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Black Rose by macerinut
Chapter 3 : Diagon Alley Part 1
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“Okay, all we have left to get are your books.” Hermione peered at the four long pieces of parchment and sighed. “They want you to get the Potion Brewer’s series instead of the Mastery of Potions. Everyone knows that Mastery of Potions is the best. Potion Brewer’s is second rate at the most. Oh my. Beauxbatons uses the Mastery of Potions at my insistence each and every year, which is why our students always seem to do better in that subject-,”

“Hermione dear,” Draco interrupted, choking back a laugh. “Really. The kids are smart enough to be able to correct any mistakes in the text. But you do have to get them the ones the school wants otherwise they’ll get in trouble and the next thing you know, they’ll be calling us into the Headmaster’s office-,”

“Oh, alright!” his wife said crossly. “But I don’t have to like it.” Pansy rolled her eyes.

“Some things never change,” she murmured to the kids. Gabby giggled and Cecilia nodded.

“You should have seen Mum last week at the grocer’s. They sold her magic cherries instead of muggle ones like she asked and her pie blew up. There were fireworks over the stove for the rest of the day. It was actually quite amusing.”

“Alright kids. This is the big one,” Draco announced, his voice solemn. “Our mission is to get through Flourish and Blotts alive, with all your books within ten minutes. The main variable? The intelligent brunette standing on my right who will want every single book she sees and spend twenty minutes at least staring at each one that has a shiny cover and informational blurb.”

Hermione scowled and smacked him on the arm. “Idiot,” she muttered before shepherding the kids into the store. Draco grinned and followed. Pansy entered last, shaking her head,

Immediately, Draco lost sight of his family as they all split up to go to their favourite sections. Four pieces of parchment wrapped themselves around his head, carelessly thrown by his normally careful wife who had caught sight of the newly revised addition of Beasts of the Forest and was standing right in front of it, her body quivering with excitement. Her mouth opened and closed and continued to do so for the next five minutes.

His daughter, meanwhile, was eyeing a new prank book, having gone through all the pranks in the one the Weasley twins had penned and sent her for her birthday a few months before. The twins had reappeared in their life the day Gabriel had been born as Fred’s wife Katie gave birth to their first children, twins named Ella and Terry. Thankfully, their oversized family hadn’t been there the entire time, giving the first time parents (sort of) a chance to reconnect.

Julian and Gabriel were busy looking at tightly bound monster and mythical creature books which were literally rocking on the shelves and making horrible hissing sounds. Pansy and Laurel were checking out the latest Witch’s Fashion season book, published every season with the latest styles and trends.

Draco yawned and headed over to where the Hogwarts texts were. He began searching and quickly found what he was looking for. His keen eyes quickly skimmed through the titles on the shelf and he began pulling them out, one by one, using his magic to keep them balanced in the air. As he grabbed the potion book for Gabriel, a familiar face peered through the empty space in the gap it created. Draco froze.

“Potter,” he said coldly, his grey eyes narrowing.

“Malfoy,” the other replied quietly. Draco glared at him, hoping with all his being that his wife wouldn’t walk over and see her old friend, for all their sakes. He really didn’t think Azkaban could handle his wife.

No such luck.

Hermione bounced over, her caramel brown eyes sparkling. “Oh, Draco,” she gushed, “you’ve just got to see this novel set- all about dragons and their habits and everything! It’s really quite impress-,” she stopped as she caught sight of the green eyes staring at her through the gap on the shelf.

“Harry.” She blinked, as if not believing what she had said. “Harry...”

“H-Hermione,” he croaked, pain filling his eyes. Draco almost felt sympathy for the poor bastard, it wasn’t his fault that devilish Fate screwed his life up.

Or, to be more precise, Ginny Weasley.

After they had left Hogwarts and gone on their separate ways, Harry and Luna had moved into the old Potter’s place at Godric’s Hollow. They stayed there for a few months, redecorating it to their liking and making it into a home once more when Ginny showed up on their doorstep one day.

Six months pregnant, with his child.

