing is getting alittle old. We both know you love me. Now lets not be hasty and come out and we’ll see how much,” he said in a smooth low voice.

He was close enough for me to grab on to his leg. But since I was naked and all I really don’t want him in here with me. I saw he holding his big black leather jacket.

“You know were right Sirius you should just come in here and we will see how much.” I said in a low whisper but loud enough for him to hear me.

“Like I'll fall for that,” He stepped closer to the edge. I should pull him in. I got closer as well just enough for me to grab his jacket. I quickly jumped up a little, making sure I didn’t expose anything and grabbed the jacket. I pulled it under the water and put it on. I quickly jumped out. The look on Sirius face was in priceless, I guess this was all very fast for him.

I got closer to his face and whispered in his ear “Thanks for the jacket…babe.” And I gave him a little shove and he BY ACCETDENT fell into the lake.

I quickly ran to the doors of the castle. But before I opened it I heard “LAYLA!” A smile crossed my lips.

I can’t believe Sirius robbed my clothes, again! For another stupid bet I lost.

This other time I had to run on the grounds when it was snowing in my underwear, in filth year. And he ran away with my skirt and blouse. I had to rob a second year's cloak to get back to the dorms.

When I finally got back to the dormitory, I saw a girl with fiery hair come from the bathroom.

“Black?” She looked me up and down and guessed. She always knew by the way I always came in

“Who else Lily? He made me jump into the lake naked this time.” I said it so causally, it was disgusting.

“Typical,” she said walking over to her bed and closing the curtains. “Night Layla.”

“Night,” I said walking over to the bathroom. I needed to take a quick shower, to wash away all this gross from the lake.

I looked into the mirror. The black jacket made my blue eyes stand out more then it usually does. With my black hair pin straight from being wet and I looked tanner if that was possibly, in the black jacket.

I took a quick shower and sat down in my bed getting ready to draw. I took my sketch book from under my bed and started to draw. But I quickly started to drift asleep.

I woke up the next morning, getting quickly dressed just in my normal outfit my white blouse, the Gryffindor tie, and skirt.

Lily and I went down for breakfast not even going to try to wake up Alice or Johanna; our two other dorm mates. Who wake up just before first period, missing breakfast.

I went down with Lily to the Great Hall. We sat down in our normal spots, the sixth year section.

“So Lily, how was your study date with Ivry last night?” I asked hopefully

“Horrible! All he wanted to do was to snog! He kept trying to grope me so I told him to sod off,” Lily said taking a bite at her toast looking disgusted.

“Aww that’s to ba-“ I barley got out.

“LILYKINS” Someone screeched making everyone look at him. I instantly knew the voice. I looked up from Lily, to see James Potter face coming to sit next to Lily, and Sirius coming to sit next to me, and Peter and Remus coming behind James. I gave a wave to Remus the only one I could have a conversation without getting disgusted.

Lily with a predictable disgusted face looked up “Potter do you have to be so bloody loud in the morning?”

“Oh… sorry,” He said looking a little surprise, that she didn’t get mad about him calling her Lilykins “Any who….. are you going with any one to Hogsmeade yet?” He said looking hopeful and sitting down next to her.

“Actually Potter I can’t go to Hogsmeade this weekend I have a lot of homework to do and study," She said getting up now “Layla I'll see you in Potions, I have to go to the library first.” And she quickly walked off

“At least she didn’t say no and smack you this time mate” Sirius said to James in a low whisper but I heard. James face quickly went from a frown to a little smile. Nothing can bring this kid down.

“So Lay, when do I get my jacket back? No need to wash it.” Sirius said with a smirk and looked at me.

I gave him a look, I hate when he calls me Lay, how hard is it to just finish my name LayLA its just two letters.

“When I get my favorite underwear back,” I said with a one of my best death stare I must say myself.

“Trust me what is of your underwear, is nothing anyway, so you’ll probably be better without any.” He said with a bark of laughter. James laughed with Peter as well, with Remus rolling his eyes. I knew Remus was to mature for these little boys.

I blushed, I knew I shouldn’t have wore my red thong that day. I really don’t know how to respond to that. I guess ill just do what Lily does. “You disgust me Black!” I got up and walked off, I can still hear them laughing, I couldn’t help it but a small smile went to my lips.

I went into Potions a little early then I should have but I couldn’t go back to the Great Hall. I sat down in the back row hoping it was a lecture day, so I can get a nap in. I stared to doodle on my notebook but knowing me the artist I am it will turn out to be a masterpiece, just another one to add to under the bed. Lily says I really should show someone and that there really good. But why should I when I cant take up art when I leave Hogwarts, I’ll have to go into the family business my aunts coffee shop, no joke it's actually in Hogsmeade, Madame Puddifoot.

Since she is the one taking care of me, since my mother and dad died when I was very little in a plane crash, moms first time too. They wanted to see how muggles traveled. I wish I knew them they seemed really practical. So My Anut Ronda Puddifoot takes care of me but she wants me to take care of her shop after, she retires. I really don't want to, what I really want to be an auor and be a half time artist in London.

I noticed more people coming, in just some stupid Slytherins. I put my head down on my notebook getting ready to take a nap. When I heard the chair next to me slid across the floor. Knowing it was probably just Lily or Johanna, I didn’t really want to look up.

“Miss me Lay,” a low but soft voice whispered in to my ear.

I knew it was Sirius by the way his voice sent shivers down my spine. I hate how by just talking he can make me weak in the knees.

I looked up a little startled to find his so close to me I scooted a little away. He saw me feel uncomfortable and chuckled.

“Not really Sir,” I said with a smirk.

“Please… lets use our pet names in the bedroom Madam,” he said with a full grin and waiting to see if Ill get pissed off.

“Sirius I will NEVER call you anything in the bedroom,” I sneered, when an idea got to me. I got closer to his ear and whispered “Besides I’m a screamer,” I said without laughing and sounded way to casual.

With that I got up and went to go sit next to Johanna with leaving a bugged eyes Sirius to him self.

A/n So like it? Hate it? Love it? Tell me in a review.

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Betting on the Heart: The Lake


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