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Never have I ever. by GryffinDoll
Chapter 1 : The trouble with comfortable beds...
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If J.K Rowling had signed the rights to Harry Potter over to me, Fred would be alive and kicking, Hermione would be minister for magic and there would be an eighth book about the second generation.

Lucky she didn’t then aye?




Oh how I love waking to the enjoyable shrieking of Isabella Boot on a Monday morning.

“Mmhmm” I mutter, rolling over dreading leaving the comfort of my soft fluffy sheets, maybe just two more minutes…

“ROSE WEASLEY” Oomph, a pillow collides with my head, charming young lady that Issy, so kind and considerate of her to wake me gently.

“Alright, alright”
Dragging myself to the mirror, I inspect my face, pale as always with an unruly red mop ontop of my head, but that’s far from abnormal. Throwing on my robes, shoes and red and gold scarf I hurry out the door beside Dominique, or Dom, as we prefer to call her.

Dom, my cousin is the absolute image of perfection, damn her Veela blood, Blonde hair that seems to sit perfectly even in a gale storm and eyes so brilliantly blue you could actually drown in them.

The disgruntled Dom groans incoherently about how potions first on a Monday is practically torture, I can’t help but agree with her.

Professor Pempits (Award winning potioneer of 2007 and 2008 as he enjoys telling us every, single, day.) waits dutifully grinning like some twisted Cheshire cat, nobody should be that happy on a Monday it is simply unnatural.

“Good morning class, how wonderful to see your...”

“Bright, cheery, sunny faces” Chime both Dom and I under our breaths, this is his every day greeting ritual. Glancing around the room I notice mirrored, bored, sleepy expressions on each of the students faces; with the exception of my most irritating cousin Lucy who is a spitting image of my pompous uncle Percy.

Let me introduce you to my potions class, on the Gryffindor table sits myself *hair flip*, Dominique my favourite female cousin,

Amelie Beckson my closest friend, Amelie is a muggle born moved here in our second year from the Wizarding Academy of the Dramatic Arts in Australia, I revel in her stories of the place… one day I swear to you I will visit.

Moving on, beside her sits Lucas Thomas (I swear Isabella is in love with him) son of Parvati and Dean, who are friends of mum and dad.

On to the Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw table only has two students, Lucy Weasley (bane of my existence) and Deirdre Macmillan, poor thing with horridly unappealing acne and a strange smell of farm animals.

Last but not least the Slytherins, according to legend Slytherin and Gryffindor are supposed to be natural enemies, but our year seems to have broken this myth.

Albus Potter, smugly popular son of the legendary Harry Potter and also my cousin (oh, you’ve not even met half of them yet) sitting beside him is Lucian Zabini, proud pure-blood git and Scorpius Malfoy, the beautiful blonde who has all the ladies hearts at Hogwarts, proud and pretty like a peacock but still modest and gentle, Mmmm.

“Rose, quit daydreaming” Amelie nudged me back to reality; all the class had their books open to page 223, Concentration Potions, how ironic.

“Rosy Posy pudding and Pie” Sings Albus prancing up to me sarcastically with a sickening smile after the bell rings.

“Must you, must you really?” I groan,

“You know it, dearest cousin” he rumples my hair.

Although it may seem on the contrary Albus and I are thick as thieves, back from our days of torturing Crookshanks and playing quiddich on toy broomsticks.

 Albus is bursting with knowledge as to who and what and where is exciting about the castle.

We begin trotting down the hall, onward to defense against the dark arts (Albus’ favourite subject) with Dominique, Amelie and Scorpius chatting idly behind.

“Ahem, in this weeks news update for Rose, Isabella Boot seems more infatuated with Lucas Thomas than ever” Begins Albus

“Oh as if I didn’t know that already” I remark

“Mrs. Norris the second has had kittens, so now there are three sets of evil eyes wandering around for filch, I still wonder how he clings onto life; I swear it is just to be a nuisance to us all”

Dom calls forward “you’re joking me, that cat is the definition of evil… evil cat spawn; disgusting”

“Yeah, dad told me the first Mrs. Norris was bad enough, now we’re on to generation three” Albus mused.

“Come, continue on with the news for the week, I’m intrigued now”

“Okay” Albus takes a deep, dramatic breath… show off “last but not least, our man Scorpius has a loooove interest”. The two girls giggle; I feel my face and ears growing hot, and a slight tinkling of hope rise in my chest.

But no, I could not like Scorpius, and he wouldn’t like me it would be weird, just weird.

By this time Scorpius’ face had turned a shade of red to put Vernon Dursley to shame,

“Oh come of it Albus, he's bullshitting,” Scorpius splutters, obviously lying.

“Suit yourself mate” Albus smirked in return, we all continued walking; Dom and Amelie trying to guess whom this mystery woman could be, Scorpius glaring the death stare at Albus (if looks could kill…) and Albus strutting along, smugly. Me, silent contemplating, oh the possibilities!




