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Life After Death by WeasleyWizardWheezes26
Chapter 3 : The Burrow
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Harry entered McGonagall’s office and sat down waiting for to arrive. Dumbledore greeted Harry and told him he was proud of him for defeating Voldemort. McGonagall entered and Harry rose from his seat.

‘Harry, sit down. You are definitely my equal now. Your not a student anymore.’

‘About that, I was wondering if you could consider me coming back next year to finish my NEWTs.’

‘Wow, you never stop do you? There I was thinking you would have a relaxing year with a certain Miss Weasley.’

“Well Ginny has to do her NEWTs as well so we can be together here if you approve. I am sure Hermione will join us as well and wherever she goes Ron will be, so what do you say?’

‘I shouldn’t really be telling you this, but I was going to make Miss Weasley head girl next year. I understand what you two have been through and also the new found responsibility you have in Teddy. I don’t know if you know but the Head Girl gets her own dorm, so does head boy. There is no point making you Head Boy because there will be a wasted dorm. ‘

‘What does this mean?’

‘I am saying you can come back next year and share the head girl dorm with Miss Weasley. I will make some adjustments so that there is a play area and cot for Teddy. Madam Pomfrey will look after Teddy during yours and Ginny’s lessons. You can come see him and collect him whenever you like but you will have to keep up your studies as well. Tell Miss Granger and Mr Weasley to come and see me.’

‘Thank you so much, you don’t know how pleased Ginny will be, Can I tell her she is Head Girl?’

‘Of course, Harry. You can leave now.’

Harry ran down McGonagall’s stairs and up to his dormitory as fast as his legs could take him. He fell onto his bed forgetting that Ginny was trying to get some sleep. She groggily woke up.

‘What’s happened?’

‘McGonagall said yes.’ Ginny kissed Harry but he pulled away to tell her the details.

‘Wait Gin, there’s more. You're Head Girl.’

‘What? Are you sure?’

‘Yea, and next year we can share the Head Girl dormitory and Professor McGonagall said she is going to add in a cot and a playpen for Teddy. He is going to be looked after by Madam Pomfrey while we’re in lessons but McGonagall says that we can go collect him whenever.’

‘Wow. Thank you, at last I get to spend a whole year with you.’

‘I think a celebration is in order. Lets go and find your mum.’

They found Mrs. Weasley in the Great Hall and suggested going back to the Burrow. She was overjoyed and suggested they leave once they were packed.

Everyone packed up their stuff and the Weasleys plus Hermione, Harry and Teddy left for the Burrow. Once they arrived rooms were allocated. Harry, Teddy and Ginny were to sleep in Ginny’s room. Hermione and Ron would sleep in Ron’s. Percy and George were sharing Percy’s room as Mrs. Weasley thought that the twins’ old room would bring back too many memories. Bill was sharing his room with Fleur and Charlie had a room all to himself.

Mrs. Weasley wanted to hold Fred’s private funeral straight away. Harry helped organise proceedings and the next day the funeral was held. Harry had always got on well with Fred and George and had bought the joke shop for them in Diagon Alley. The funeral was a very private ceremony and the attendance was all of the people staying at the Burrow, and a couple of Fred’s classmates. The ceremony was short and Arthur spoke about Fred’s life. Mrs. Weasley prepared a feast and the tables were assembled in the garden.

They all sat in an uncomfortable silence until George spoke up.

‘Losing Fred was like losing half of myself, but if I have also lost my family’s spirit because of his death then I have lost something worse. Please chat about whatever you want as we all know that we all miss Fred so we don’t have to prove it to each other with silence.’ At that point Teddy started crying and George laughed while Harry lifted him to go and change him.

Harry returned with Teddy quickly after. ‘Guessing that the father experience isn’t as angelic as you first thought?’ George remarked. Harry laughed and placed Teddy back down.

They all finished dinner and all Fred’s classmates left. Harry went and put Teddy upstairs so he could sleep without being disturbed. Harry then went in the study to find Hermione, Ron and Ginny. Hermione and Ron were sitting on one of the small couches, Hermione leaning against Ron. Ginny was in an armchair and quickly stood up to place herself on Harry’s lap.

‘Guys, I’ve missed you, how are you both?’ Harry said.
Hermione smiled. ‘We’re great Harry. We have all finally figured out what and who is good for us. How are you guys?’

‘Better than ever,’ Ginny grinned, ‘but we’re just adjusting to having Teddy in our lives and him being our main priority.’

‘Wait, Hermione I forgot to tell you to go see McGonagall about next year.’ Harry said.

‘Don’t worry, I have seen her and as she said it would be unfair to give Ron Head boy seen as he has left and coming back she is going to give us one of the spare teacher rooms that aren’t occupied. Obviously were still in Gryffindor and can use the Common Room but have a bit more privacy.’

Ginny laughed, ‘ I think that is what we all need as we are never going to get any in this house with Mum standing at the door with pumpkin juice and cookies all the time.’

They all turned to see Molly at the door. “Hello, my dears. Sorry to disturb your little chat, but I though you might want some refreshments.’

‘Mrs. Weasley, thank you but I think we were all just going to come outside.’

‘Harry, it’s Mum and don’t you forget it, come on then out you go.’

Ginny got up and the four of them trooped out into the garden. The weather was holding up and the air was warm much like the day of the memorial. The sun was setting and the two couples sat on the side of the hill looking out onto the lake.

They stayed there until well after it got dark and in the early hours of the morning the four of them crept up to their bedrooms. As Ginny and Harry entered their room they saw a sleeping Teddy and were very content. They climbed into bed and Harry nuzzled into Ginny’s neck. Harry held Ginny close and kissed the top of her head. They talked for a while and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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