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Ignorance Is Bliss by prongs lover
Chapter 4 : Strange
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AN - Ok, so I'm planning on updating with my next chapter as soon as the last chapter is validated. I've got quite a few chapters written but I'm still editing so I can good for you guys! I would like to thank the people who reveiwed so so so much.
Seriously, it makes my day every time i get a new one.

So here is chapter 4 and chapter 5 is on the way, i hope you like the scorpius/rose action ;)

I was distracted the rest of the day and it passed quickly.

I was barely aware of Ethan’s chattering or Al’s complaints about the workload. Soph sat with me in some classes, with Mark in others. I think she knew I wasn’t really there because she didn’t try to talk my ear off. Much.

I didn’t register when Professor Longbottom - Neville to me - asked what qualities a Snarglepuff possessed in Herbology. Al had to nudge me 3 times before I vaguely told him it was a Puff that Snargled. Neville gave me a disapproving look but didn’t comment on it. I was sure it was just because of his friendship with my parents.

I was mulling over mine and Jacob’s conversation in every class, not noticing the subjects we had or what we were learning.
He’d gotten so mad so suddenly! It was disconcerting to say the least. And why couldn’t he tell me? That was the burning question on my mind. I wondered if he’d told Dom.

At the end of the day, once we’d said bye to Al and Ethan, Soph pulled me aside, from the swarm of students exiting the Great Hall.

“Rose, whats going on?” she asked, worried. Worry was an unusual emotion for Sophia to feel so I must look as frustrated as I felt. I know it was really not my business to be so involved. But I couldn’t help it when my friend’s acting crazy and Jacob’s acting like he’s about to commit freaking suicide!

I looked at Soph, wondering what to say.

“Rose,” she groaned in impatience.

“Sorry,” I muttered. “It’s … I talked to Jacob, today,” I told her. She looked confused.

“About Dom.” Realization replaced the confusion.


“Yeah," I shook my head, trying to gather my thoughts. "He got really mad when I asked him why he’d broken up with her. But he … I think he was more mad at himself, you know? He looked so upset the whole time. I don’t think he really wanted to break up with her.” The frustration of not knowing leaked into my tone as I tried to explain.

She frowned. “Why would he do it, though? They were so happy!”

“Tell me about it, that’s why I’ve been so distracted today.”

Her face broke out of its seriousness and she smiled, not able to stay solemn for long. “Yeah,” she laughed, “I figured that out when I asked you what the time was. You said thanks.”

I laughed with her, glad of the lighter conversation topic.

“Well it’s better than that time you were so crazy about Greg Mills you’d never even answer a question. You’d just sigh with that dreamy expression plastered on your face!”

She smiled wistfully. “Ah Greg Mills, my first kiss.” Then she frowned. “I wasn’t that bad, was I?”

I raised my eyebrows and looked at her seriously. “Yes Soph, yes you were.”

She laughed and we continued our conversation on who was more embarrassing all the way up to the girl’s dormitory.

When we got up, I saw Charlotte wasn’t there, I think she mentioned something about seeing a guy tonight. Of course, in my distracted state she could have told me she was going out on a date with the giant squid. I probably would have wished her the best of luck and told her, “I hope you score.”

I plopped down on my bed, grabbing my stolen packet of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and chucking one in my mouth. I glanced at the bed next to mine. It was empty.

Shit. I’d been so preoccupied thinking about Jacob, I’d forgotten to look after Dom!

“Where’s Dom?!” I cried wildly at Soph, jumping up and getting ready to search the castle. What if she fell in the lake because she wasn’t watching carefully? She can’t swim – she’d drown! What if she accidentally went into the wrong house’s dorm? What if she went in the teachers dorm? Oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no …

“Rose!” Sophia pulled me from my worried imaginations and I paused in the doorway. “Dom’s fine! I left her with Sam and even if she was by herself, I doubt she’d get into too much trouble. She’s still herself, she’s just … distracted. Like you were.”

