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One Word by cedric_diggorys_girl
Chapter 3 : Decisions
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 A/N hey guys, sorry for the really really long wait and i hope this chapter is worth it! please dont throw tomatoes at me! I promise i will write the next chapter soon!

         Onalee sat cross legged on the grass, leaning against a wall. There was a bottle of ink on the floor and a quill in her hand, the parchment was resting on a book in her lap and she was sketching the view in front of her. The sun was setting and curfew would be enforced soon. Onalee loved drawing, the shadows cast by the trees and the composure of the mountains made the perfect picture.


          Onalee finished the last few strokes of the quill and held the parchment up, it was ok, not a perfect as she liked but she was out of practice. ‘Hey, that's really good!’ The unexpected voice made Onalee jump so much that she knocked over the ink well. ‘Shoot, oh great,’ she scrambled to pick it up but most of the ink had been absorbed into the grass, ‘bugger, I don’t have much left now!’ Onalee said peering at the near empty bottle.


‘Bloody hell, I'm sorry!’ Onalee looked up with a smile, now recognising the voice, ‘Ha, it’s ok, you will just have to give me some of yours Ron, and you know, you really gave me a fright!’ Onalee gathered her things and put them into a neat pile. Ron awkwardly held out his hand to help her up, Onalee took it and deciding to be cheeky, thrust her stuff into his chest, ‘her, you can carry this for me, save you offering.’ Ron took it laughing, ‘who said I was going to offer?’



‘Me,’ Onalee replied bluntly with a raise of her eyebrow, ‘what are you doing out here anyway? I didn't see you earlier; I thought I was alone,’


‘Yeh, err, well, um, it’s coming close to curfew and since you weren’t in the common room yet, I thought I would come find you and walk you back,’ Onalee could hear how awkward Ron sounded when he said this.


‘You mean Hermione noticed I wasn’t back and pushed you out the door to come and find me and walk me back? Just so we could have so “alone” time?’ Onalee said to him with a smirk on her face, quoting with her fingers. ‘Am I right?’


‘Pretty much, yeh,’ Ron admitted. Onalee started to walk toward the courtyard; it was where the nearest entrance was to get into the castle.


‘Yeh I thought so! You know Ron, if you just did things like this, she wouldn’t bug you to do it!’


‘Well I'm not exactly that, um, comfortable around, um, girls!’ Ron said catching up with her.


‘Your fine around Hermione and Ginny,’ Onalee stated.


‘Girls that I.... uh, bugger’ Ron's mouth opened and closed like a fish. Onalee stopped walking and turned to look at Ron.


‘Girls that you what Ron?’ Onalee asked, then seeing Ron terrified expression, she laughed, ‘look I'm only teasing, I know what you mean, don’t worry! Now come on!’ Ron and Onalee walked up the main staircase and most of the way to Gryffindor tower in silence, Ron with red ears and Onalee with was small satisfied smile set on her pretty face. Not many people were around as they walked, this pleased Onalee, everyone knew of hers and Daniels breakup now and all they did was look at her! As they rounded the corner to go up to the seventh floor, Onalee saw someone she rather wasn’t there, but as usual her and Ron were together in the wrong place at the wrong time.


          Daniel swished round at the sound of footsteps, he was wondering the castle corridors, he couldn’t be bothered to go to Ravenclaw common room yet, because whenever he entered a swarm of girls would surround him, each trying to flirt and failing badly. His eyes fixed on Onalee then Ron and then Onalee's things Ron was carrying, he was sure they were hers as there was the quill there that his little sister had bought Onalee for Christmas. He watched as Onalee snatched her things from Ron, trying to hide the fact they were walking together, though it was obvious, Daniel wasn’t stupid. Ron's eyes darkened and Onalee's expressed worry while she was looking at the floor, she hoped Daniel wouldn’t throw a punch. Realising that they were just standing staring at each other, Onalee pushed her things into Ron’s arms again and pulled him along. ‘Please don’t try anything Daniel, please!’ Onalee thought to herself, she mumbled a ‘hi,’ as she went past not lifting her eyes from the floor once, Ron and Daniel just glared at each other, Daniels green eyes were livid. Out of the corner of her eye, Onalee saw Daniel clench his fists and to get Ron moving quicker, she began to push him. ‘Ron, will you just move!’ Ron started walking on his own, up the stairs and to the fat lady portrait, ‘wiz crackers,’ Onalee said to the fat lady and followed a sour faced Ron into the common room.


‘God, that was close! Ron? You ok?’ Ron was standing rigid when Onalee spoke to him; Onalee took her stuff from his hands just when Hermione and Harry came over. ‘What’s up?’ Harry asked,


‘We just ran into Daniel,’ Onalee answered grimly,


‘Oh no! What happened?’ Hermione gasped gripping Onalee's shoulder,


‘Nothing, that's the thing, I don’t know why he is acting like this. All we did was walk around the corner, see him and I had to pull Ron away.’


‘You didn't see the gesture he made to me, you were too busy looking at the floor, he was asking basically asking for me to punch him, first, so I would get into trouble for starting the fight!’ Ron spoke up.


‘Ron it was only a gesture, he was being pathetic, you were the big one for not giving into him!’ Onalee said, ‘I'm off to bed then, I am really tired! Ron don’t worry about Daniel, really, he is just a bugger!’ Onalee reached up and kissed Ron gently on the cheek, knowing that would make him forget what Daniel did. Ron was slightly surprised and watched Onalee slowly walk up the stairs. Onalee was right, Daniel had been forgotten.


