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Curious at Heart by riddikulus luna
Chapter 5 : Not All Fortunate Things Happen to Me
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Disclaimer: JK owns the wonderful creation of the Wizarding world and characters. I only own Amber and the plot, no matter how much I love JK's creation.
Faint golden light peeked through the crack between the dusty baby blue curtains. Dust illuminated in the light as it spilled down on the stirring lump beneath the worn blanket. A hand protruded out of another lump, this time on the floor, which gently prodded the hem of the curtains, causing more dust to spill on the person in the bed.
"Ashleigh." I groggily said.
"Stop doing that."
"Doing what?"
"You know what you're doing."
"No I don't."
"I'm not dumb. I know you know."
"I don't know that you know what I know."
"I'm confused."
"Me too."
Yep, that was us, making dumb conversations that made us speechless.  
I reluctantly looked at the clock on my bedstand. 10:43.
I groaned and turned my back on my clock. Then my eyes fluttered open in realization.
I jumped out of bed ignoring Ashleigh's yelp of surprise from her sleeping bag.
"We're late! If the Daily Prophet gets here before us..."
I looked at the door. Lying on the floor was a copy of today's Daily Prophet. The head line was visible from here.
You-Know-Who makes His Move


Oh no. Another death. Or maybe deaths. Ever since the dead bodies of a whole block in the village Chipping Clodbury were found, everyone hurried their agendas a month early. Everyone afraid they would be next. Everyone afraid their family would be next. Everyone afraid anyone would be next. I was starting to grow angry at this Dark Lord, or whatever he calls himself. Dark Lord. He even has the wit to call himself a Lord! The Auror office has been a buzz lately. Brent want to be the one to track him and his followers, Death Eaters, down. Death Eaters. Why would anyone call themselves that? Death. Eaters. That was just...wrong.

I remembered I heard some Slytherins whispering excitedly about You-Know-Who while I was patrolling the corriders. I reckon they'd join them. Especially that Bellatrix Lestrange. And possibily Snape. He always looked up to the Dark Arts.

"Throw it over," Ashleigh said, rubbing her eyes.

I tossed the Daily Prophet lightly at her. She caught it clumsily with two hands and began to read.

Ashleigh and I have been sharing a room for four days now. We had gotten over our arguement, though Ashleigh still hadn't gotten over Sirius Black. It was one of her hot buttons I didn't like to push. Mum reluctantly let us out for dinner after the second day. She let us out for meals and other things after that, but we still had to share a room for who knows how long. 

"Merlin," I heard Ashleigh mutter.

"What?" I climbed over my bed to look down at Ashleigh in her sleeping bag.

"Those Death Eating guys tore up a Muggle village. The Muggles got all freaked out about this green thing in the sky." Ashleigh frowned. "It was a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth."

I wrinkled my nose in disgust. "A snake coming out of its mouth??"

"'s a picture of it."

Ashleigh handed me the Prophet and I saw the skull-puking-snake picture myself.

"Nasty." I threw it back to Ashleigh, who tossed it onto the floor.

We quickly got changed and started brushing our teeth.

"Amber?" Ashleigh said sweetly after I had spat my spit into the sink. Okay, something's going on.

"What." My tone was flat.

"Can I go date Sirius Black?"

I rolled my eyes. When is she ever going to give up?

"Yes," I responded.

Ashleigh's eyes widened with excitement. "Thank -"

"Over my dead body," I added.

Ashleigh's excitement faded. "Jeez..."

I smirked. I should find another technique to throw her off like that again.

~ ~ ~

"You guys are going to share Amber's room for the summer."


"But you said-"

Mum put her hand up. "You need to stop. Look at you guys. You're growing up and you need to be more mature about things. That includes arguing with your sister."

"But what about my room?" Ashleigh protested.

"Your room is going to be locked. You'll have an hour to move your stuff to Amber's. Your time" Mum looked at her watch.

"C'mon." Ashleigh and I scurried up the stairs to Ashleigh's room. We argued about what stuff to bring out of her room, but soon shut up when we heard Mum shuffling downstairs. Within an hour, a quarter of Ashleigh's belongings were not so neatly arranged in my room. We made hasty attempts to straighten everything to make it look neater.

"Mm-hmm." Mum nodded approvingly at my room and gave us a smile before she went back downstairs to knit.

Brent came into our room, looking sour. Mum had scolded him for making his room into a total trash dump and now that he organized everything, he's been losing most of his stuff.

"Lucky," he muttered.

"Thank you very much, Brent. That was so kind of you to say that." I said mockingly as I sat on my bed.