I glared at her (I wasn’t nearly as bad as Dom!) but didn’t answer. Her words reassured me and the anxiety slowly ebbed away.

Sam wouldn’t let anything happen to Dom. Sam Hugh, my ex boyfriend and now friend, was friends with Dom too. He'd look after her. She should be fine.

I suppose I was overreacting slightly. Soph was right - Dom was still Dom. I was acting like an overbearing mother. I guess I’m just not used to this protective thing, it's always been the other way in our relationship. Dom has never needed my protection, she protected herself. She never got hurt and she has always protected me, always looked after me when I was upset.

Quite without warning I felt vulnerable. Who was going to look after me now? I know it’s childish but I’m used to being sheltered and protected.

Used to feeling safe.

It’s not that I can’t stand up for myself - I think I’ve proven that right when I’m with Malfoy - but it’s nice to know that someone’s there, ready to catch me when I crash. When I’m at home mum plays the role of my safe-bringer. At Hogwarts - Dom did.

I guess I have no choice but to learn to live without it, it’s my turn to look after my friend. It’s a scary thought as I’ve never really considered myself a reassuring person.

Irrational, yes. Stubborn? Without a doubt.
But level headed and calming … not so much.

I hope I do an ok job of looking after Dom.

“I’m going downstairs to work on my charms homework,” Soph said, getting her charms stuff.

“Oh Soph, could you tell me what I missed and I’ll come with you? I wasn’t really in the notes taking mood today,” I grinned sheepishly, distracting myself from my thoughts.

She grinned back. “Sure.”

I got my charms work and headed downstairs to the common room with my friend.

We joined Al and Katie who were chatting animatedly about our new Defense teacher.

“– Really Al, how can you not like him? He taught us the Patronus charm and people got it right the first lesson!” Katie was saying, leaning forward to express her opinion.

“I’m aware of what he taught us Kats,” Al replied, rolling his eyes and smiling, “But he’s so uptight – he’s like a female McGonagall, but worse!”

“Maybe some people need a male McGonagall,” she muttered, cheekily.

Al raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Was that cheek you’re giving me, Miss Brash? Are you implying something about my behavior?”

“Hey guys,” Soph interrupted a laughing Katie, sinking down into one of the armchairs.

“Oh, hey Soph, hey Rose,” Katie greeted us, smiling warmly but slightly less enthusiastic. Al waved a hello and I sat on the floor leaning against his seat.

“Katie tell you the Gryffindor password, Al?” Soph grinned as my cousin grinned back in confirmation. “Seriously, you might as well just change houses!” she laughed before turning to Katie. “How was your day, Kats? We got so much homework, I swear they want to kill us,” she complained.

“Really? Mine wasn’t too bad,” Katie replied, “How was Dom today?”

“No better,” I told her glumly, taking the sheet of notes Soph gave me which she had magically copied. I begun writing my essay on the Aquamenti charm.

“What about you Rose? You were weird today,” Al commented, frowning slightly.

“Thanks so much Al, its good to know I have such a great cousin to tell me when I’m weird,” I told him sardonically.

Al grinned and replied happily, “You know me - always looking after family.”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“But seriously, what was it?” he asked.

To tired to be bothered explain, I motioned for Soph to, who was bursting to tell them anyway.

After she’d finished telling the story, both Al and Katie looked concerned.

“Why would he get so mad at you? That’s kind of strange.” Al said, looing worried. He was friends with Jacob.

“Well, he must be really upset about it, on edge. Probably just lost it a bit,” Katie presumed, frowning and showing her knack for sympathy and understanding.

“Yeah, he really didn’t look like himself,” I remembered Jacobs face, “He almost looked sick. And I’m sure he’s just as torn up as Dom is.”

Al shook his head as though to shake the thoughts from his head. “I just hope they get back together or something soon. Dom is driving me crazy.”

We all gave him a disapproving look.

“Al, you know you could be a little bit more sensitive,” Katie chastised him, frowning but a smile pulling at her lips.

