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Fractured Eclipse by buddy
Chapter 1 : Fractured Eclipse
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Where has the light gone? The chilling rays of a cloud-encased moon were present just a moment before, but now there is only darkness. I know what this means, can sense the signs like a dog senses fresh blood; I've been to this place too many times before.

I might not be able to see them as they approach, their spindly limbs creeping through locked doors, but I can feel them. I can sense them.

"Get away!" I screech, staggering backwards, the hem of my nightgown tearing under my feet. I scramble into the corner, my body sinking until I am in a huddled position with my knees shielding my chest.

Because it's my chest they want; or, rather, what's inside it. They're after my heart.

Then the moon sidles out from behind the clouds, startling me with the sudden illumination that she casts upon the room.

I can see the shadows now. The ghost-like, faceless bodies retreat from the silver glow of the moon, but I know that won't stop them for long. There is only one way they plan to leave this room and that is with my still-pounding heart, incased in sticky, dark blood, trapped in their spidery fingers.

I don't know how I have managed to evade them for so long, but I know I will always return to this place and I know they will always be waiting. It's just a matter of time before their darkness consumes me.

And like always, like clockwork, a piercing howl fills my ears. I don't know where it's coming from, but it causes me to writhe in agony, the grief-stricken screech tearing at my soul. That's when, like always, I feel the hot pressure on my forehead.

And that's when I make my escape...

Soft murmurs in my ear, I open my eyes. There is a face in front of me.

"You were screaming."

I can tell that the voice is tender, but it takes me a moment to make any sort of emotional connection with it. I open my mouth, but no sound comes out. I am disoriented, just like the time before, and the time before that. I'm always disoriented after I escape.

"Oh Ginny," the man coos, enveloping me in a hug. I don't like the contact; it makes me feel claustrophobic. I need space. My head starts to hurt and I feel wet stains on my cheeks. How did they get there?

"Where are they?" I manage to gasp.

"Everything's fine, relax." Reassurance.

But I am not conforted by this. Why? Because it is a lie. I am not the naive little girl that I once was and I know that Harry, my loving husband, won't always be here to save me, to pull me back to reality from the pits of despair.

As every day passes, my subconscious continues its destructive seduction. It's only a matter of time. One day the shadows will reach me and when they do... What will I become?

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