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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 5 : "We’re not saying anything”
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Chapter Five - “We’re not saying anything”

“Arggh” Fleur moaned clinging to her head the next morning. The bright morning sunshine had woke Fleur from her dreams and Fleur was thankful Monique had not returned yet. She had fallen out of bed in her haste for a desperately needed shower. Once her hair was dry enough Fleur pulled it up. Throwing on a pair of smart black trousers and a red blouse with matching shoes. Fleur grabbed her wand and a bottle of water. She had left little time so to her dismay she approached the floo powder.

“Good morning sunshine” Bill beamed at her unusually loud.

Fleur groaned “I hate you”

“Ah you don’t mean that.” he smiled.

“’ow are you so ‘appy?” Fleur glared at him.

Bill approached her “Little thing called hangover potion. I happen to have a spare bottle with me now. But, I suppose I shouldn’t waste it on someone who hates me.”

Fleur continued to glare at him.

“Where’s the smile which will get you the potion.”

Fleur grimaced at him and he pretended to wince.

“That’s not getting you anything” Bill teased.

Fleur sighed before bringing her lips into a small smile.

“You’re getting there” Bill laughed.

Fleur beamed at him and he chuckled. Picking up a small bottle of the hangover potion from his desk he passed it to her.

“t’ank you”

“Welcome” he winked.

She downed the potion in one but struggled to keep it down when she finally swallowed the lot she grimaced. “’orrible taste”

“Yeah only thing wrong with it I think.” Bill agreed. “I don’t know why your complaining though you only have to work half day” he

“I ‘ave to go” fleur said looking at her watch. She was as surprised that she didn’t want to leave but she had to work.

“See you later” he smiled as she left.

As usual work was very slow but Fleur was delighted when a French family appeared and she could converse with them, earning respect from other workers as none of them could speak the language fluently. Once the family had left Fleur was called into her bosses office.

Fleur left the office and found herself almost running to another more familiar office. She knocked and waited for permission to come in. She heard his voice call out.

“Ah sorry I shall come back later” Fleur smiled.

“No it’s okay they’re just leaving, aren’t you?” Bill looked at the two redheaded twins with a meaningful gaze. They smirked at him.

“Yeah we better be going back soon before mum realises we’re gone.” one of them said.

“Thanks Bill.” the other one said as they stood up and headed for the door.

“Sure, don’t tell mum I know though.” Bill said standing up.

“We’re not saying anything” the twins laughed passing Fleur who grinned back at them.

Bill smiled at her. “Come in then”

She almost ran to stand next to him. “Guess what?”

“What?” he asked confused.

“Mister Keprin ‘as promoted me!” Fleur beamed.

“That’s brilliant Fleur!” he said truly delighted.

“I now deal with French speaking clients and such” Fleur laughed.

“Congratulations then” Bill smiled. “we should celebrate.”

“We should but after last night we won’t” Fleur said.

“True” Bill grinned. He looked down in her eyes and she felt herself gazing into his.

“I should tell my parents, they’d want to know” Fleur said breaking the silent staring competition.

“Yeah” he murmured. He then snapped out of it and coughed. “Yeah”

“I ‘ave finished ere now” Fleur said sadly. “See you on Monday”

“Tuesday actually, I’m not here Monday it‘s my day off.” Bill sighed.

“I’m getting Tuesday off next week” Fleur bit her lip.

Trying not to look disappointed Bill smiled at her “Wednesday then.”

“Wednesday” Fleur repeated. With a glance back at him she stepped into the fire.

Thank heavens the potion had worked earlier or her head would have been spinning by the time she emerged out of the other end.

“Congrats Fleur” Monique smiled coming around the corner.

“Thanks” Fleur couldn’t hide the sadness in her voice and Monique chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it Fleur he’s going to owl you first thing on Monday”

Fleur smiled gratefully. She shook her head and plastered a smile on her face. “Now, tell me all about your night.”

Monique launched into tales of her night out and Fleur just sat there nodding in the right places. 

I’m sorry this is the best I could do for now I needed a filling in chapter as it gets closer to Christmas in the story. x

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Je t'aime: "We’re not saying anything”


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