“Yeah, she is kind of going through a break up at the moment,” Soph agreed beforing continuing, “and we all know that a person cannot be fully happy unless she has a happy love life,” She told us brightly, as thought this were a common fact.

This time we all gave her a weird look.

That girl is too romantic for her own good.

“Speaking of love life,” I said, deciding not to reply to Sophia’s comment and turning to Al. “How’s yours going? Made any progress with Hannah?“

Al blushed and looked down. “Uh no, not really.”

“Why not?” I demanded, looking at him intensely. “Al you have to act soon! Jason will be with her in a second if you don’t. Embrace your Manhood and step up!”

Everyone looked at me for a second in disbelief before they pissed themselves laughing. I glared at them. I was trying to make a point, damn it!

“Ok, I’ll … what was it?” Al said between snorts, wiping tears from his eyes.

“Embrace your Manlihood!” Soph laughed, attempting a fake macho voice.

“No, manhood,” I snapped.

“Hey Rose, Katie don’t you guys have patrol tonight?” Soph asked after she’d finished laughing, looking at Al’s watch.

Katie and I looked at each other before both groaning simultaneously. I didn’t normally mind patrol; I had done it last year as prefect. But this year I was doing it with a certain someone I didn’t particularly want to share my nights with. I didn’t know why Kats was groaning though, she loved everything about rules.

Sometimes I think my mum rubs off on her too much.

We had about 15 minutes before we had to start so we packed up our things and put them back in our dorms.

Meeting again in the common room we gave our goodbyes to Al and Soph. Soph was gushing about Mark and Al cast us a pained look that clearly pleaded, “Take me with you!”

I smirked and Katie grinned at him as we left the common room and headed to the classroom to meet Scorpius and the other prefects patrolling tonight.

Upon entering I saw that Malfoy was already there, chatting to one of the girl prefects. What a surprise. I didn’t even need to look at her to know what she would look like – perfectly manicured nails, sporting the latest hairstyle from Witch Weekly and giving Malfoy her most flirtatious smile.

I rolled my eyes, feeling annoyed.

“Ok, I’m here, are you ready to go?” I asked Malfoy shortly.

He looked up from the now laughing girl. “Yeah, let’s go.”

I turned and strode out of the classroom towards the third floor staircase without looking back and waiting for him. I heard the girl call out to him.

I swear if she calls him ‘Scorpy’ again I’ll get violent.

“Hey slow down, Weasley!” he called, trying to catch up to me.

I walked faster.

“Weasley, could you wait? He panted. Ha. I’d tired him out. Lazy bastard.

“Why? It doesn’t say we have to patrol side by side, does it?” I retorted, unable to ignore him like I was planning to. I was angry that we had to patrol together and instead of waiting dutifully by the door for me, Malfoy was busy chatting up some 6th year slut.

“No, because it’s expected,” he answered from next to me, having finally caught up.

“Well quite frankly, I don’t want to walk with you.” I ignored the fact that we were walking together right now.

He grinned, frustrating me further. “And why is that?”

“You don’t know?” I asked, raising my eyebrows in disbelief.

He pretended to think for a moment. “Uh … nope. Can’t think of anything,”

“Then you’re dumber than I thought.”

“Or smarter than you thought … “ He murmured cryptically.

Oh like I would let that line get to me.

I don’t care what he meant by that.

Not at all.

Not one, tiny little –

Damn mysteriousness! I hate not knowing things. Knowing him, he was probably doing it just to piss me off. He really neednt try to hard, he does fine job already.

I frowned at him. “What do you mean?”

“Maybe you do want to walk with me.” He looked at me directly in my eyes and I heard the speed of my heartbeat increase. He had stepped closer to me and he was now almost as close as he had been on the train and his green eyes looked as dark and full of mysteries as his voice was ...

I mentally shook my head to dispel all hormonal thoughts.

Stupid heart. Stupid hormones. Stupid Malfoy.

