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Marauding There And Back Again by Prongs05JP
Chapter 1 : Moony was the Smart One...
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Welcome to my own take on the seventh year of the Marauders! This chapter is basically an introductory chapter - not gonna win any awards but hey; it's a start.
Please review! Reviewers are the best!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the Harry Potter world it all belongs to JK (the only things that are mine are the OCs)

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Chapter One 
Moony was the Smart One…

“Padfoot – just stop for ONE MINUTE!!” James Potter cried hoarsely at his best friend. Sirius Black’s grinning face turned round to face him. 

“What’s the matter, Prongs? This routine too tough for you?” Sirius was grinning so widely that James fought the urge to stretch it off his face completely. The two boys were standing in a field somewhere off near Potter Manor, and green was pretty much the only colour visible; spare the occasional flourish of an animal in the bushes, or the brown of the treetrunks. Over the sound of his heavy panting, James could hear the low buzz of the crickets on the warm summer afternoon. He keeled over, hands on his knees gasping for breath. He had been helping Sirius train – he always loved to be in peak fitness, but at the end of the year Sirius wanted to join the Auror Academy. James wanted to as well, obviously, but he didn’t believe it was absolutely necessary to be training now rather than later. James sighed and wiped some sweat from his brow, panting. 

“Look, I-” He paused. “I do want to train for the Academy but a) we don’t even know if we’re in yet, and b) that’s a whole bleeding year away!” James panted. Sirius just threw his head back into his bark like laugh. 

“I know that, I just wanted to see how the ‘Great athletic hero’ would cope with a little run.” He grinned and James scowled at him. "Little run" was the understatement of the century. They'd been running for hours!

“I’m a quidditch hero, Padfoot, quidditch player’s ride on brooms!” James shoved past him and made to jog back to the Manor. He could hear Padfoot roaring with laughter behind him but James ignored him. Next time, Remus could go training with him. 

Remus Lupin sat out on the patio behind Potter Manor with his latest paperback conquest in his hand. The patio was a light creamy colour, stretching out behind the back of the Manor; he would always be in awe at James' 'humble' home, but today it was especially obvious - what with the clear summer sky making him able to view the acres owned by the residents. Their gardens stretched down for at least a hundred yards before it became open field stretches. He sighed; it was so peaceful being out here.

At this moment, he was staring at the back of a book he had been reading these past few days – reading was the only activity his rowdy friends wouldn’t dare disturb him when he was involved in. And even that wasn’t a guarantee. He ran a gashed hand through his sandy brown hair. His light blue eyes scanned the blurb briefly. The book itself wasn’t that interesting – he found himself in deep thought. 

Remus was a lycanthrope. 

Remus was a werewolf. 

Werewolves were generally associated with evil monsters. 

And guess what? 

Remus was a werewolf. 

So… that technically made him an evil monster, right? Wrong, according to his friends. When the other Marauders had found out about his ‘condition’ they hadn’t abandoned him. They’d told him they’d stay and continue being friends – Merlin; they’d even made themselves into illegal animagus’ because of him! 

The four friends were generally associated with the name ‘Marauders’ but no one really knew where it came from. No students had revealed that it was they who invented the name for the infamous group of teenagers and none of the boys remembered making the name up. However, Sirius often didn’t remember the things he’d done when he’d been high on firewhisky and such. Sirius also had problems with addiction to candy. Yes candy. He even had withdrawal symptoms when he’s been given a little and nothing more, and the boys were careful not to give him any after five in the evening. 

He was affectionately christened Padfoot, after his animagus form turned out to be a dog. And so James was Prongs because he was a stag, and Peter was Wormtail because he was a rat. Remus himself was named Moony. In Remus’ opinion it was Sirius’ idea of a sick joke. Like he wanted to be reminded of his condition every time they called him over. But Remus had adjusted to it. His friends had done so much for him, so surely it was worth putting up with? He and his friends often got up to mischief, pulling pranks on Slytherins and the like because they generally didn’t like them. Remus tried not to participate in their more… unfriendly pranks but as his fellow Prefect Lily Evans constantly reminded him – he made no move to stop them. 

Aaah, Lily Evans. That brought him to an entirely new topic completely. The fiery redhead had been the object of James’ affection for years – unfortunately, she hated his guts. James didn’t help himself at all by always acting like a complete prat in front of her in an effort to impress her. She ignored his antics, but usually it ended up with him being hexed, jinxed and even in the worst case scenario, cursed. Every time she rejected him, although she didn’t realise it, his heart broke a little bit more – he wasn’t even sure if James could handle it through their final year (a heart could only take so much). Admittedly he had matured a lot last year but who was to say this would be enough for Lily? Remus was always sorry for his friend, but anyway; who was he to be thinking private thoughts about his friend when there he was jogging towards him? 

Remus quickly opened the book to a random page and began to read, but James had noticed him. The book was plucked from his hands against his protest and he was met by James’ smiling face. His round rimmed glasses were lopsided against his hazel eyes and his jet black hair was ruffled, giving off the windswept look as if he’d only just stepped off his broom. Talking of brooms, Sirius came strutting up behind him looking like he certainly had a broom up his arse. James dropped down into a chair next to Remus’ on the patio, and Remus noticed that he was breathing heavily.

“Next time,” he panted, lazily rubbing his eyes behind his glasses. “Next time, you indulge the dog.” He sighed and Remus knew this must have been a particularly grueling training session. Sirius was about to retort when a short teenager with mouse brown hair and watery blue eyes came rushing out behind them. The final Marauder, Peter Pettigrew. 

In his hand he held four pieces of yellowed parchment – envelopes, to be exact. 