“Rose, snap out of it already you’re acting awfully oddly today” Fourth time today I have received a wake-up nudge from Amelie, snapping her fingers in front of my face with a very puzzled expression. Paying attention is generally something I am so very good at, Dad tells me I get it from my mother.

Must not think about Malfoy.

Must not think about Malfoy, concentrate on the runes

Must not think about...

“Mr. Malfoy could you please translate this rune here” the professor chants pointing at the board

“Its rough translation is ‘owl’ sir”

So smart, such nice hair…

God damn it!

I plonk myself down in-between James and Isabella at dinnertime, long awaited dinnertime, and begin piling my plate with chops and vegetables. Amelie, Dom and Lily sat opposite me, all peering curiously at me, like a vaguely amusing animal at the zoo

“Whaa?” mouth full of peas, charming.

“You’re hard to figure out sometimes Rose” This is coming from my little cousin Lily, the most confusing 15 year old I have ever met.

“You are confusing me, now stop watching me eat it’s making me nervous” all three dropped their gaze; girls are strange.

“Rose, remember quiddich practice after dinner? James questions in between mouthfuls

“How could I possibly forget, you remind me every second of the day!”

“Just checking, must have my team ship shape so we can thrash slytherin next week” A little friendly rivalry never goes astray…

I’ve been on the quiddich team since my third year, playing Keeper the same role dad used to play; I find it gives me freedom soaring through the air virtually weightless. Mum could never understand it, although I enjoy being bookish like her I also find I need that freedom also. Hugo is terrified of brooms; although uncle George did jinx his toy broomstick when he was 10- some scars never heal.

We have a fairly fit team this year, strong players

James as seeker obviously, myself as keeper, 5th year Mackley Wood (son Oliver wood, captain of Puddlemere united) and Lucas Thomas as beaters, Amelie (although she is a muggle-born has an amazing natural talent on a broomstick) Minyette Robbins, a small but speedy 4th year and Cassie Jordan a well-built and good-natured 7th year as chasers.

“Watch yourself Rose, I almost knocked you of your broom just now” Mackley whizzes past me, he might be small but he is deadly with a beaters bat.

Our practice session is long, grueling and hard not to mention it begins pouring with rain halfway through and James being the persistent arse that he is demands that we continue practicing, because the game might be in the rain. Damn you weather.

All the other plays are a hazy blur; I see the quaffle vaguely in the distance swapping between the three chasers, until James blows his whistle! Thank the lord.

Trudging to the change rooms, muddy wet and miserable the only thing that seems to pop into my head is I will be playing opposite Scorpius Malfoy on Saturday.

Sometimes, I hate my life.


At the end of the day, isn’t it nice to crawl back into the nice warm bed, and have a little chat with the girls in the dorm.

“So, spill the goss Rose”

“Yep, we’re all waiting”

“Are we going to find out why you’ve been so vacant today?

“Ooh, does Rose Finally have something interesting to tell us?”

Amelie, Dom and Issy; bloody busy bodies I tell you.

“I have absolutely no idea what you are on about” Smooth comeback from me

“Come off it Rose, I saw your face when Albus said Scorpius had a love interest, you practically fell over yourself”

Fake laugh “You have GOT to be kidding me, Scorpius Malfoy, get a grip on yourself, do you hear what this nutcase is saying?”

“I think Scorpius Malfoy is goooorgeous” Swoons Roxy,

Nuh-uh hand of bitch,

Oh god did I really just think that?

“You are quite welcome to him” I smirk, that should keep them satisfied.

“You know you are a terrible liar Rosie” Thanks Dom, appreciated.

“Conversation over, good night” I roll over, determinedly

“If you say so, night Rosie” Amelie blows me a kiss, why is she always so damn nice?


“Rose Weasley, you’re beautiful” His warm breath tickles my neck sensually, his form pressed up to mine as our lips meet, passion and desire sweeps through my whole body, I want nothing more than to be close to him.

Those mercury eyes locked on mine speak more words than his perfect mouth ever could, blonde hair falling onto this face elegantly, he is beautiful, wonderful and he is mine.

“I love you”


I gasp and wake suddenly, sweating; not sure why I am sweating, it was just a dream.

I don’t know what is worse the fact that I dreamt it at all, or the fact that I wish it wasn’t a dream.

I lie back on my pillows and drift again into uneasy sleep…


“ROSE WEASLEY, MUST I DO THIS EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING” Shrieks Isabella like a raving banshee, enunciating each word with a whack from a pillow, here we go again.


Well hello there, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my VERY FIRST FANFIC *Gasp*
Any reviews would be fantastic, let me know what you think thus far, what you like, what you don't, what could be improved and blahblahblaah.
Next chapter I will write a big explaination of why i have done certain things in certain ways and made characters the way they are etc, so you can get a better insight.
Thanks for reading,
GryffinDoll xx

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