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Not Today, Red by 21always
Chapter 1 : Chapter One.
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“Rose, guess what the latest gossip is?” Jana Thomas said in a sing-song voice.

Rose Weasley looked up at her best friend. Jana was the exact opposite of Rose. She was loud, outgoing and cared a great deal about gossip. Her looks also were the opposite of Rose’s. Rose was paler with bright curly red hair and ice blue eyes. Jana was Indian with dark hair and lively coffee colored eyes.

“I don’t really care but I figure you’ll tell me anyways so what is it?” She asked.

“Don’t take that attitude,” Jana said as she plopped down onto the couch where Rose was sitting.

“This gossip is important to your health,” She continued, “There has been talk that Adrian Corner who is a hot commodity is interested in you.”

“Whoever said that is lying and he’s a boy not a toy for you to buy.”

“Rosie, why can’t you just believe that a boy is interested in you,” Jana pleaded.

“Because we’re in fifth year and I’ve never been kissed nor had a boyfriend,” Rose replied.

“Have you seen yourself lately? You’re not the same nerd from fourth year,” Jana said.

Rose sighed. Lately, everyone had been telling her that. She knew her hair had calmed down a little and she had grown some but she didn’t think her whole image had changed plus why would she like someone who had only just noticed her?

“Oh, there’s Chad Creevey. I think I need to go chat with him,” Jana mumbled as the topic of Rose was quickly replaced by a cute boy across the room.

Rose smiled at her friend. Jana never had been one to stay on topic for extended periods of time. Rose sat there chewing on her pen as she thought about what her friend had said. Adrian Corner was very handsome. He was tall with brown wavy hair that hung ever so slightly in his black eyes. Even if he did like her which she doubted, she wouldn’t go out with him anyways. The only reason a guy like that would like a girl like her was to get something. Probably just to say he had kissed Ron and Hermione Weasley’s daughter.

“Hello Rose.”

Rose turned to see who it was. Speak of the devil and the devil shall come was one of Rose’s mum’s muggle sayings and how true it was.

“Hello Adrian,” She replied.

“You don’t look happy to see me?” He questioned as he sat down.

Rose looked at him. He was acting as if this was a normal occurrence as if they talked all the time.

“Sorry to give that impression.” She smiled at him.

“It’s cool, Rose,” He said shrugging off her apology. “How’s your family doing?”

She smiled and said they were well while she thought about what a bad attempt at small talk he was making. Maybe Jana was right or maybe he was over here on a bet of some sort. He continued making small talk with her for 15 minutes until he got up saying that Quidditch tryouts were in thirty minutes and he needed to go get ready for them.

“Good luck,” Rose said while on the inside she was glad he was leaving.

“Rosie, did I just see you talking to Adrian?” Jana asked a mere five minutes after he had left.

“Yes, Jana, and it meant nothing, go back to flirting with whatever boy you have your eye on,” Rose sighed.

“Oh Rosie, give Adrian a chance, please for my sake,” Jana mockingly pleaded.

“Knock it off Jana; I’ll give him a chance if you stop badgering me about it,” She said not really sure what she was agreeing to.

“Perfect, I knew you’d come around. Now I just need to go tell Adrian you agreed.” Jana reached over and gave her a hug.

“What’d you mean tell Adrian I agreed?” Rose asked cautiously.

“He asked me to help him get you to go out with him and I agreed.” Jana shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Rose groaned. She loved her friend but sometimes she wanted to shake her and tell her boys weren’t everything and she couldn’t interfere in people’s lives as she pleased.

Rose went upstairs not even bothering to say goodnight to anyone. She went to bed wondering what the next day would bring and if Adrian really liked her or this was just all a big joke.


Rose trudged grumpily to breakfast the next morning. She had woken up early to avoid everyone else but now as she walked down to the Great Hall she was regretting her choice. No one was at the Gryffindor table yet besides for a few first years. Not wanting to sit by herself, she grabbed a biscuit and went outside to walk around the lake before classes started. She walked to her favorite spot. It was a little alcove in on the far side of the lake. Rose always came here when she wanted to get away from everything. She lay down in the grass thankful that there was still a warm summer breeze. She decided to close her eyes for a bit.

“Um excuse me,” Rose heard a voice say and an arm gently shake her.

She looked up through sleepy eyes to see a tall figure with dark hair standing above her.

“Albus,” She said thinking of her cousin’s messy black hair.

“I’m afraid not,” The boy chuckled. He had an Irish tint to his voice.

Rose rubbed her eyes hoping to get the sleep away. This setting seemed very much like a dream.

When she could see clearly, she realized she had seen this boy before. He was a Slytherin and sometimes hung out with Albus. He had black hair that went everywhere and laughing green eyes. She couldn’t remember his name though.

As he reached his hand down to her, she remembered exactly where she was. She was outside lying in grass. She took his hand and he pulled her up.

“What time is it?” She asked the boy who was a stranger but not really.

“I’ll tell you but first I would like to know why Rose Weasley was sleeping in the grass.”

He knew her name and she didn’t know his. She blushed. She felt silly for being out here and not remembering something like a name.

“I was just getting away from everything,” She muttered self-consciously.

“That is not a good enough answer.” He smiled and stepped in her path to block her from leaving.

Who was this boy to stop her from leaving? Rose was angry at herself for getting into this situation.

“Fine, you want the answer here it is,” She whispered furiously, “ I came out here to avoid my best friend who keeps nagging me to like this boy and to avoid the boy, himself.”

He chuckled as he listened to her. “It’s true than all red heads do have a temper even the calm and collected Rose Weasley.”

Rose looked at him in utter disbelief. He dared mention her red hair. She pulled her hand back to hit him. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close.

“You won’t slap me today, sweetheart,” He whispered in her ear.

He looked down and before Rose could stop him he kissed her. He pushed his lips against hers and she found herself leaning into him enjoying the feeling of this boy’s lips on hers. She gasped as he pulled away.

“See you later, Red.” He waved goodbye and walked back to the castle.

Rose stood there shocked. She watched the boy whose name she didn’t know walk back to the castle. He hadn’t even told her the time like he promised.

She walked back to the castle thinking that she didn’t even know the name of the boy who had been her first kiss.

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