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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 11 : 4 Kicks
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thanks to dare4distance @ tda :D

Disclaimer: Jo’s world.

You could tell Gryffindor had won.

Even I, the complete dunce at all things sporting knew, mostly because Lily went into a screaming fit of happiness when Montgomery caught the snitch, a (painfully long) hour into the game. You could also tell due to the swamped Gryffindor common room full of intoxicated adolescents.

I had been to many Gryffindor common room parties (not that the Gryffindor gits or Evan were that impressed by my attendance), but in all the years I had never seen it this packed. The fact that Gryffindor had won the match and that we would be leaving for the holidays the next day evidently had lead to the swelling numbers of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws situated in the room.

Lily, for once seemed to have simply accepted the party, enjoying it in fact (I was sure Potter’s ‘special brew’ had something to do with her light-hearted attitude), and had even cast a silencing charm over the door so that old bat-ears herself couldn’t hear. Something I’d never expect Lily to have done.

A raucous cheer rippled through the crowd and I craned to see what was happening over the exceptionally tall boys who had somehow managed to surround me. I tried futilely to push through them but they were too well built and sturdy to ever enable a little weed like me through.

‘Here let me love,’ One slurred at me before placing two hands around my waist and lifting me onto a table, causing his other friends to cheer in a most lad-ish manner.

I ignored the boys, and their crude connotations about me (they were evidently friends with Black from what they were saying) and finally saw what the cheers had been about; Black and Potter had returned from Merlin-knows where with yet more alcohol. I stumbled a little upon the table, it wasn’t so much a table rather a side table with very little room for me to move, meaning that I nearly fell off the bloody thing the moment I moved, and all to see bloody Black and his boyfriend.

‘You want some help down?’ Asked a voice and I felt a tug on my hand.

I looked down, frowning slightly (the alcohol that I had already downed left me with no way of hiding my real emotions) at the amber eyes that were gazing up at me with a light smile on his stupid lips.

‘I’m fine.’ I said defiantly trying to move away from him, stumbling again in the process, and only barely holding my balance, I was even more unbalanced when I was drunk.

‘Evidently.’ He noted sarcastically grabbing my hand once more and pulling him towards me.

‘I’m fine Lupin.’ I mumbled childishly as I allowed him to grab my waist and lift me off the table.

When he placed me on the floor I found myself once again too close to his face. He was looking at me sharply, whilst I could barely concentrate on his features, the room felt as though it was spinning and I could no longer feel my feet. His hands, (I noted after a painfully long minute) were still clasped round my waist as he looked at me with those hauntingly intoxicating eyes.

I knew in any other situation where there wasn’t tumultuous amounts of alcohol, where Potter and Black weren’t currently having a shots competition and where for a strange (sickening) moment Lupin seemed almost attractive, I would not still be allowing him to hold me in the promiscuous way he was.

And suddenly the room wasn’t spinning, because I was feeling Lupin pull me closer to him, like some weird magnetic force that I couldn’t pull out of. Those soft pink lips were coming closer towards me, and yet I wasn’t pulling away, the memory from our last meeting was holding me in place, as if I wanted to feel his lips on mine once more. And still he was pulling me closer, and those lips were moving towards me and thoughts that should not have been possible for me were being formed that contained his lips and me.

He was close enough now to see how extravagant his eyes really were, they were not simply amber, nor hazel, they were the most intriguing colour. Fusion’s of gold and amber swirled in those bright orbs that were staring unblinkingly at me, with great streaks of gold in them that were so intoxicating that I was surprised I was still standing. I could feel his grip on me tighten as his lips were now so close that I-

‘Oi Moony get your hands off Stebbins you don’t know where she’s been.’ Called a voice.

And I felt not only the git who shouted out looking at me, but the entire sodding common room, complete with not only gossiping Gryffindor’s, but also Hufflepuff’s and Ravenclaw’s too. I could, more specifically feel Lily’s eyes boring into me, I turned to find that her drunken mind was struggling to accept what she was seeing, but I knew that she somehow knew it was wrong, even if the alcohol was preventing her from understanding why.