"Yes, but guess what?" Before any of us could answer, he continued. "Moody's thinking I could tag along on a real Auror mission. I think if I do well, I might be promoted to an Auror. I did really well on the courses yesterday."  

"Nice. An Auror in the house. The targets of Dark wizards. Yeah, we'll feel really safe then." Ashleigh said sarcastically.

Brent rolled his eyes. "You're just jealous. But, you know, I'm just going to tell Moody I'm going to wait 'til the next mission. Just giving myself some time ya know?" With that, he walked out of my room, leaving a scent of his cologne in the air behind.


~ ~ ~

Summer, in my opinion, was far too short.

It's already September 1st, the first day of school. I was wondering if I had slept through the summer and by coincedence, woken up on the first school day.

"You know that I'm dropping you off today, right?" Brent sauntered into the kitchen.

Ashleigh looked at Mum. "Mum?"

Mum nodded. "Yes, your brother is."

Ashleigh groaned. "No way."

"He's about to become an Auror," Mum said, with a hint of pride in her voice.

"Everyone ready?" Dad came in with his coffee mug in hand.

"Almost," I said, drinking the last of my orange juice down.

Mum walked over to Ashleigh and me. She planted a kiss on our heads while we struggled with our luggage. Dad briefly hugged both of us. While he hugged me, he brought his mouth to my ear and said, "Watch out for Ashleigh. And boys."

My cheeks glowed red as we walked out the door and stepped into the small car. Brent showed off his driver's lisense. "No worries, ladies. I have it all under control."

But Brent forgot to stop at some stop signs and cut lanes here and there. Other than that, we were just fine. Before we knew it, we were at King's Cross.

After we got our luggage out of the car, I started to give Brent a hug.

"No no no. It's like this." Brent held his hand out for a high five. With a smile, I slapped it. Then I hugged him.

~ ~ ~

Sirius Black

" we could get the potion and dump it into the Slytherin's goblets when they're not looking. We could use Prong's Cloak. And we definitely need your brains for this..."

I stopped when I saw Remus's hand fly to his hair. I looked into the direction that he was looking at. I chuckled.

So he was still into the Ravenclaw prefect, huh? I looked back at Moony. He was now loosening his tie with a dazed expression on his face. I looked back again. The Ravenclaw prefect(I really gotta find out her name!) had started walking down the train with the Carmichael guy.

I nudged Remus. "Look who's with her."

He stopped and scowled. "Carmichael," he muttered as he turned away. 

As she came past our compartment, she gave me an odd look and did a little wave to Remus,as though she wasn't sure if she should. Remus, half-heartedly waved back, as he remembered something bad.

"Why...?" I started.

"Her worst fear are werewolves," Remus muttered.

I clamped him on the back. "You really have a problem there, Moony. You should talk to her. Try to loosen her up, you know."

Then I saw her. Well, I think it was a her, but I'm not entirely sure. The beautiful spotted owl. With glossy feathers that would have won a beauty contest. 

I looked at who was holding the cage. Whoa, this was even better. She looked a lot like the Ravenclaw prefect, except the fact that she had stunningly shiny, auburn hair. She must have been the prefect's sister. Miss Most-Beautiful-Girl-On-Earth-Who-Should-Be-On-The-Cover-Of-Witch-Weekly blushed and kept walking past.

I've found my girl of the week.

I'm going after her.

~ ~ ~

Amberlynn Merett

I don't know why Ashleigh wanted to carry Sylvie, but maybe her helpful senses kicked in. I saw her looking Sirius Black on our way to the compartment, which is a bad thing. I bet she'll talk about it. Maybe I could escape with Elia or Fedora when I find them.

Remus seemed odd, but we weren't friends, right?

But not all fortunate things happen to me.

"...and our eyes met for about five seconds. Did you see how cute his eyes look? And his hair was all -"

Our compartment door opened. I looked up from my book, hoping it was Elia. Not Fedora. She would realize she would have competition.

But as I said, not all fortunate things happen to me.

Sirius Black was sliding himself into the seat next to Ashleigh. She giggled and turned pink.

"Hello, ladies." He glanced at Sylvie. "If she's a lady too..."

"Yes, she is," Ashleigh said in an odd voice.

"But I think you're -" Black started leaning toward Ashleigh, wrapping his arm around her waist.


Right then, an explosion occured right outside the compartment. For a moment, I thought Black and Ashleigh had kissed and my totally random theory was true. But we weren't falling or anything. Ashleigh had jumped back in fright of the sound and Black had hit his head on the wall of the compartment. I slid open the door.

