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Happy Endings by loopyluna
Chapter 1 : Willa; Mr Tall Dark and Handsome
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Willa Chambers :)

Willa Chambers 

"C’mon Will’s. You know that you’re a sucker for dimples.” Scorpius’s voice cut though my thoughts as I swiveled a little on one foot, the dead early-autumn leaves crinkling under my footsteps. Out of every student in the Kings Cross area, Scorpius Malfoy stood out the most to me.

His black winter coat zipped open and his left hand thrust in to his jean pocket, his right hand in to mine. The fact that Malfoy had his hand in the pocket by your bum would bother the majority of the female population of Hogwarts, making them all jealous. But, I am yet to be charmed. All I manage to see in the 17 year old boy is the 3 year old that used to run around my front garden with no clothes on.

His coat flapped open a little as the wind blew, causing my scarf to bob little as I walked the teal colour spreading from being draped around my shoulders to tickling the tips of my boots by my ankles a little. Us two walking up the muggle High Street my arm linked through his would alarm some, considering the Malfoy heritage and my Muggleborn status. My family moved in next door to his when we were tot’s. We shortly became inseparable and Scorps dad just had to deal with it.

When I got my letter from Hogwarts it cleared up a lot. Especially the obsession I had for blowing up tea cups without being near them. What can I say, my mothers Tea Cup collection was dreadfully awful.

Scorps mum - Auntie Astoria to me – had assumed early on that I was a witch, but cause of the case that it was merely an assumption; she kept the information to herself. Mr Malfoy is still yet to warm to me; but if I’m perfectly honest, I’m never really expecting that to happen.

“I’m not a sucker for dimples.” I reasoned, blowing a strand of blonde hair from my face. “I just like a good smile.”

He smirked. “I have three recorded case from the past year of people that you have liked … and guess what,” I looked up to him, a tolerative expression taking residence on my small features. “They all had dimples.”

“Have you been writing them down or something?” I asked choking a little on nothing. “That is the action of a loner Scorpius an you are anything but a loner.”

He shook his head. “Nahh, I’m not one for random conversation.”

“Face it Scorp, people like you.”

“Shut up.”

“And with a charm like that how can they resist?” I teased; wrapping my palms firmly around his muscled arm as he clumsily bumped me with his hip before briefly wrapping his arms around me tightly. Even with high heeled ankle boots on, he was still a head height taller.

He glanced at the telephone box, bright red and standing out in a sea of colour. Scorpius is fascinated by them – the colour, the shape, the sound, the fact that it has a phone inside. I’ve never really had the heart to point out to him that it’s really a Muggle pee-machine. Or sometimes, it it’s lucky, a temporary home to someone who snoozes inside when it rains.

“C’mon Willa.” He said while pulling me down a subway steps, his voice still has husky as ever. “I need coffee.”

“You always need coffee!” I cried childishly.

He thought for a moment as he dragged me by hand to the coffee shop. “I’ll buy you a cookie Will’s.” I raised my eyebrows but only replied with a small shrug and giddy shake. He linked his arm though mine as we made our way down the stairs. “I just really need the caffeine. The bloody tosser kept me up all night.”

I laughed. “He’s only five.”

“That … thing … is not five. He’s a monster.” He said, referring to his baby cousin, Thomas. Scorpius made a face as I pulled open the paint deprived door to his favorite coffee shop. We have to come here every time we’re out. Even if we’re not in London, we have to apperate here.

I shook my head as he followed me inside, the smell of coffee and sugar suddenly knocking every other of my senses out of proportion – including my balance. I stepped though the doorway and fell flat on my face.

At least I would have if Mr Tall Dark and Handsome wasn’t there to catch me. My heart fluttered as I stared in to the most beautiful blue eyes that I have ever seen. “Th, thank you.” I stuttered as he pulled me up.

“Hey do me a favor.” Scorpius said from behind. “Smile for me.” My nose crinkled but I did what he asked. “Not you, you dolt.” He said prodding my nose lightly. “Scamander.”

My brows furrowed as Scorpius smirked. “Yep.” He said folding his arms. “Move along mate, you’re not getting any.” He patted Mr Tall Dark and Handsome on the back as he walked out of the shop a little stunned.