“Yes because I just love having little annoying, over-confident Head Boy’s walking next to me.” I rolled my eyes, continuing walking and looking straight ahead.

“Little? Weasley, I think we can safely say I’m not little,” he protested.

I looked up at him and saw he was right. He was incredibly tall, I’d never really noticed before. There was also the fact that I wasn’t the biggest girl ever. Ok I was a munchkin. Or as Dom liked to call me - a ‘Munchie’.

I really need new friends.

“Well I meant it as a figure of speech, Einstein,”

He didn’t say anything for a minute, an uncomfortable silence stretching out before us.
Then he perked up again. “Do you realize that’s the only criticisms you have of me?” He asked.

“What are you on about?” I asked, frowning.

“Before – you said I was annoying and over-confident but that’s all you ever call me. It seems to me that you’re making excuses not to like me,” he smiled.

“How about conceited? Bratty? An absolute idiot?”

“I still think they’re pretty similar, Weasley,” he smirked.

“Well what criticisms do you have of me then? I bet you don’t have that many more,” I shot back at him, miffed.

“How about stubborn? Hot tempered? Irrational?” He looked a bit angry now as he muttered something else I didn’t catch.
“What was that last thing?” I asked, deciding to ignore his other, somewhat true statements.

His cheeks got a tinge of pink. “Never mind,” he snapped. “Let’s just walk, shall we?”

Oh, so now he was uncomfortable! Well it was his bloody turn.

“No, I want to know,” I argued happily, enjoying my new game.

He didn’t say anything and looked straight ahead, walking faster.

“Malfoy. What was it?” I taunted him in a singsong voice.

“It doesn’t matter! It’s not important.”

“But I want to know,”

“But I don’t want to tell you,”

“Well I told you what I thought of you, you should tell me too,”

“I did tell you,”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah but then you went and muttered something else and got all embarrassed,”

“I wasn’t embarrassed,” he scowled.

“You were too!”

“Were not,”

“Were too,”

"Were too,”

“Were not,”

“Ha!” he grinned, his eyes sparkling happily, “Got you.”


I glared at him, crossing my arms. “That wasn’t fair.”

“Was too,”

I sighed. “Ok let’s not play this game again, your just going to cheat.”

“It wasn’t cheating!”

A more rational, normal person would have let the subject drop. But I found that unexplainably difficult. In my Rose mind, that felt like losing.

Rose doesn’t lose.

It’s just not in my nature.

“It was cheating and you know it,” I teased, trying to end the conversation without another rematch of that game.

“Wasn’t,” he muttered.

I decided to ignore that and we walked in silence for a bit. I was thinking about yesterday on the train … when I’d fallen on Malfoy. I realized that he hadn’t pushed me off when I’d landed on him. He was probably in shock or something but you’d think that his first instinct would be to push his sworn enemy off of him. Urgh enemy, I hate that word and generally try to avoid using it. It’s so incredibly cliché that it hurts my head. My enemy. I suppose there was no other real way to describe mine and Malfoy’s relationship. A constant battle field. It didn’t really feel that way tonight, though. We weren't our usual shouting selves, tonight.

Maybe we weren’t arguing because we felt it our duty to perform Head duties to perfection. But that hadn’t really stopped us on the train. Maybe it was because we were forced together tonight, we had no choice. But then again, we’d been forced together other times in previous years – hadn’t stopped us yelling each others ears off then!

I looked to my left to see Malfoy also deep in thought. He was frowning slightly, though not in an angry way. More of an, I’m-so-deep-in-thought-I’m-not-watching-where-I’m-going, sort of way. His brow was furrowed slightly and his eyes looked far away. He reminded me of a little puppy, trying hard to work out what its owner was trying to teach it.

It was sort of cu – weird. Definitely weird.

He was so distracted that he was heading right for a suit of armor. Without pausing to think, I pulled him aside by his arm and he stumbled so that his head hit my chin and his body all but collided with mine.