“Hogwarts letters!” He beamed. The others smiled and took their respective letters. As they lazily began to open the envelopes (as Sirius and Peter dropped into chairs as well) Sirius made a comment that nobody understood. As always. 

“Has anyone heard from the LRA this summer?” the boys just started at him blankly. 

“You wouldn’t be talking about the Lord’s Resistance Army? That’s too many big words for you…” Remus rubbed his chin in mock thought. 

“Nor the Laser Retro reflector Array, also too many big words.” James followed up. Peter laughed as he read through his letter. Sirius scowled. 

“It’s my new nickname for Lily Rachel and Abbie. See? LRA?” Remus shook his head at Sirius lamely and read his own letter. Nothing of great importance - just the usual babble from the old Crockpot. 

“Ooooh!” Sirius gushed. “I’m still on the quidditch team!” Remus rolled his eyes. 

“I’m surprised. I mean you’re the best beater in the school, best friends with the captain and you’re actually on the team? Wow.” Remus replied, his voice dripping with irony. Sirius grinned like a maniac. 

“Yup. But I’m surprised Prongs hasn’t chucked me off for all the trouble I caused in the final for last year.” Remus remembered the occasion well, but Peter was the one who did the reminding.

“The one where you accidentally hit a first year Slytherin with your bat as you were flying past, didn’t mean to crash into the commentator's box because Moony made some flip comment about your hair and made out with a girl from the crowd?” Peter counted them off on his fingers. Sirius stroked his handsome black locks with a look of mock hurt on his face. 

“She led me on! I told her I was busy but she wouldn’t have it!” He moaned. Remus rolled his eyes. 

“Stop being melodramatic. Why haven’t you kicked him off the team, Prongs, for all the reasons Wormtail just mentioned?” But James didn’t hear him. His face was as white as snow and he was holding his Hogwarts letter up to his face with trembling fingers, his hazel eyes scanning the parchment frantically. 

“Prongs? You alright?” Sirius queried. James didn’t reply. He reached a shaking hand out to the envelope that lay forgotten on the table, lifted it up and turned it upside down. From the yellowed parchment fell a shiny badge that hit the table with a metallic thunk. The boys squinted at it. It was a shield split into the four Hogwarts colours with a bold HB over the top. Sirius’ jaw dropped to the floor. Remus paled. Peter snatched the letter from James’ fingers and read through it anxiously. 

Remus and Sirius shot up from their chairs and crowded round Peter to read the letter. 

Dear Mr Potter,

It is my pleasure to inform you that this year I have chosen to appoint you as Head Boy. Please don’t faint yet, I need you to be able to read through this letter before your head hits the ground.

I know you won’t be expecting this, and it’s perfectly understandable that you would feel that this envelope was inappropriately addressed and should be sitting in Mr Lupin’s hand instead of yours. This is not the case.

These are dark times that we’re heading into, Mr Potter, and I believe that I need a Head Boy and Girl that will be able to unite the school against the forces of darkness that are at work beyond these walls. I hope you will be a good morale support for the prefects, and you are also one of the greatest wizards of your age and in the present conditions I cannot stress how pleased I am that I came to this conclusion. Do not misuse your newfound power, Mr Potter; I’ll see you September 1st.
Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster.

“That’s it, then.” Sirius began solemnly. “Dumbledore’s head has finally screwed off the top. I expect we’ll be receiving the funeral invite any day now.” It amazed Remus how Sirius could never hold a straight face through something serious (no pun intended) but could keep a solemn expression through some of the stupidest things he said. Remus laughed and Peter gestured back towards the letter. 

“You didn’t read the PS then, Padfoot.” 

PS. Mr Black, as I am sure you are there, my head is firmly screwed in place and I do hope there isn’t something wrong with the postal service, as I don’t believe I sent out letters expressing my death. I’ll pray to no avail that I shan’t see you in detention, but one can hope. 

This only caused Peter to laugh harder and Sirius to flush with embarrassment. 

“Shut up, Wormtail.” He scowled and Peter only laughed harder. Sirius whipped out his wand and turned Peter’s hair pink with a flick. “Besides,” He began, attempting to move the spotlight from him. “Besides I guess this makes Prongs the smart one now.” James’ head snapped up from where he was sitting – he hadn’t moved an inch all the while the boys read the letter. 

“I-I-I’m not…” he trailed off. “Moony was the Smart One!” he protested attempting to hand the badge to Remus. Remus pushed it back towards him, as he and Sirius moved back to their respective seats.

“Nuh uh, Prongs. Besides you’ve earned it. Who do you think the Head Girl is?” He queried. 

“Lily Evans. No question.” Peter replied. Remus couldn’t help but agree. 

“Moony is the Smart One!” James continued to protest to a laughing Padfoot, but turned round at the mention of Lily’s name. 

“Oh no, oh no, oh no – Lily’s gonna be Head Girl this year, isn’t she?” 

“Well, not-” 

“How can this get any worse?” James groaned wrenching at his hair and smacking his head down onto the table. At the moment the door into the house opened from behind him. A man with light brown hair, tinged with grey, and hazel eyes that looked through glasses glanced at them, taking in James’ head on the desk and Peter with his wand muttering spells at his still pink hair. His already slightly wrinkled face creased into a frown, and he glanced at them all warily.

“What’s all the commotion about?” He scolded. 

“James had been made Head Boy,” Sirius replied nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders. Charlus Potter’s face went white. He mumbled something incoherent and scurried back inside leaving the door open. 

James banged his head onto the table once more.

Hope you enjoyed it! Next chapter's all about the "LRA" so remember to read on - oh and review! Reviewing is best ;)
Until next time,

--Nick xx. (Prongs05JP)

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