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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 9 : Coaches and twists
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Chapter 9: Coaches and twists


Dedicated to my first reviewer who wished to remain anonymous. Thank you so much for the review


I appeared in my room at the burrow. I walked over to my bed and threw my suitcase on it. I had a few minutes before I had to leave so I sat on my bed. This was going to be an interesting day.


I was nervous about quidditch. I didn’t know what I should expect. I had never played on a team other than at Hogwarts, and this was a professional team. What am I to expect?


What if I mess up? What if I’m not what they expected? What if I make a complete fool of myself infront of everyone? What if I fell of my broom? What if I get hurt? What if? what if? what if?


Now I understand why I hate what if questions. They never cease. They can go on forever and have no significance what so ever.


Plus I had Kate there. So I wasn’t completely alone. I had been playing since I was little too so what does it matter? I was going to be completely fine.


I stood up. I mustered up all the Gryffindor courage I could and spun around. With a loud crack, I was gone…




I appeared outside a large quidditch pitch. A tunnel stood in front of me. I walked up to it and headed into the pitch.


The tunnel was wide that led to the entrance of the field. I cautiously creeped along the wall in the tunnel. Listening to everything around me.


Water was dripping somewhere near by. The wind blew through the tunnel. The only light source came from outside. It was creepy. Almost demonic.


I kept walking and looked at everything around me. Walls…walls…and more walls. Oh and a door! There was one door along the wall of the tunnel.


It was the changing room. I looked at it and hesitated. Should I look in was my question, but I was ready for practice so I decided not to.


I finally reached the end of the tunnel and walked out onto the pitch. I saw a group of people standing in the middle of the field and walked over to them.


I saw Katie standing amongst other people. It was the team. The coach walked over to me with a man whom I couldn’t make out because of the sun’s light shining behind him.


The coach stopped in front of me and said, “Hello I’m Coach Robert Kruse. This here,” he pointed to the man beside him, “Is my assistant coach and seeker for the team, Mr. Harry Potter.”


It’s ironic that as soon as I found out who the man was a cloud covered the sun. I looked at him stunned.


Are you serious? I can’t even be on a team without him there! I thought


Harry held out his hand. Oh yeah kiss a guy and break up, and he holds his hand out like you’ve never met before. How rude!?


I shook his hand with a little reluctance. Harry smiled and said, “Surprise!”


I looked at him as if I was waiting for someone to say gotcha! It never came though instead coach kruse said, “This man here told me about two of his greatest players that played on his team at Hogwarts, and he just made me have to invite you to play with us. Without this man here you would not be here.”


Harry turned crimson and said, “Well, I just remembered that you and Katie were excellent chasers, and you could play seeker just about as good as I could. So I told coach Kruse here and suggested you two. You two will play starting chaser, and if I get hurt, you will take over seeker.”


I looked at him stunned. What a season this was going to be…



I appeared outside of my house. That had been one of the longest practices I had ever been in. We never managed to get into the air. We sat and listened to Coach Kruse and Harry talk about this year, and how they think our chances of winning the world cup had increased significantly.

I looked at the house. I was so tired. I was going to go take a nice warm shower and take a nap. I needed to relax, and a shower would help me do that.


I walked in the door. Thankfully no one was home that I knew of. I walked drowsily up to my room and opened the door to find an arguing Hermione and Ron.


I looked up stunned for the 3rd time today and watched as they battled it out verbally. I knew they always fought. They were known for it, but I thought that once they realized they were getting married. Well maybe they wouldn’t do it so much.


Guess I was wrong!


“Come on Hermione! Bill is going to be my best man. He’s my closest brother, and I want him to be my best man.”


“Ron, no! Harry is going to be your best man. He’s been there for both of us, and he would do it for you.”


“Hermione, he doesn’t have a brother to choose otherwise!”


“Ronald Billus Weasley, it doesn’t matter! He is going to be your best man!”


“Fine, then the colours of the wedding are Gold and Maroon!”


“No Ron! We already decided the colours weeks ago.”


“No Hermione! You decided the colours weeks ago.”


“We are sticking to Red and black!”


“I want gold and maroon!”


“Why do you stick in the old days?! Can’t you just grow up?! Stop being an immature git”

 “Hermione, you know what? I like the old days, and no I can’t grow up. I’m just too immature! You know what maybe we are making a mistake. This wedding is cancelled there is no possible way I can stand to get married to a know-it-all, bossy bookworm that has no life. We are over Hermione! Over forever!”


With that Ron stomped out of my room, No more an engaged man, but a single and lonely boy. I dropped my wand. I looked at Hermione stunned once again.


I saw the tears start to build in her eyes. She didn’t want it to end this way, but what choice did she have? He would never take her back. I threw my door close and ran over to Hermione.


Oh my gosh, I’m going to KILL my brother!




A/N: Hey, so I was trying to get this up as fast as I could so you guys would have more to read. Once again I’m sorry for not adding a chapter in like a year, but I hope you guys enjoy it. Hopefully I still have faithful readers out there who will find this story again and read it. I promise keep updating it as much as I can. Even if I have to split chapters up for you guys to have to read, I will! I’m not going to write another story until I have finished with this one. I’m trying to finish all my stories that are not finished yet, but if you want more to read by me, I would suggest checking out some of my other stories. I would highly suggest: My dark Rescue(r); Red, Red Rose; A Wet, Wet Note; One year later. Pretty much any of my one-shots are pretty good, and they are nice reads for when you have little time. Definitely check out: my dark rescue(r). It’s one of my favorites that I’ve written. So please leave a review and tell me you thoughts.




Am. Ginny

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