“Ow! What was that for?” he cried indignantly, moving so that his head was no longer under my chin (I suppose it was a bit of a crouch for him). He didn’t move any further away though. I wished he would, I was starting to feel all warm. No doubt from his body heat. But who was he to complain about me saving him from hitting the armor? I was doing him a bloody favor!

“You mean, why did I save you from hitting that suit of armor over there?” I replied coolly, indicating his would-be death trap.
Well, hurt trap, it probably wouldn’t have killed him.

“I don’t actually know,” I continued, “maybe if you’re just going to complain, I won’t bother next time.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize,” he muttered, looking embarrassed.

I shrugged moodily and looked away. I realized we’d stopped walking.


I kept my head turned firmly in the other direction.

"Rose?" He tried again, drawing out the 'o' in a singsong way.

I tried not to turn, but he was using a very persuasive voice. I had a miniature internal struggle before reluctantly, I turned towards him.

“Thanks,” he grinned, real close to me.

I looked at him for a moment before deciding that he probably was being pretty ok about it and smiled back.

We smiled at each other for a second, still as close as before. Then our smiles faded away and we still hadn’t moved. For the life of me, I had no idea why.
I couldn’t pull myself further away as much as I desperately wanted to.

I felt my stomach flipping and twisting and performing all sorts of acrobatics as my heart beat sped up to an alarming speed.

His stylishly messy blonde hair was hanging just above his dark eyes which were boring into mine with intensity. I felt an absurd desire to lean towards him, to banish the space between us when he took a step back.

I let out a breath.

How could I feel so much … so much weirdness by the distance between myself and him?

It must be because I wanted a boyfriend so much.

It was nothing to do with the boy before me - he was simply representing Boykind. He might be an extremely attractive representation but hey, I didn’t care about that.

Not at all.

I don’t like Scorpius.

He’s arrogant and annoying and infuriating and … and … and who cares if that’s all I can fault him for! That’s enough!

More than enough really, to ensure that we would never ever become friends ... or more.

Shut up, Rose.

We barely talked the rest of the night until saying goodnight. It was an odd experience, saying goodnight politely to Scorpius Malfoy. He gave me a look that I couldn’t quite work out as we parted - me to the Gryffindor tower, Malfoy to the Slytherin dungeons.

I wondered to myself again why it had been different tonight. I tried relentlessly to come up with an explanation.

Unsatisfied and still explanation-less, I entered the common room after muttering the password (Gillyweed) to a disgruntled fat lady who, after lecturing me on ‘proper sleeping hours', grudgingly allowed me entry.

Man she was a bitch and a half when she wanted to be. When I came in I saw Soph snoring on the armchair, her head resting on her nearly finished Charms essay and Al was gone. After shaking her awake, me and a groggy Soph made our way up to the girl dormitories. When we got up there, it was to find Dom sleeping and Charlotte’s bed was still empty.

She must still be out with her date, the giant squid, was it?

After showering and changing into my pajamas, I slid into bed, my thoughts confusing me to no end. I yawned widely and stretched my arms and neck beforing cuddling up to my covers, warming up. My body was tired but it took a long time for my brain to shut down after everything that happened tonight.

What was I even saying? Everything that happened tonight – nothing happened! Nothing! Why was I making such a big deal out of it?

So I had a conversation with Malfoy during which I didn’t want to kill him. That’s the kind of conversations most people have with him.

But, I argued back, we weren’t most people. That was the thing. We weren’t friends, not even close. We’d never, in the 6 years I’d known him for, had a conversation as long and as enjoyable as the one we’d had tonight.

“Argh!” I groaned into my pillow and rolled over, causing Soph to grunt in her sleep.
He was the most frustrating boy I had ever had the misfortune to meet.

I glared at the ceiling and wondered if he was thinking as much about me tonight as I was of him.

Please review my lovely readers, even if its just to tell me whats wrong with it - i need constructive criticism :)

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