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Quarter Moon by SlytherinHermione
Chapter 3 : Lunch
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I'm soo sorry for the late posting in this guys! I had this written up for a while now, but i just never posted it because I was working on Boundaries. Anyway, I hope you like it!


Luna put her golden Healer robes over her back and played with her hair a little. The night before, she was trying to completely forget about Ginny and the Burrow, and working was the way she would do that.

She walked over to her assistant’s desk and grabbed the folders she was handing her.
“Miss Lovegood, there is one patient who is here in the waiting room and he requested you and only you. Do you want me to tell him your busy or-“

Luna put her hand up to signal the assistant to stop talking. “Liz, would I be able to squeeze this man in my schedule?” she asked, closing the folders and putting them down.
“Er,” she said going through the papers frantically.

Luna put her hand on the papers Liz was going through and smiled at her. “Calm down Liz. I’m going to squeeze him in right now. Oh, and call me Luna.” She said smiling as she walked out.

“Alright Luna.” Liz said, “Wait! You need his papers.” She ran up to Luna and handed her the papers.

Luna grabbed the papers swiftly from Liz’s hands and her eyes scanned across the information. “Alright, thanks Liz. See you at lunch.” Luna said sweetly and she waved to Liz, who gladly waved back.

Luna walked out into the waiting room and saw a few mothers with little children, a couple teenagers, and very few adults. There wasn’t really anyone there because it was 8 o’clock in the morning, and most people were sleeping.

As the people heard the sound of Luna’s footsteps, they looked up at her. She was scanning across the patients papers, wondering why he would even need her; everything seemed to be fine.

“Er.” She said as she looked up from the papers. “Draco Malfoy?”

A very tall blonde man stood up at the sound of his name and walked over to Luna. She just stared at him and he gave her a confused look.

“Well, aren’t you going to show me which room I should go in?” he asked rudely.

“Oh, sorry. Room 301, which is right down the hall.” She said and he walked past her. She rolled her eyes and followed behind him a few moments later.

“Okay, I don’t see anything wrong with your health, so can you tell me why you’re here?” Luna asked as she walked into the room and as Draco sat down.

“I need your help.” He said quietly, leaning forward.

She sighed and looked at him. “Well, it’s my job to help people so what’s wrong Draco?” she asked.

“Well,” his voice was getting lower, causing Luna to lean her head down closer to his just to hear him. “When I was sixteen, and stupid,” he pointed out, “I became a death eater.” Luna’s eyes widened. “But, since now Voldemort is dead, I really don’t want to follow in his or my father’s footsteps. Can you help me Luna?” he asked desperately.

“You want me to try to take the dark mark off your arm?” she asked, sweetly.

Draco nodded. “But, it’s sort of going away, but I really don’t want to be reminded of it every time I look at my arm.”

Luna nodded in agreement. “Let me see your arm, Draco.”

Draco lifted up his sleeve and revealed a smudged but very noticeable dark mark. He looked up at Luna who was scanning her eyes up and down his left fore arm. “I wanted to change.” He mumbled after a while.

Luna looked up at him and looked him in the eyes. “I believe you, Draco.” She said and smiled sweetly.

As Luna wrote something down on a piece of paper, Draco spoke. “So, will you be able to get it removed?”

“Yes.” She looked up at him. “But, it will take a couple of weeks. I have prescribed you a potion that you must take three times a day for three weeks. If you have any questions feel free to come back and see me.” She said and she helped him stand up.

“Actually, Luna, I do have a question for you.” He said, shyly.

“You can ask me.” She said, and smiled.

Draco sighed. He didn’t really know how to ask her this. “You live with Her-Granger right?”

Luna gave him a look. “Yeah, why?” she asked suspiciously.

Draco thought for a second. “When’s your lunch break?” he suddenly asked.

Luna now looked even more confused than she was before. “At noon, why?”

“Meet me in Diagon Alley, okay?”

“Okay, but why-“

“Thanks for your help Luna.” He interrupted and walked out of the room.

Luna stood there totally confused. What could Draco Malfoy possibly want with me? He never even gave me the time of day back in school, but now he wants to have lunch with me? What is wrong with the world today?

A few hours later Harry and Ron were out shopping in Diagon Alley. They were searching for presents for Luna, and a place to host her twenty second birthday.

“Hey look over there Harry!” Ron pointed to a small, but fancy restaurant. “Maybe we can rent that place for Luna’s birthday.”

Harry took in the image of the small place and nodded in approvement. “I like they way you’re thinking, Ron. I’ll go in there and book it. Do you mind waiting out here for me?”

“Don’t worry about me, Harry. I’ll be perfectly fine.” He said as Harry walked in the little place.