I felt Lupin instantly drop his arm from my waist and allowed me to push away from him. He too looked nervous as he eyed the hoards watching our interaction. Even Potter, who had seconds before been immersed in pouring his next shot, was now looking at the two of us; he ruffled his hair in confusion, eyeing the scene almost warily.

But it was Black’s reaction that shocked me the most, I had expected to turn towards a sneering face full of victory that he had caught me with someone that was not my boyfriend. But if anything, he looked almost, dare I say; angry, all of which was being projected at a rather uneasy looking Lupin who was standing next to me rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

I felt like an eternity we stood there, watched by a fifty-strong crowd whose mouth’s were gaping wide open at what they had caught. And all I could do was bloody stand there gawking at them all, frozen in fear (the exact reason I would never have made it into Gryffindor, that and my lack of arrogance).

‘I was just helping her down from the table.’ I heard Lupin mumble before pushing through the crowd and disappearing almost instantly.

I turned to look for a gap in the crowd that had somehow managed to form a tight circle around the two of us. It was as I was looking that I caught the vibrantly sharp blue/grey eyes of an Annie Cornfoot who evidently had not had as much to drink as Lily and clearly knew what was going on.

‘What are you doing!’ She hissed, pulling me away quickly, into a corner of the room where we were away from the overly-large ears of our peers.

‘I….’ I began unable to string a sodding sentence together let alone explain what had just happened.

She simply crossed her arms over her chest in a most Lily-ish manner and rose a perfectly plucked eyebrow at me.

‘I know it’s looks bad,’ I slurred, desperately trying to keep from slumping against the wall next to me, I had forgotten how much of a light-weight I really was.

‘Of course it sodding does! You were just caught with Remus’ hands all over you by half the population of the school!’ She hissed.

‘His hands weren’t exactly all over me.’ I muttered childishly trying to make the situation seem less, slaggy?

‘Well that wasn’t what it looked like from where I was standing.’ She scolded, clearly unimpressed.

I groaned, dropping my head into my awaiting hands.

‘This is all fucked up.’ I whined.

‘Really fucked up.’ I heard Annie sigh before I felt her wrap her arms around my bent form.

‘Annie, what am I going to do?’ I groaned.

‘Come one lets go up to Lily’s dorm.’ She suggested leading me once more by the hand away from the mass crowds who were eagerly edging closer to us.

I turned just before the curve in the stairs cut off our view of the common room, to find only two sets of eyes on me. One set was the culprit of this entire fiasco, looking at me quite solemnly; his amber eye’s showing some sort atonement. There other set was an all-too-familiar pair of grey eyes that remained fixed on my form, glaring the entire time, before he disappeared from view as Annie pulled me into Lily’s dorm and onto her bed.

‘Evan’s going to dump me.’ I slurred unhappily assuming my old position of my head in my hands.

Annie paused for a moment, clearly trying to think of something to say. She knew as well as I did that once word reached Evan that his girlfriend had been caught up close and personal with a marauder it was over for us two. I looked at her, smiling slightly, showing that she did not need to offer me words of consolation.

I already knew I was royally fucked.

She opened her mouth, having formed at least half a sentence filled with comforting words when the door was swung upon with a loud crash.

‘Callie! There you are! James just told me what you did, you naughty girl! And with Remus no less.’ Came the inebriated voice of one completely smashed Lily Evans.

She practically bounded over to us, in the least graceful manner I had ever seen a human with two legs exert, before she stumbled and tripped over a pile of rejected outfits, falling flat on her face at our feet.

‘She’s completely wasted.’ Annie laughed, stating the sodding obvious.

‘I’m fine.’ Lily cried jumping up quickly as though she had been hexed, trying to brush some of her fiery red hair that had stuck to her face.

‘Sure.’ I snapped moodily, I had little time for a drunken Lily when my relationship was on its last leg.

‘What’s up Callie-bear?’ Lily said dramatically plonking herself down next to me as she swung an arm round my shoulders (nearly knocking my front teeth out in the process). The girl was even more aberrant than usual when she was drunk.

‘She’s just worried about Evan breaking up with her.’ Annie said softly, and I knew she hoped that that reply would be enough for Lily to then go and re-join the party.

‘What because she kissed Remus?’ She asked loudly.

Evidently Annie’s reply was not enough.

‘I did not kiss him!’ I snapped standing up from the bed.

