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Falling Through Thin Ice by JR Nite Dragon
Chapter 4 : The Almost Kiss
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 A/N~ Hello readers! I am soooo sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out. I wasn't even busy. I guess I forgot. But when I remembered I guess I got lazy... hope you like this chapter. I promise that the next one wont take as long!! Thanks for sticking with me!! ^_^


EDIT NOTE: Changessss~~ Yup.. That's all lol

JR Nite Dragon

When the applause stopped we sat back down. While in the act of picking up my spoon Ginny clears her throat.


“Um, Hermione?” Ginny whispers, sitting across from me, as she whispers she taps my shoulder. When I looked up she tilted her head toward something or someone over my other shoulder. When I glance I automatically regret it.


Malfoy was staring at me. When I met his glance with a fiery glare, he smirked and and rose his eye brows seductively. My stomach dropped and started to feel like someone pulled it out stuck a tooth pick through it and placed it back in.


I turned back around, suddenly not hungry. I dropped my spoon, stood up, said that I needed some fresh air, and abruptly ran out of the Great Hall.


As soon as I was out of the Great Hall the pain left and I could breath again. The pain was replaced with nausea. I also felt dizzy, so I leaned against the cool stone wall. The wall's coolness felt so good that I turned around and laid my forehead against it.


“A-are you alright, Hermione?” someone asked from behind. I immediately lifted my head and turned around. It was Neville. He was holding Trevor and was looking at me concerned.


“I'll be fine.” I responded. Yet he still didn't look convinced so I plastered on a smile. “How have you been Neville?” I asked, trying to sound happy and it seemed like it worked because he lightened up and smiled back.


“My summer was a whole lot better than the last. How was yours?” This cheered me up a little as I told him about celebrating my birthday. As I explained the cake, my stomach growled as if on cue.


“Did you eat anything?” Neville looked as concerned as a mother dog missing a pup. As he asked Trevor jumped out of his hand and hopped away, yet Neville didn't seem to have a care for the little amphibian.


“I really didn't have time this morning while getting to the platform, then I missed the treat trolley because I was asleep, and I really don't feel up to eating right now. A little nauseous in fact.” I said. Next thing I knew he was in front of me. A hand lightly griped my shoulder and the other went to my forehead. His touch felt cool against the heated skin of my forehead.


“You have a fever.” He stated as he grabbed my hand in a brotherly way and tugged me forward to walk with him. “I'll take you to the hospital wing.”


While we walked, I wondered what it would be like to have Neville as a brother. I was so lost in thought that when I came to, we were turning the corner and coming face to face with the doors to the hospital wing. When we walked in he squeezed my hand almost reassuringly and let go.


“Madame Pompfrey? Are you here?” Neville asked as he walked toward her office. He peered in the office and turned to me. “She's not here. Would you be alright with me taking your temperature?”


“Sure,” I said and smiled warmly at him. He flushed the lightest shade of pink possible while he turned to find a thermometer. I giggled mentally and sat on one of the beds.


“Open,” Neville said while holding out the very muggle device. I opened my mouth and he placed the thermometer. He pressed a button on the top and it beeped once. I noticed that he had slipped on some gloves. Probably while I was turned around.


BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP! the thermometer went off and he reached out for it, pulled it out, and read it.


“Yep, you have a 38 C (100.4 F) fever. You should lie down and rest,” he said as he peeled off the plastic that was on the thermometer, and his gloves. He walked over to a sink and washed his hands very doctor like.


“I can't, I have to go to a meeting with the prefects and I still have to get my new quarters.” I complain. He turned around and looked at me, his pink tinge getting darker and darker by the seconds.


“Uh, I could, er, give you an anti-fever potion. But it only lasts twelve hours.” he stated. I nodded and he went on, “Alright. Here it is, but I want you to promise me that you will tell me how you feel in the morning before you eat breakfast. I don't want you to loose as much weight as last year. You look too pretty to be like that,” with the last statement he was as red as a tomato.


As I sipped the green/gray liquid I gagged. The anti-fever tasted like tar! At least it was instant in cooling my forehead. Just after the potion started working Neville felt it again to make sure it actually was working. He let his hand fall and on it's way to his side it lightly brushed my cheek and I flushed lightly.


I grabbed his hand and led him back to dinner. We were just outside the Great Hall doors when I finally stopped and turned around to look at him. Everyone changed during the war. Some physical, some mental, and most both. The way he changed was hot. He was more muscular and he cared more about the people around him and what is going on with them. I felt a pull or in other words urge to kiss those soft looking pink lips.