Ron looked around at all the people walking around, the couples holding hands, and the little kids attached to their mothers’ legs. He sighed heavily. The last girlfriend Ron ever had was Lavender Brown, and she’s now married to Dean Thomas. When he saw Ginny and Harry snogging he felt very left out. He wished an attractive girl would walk past him and it would hit him hard in the chest, screaming that she would be the one.

Then, as if his mind was read, a gorgeous black haired girl sat on the bench across the way from where Ron was standing. Her hair was resting nicely on her shoulders, and the freckles on her nose made her even more beautiful. She looked as if she was Ron’s age, and she was tall and thin. Who is she? Ron asked himself.

Ron looked over his shoulder and he saw Harry talking to the owner of the restaurant so he figured he’d be a while in there, knowing Harry. Ron walked across the way and sat on the bench next to the woman but didn’t look at her.

Her eyes scanned his body, eyeing him carefully. Red hair, blue eyes…Where do I know him from? The girl thought.

Ron looked over at her and she quickly looked away. He is a very attractive man…she thought to herself as he smiled at her. She smiled back politely.

“Hello.” Ron said nervously, not looking at her.

“Hi.” She said, with the same tone to her voice as Ron’s was.

“Nice weather we’re having isn’t it?” Ron asked, looking up at the sky. Was that too corny? He thought.

The girl giggled. “Yeah, unlike yesterday.” She said as she looked up at the clouds as well.

There was a long silence between the two. “I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?” Ron asked, looking at her.

She looked at him and smiled. “No, I’ve lived around here all my life.”

“Oh, so you must have gone to Hogwarts?” he asked, trying to figure out where he knows her from.

“Yeah, I loved Hogwarts believe it or not. But, no one liked me very much.” She said looking down at the grass.

“Well, why not? You seem really sweet.”

“I wasn’t back then, that’s why. I was sort of a bitch.” She said quietly.

Ron grabbed her chin, making her look him in the eyes. “The past is the past. All that matters is what you’re like now.”

He let go of her chin and she smiled and looked down blushing. “I guess so. Wait, did you go to Hogwarts too?” she asked, looking back up at him.

“Yeah. I graduated almost five years ago.” He said, sounding proud.

The girl laughed. “So did I.”

Ron’s gaze shot to her face. If she was in me year, why can’t I tell who she is? Ron thought.

“Do you want to get lunch with me?” Ron asked, suddenly.

The girl smiled. “I’d love to.”

Ron smiled back at her. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Well, what’s yours?” she teased.

Ron chuckled and looked at her smirking face. She was the most beautiful creature Ron had ever seen. “I asked you first.” He teased back.

The girl sighed. “Fine.” She smiled. “I’m Pansy…Pansy Parkinson.”

Ron’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped open. PANSY PARKINSON?! I JUST ASKED THE SLYTHERIN PANSY ON A DATE?! Although, she was beautiful. When she found out who I was she would probably never want to go out with me…

“Well,” she said, getting impatient, “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

“Er,” he thought for a second. “I’m Ron Weasley.”

Pansy’s eyes practically popped out of her head. “You are? I really had no idea…”

“And I didn’t know you were you.” There was silence again. “So I guess you don’t want to go to lunch with me, huh?” he asked quietly.

Pansy though for a second but smiled. “I still would love to have lunch with you, Ron.”

Ron looked at her. “You called me Ron, and not Weasley.”

Pansy shrugged. “Well, people change you know.” She giggled when he smiled at her.

“Yeah, I guess.” He said. “Hey, how about we eat in that restaurant over there.” He pointed to the small place Harry was still in.

Pansy looked at it then smiled. “Yeah, that’ll be nice.”

“Well, Harry’s waiting for me.” He said and he saw Harry finish up talking with the owner, and stood up, with Pansy not far behind.

“Alright. I’ll meet you here at twelve thirty?”

“Sounds great.” Ron said. There was an awkward silence, bit he held out his hand, and Pansy shook it and walked away.

“Ron? Where are you mate?” Harry was yelling from across the way.

Ron turned around and walked towards Harry. “I’m right here, mate. Did you get the place?” he asked.

“Yeah, they’re closing it all day on the 31st. It took a couple arguments but I got it.” Harry smiled proudly.

“And, you know what I got?” Ron asked, smirking.

Harry gave him a look as they started walking. “What?”

Ron looked ahead as they were walking around Diagon Alley. “A date, with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Good for you Ron, I’m impressed.” Harry said. “Who is this beautiful girl anyway?”

“Pansy Parkinson” Ron said, a little too proudly.

Harry’s eyes filled with fury. “Pansy Parkinson? The slytherin bitch from school?! Have you gone mad Ron?”

“She’s not a bitch, Harry! She’s changed. And, I don’t see why you even care who it is. You’re the one who kept trying to set me up with women all the time. And, now that I found one I like I can’t date her? You’re not the boss of me, Harry. I can do whatever I want, and I can date whoever I want.” Ron snapped. 