Lily looked at me, all doe-eyed and whatnot in her immaculate drunken beauty, unaware what exactly she had just said. In any other circumstance I would have apologised immediately for shouting at her, but the stress of the entire sodding fiasco and the high levels of alcohol currently coursing through my veins led me to simply glare at my best friend and storm out of the room.

I would have been a far more dramatic exit if was not such a clumsy lout and Lily’s dorm mates were not such messy pigs (oh the irony of it all, I know). It was as I was making my thespian exit (and when I say thespian, I mean I flounced out of the room) that the clothes monster that regularly roams the sixth year Gryffindor girls’ dorm grabbed hold of my leg and sent me tumbling.

And not just onto the floor. Oh no, dear Rowena Ravenclaw no, I had the unfortunate luck that allowed me to tumble headfirst out of the girl’s dormitory and down the stairs. Allowing me to make a grand entrance into the Gryffindor common room, where I found myself once again the centre of attention in less than ten minutes.

‘Merlin Callie, I wonder sometimes if you can actually use those two things called legs.’ Chuckled a voice close to my left ear.

I felt arms wrap round my waist and pull me to my feet.

‘Thanks Charlie.’ I said smiling warmly at my brother as the crowd moved onto their next form of entertainment for the night; a third year had evidently had his first taste of firewhiskey and was currently puking out of the window, bets were being placed on what his vomit was going to hit in the grounds below. The students of the school really were that coarse.

‘’You alright?’ He asked looking down at me, whilst wrapping an arm round my shoulder in what he thought was a comforting manner, in reality the boy was crushing my shoulder blades together with his Quidditch-induced muscles.

‘I’ve been better.’ I slurred leaning into his warm chest; I really did love my brother sometimes.

He looked down at me questioningly; in return I smiled at him warmly.

‘Have you gone to talk to Evan?’

‘No, not yet.’

‘Well I would do soon Cal, we go home tomorrow, and I’m sure its going to be better that he hears it from you than someone else.’ He said looking pointedly at me.

He was right. In fact for an idiotic Gryffindor, who was probably a little too arrogant for his own good, he was usually right. Not that I ever told him this, he didn’t need his ego inflated anymore than it was. But for a brother who annoyed the hell out of me most of the time, he was wise enough to be admired.

I shook my head; I really had had too much to drink if these thoughts were coming crashing into my mind. 

‘Charlie, do you want to come and dance?’ A seductive voice said to the right of us.

We both turned to face her, Charlie’s armed wrapped round my shoulders still, she was really quite pretty, and the typical look of a girl Charlie usually loved. She had long blonde hair, far longer than mine (and far less nest-like) and a lot lighter than either Charlie’s or mine own dirty-blonde hair, and dark chocolate eyes.

‘Oh sorry, Charlie I didn’t realise you were with someone.’ She said anxiously flickering her eyes over me quickly (she probably thought I was some dirty whore who was determined to get round the entire male half of the Gryffindor’s before the night was through.)

‘No!’ We both stated very quickly, Charlie quickly removing his arm from around my shoulder.

‘No?’ She asked completely befuddled at that point.

‘I’m mean,’ Charlie began laughing softly, ‘we’re not together,’

The girl frowned at him, clearly confused.

‘What Charlie means to say,’ I started giving Charlie a pointed look at how boy-ish his answer was, ‘is that I’m his sister.

‘Oh.’ She muttered her face breaking into a radiant grin.

Charlie only laughed more.

‘Which means, Charlie would love to come dance,’ I continued laughing more.

‘Great.’ She smiled walking over to wear some intoxicated students were dancing.

‘Thanks Cal,’ He said kissing my cheek, ‘and go and find Evan, please?’ He continued before following the blonde onto the makeshift dancefloor.

‘I will.’ I replied.

I sighed, it was probably best that I heeded Charlie’s advice and went to find Evan. I grabbed the tie that was wrapped around my wrist and roughly placed my hair in a messy bun as I walked across the common room.
Charlie was probably right, I needed to find Evan before someone else did, I needed to explain. The soppy notion of breaking up with Evan hastened my exit from the common room; I really had become quite a pathetic mess.