I settle for a hug. “Thank you for taking care of me.” I say while taking in his sent. He smelled of a crisp fall night and laundry detergent. He hugged me back with his strong arms and I pulled half way away from him before pecking him on the cheek. He flushed and started to lean in to kiss me when we were interrupted.


“Ugh, you had to do this just outside the Great Hall, didn't you.” drawled Malfoy's annoying voice.


“Oh! EW! Ugh. I was expecting to hold my dinner in at least a little longer.” said another voice I couldn't identify right away. At this we jumped apart. I could see Neville's flushed face as he pushed past Malfoy and the owner of the other voice, Blaise Zabini.

They both watched as Neville – poor, poor Neville – sat down. While they were still turned toward the Great Hall, I inched to the corner and booked it the next corridor when I heard “HEY! SHE'S GONE!” Zabini I identified by his deeper voice. Next I heard then approaching way too fast. I took a next corner just to regret it. The entrance way to the dungeons. I ran until I found a really dark corner.


I ran to the corner that smelled of mold and old stone and crouched down. Only the back of my dark tank top was visible – note that it wouldn't be visible – and I heard them slow down near my spot.


“Where do you think she went?” asked Zabini.


“How should I know? At least we have her trapped. Only one way in, only one way out.” Malfoy said as they stopped in the corridor I was hiding in.


“Do you think we should just wait for her here? I mean, your right, so she'll be back,” Zabini suggested out loud to Malfoy.


I wanted to yell 'NO' at this when Malfoy said, “No. She's near. Can't you smell that annoying sent of spearmint? That's her. Let's just go after her. It's shorter than waiting for her to figure out that there's only one way out and come all the way back here.”


At this statement I had mixed emotions. Anger – I worked hard to smell this good and he called it annoying. Faltered – he had memorized my sent. Disgusted – he had memorized my sent. And last: Annoyed – he thought me stupid to keep running down the dungeon corridors.


As soon as their steps faded, I stood and ran back to the Great Hall. Out of breath and light headed from lack of food I didn't notice the doors open or all of the prefects step out.


“Miss Granger, are you alright?” McGonagall asked, a mask of calm control probably covering the motherly concern.


“Oh, I'm fine, just a little freaked when Mrs. Norris jumped out of a dark corner. I saw her eyes glowing in the slight light and thought it was Crookshanks. She jumped out and I freaked and ran,” I lied. I didn't feel like getting the two Slytherins in trouble on the first night.


“Well do you know where Mister Malfoy and Mister Zabini are?” she asked. I glanced behind me.


“I just saw them go into the dungeons. Do you want me to get them for you?” I mentally smacked myself for offering to go back to the pits of hell.


“If you would, please.” she said as she turned back to the prefects (minus Zabini) “Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy, and Mister Zabini will be joining us in my office momentarily. Now lets go.” She turned and they all followed closely behind, not wanting to lose the fast paced woman. As Ginny walked past she gave me a questioning look and I just shook my head.


As I stalked back, angry with myself, I looked for the two immature boys. I walked for what felt like forever. I was about to turn a corner when I heard voices.


“Where did she go?” Zabini wondered out loud, sounding annoyed.


“I have no idea. We walked all the way to the Slytherin Portrait. That's a dead end.” Malfoy replied, equally annoyed.


“I'm right here you two nits. Now, lets get to the meeting. McGonagall sent me.” I stated as I rounded the corner to get a shocked look from Zabini and an expressionless look from Malfoy. I rolled my eyes when they just stood there. “Let's go before the Headmistress gets mad.” After that I walked away. When I was five steps away I heard them catch up behind me. They stayed behind, but close. Not close enough for me to hear what they were arguing about in hushed tones. Yet I felt it was about the chase and how I got away.


As we finally turned the corner to the Headmistress' office they got silent. Then I realized that I didn't have the password. I quickly ran through my head things that would make sense for McGonagall.


“Ah-hem. We do have a meeting to go to up there...” Zabini interrupted my train of thought.


“I'm thinking...” I hissed through clenched teeth. Then I got it. “Honey Suckle!” and the stairs appeared. We got on them and they started to move. I remembered that she told me that she recognized and loved the sent of my old hand cream. Now I used a calming mixed scent of spearmint and eucalyptus for stress relief.


We reached the office door. I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. Finally Malfoy sighed and pushed past me. He opened the door and we all walked in to find the room empty.

A/N~ So? What did you think? I would like to know. So please leave a review. You don't have to. I would just like to know if I need to take a new direction. And if you want something, run it by me. I might use it. ^_^  thanks for reading everyone!!
HUGS FOR ALL!! ~~~~JR Nite Dragon~~~~

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