Hermione’s desk was piled with paper after paper. “There’s no way I’ll get all this paperwork done.” She said to herself. “Sometimes being a lawyer sucks.” She mumbled.

“Knock, knock.” Came a voice from Hermione’s office door.

She looked up and saw Ginny standing there. She gave her a look and started with her paper work.

“Are you mad at me?” Ginny asked as she walked towards Hermione’s desk.

“What gave you the clue?” Hermione said sarcastically, not looking up at Ginny.

“I really don’t get why you’re mad at me!” Ginny roared.

Hermione looked up at Ginny. “Luna is my best friend you know. Calling her Loony is just rude.”

“WHAT?!” she yelled. “I thought I was your best friend, Hermione! Not that total whack job!”

Hermione took a deep breath to keep her calm. “No, Ginny, you are not my best friend! And, she is not a whack job, okay? She’s one of the most famous and reliable Healers out there, but you on the other hand can’t keep a job for more than a week!” she said furiously.

Ginny’s mouth fell open in shock. She looked away and just walked out of Hermione office, not saying a single word.

Hermione sighed in frustration. Why can’t everyone just get along? She thought to herself. 


At twelve ten Luna was waiting at the entrance to Diagon Alley for Draco. She was still really confused about why he would ask her to have lunch with him out of all people. Maybe he just wants something. She thought to herself.

“Hope you weren’t waiting long.” Draco said from behind Luna, causing her to jump and turn around.

“You scared me.” She said.

“Sorry.” He said, shrugging.

“So, where are we going?” Luna asked changing the subject.

“I know this little restaurant on the block. Maybe we can go there? I really want to talk to you.” He said.

“Alright, that sounds fine with me.” Luna said and smiled.

She and Draco started walking down Diagon Alley together. A couple witches and wizards gave them looks, but they both ignored.

When they got in the restaurant and after they ordered, Luna turned to face Draco. “What do you want to talk to me about?” she asked.

“It’s about Her-Granger”

“You know you can call her Hermione.” Luna said.

“Right, it’s about Hermione.” He said, getting serious.

“What about her?” Luna asked, taking a sip of her water.

“She…I..Er.” he stumbled with his words.

“What are you trying to say, Draco?” Luna asked.

“Er…I wanted to know if I can, you know, see her again, without her insulting me.” He said nervously.

“You like her?” Luna asked.

“A little.” He mumbled.

“For how long?”

“Since third year, when she punched me in the face.” He said.

“Well, I could get her to meet up with you. But don’t expect her to like it.” Luna said as their food came.

Draco started eating and playing with his fork. “Thanks Luna.”

“No problem.” She said, eating her food as well.

Draco’s eyes shot up. “Hey, is that Weasel with PANSY?!”

Luna looked behind her and she saw Ron and Pansy sitting at a table together, talking. “I guess. But who cares. Love hits us when we least expect it and who the person we least expect. Like with you and Hermione.”

“That’s true, I guess.” There was a silence. “Well, what about you? You have a boyfriend?”

Luna sighed. “No.”

“Anyone who catches your eye?” he asked.

“Why do you care?” Luna spat.

“I wanted to help you because you’re helping me.” Draco said calmly.

“Oh,” Luna said, calming down. “I don’t know really. No guy would want to date me anyway.”

“You never know.” Draco said, smirking.

“Oh, yeah? What do you know, anyway?”

“More than you, I know that.” He said, still smirking.

“Whatever.” Luna said.


Later that night with Hermione and Luna in the kitchen.

“So, Hermione. I think I know who your secret admirer was.” Luna said.

“Really? Who?!” she asked, getting excited.

“Well, I met with him earlier and he wants to meet you, but he thinks you hate him.” Luna said, trying to give it away that it’s Draco.

“Why would I hate him? I just want to meet him!”

“Alright, you should meet him tomorrow at the big fountain in the center of Hogsmeade. Will that be okay for you?” Luna asked.

“Of course! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!” Hermione squealed. “Wait, can you tell me who he is?”

Luna shook her head and Hermione frowned. “I’m sorry; but I promised him I wouldn’t tell you who he is. You have to find out for yourself.”

“Oh, alright, I guess that’s fair. I like surprises anyway!” Hermione said, smiling again.

“I would be too.” Luna said and smiled. “Good luck, Hermione.” Luna said and headed upstairs to go to sleep. 


A/N: Please read/review and tell me what you think about this. Is it bad, is it good, is it the best story you ever read? Ha-ha. But I really hope you like it, and I hope you like my story so far. I have great ideas for upcoming chapters such as the ones of Luna’s surprise party, and for the chapters after that. Please leave a review and make me smile! :)

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