But the thought of not dating Evan, not seeing that little smile appear on his charming face when he saw me, was heartbreaking (well as heartbreaking as it could be for a sixteen-year old). He was my first real boyfriend (we had been dating since the end of fourth year) and the close bond we had formed not just as boyfriend and girlfriend was about to be torn away from me.

‘Calliope!’ Called a deep voice from behind me.

I turned groaning must this boy follow my every footstep? He was certainly well accomplished in the art to become a stalker in later years. The amber eyes that had caused so much trouble for me earlier in the night, swam in front of my like some wonderful mirage.

Considering I was pissed off at him, and the fact that I was most likely to be dumped in the next half an hour, boy did he look good. And I knew, as the thought entered my brain, I had become like every other mindless, inane, pathetic whore that followed him wherever he went (though even I must admit, they were better than Blacks, only because they were not forced to be as slaggy). I was doomed the very moment I found myself caught in his stupidly attractive gaze.

The other problem was (and I was sure this was as a result of spending far too much time spooning with Black) that he looked good, and he knew it. I could see the smirk (a smirk that seemed to be spreading round the entire school like bloody wild fire) as he caught me looking at him. He knew the dark blue jeans, the grey chequered shirt and the black V-neck jumper looked good, he knew his floppy looked bloody irresistible. Or maybe that was me? Maybe I knew he looked good.

No. Defiantly not. That smirk showed everything. He was good looking, and he knew it.

I frowned slightly, causing that absurd smirk to fall straight off his pretty-boy face.

‘Calliope?’ He muttered coming closer to me.

Thank Merlin everyone was still in the common room too paralytic to walk.

‘When do you ever call me Calliope?’ I whispered looking at the floor.

‘When I’m on my own with you.’ He replied coming closer so that he could scoop my chin under his finger and force me to look at his senselessly luring face (beer goggles must certainly be true).

‘And we both know how well that goes when we’re alone.’ I muttered half glaring at him.

‘Nobody’s told Rosier, I’ve made them all promise they won’t.’ He mumbled shoving his hands in his pockets.

‘I didn’t mean just now.’ I said looking straight into his eyes, not that I believed not one of the party-goers would be able to keep their mouth shut, they loved gossip a little too much to be classed as clinically sane.

‘I know.’ He replied coming even closer to me, understanding that I had meant our previous meeting.

I feared where this was leading us.

‘I need to go and find Evan.’ I muttered trying to move away.

‘Callie,’ Her said stopping me with his hand, ‘you don’t have to tell him you know.’

He was coming closer to me again, still holding my hand as he got so close that he was now having to look down at me.

‘I do.’ I whispered feeling his lips coming closer to me.

‘No you don’t.’ He murmured catching my chin once more with his finger and kissing me with those alluring pink lips.

I expected his lips to linger on mine for only a second, but he held them there as he slipped a hand onto the small of my back, pulling me closer to his warm, inviting body. And then he deepened the kiss, and every touch, every movement was sending shivers down my spine, leading me to ecstasy. And I couldn’t escape, because I was like a sodding slave to his touch, rooted to the spot by his lips.

‘Callie.’ Called a lone voice somewhere in the background, a voice that sounded hurtfully disconcerted, as though doubting that it was I that was there, standing in the middle of the corridor kissing someone that wasn’t him.

Our kiss was broken at the sound of my name; Lupin eyes flashed at whom stood behind me, dropping his arms from around me once more. His bottom lip was stuck out, almost pouting from our kiss, and it was all I could concentrate on in those seconds when the enormity of what I had done sunk in.

And then I realised I had to turn round, and face my punishment, my reparation, my penance. I would have to see the broken face of Evan Rosier and I knew there was now no way of explaining my way out of this. I could sense that Lupin was going to stay by my side (whether a good idea or not, we would soon find out), which in someway I was grateful for.

I slowly turned, forcing myself to keep my eyes open. I gasped as I turned at the sight.


This party is overrated, but there’s nothing else to do,
She’s a lovin’ a boy from the city,
I’ll be lovin’ him under my shoe.
4 Kicks – Kings Of Leon.

Reader: A very, very long chapter and I hoped you liked it! Definitely less of a filler chapter, and one I’m quite happy with. But you’re opinion matters the most, so please read and review.

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