Lily was stomping away from the scene behind her. Potter was clutching his head, which had enlarged greatly in size. Lily looked back behind her.

"I told you to stop asking me out. And now you fucking know why you shoud NEVER do it again," she said, coming into my compartment and slamming the door.

Lily, my lifesaver.

Black had grandly reopened the door and closed it behind him, with a smart wink in Ashleigh's direction. Ashleigh sighed and closed her eyes, as if she was trying to revision everything.

Lily sat down on the seat that Black had sat on.

She made an animal sound and crossed her arms, glaring into space. Her face was as red as her hair.

"Don't you talk about him," Lily said, when I opened my mouth to say something. "And as you know, the 'Harry James Potter' thing will never happen, I gurantee it." 

"Do you bet two Galleons?" I slyly asked.

"Two Galleons on the fact that that horrid name will never be used in my family," Lily responded, nodding.

"And two Galleons for me that the wonderfully name that was created by me will be used for your son," I stuck out my hand.

Lily shook it. "You're going sooo going to lose."

I laughed. "But two Galleons won't matter when I'm rich."

"We'll see about that."

~ ~ ~

"Ashleigh, did he ask you out?"

"No." Ashleigh murmured.

"Good," I said, adding some beef to my gleaming plate.

"Good??" Ashleigh was glaring at me.

"I - I mean, what about Davies?" I tried not to push her hot button again.

Hey, not all fortunate things happen to me.

Ashleigh stood up. "It's not fair," she said in a dangerously low voice. Good thing her friends were checking out other blokes. They do not want to witness this.

"I want to date him. I don't see what's wrong with it," she continued in the same tone. I looked around. Some people were already staring at us.

"Not now." I said. But it was no use. I knew I couldn't control this arguement.

"Just one week," she said, in a pleading, but cautious voice.

I leaned toward her standing figure. "Over my dead body. Remember?"

She made a movement so quick that I only had time to catch her arm and drag her out of the Great Hall.

Once we were out of sight, I slowly let go. Like a cheetah, Ashleigh pulled out her wand and blasted a curse at me. I plunged my hand into my robes to reach for my wand. I shot one back at her, but she stepped to the side to avoid it.

"'Over my dead body.' Oh, I'm so scared." she shot another curse at me, which sounded like, 'sectempria' or something like that. I never heard of it before, but I just pulled a Shield Charm over myself.

"How badly do you want this? What has he done to make you want to be with him?"

Ashleigh looked at the door of the Great Hall and cast a spell that sounded like, 'muffiato' or something. I also hadn't heard of it before.

"You don't understand. And if it has to be over your dead body, then it will be," Ashleigh again said the strange spell that now sounded clearer.

"Sectumsempra!" I tried to dodge it, but it caught me in the arm. I let out a cry and stumbled, waiting for Ashleigh to kill me. But as I looked up, Ashleigh had a horrified expression on her face as she looked at my arm. I looked down too.

The pain was so hard that I almost couldn't see. But I saw the bloody mess. The spell had cut through the sleeve of my robes while blood dripped down from the deep wound. Ashleigh started to say some strangled apologetic words, but she just looked at me and ran away.

I cried. My own sister had tried to kill me because of stupid Sirius Black. I'm going to kill him. Literally. And whoever taught her that 'sectumsempra' curse. They were going to get it.

With my good hand, I did a simple 'scourgify' spell to clean up the blood on the floor. I hastily wiped my tears away and tried to walk myself to the hospital wing. I clutched my arm like it was a bag of millions of Galleons.

"Oh dear." Madam Promfrey hurried me to a bed. I was tend to, but Madam Promfrey didn't seem to know the curse that wounded my arm.

"I don't know a possible spell that would have done this..." she furrowed her eyebrows. "Who did this?"

"I- er- I- I -"

"Dear, it's all right. Now drink this." She handed me a potion which I recognized as a sleeping potion. I wolfed it down and settled to sleep.





A/N: I know, I know. Just leave it for the review, okay? You might be wondering why I'm doing Sirius' POV too. It's because you get to see what happens with Remus and Ashleigh too. Well, I'm so busy with homework and everything. I'm so so so sorry if I don't update fast enough. I still need to finish my map project that's due tommorrow and so I'm sacrificing my time for this. But I LOVE writing so I hope I will find enough time. Hopefully over the weekend! I did a bit of foreshadowing in here. It's only a sentence though. But it'll have a big impact on the rest of the story. I didn't plan the Ashleigh/Amber fight. It just popped into my mind when I was typing it. =]

~riddikulus luna

P.S. Please review! You guys are awesome!

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