          The following day Onalee didn't see Daniel at all, luckily. Dinner came round quickly and the 5 of them, herself, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry walked to their places among the other students at Gryffindor table. The food appeared in its usual magical way and everyone started to help themselves. Amongst the loud chatter that echoed in the large hall, Onalee could hear arguments, gossip, secrets and even someone getting asked out.


          Onalee helped herself to some pasta in cheese source, along with a slice of bread. She ate quietly, listening to the conversations around her; Hermione and Ginny were talking about the recently raised prices in Madam Malkin’s and Ron and Harry were supposed to be talking about something in secret, though Onalee could hear every word said, something to do with Malfoy acting suspiciously. Onalee looked over to the boy in question, he was sitting, not eating and not talking to anyone he was just pushing the food that was on his plate around. Onalee didn't find his behaviour suspicious, but Ron and Harry being Ron and Harry did.


          Everyone started to finish their main courses and started to wait around for dessert when the mains disappeared. The seconds did not appear however because headmaster Albus Dumbledore had stood to talk to everyone, this was deemed as slightly odd as the Professor normally spoke before the meal. The hall went quiet very quickly as everyone hushed each other. Dumbledore raised his hands for silence even though that was already achieved. ‘I have only one thing to announce,’ he began, ‘I am pleased to tell you the date of this year’s Halloween ball will commence on the 31st as usual, so let the preparations begin! Any 6th and 7th years wishing to be on the ball committee, please see Professor Flitwick. There is however one small change this year, instead of it only being available to 2nd years and above, first years are welcome too from this year onwards!’ The first years cheered, ‘now please, everyone enjoy their desserts!’ Dumbledore sat down and whispers grew into talking as everyone began deciding what to wear and who their dates were going to be. There were a few not talking however, they sat in silence. Draco Malfoy and Daniel Jenkins were two of them, but also Onalee who sat there with her head in her hands.



          Onalee flopped down on one of the sofas a few days later, exhausted from all the essays teachers had suddenly sprung on them but that wasn’t all that tired her out. It was now October and with each day people were getting more and more excited about the ball, except her. Boys and girls all around her were plucking up courage to ask the girl and screaming with their friends when they got asked, except her. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the next Hogsmead trip so they could their costumes, except her. Onalee had decided she wasn’t going to the ball this year and had yet to tell her friends, Professor Flitwick knew, and she was still going to help with some of the preparations, like the decorating, but that was it.


          Onalee realised she hadn’t heard from her parents in a while when someone came rushing in with a parcel containing a Halloween costume. She didn't mind, they were busy people, she just wished sometimes they would owl a letter to her, asking how she was. She hadn’t written to them about her breakup with Daniel and had got a letter back from her mother expressing how sorry she was and that ‘you’re a great girl, I'm sure you will find someone soon.’ She just wished she could have a hug. Onalee had been staring at the fire for a long time when Ron came and sat next to her, once again he startled her and she jumped, while at the same time being snapped back into reality. ‘Hi Ron, how are you?’


‘I'm fine, you?’


‘Meh, can’t complain,’


‘Good good,’ Then Ron faced her, after the beginning of their conversation had been said to the fire. ‘Look, I, err, have a question,’ Ron gulped, plucking up courage, ‘Do ya want to go to the Halloween ball with me?’ Onalee began to look uneasy.


‘Oh Ron, I'm so sorry, but I don’t want to go this year, I don’t think I could handle it, but thank you for asking and I'm sure the 4 of you will still have fun!’ Ron's face was one of disappointment but also one of relief as he didn't want Daniel starting a fight in the middle of the hall. ‘That's ok, I understand, really, I'm not joking.’ Ron laughed and told Onalee he was going as a musketeer with Harry and Neville to the ball when she asked him. That was when Hermione, Harry and Ginny came over too, Onalee told them she wasn’t going and stood her ground even when they all protested.


‘So, what are you two going as?’ she asked Ginny and Hermione. Hermione was the one to speak first, followed by Ginny.


‘Medieval princess,’


‘Sugar plum fairy’ Onalee laughed and told them that they were really good ideas.


          At half 11 Onalee decided it was time to turn in, for the past few hours they had all been talking and laughing about previous Halloweens and other holidays. ‘Well I'm off to bed,’ Onalee yawned, ‘see you tomorrow, night Ron.’ Ron went red when she singled him out; he mumbled a ‘night’ back that she wouldn’t have heard as she was already halfway up the girl’s dormitory stairs. Onalee quickly undressed and got into bed, though she had felt tired earlier she had woken up during the conversation in the common room, now she felt incredibly tired again and fell asleep almost immediately. She woke again when Hermione came to bed though. ‘you know, you really couldn’t be any noisier,’ Onalee whispered half asleep to her.


‘I'm sorry, I just can’t see, that's all,’ Hermione muttered back, Onalee smiled and sat up in bed.


‘It’s ok, I'm awake now anyway,’


‘Sorry... You know Ron is head over heels for you, yet he is glad you’re not going to the ball, little odd, but I understand where he is coming from, you as well. Though it is a shame you’re not coming.’


‘Hermione, stop rambling and go to sleep!’ Onalee whispered in a mock strict voice, laying down again.


‘Sorry, mum! Night!’


‘Night.’ Then everything was quiet till 8 o’clock the next morning, when one of the other girls in their room woke up with pink hair, courtesy of her now ex best friend.

A/N so what did you think? i would love to here your thoughts on it so please review! again, sorry for being so long with this! thank you!


31st may 2011/ I will try to update in the summer! Thanks for your patience!

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One Word: Decisions


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