“What one eart-“

“He had no dimples.” Scorpius rounded on me as he dipped his hand in to his pocket and pulled out a handful of muggle change. “I was just doing you a favor.” I sulked. “Hey now, don’t go all mute on me Willa Chambers. That was Scamander anyway. Any no way in hell is he getting anywhere near you. Not in my life time.”

My mouth fell open as I punched him on the arm. “What was that for?” He cried, rubbing his arm roughly.

“Well I was going to punch you as a joke but then I realized that I didn’t want to!” He quickly broke in to a grin at my sulky expression and put his free hand on my shoulder. “You’re so dense Scorp.” I said quietly. “Do you honestly think that was Lorcan?” he looked thoughtful. “That butt-face would walk over someone’s dead corpse to get a free pack of gum. Do you honestly think that he would catch me, let along come in to a coffee shop?”

Laughing again he shook his head. “I guess not. That was probably Lysander.”

“Why are you laughing? This isn’t funny. You’re going to apologize to him the moment that you see him.” I ordered, ignoring the few female eyes that landed on my neighbor for a little longer than necessary. I paid them no notice.

“I’m not laughing at Xander, Willa. I’m laughing at you.” Scorp pulled me away from the door and up to the counter.

“What did I do?” I asked slowly.

He shook his head. “You’re just funny. It’s the way that you crinkle your nose when you’re confused, it always makes me laugh.” I pouted and fiddled with the ends of his fingers with my own.

“And the apology?”

He sighed. “Yes, yes, I will apologize to Scamander next time I come across him alright, now chocolate chip or plain chocolate?” I raised a blonde eyebrow. “Alright, chocolate chip it is.”

“Four takeaway coffee’s please, and a chocolate chip cookie,” He said to the waitress as he leant on to the counter. She nodded and turned around to work the coffee machine.

Why four you ask? Rose and Albus, if we didn’t order something for them, they would flip. They’re probably already at the station –we have like, an hour until the train leaves.

When we looked back up the woman had stopped making our coffee’s and instead turned to talking to another waitress. Turning to the other girl behind the counter, Scorpius put o his make-the-ladies-melt smile that he uses so often and winked at the poor girl.

“Hi, we just ordered four coffees and I’m still caffeine deprived. I wouldn’t usually complain, but we’ve got somewhere to be.”

The waitress seemed to fumble around and leave the drinks that she was making to carry on the order that we were missing, leaving other consumers to glare in annoyance. They were obviously like caffeine deprived Scorpius’s too. Oh lordy – I’m in a shop full of coffee deprived Malfoy’s! Eeep.

She handed us the four hot drinks in the cardboard holder for four that no one ever knows the name of. I guess it’s just, cardboard coffee holder. Scorp handed over the money and winked before laving the shop. He handed me my chocolaty goodness and watched me unwrap it.

“Your coffee Madame.” He said with a smile, handing me the hot polystyrene cup with a small white napkin to stop me from burning my fingers. He always takes care of me that Malfoy.

I curtseyed a little as stepped off of the curb and walked back towards the main station. “I hope that you didn’t forget to pack underwear this year.” He teased as he leant towards me and bit in to MY cookie! My mouth fell open as he chewed. “That is good cookie, why don’t you have some?”

I shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you took an Everest bite!” he laughed and glanced at the huge bite-attack that cause half of my cookie to die a chewable death.

“I’m sorry. Next time, I’ll but you a plain one instead. I don’t like those ones.”

“Neither do I?”

“Well then.” He said, putting his hand back in to my pocket and yanking me firmly closer. “I guess we’re screwed.”


I spun around, pushing my hair from my face as we entered platform 9 ¾. I grinned as our two best mates in the world came hurtling towards us, knocking unsuspecting first years out of the way.

“Oh Albus, look you made him cry.” Rose scolded, pointing towards the tiny boy who scrambled from off of the floor and made his way back to a pair of rather annoyed parents.

“Not my problem.” He shrugged. Scorp smiled and enveloped his best friend in to a man hug, he pulled his hand from my trousers. “Oh, coffee!”

