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Black Rose by macerinut
Chapter 4 : Diagon Alley Part 2
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Teddy Lupin stifled a groan as a screaming blonde girl who fancied herself his girlfriend, threw herself at him.

“Oh Teddy,” Victiore Weasley gushed. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“We just had dinner at your grandparents’ two days ago,” he said gruffly, untangling her arms from around his neck. His grandmother shot him a glare and he winced. She approved of his ‘dating’ Victiore and adored the girl.

He, on the other hand, thought she had more banshee in her than Veela... Sure she had her mother’s looks. Long blonde hair, sparkling sapphire eyes and legs that made his House mates hoot and holler every time they saw her out of uniform. She was a good flyer as well, though not as good as her younger sister, and didn’t try out for the Quidditch team as Dominique had.

“Teddy! Hey, over here!” Teddy caught sight of his cousin Albus and grinned, letting out a small sigh of relief. Albus and James felt his pain as their cousin had quite a lot of friends who seemed to follow the two Potter boys wherever they went. He just thanked Merlin that Lily wasn’t like that. The enthusiastic redhead was by far his favourite out of all the Weasley children, although Tristan, Albus and Fred’s twins, Ella and Terry, came pretty close.

He jogged over to the younger boy and hugged him tightly, lifting him a few inches off the ground. “Hey, man, you’re cutting off my air supply,” wheezed Albus. Teddy gave him an apologetic smile and set him back down. “Sheesh, never knew you loved me that much mate.”

“Sorry Al, but at the moment you’re my favourite person.” Albus craned his neck and caught sight of his cousin pouting a little ways away.

“Ah,” he said, nodding understandingly, “I see.” Although he was in Gryffindor, like all the Weasleys except for Al and Louis, who was a Hufflepuff, he always felt left out still. The Weasleys all treated him like a member of the family but he wasn’t and his Aunt Ginny was always the first to point it out. He was close to Harry, his godfather, and that was the main reason why he had figured, a few years back. She was jealous of anyone getting his attention but her. Even with her own kids, she’d try to push them away, especially Albus just because he had been sorted into Slytherin. And the sad part was, his godfather never seemed to notice or care.

“TEDDY!” Lily hurtled herself at him and looked up into his face, an excited grin stretching from ear to ear on her own. “You’ll never believe whose autograph I just got in the bookstore! Guess!”

“Uh-,” he began before she squealed.

“Hermione Granger! Can you believe it?! The Hermione Granger signed my book that she wrote on the different interacting communities of centaurs and unicorns and other magical beings. Can you believe it?!”

“Did Mum see that? She’ll skin you alive Lil, if she does,” Albus warned. Lily’s face fell.

“She... might’ve,” she muttered. “And she might’ve... gone to duel her.”

“Lily! Shite, she’ll-,” There was the sound of an explosion from the bookstore. A moment later they heard their mother’s screech.


Albus blanched. “Ohh crappity crap crap! We better get out of here!”

“Teddy,” his grandma yelled, “I’m going in to help Harry and Ginny! Go somewhere safe now!”

“Yes Grandma!” he yelled back. His hair, which had been a normal shade of brown, quickly turned to a bright neon red and his eyes went emerald green, like the two sets of frantic eyes staring at him. “Alright kiddies, you heard the lady. Let’s-,” he stopped short as four figures came running out of the store.

“-go,” he finished lamely, not taking his eyes off them. The one girl looked familiar... “Hey!” he suddenly yelled. “Hey, stop!” The one girl turned to look at him and immediately scowled. Her eyes were silver, like his grandma’s and her hair was ebony black, in curls framing her face. She was holding onto a boy who looked about eleven years old, with blonde curls and the same silver eyes although his were more blue and he had a splash of freckles across his nose. He looked scared and another boy, one who looked the same age as himself, was holding onto his other hand. There was another teenage girl there as well and all of them, save the little boy, shot him dirty looks.

Teddy jogged over, closely followed by Albus and Lily. “Hey,” he said quizzically, “do I know you?” The silver-eyed girl stared at him for a minute before smiling sweetly.

“Actually, you do,” she said and punched him, hard, right in the jaw.

“Ceci!” the little boy cried. “Mummy said not to fight the bad peoples but to just go-,”

“And Mum’s in there fighting demons of her own,” the girl, Ceci, said grimly. “Stupid Weasley woman. As if she hasn’t done enough damage already!”


