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Nursery Rhymes by daisychain1
Chapter 2 : 18th April
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Hey! :)  - okay finally chapter 2s up! Sorry for the long wait! 

The nursery rhyme used is by William Wallace Denslow.

I do not own Harry Potter so anything you recognise is J.K rowlings! But the rest is mine! :D

Little Bo peep has lost her sheep,
and doesn't know where to find them,
Leave them alone and they'll come home,
bringing their tails behind them.


April 18th

Hermione watched attentively as Ron stroked his food with the metallic fork.

It had been two months now since the tragic ordeal, and Ron had not spoke of it since.

“So, urm, are you trying out for the Quidditch team this year?” Hermione inquired as she broke the uncomfortable silence while staring pleadingly at Harry.

“What’s the point?” Ron’s pitiful voice answered.

“Well, yes I suppose that…” Hermione stopped as Ron started to yell.

“Hermione, I don’t want to play Quidditch! I don’t want to do anything!” Ron shouted as he clambered out of the bench and continued to march out of the grand hall.

Hermione exhaled loudly.

“I was just trying to…" Hermione paused as she looked down at the edge of the table.

“I know.” Harry’s mournful voice penetrated through her ears.

“Well, I think I am going to head to the library,” Hermione said as she stopped briefly to see Harry’s dismal face.

She slowly stepped out as she took one last look at him, but still he just stared blank at the table.

She sluggishly delayed her travel as she saw three foul repugnant boys heading towards her.

“Oh look its mud blood,” The repulsive Draco sneered.

“How’s your weasel boyfriend doing after the loss of the blood traitor?” Gregory Goyle snarled.

“Do not call Ginny Weasley a blood traitor! And don’t you dare be so repulsive to use this as amusement!” Hermione yelled.

“Ah, so Weasel is your boyfriend then as you didn’t deny it!” Vincent Crabbe chuckled.

“That’s it you morbid cruel brutes!” Hermione yelled as she ripped her wand from her pocket and pressed it under Dracos chin.

He wined like a small child who had a possession taken off him.

Unfortunately Miss Mcgongall was proceeding to the grand hall, as her piercing eyes caught sight of the magnifying event.

“Miss Granger!” Miss McGongalls astonished voice joined the argument.

“Put down your wand please miss Granger!” She ordered but Hermione was fixed on the tiresome wretch who stood in front of her.

“She’s insane, mad!” Draco squealed.

“Your day will come,” Hermiones bleak voice made his grey eyes widen in shock.

“That best not be a threat,” He answered as she began to lower her wand.

Her hand sprung back up to his sickeningly pale neck.

“It will be whatever I intend it to be!” Her concealed yell echoed against the concrete walls as she finally re seated her wand by her side.

“Miss Granger may I have a word,” Miss McGongall spoke firmly as Hermione followed her down the hall to her office.

“Just what do you think you were playing at! You cannot use curses on other students!” She ordered.

“With all do respect, how do you know that I was going to perform a curse?” Hermione asked as she painfully daggered her nails into her palms.

“Well from what I saw you certainly weren’t going to charm him!” She spoke sternly.

“ Hermione, this is a warning. As I know what happened with Ginny may have influenced you to perform your actions today.” Miss McGongall said as she raised her hand to stop Hermione objecting.

“You may leave,” She said as she sat down at her desk.

Hermione rapidly stood as she dashed out the door to finally head to the library.

The library was like a sanctuary, a haven, and a refuge for Hermione.

She entered as she gazed around her to see all the amazing books; she went into her usual corner and picked out the last trilogy that she’ d been reading since yesterday.

As she opened it up she got the warm scent and smell of the fresh new paper.

But something was there that usually wasn’t, as she opened the page, which she’d mesmerised from last time she found a small envelope.

She tore off the paper rapidly and ripped it out to read:

Little Bo peep has lost her sheep,
and doesn't know where to find them,
Leave them alone and they'll come home,
bringing their tails behind them.

Where’s your kitty now?

Hermione exclaimed as she read the taunting words.

Her body raced through and out of the library gripping the card in her hand.

She dashed through the corridors and was about to run into the grand hall, when she saw Crookshanks trot out into the courtyard.

She flittered on the spot not knowing what to do.

“Crookshanks?” She enticed but no reply was made.

Her hand flung out her wand as she tip toed out into the courtyard, her senses peered around every corner.

“Crookshanks,” She whispered as she patted her thigh.

“Come on, stop playing about, I think someone’s” Her speech was cut short as a heavy object was smashed over her head, leaving her wand descending onto the concrete.

She staggered about as she knocked into the outdoor objects, her hand was covering the bloody wound, which was on the back of her head.

Slender narrow fingers caught grip around her throat, her windpipe unable to breathe.

Her mouth hung wide open as she attempted to retrieve oxygen; she tried to grab an object, anything.

But she failed, the tight grip penetrated severely around her delicate throat and eventually she fell onto the concrete floor as her eyes were stunned wide open.

“Looks like little Bo Peep wont be coming home today,” The sniggering laugh vibrated around the thick air as the slender figure once again retreated.


Hope you liked it, sorry it was so short!
Please review and tell me!

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