“Come on Will’s! Mum wants to see you!” Rose said excitedly, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards her family but not before nicking her drink from Scorpius’s stash. “Oh and don’t worry, Uncle Harry’s already put you’re luggage on the train from when you stayed over.”

“And Batman?” I asked, referring to my little cat that seemed unable to grow for the past 6 years.

“On the train, I didn’t think that you would appreciate me leaving her with Albus.”

I nodded gratefully and ran with Rose towards her family. The Weasley and Potter clans usually managed to conjure up and oh or an oh lord where ever they went. It drove Rose up the wall.

Rose and Albus were the perfect pair. Al wasn’t happy unless he was the centre of attention every second of his life and Rose would be happily at one with the world just leaning on a near by wall with a book, making sure that Al doesn’t go too far. I think that’s why Scorpius fancies her so much.

He tries to hide it. But he’s best friends with the master here. He can’t keep anything from me. He was there when I first got my ears pierced; alike I was when he fell off of the roof of his shed at age 11. He had to go to Saint Mungo’s as his mother was too worried to cast the healing spell herself, neither of us was qualified to cast it. Draco is a healer – he was able to fix it in a heart beat.

He kissed his wife on the nose and told her not to worry.

At that moment I realized that he was one of the best fathers around. He may be quiet; he may be a little ‘different’. But he cares for Scorpius and Astoria, that’s all that he needs. It was the love that I wanted, the kiss on the nose; gaze in to his eyes sort of love. Scorp bumps or kisses my nose sometimes; he knows how much I love little gestures like that.

“Willa my love.” Hermione Granger exclaimed when I reached them. “How are you sweetie?” She asked as she hugged me. I smiled to Rose. “Ron, say hello.” She ordered. He grunted something that resembled how are you when Hugo practically pounced on me with Lily.

Ronald Weasley is possibly the most grudge holding yet caring father on the face of the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad and all, but he would never go to the lengths that Mr Weasley does to keep Rose safe for me. Ron has a small problem with the Malfoy family, I’m sure that it has something to do with the Wizarding War. I’ve read up about it in the Hogwarts Library. It’s fascinating. But as of his problem with Scorpius, he doesn’t like me too much due to my closeness with him. He actually refuses to believe that Rose even converses with Scorp.

He mistook Scorpius for my brother upon our first meeting. Yes we have the same hair colour and all, but really?

When Lily and Hu released me from my favorite hug of the year I knocked Albus’s glasses off of his face when he pushed me forward in to his older brother James; who had come to wave off the family.

“Albus, no bulling my favorite child now.” Ginny Potter said hugging me briefly. Lily laughed as James rolled his eyes. Albus’s eyes bulged behind his glasses. “No buts Al. When Willa becomes my daughter in law, I’m trading you in. Will’s does the washing up.”

I laughed and took Als hand. Ginny seems to have this idea that Albus and I will get married. Albus say’s it’s not an idea. It’s a hope. It always makes me laugh. She introduces me to the family as ‘daughter-in-law’ and makes me call her mum and Harry dad. I’m sure that Harry Potter finds it hilarious; he once told me that he loves that fact that I used to have absolutely no idea who he was until Scorpius explained to me. To me – Harry Potter has always just been ‘Oi daddio!’

“We’ve been over this Mrs Potter.” Scorpius said breaking our hands apart and taking each in his own. “I’m afraid my parents booked her when we were six. She’s never had a chance in life.” He sighed dramatically. “Poor girl.”

“I can still hope.” Ginny laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Oh, I love motherly affection.” He said dramatically, holding our hands to his chest and shuddering a little. Ginny shook her head, but with an obvious smile on her face. She would never admit it to Ron, but she loved Scorpius. I’m sure Hermione did too. Al ripped his hand away and smacked his friend over the back of the head, resulting in a shocked and somehow clueless look from Scorpius.

The whistle blew, and the mad scramble to grab carriages began instantly. Only the seventh year’s remained on the platform. It’s the same every year. The seventh year privilege, it’s known as. Albus kissed his mother on the cheek and hugged his father before grabbing Lily’s hand and running on to the train with his sister, making sure that she got a seat with decent people.

“Keep my boy’s safe now.” Harry said, giving me a strong fatherly hug and nodded towards Scorp and Al.