“Ceci! Mummy said not to fight the bad peoples but to just go-,”

“And Mum’s in there fighting demons of her own,” I said grimly. I watched with a dark satisfaction as the boy, Teddy Lupin I knew was called, was helped up by another boy and girl. There was a small stream of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth and for a moment I felt guilty. I quickly banished that feeling, steeling my heart against such things when it was this boy’s fault that what happened years before, when we had first come to this Diagon Alley, had happened. Of course, I reflected tiredly, it had been the Witch Bitch’s fault. I had adopted my Bella’s nickname for the hated woman, though I never used it in front of my mother who was a stickler for language. “Stupid Weasley woman. As if she hasn’t done enough damage already!”

“TEDDY! You-You freak! What did you do to my cuddly Teddy Bear?! I’ll hex you good, you freak!” The blonde screeching girl stomped over to where they were and shot her a glare before hugging her ‘Teddy Bear’ who did not look happy about her at all. Or maybe he just didn’t look happy because a girl, who was also his cousin (distant but still a cousin), had punched him in he jaw.

“How dare you?!” the blonde fumed, turning back to face us. Julian let out a low whistle and I smiled satisfactorily as my rather slow friend, for the moment, learned his lesson the hard way when Laurel’s elbow collided with his stomach.

“Ow,” he muttered, rubbing the sore spot gingerly and glaring at her. Laurel smiled innocently at him and shrugged.

“You still have a lot to learn Julian,” she said sadly. “Now Ceci, are you going to let this blonde bimbo wannabe call you a freak?”

“Nope,” I said calmly, staring the blonde down. “Never again.” See, I could stay calm. I willed myself not to resort to violence again. No more violence, no more violence...

“Never again,” Gabby echoed although his hand tightened on mine.

“Freak, freak!” the blonde sneered. “Little freaky girl with her little freaky friends and little freaky brother!”

Well, ten seconds was a good record. “Avis Oppugno!” And who ever said I wasn’t my mother’s daughter? Laurel started laughing and I heard Julian cough to hide his own chuckles. Goody two shoes, I thought wryly, fighting to keep a smile off my lips. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Gabby grinning even though he was quite the little angel. I noted that although the two younger persons were trying to help the girl, they were taking their time and trying to hide smiles as my lovely bright yellow canaries attacked her mercilessly. Oh, the joys of nature!

I twirled my dark walnut wand in my fingers as the younger boy waved his wand and my pretty birdies disappeared. Poor things. Ha, I felt guiltier over them disappearing then punching Morpho-Boy in the jaw.

Hey, that was kinda good.

Morpho-Boy! Morpho-Boy! Morpho-Boy!

I grinned. You know, I amaze myself sometimes. But, my wondrous mind was quickly brought back to reality as the blonde bimbo wannabe, as Laurie so accurately called her, screeched and made a jump for me.


Luckily, Julian, being the perfect gentleman I knew (besides my father and uncle and... well, those are the only two male role models in my life who resemble anything close to positive) lightly flicked her back into Morpho-Boy (Morpho-Boy!) with his own wand.

Morpho-Boy groaned and pushed her off, which I consider an amazing feat of strength, as the blonde clung to him and snivelled like a baby. Boo good looks if you don’t have even a likeable personality. Me, being the perfect Black-LeStrange-Granger-Malfoy girl I am, have both, as do my friends and family. If they didn’t well... I would have forced Rudy to help me create something to change that while at the same time making them my evil minions.

Everyone else in my family had them so why not me?

“Look,” he sighed, quickly fixing and cleaning up his jaw, “I didn’t want any trouble- we don’t want any trouble.” I looked disbelievingly at the blonde who wore a similar expression (I think) while looking at him. “I.. I just remembered you and wanted to talk.”

Enh, fair enough I suppose. “Talk about what?” I asked lamely.

He looked at me nervously and his hair, which resembled a red muggle police siren, faded to a neutral brown and his eyes went silver like mine, though not quite as pretty.

“You. Me. Us,” he said simply. I snorted, quite unladylike.

“Well, aren’t you Mr. Deep? But, ah, I don’t think your girlfriend likes that idea much.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“What?! Teddy, yes I am! We are the two most popular good-looking seventh years! Of course I’m your girlfriend! Besides,” she stood up, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder, “who else would you date?”

“Someone with a brain or a normal pitched voice,” suggest the younger redheaded girl.

The blonde whirled on her. I really need to find a name to call her other than ‘blonde’ because frankly, it’s quite ruining the word for me.

“Lily!” she hissed. “I am your cousin!”

“Unfortunately for us, sis, Victiore’s right,” the younger boy sighed. “Although I kind of like Miss Grim Reaper more.”

Grim Reaper? Miss Grim Reaper?


“Excuse me, how the HELL am I a Miss Grim Reaper?!” 


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Black Rose: Diagon Alley Part 2


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