It was Luna who decided that they couldn’t be. She couldn’t watch the man she loved tear his heart up. After being an orphan his entire life, she knew it would kill him to not be there for all the momentous moments of his child’s life. As they had been living together for a few months and had both their names on the house, she requested she be able to keep it. She had just finished with an herb garden and it was the only home she had now. The cottage she had kept with her father had been burned by Death Eaters the night her father was murdered during the War. Harry had agreed; after all, it was the least he could do. Ginny had been a bit annoyed but agreed as well.

Harry married her shortly before she gave birth to their first son, James Sirius Potter. Ginny herself grew more calm, as did Ron, acting more like they had before the events of Hermione’s inheritance. Although this Harry and the two youngest Weasleys closer, Hermione broke all ties with him after he broke Luna’s heart.

Of course, Ginny had also forbade him to talk to her.

And Hermione knew that he loved Ginny, as the next year their second son Albus was born and the year after that, a daughter named Lily.

So seeing him now, years later, quite crushed the happy mood she had been in. It crushed it even more so as she realized that if Harry was there, then the rest of his family would be as well.

Sure enough, a young girl with fiery red hair and her father’s emerald green eyes, waltzed over. 

“Daddy,” she squealed, “can I get the new Lance Mont book? Please Daddy?”

“I-In a minute Lily,” Harry said, not taking his eyes from Hermione. “In a minute.” His daughter stared at him curiously for a moment before looking over to where the couple was standing.

“Hey,” she said suddenly, “you’re Hermione Granger, right? I love your books! You’re like my favourite author!”

Hermione was at a loss for words. She had written a few books, all research except for one detailing her part in the War for history use, but she had never expected so young a girl, let alone the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, to like them or to even have read them.

“Th-Thank you,” she stammered, not knowing what to say. The girl was undaunted however, as she disappeared from sight, only to reappear on her side of the shelf and race over.

“Can I have your autograph please?” she asked excitedly, her emerald green eyes sparkling. A quill and one of Hermione’s books appeared in her hands a moment later.

“Sure,” Hermione laughed and signed the inside of the book. Lily squealed once more before racing off again.

“A lot of energy that one,” the brunette commented. Harry laughed nervously.

“Yeah,” he said, running a hand through his hair, “she’s the good one though, believe it or not. Gryffindor like James, who’s the serious trouble maker of the family. Albus is the quiet one but he’s in Slytherin and Ginny faults him for it a lot, not that it was his choice, but she won’t listen. Doesn’t know where he gets it from and she always makes it so that he’s the odd one out.”

“Harry! Where are you?!” He paled as his wife’s screeching reached them.

“Crap. Uh, I should go before she, you know, comes over-,”

“Harry!” Hermione and Draco couldn’t see her, for which they were grateful, but they could hear the angry witch on the other side yelling at her husband. “Why the hell does Lily have that traitor’s signature? You know damn well I forbade her from reading those books! Did you get it for her?”

“Hey Mum,” Cecilia came trotting over, grinning, “can I get this book on the elements and practices of mischief making?”

“Uh-,” she began before being interrupted by Ginny as the other witch caught sight of her.

“YOU!” she screeched before blasting the book shelf into bits and pieces. The three Malfoys were thrown back against the wall. Hermione stood up, making sure that her daughter wasn’t hurt first and Draco was alright, before turning to her old enemy.

“How dare you!” she spat, her eyes flashing dangerously. “You could have seriously injured someone!”

“I don’t see anyone,” she sneered. “Just a traitor and a couple of Death Eaters!”

“Ginny,” Harry cut in, “that’s enough. Let’s just go-,”

“No! How dare she show her miserable face here again after turning her back on us! She isn’t welcome here and I’ll be damned if she ever thinks that again!”

“First of all I know that I’m not welcome,” Hermione quipped, “and second, you’re already damned.”

“THAT’S IT!” Ginny screamed. “DIE BITCH!”

“Cecilia, go now! Find the others and get out of here!” Draco yelled, quickly summoning a shield around him and Hermione. “GO!” 

Author's Note- Once again, sorry about the wait. I had writer's block about the other families and working it out so that future pairings with the older characters would be possible. Anyways, please review and let me know what you think!

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Black Rose: Diagon Alley Part 1


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