“I’ll do my best.” I said pulling away and giving him a brownie guide promise. He laughed and saluted me, army style.

“Willa.” Scorpius moaned loudly, sounding a lot like an ungrateful child. “Stop flirting with Dad and get over here, we’ve got a school to get to!” I gave my coffee to Harry, I’m sure he took a swig as I ran towards the train.

Al’s mouth fell open as I fell in to a seat by the fog covered window. “He said that … to Scamander?”

I nodded enthusiastically kicking my boots off and revealing a rather dotty pair of bright red socks. “I think he actually knew that it was Xander and not Lorcan.”

“I doubt Scorpius would do something like that on purpose.”

I clicked my tongue. “Are you kidding? We’re talking about Scorpius Malfoy, the boy that last year discreetly shoved a twelve year old in front of a Hippogriff for insulting Rosie’s hair.”

“Well it was Rose that the kid insulted. You know how Scorpius gets when it comes to her.”

“Al!” I exclaimed. “That doesn’t make it alright though does it? He said that boy ‘tripped’ in to the Hippogriff pen, the wall was two foot high! And to be perfectly honest, the child wasn’t too much taller!”

Albus smiled and attempted to tame a messy strand of his hair. “C’mere.” I said quietly, licking my fingers and swapping seats to the other side of the carriage.

I flicked little bits of his hair out of the way so that it looked half way decent, Albus fighting every step of the way.

“Get off of me Willa-“

“Stop Moving Al, you’re making it hard on your self!”

He swatted my hands out of the way. “The ladies love it.”

“The ladies.” I said impersonating him. “Think that you look like a tramp!”

“No they don’t!”

“It’s not cool to look like a tramp!”

He shoved my elbow from the seat where it was leaning, I was about to fall. Correction; I did fall. Albus grunted as my chest came crashing down to his, my head falling against his shoulder as he bashed his own against the metal window sill. My blonde locks falling in to his face.

“Merlin Wills.”

“Trampy boy, let me fi-“

“-I can’t breathe, you’re bloomin choking m-“

I sat up to roll off of him as he pulled me back down and attempted to roll me on to the floor so he could breathe again. But being Albus – he did it wrongly, and ended up rolling off himself and managing to take him with me. I looked up, meeting his annoyed expression with a distinctly playful look.

“This is a weird case of déjà vu.” I muttered shoving him off of me and dragging my hand against the condensated window as I went.

“This is nice?” Scorpius said, accompanied by a cough in the form of Rose standing behind him. On the account they are both Head Boy and Girl, (God only knows how Scorp achieved it) they were doing rounds on the train. Albus and I had only a short amount of time to gossip about the two of them, plan on how to get them together and to discard my beige coat in to the corner of the carriage. Instead, we ended up rolling on top of each other like a pair of children.

“Wipe that satisfied smirk clear off of your face Scorpius Malfoy!” I warned, crinkling my nose a little.

“Aww, you see, there you go again!” he cried and pulled me in to his lap as he sat down in my spot. “Don’t you guys think she’s adorable when she does that little thing with her nose?”

“What? That crinkle thing?” Albus asked. “That’s the cutest thing in the world; it makes me want to kidnap her!”

“I know for a fact that it drives a few lads crazy.” Rose added, drawing a dodgy circle in to the fogged glass.

“Rose!” I laughed quietly, attempted to escape the strong grip Scorpius had on me. He was holding me down on to his lap, but not in a normal fashion.

She added eyes and a smile to this smiley face. “What? I’ve had people ask about you before. It’s no biggie.”

“Who are they?” Scorp exclaimed, his face was harsh for a moment before he said, “I’ll have ‘em!”

“No, no, no!” I raised my eyebrows and he blew in my face. “You will not … be ‘having’ anyone … in any shape or form!” I cried, attempting to blow back the entire way through.

“Oh, I can assure you Miss Chambers,” he smirked, his eyes darkening as he hugged his arms around my waist and bobbed me up and down like a child. “That I will be ‘having’ someone this year.”

“Or something.” Rose muttered in a bored voice – though loud enough for Scorpius to hear.

The cocky smile that played on his lips quickly faded. “That’s no way to talk about yourself Rosie. If there’s anything that I have learnt from my fathers experiences, it’s not to put yourself down!”

“Why, are you interested?” Rosie said, wearing a smirk that was almost enough to challenge his.

He rose and eyebrow. My breath caught at the two possible reactions that he could have … a) Yes Rose, actually I am. I have been in love with you since our forth year when you punched me in the face for insulting your intelligence. Weird I am. Or there was this option.

“Hardly.” He spoke coolly. Not one emotion fit to his voice. For that split moment in time, he was his father.

“Then I guess you’re left shagging Albus, Malfoy. He’s the only on that’ll have you.” My body shook with laughter as Scorpius sat silenced, boring in to my back. “I’m going to change, I’ll be back soon.”

She hopped up and slammed the door of the carriage behind her, shaking the glass in its frame. Rose defiantly inherited the Weasley temper. Although unlike her father, she didn’t like to show it in public – she would go off somewhere private. Which is probably why she left her school clothes in her trunk, it’s currently up above Albus’s head. Rose was so easily ruffled, it didn’t take more than one sentence spoken by Scorpius to drive her up the wall.

“I’ll go.” Al said slowly. “Make sure she doesn’t kill any children or sommin.” He stopped at the door, sliding it open slowly. “Or even worse; the train driver.”

I smiled a little and stood up off of Scorpius’s lap, sitting where Al once was. He looked up at me with a small smile playing at his lips. I could feel the corners of my mouth instantly lifting upwards. It was such a small gesture, but such things were exactly what one needs.

“She’s brilliant.” He said quietly, leaning over and tracing the smiley face that she drew in to the window.

“Yeah.” I agreed. “Maybe you would stand a hope in hell if you didn’t compare her to a shaggable thing.”

He nodded. “Willa, that’s never going to happen,” his eyes traveled over my face momentarily. “You’re such a cliché.”


He laughed. “You’re so pretentious. You think that a prince is going to waltz in and sweep you off of your feet.”

I shook my head, “I don’t need a prince.”

“Oh, and why’s that?”

I smiled. “Because I have you and Albus … you’re all I need.” Scorpius smiled at me then. Not the famous Malfoy smirk, not the smile that catches the ladies, or the smile that say’s Ha Gryffindors, we just pranked your arse. A true happy smile.

“And there is nothing wrong with being a little cliché.”

He nodded. “Of course not.”

“Come on Scorpius.” I said quietly. “I’ll give you a game of exploding snap.”

He shook his head. “You know I detest that game.”

“I’ll let you see my socks.” I cooed, smiling wider than I had in weeks.

He stifled a small laugh. “You mean the poka dot ones that you are currently wearing?” I nodded as he kicked my boots out of the way with his feet. “I love you Willa.”

“Only because you have to Scorp.” He smiled and poked my nose before pulling a pack of Exploding Snap cards from my coat pocket. “Remind me why you’re sitting on my coat?”

“Because it was the only seat that you and Albus didn’t occupy with your love session, of which I will be bringing up again when he returns. I’m not having him sexually attack my baby sis.”

I didn’t need Trelawney’s inner eye to tell that conversation is going to be mortifying.

An; Opinions? What did you think? This is my second story and, as I feel forced to point out, was originally written as a short story with eight chapters. There are places where it may move a little fast – however please point them out to me and I will fix them.

It ended up turning in to a Novella when I realized that instead of writing the 15,000 words needed for a short story, it was actually somewhere in the region of 33,000. But still … a story is a story.

This is one of the favorite things that I have written and I am actually kinda proud of it, I would love to know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome – oh and a heads up, my spelling is hysterically bad; I have been trying to rectify it for many years now … nothings happened – not a too bigger shocker there. So if there are spelling errors, I apologize and feel free to bully me about them. 

Disclaimer; Everything goes to JK Rowling. You’ve got to worship the woman! But why oh why did Remus, Tonks and Fred have to die?? I would have nabbed one of the twins before anything possibly could have happened to either of them.
Well, now that my slightly psychotic authors note is closing to an end. I would love to hear you opinions. Hint, hint

Sorry for the Godzilla length of this note - you will come to find out that this happens rather alot ... and then I apologize for it resulting in another four paragraphs to be written.

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