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The Master Plan by hpffisawesome
Chapter 1 : Tryouts at last
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Author’s Note: There was no need to wait before publishing the sequel to Living Without Him, seeing that everyone knew what it would be called and the basic plot. I was sure to catch you up a bit on what happened with a quick prequel. Other than that, I thank everyone who’s kept up with the other to fics, and have continued to read and review!

Disclaimer: I don’t own characters, setting, and other stuff. J.K. Rowling owns all of that. I am the creator of one character and the plot…well, I’ve got more original characters coming, but not yet.

MUST READ: Just to avoid any confusion, this is the SEQUEL to the short story Living Without Him. That is the sequel to the one-shot How Could You. READ THOSE FICS FIRST, or you will be COMPLETELY lost. Trust me when I say COMPLETELY lost. That will be all.


One week before the Quidditch season tryouts.

Everything seemed to be going wrong for Harry and Eliza. Eliza’s boss finally contacted Eliza for her late report. Well, it wasn’t really a contact…it was more like…well…

Dear Mrs. Eliza Potter,

Lateness is one of the many things that I do NOT tolerate from my employees. If this job is not important enough for you that you think you can get away with new reports, then think again. You have been removed from employment. I can find other people who are more serious about being on time.

Harry had already told Eliza how unfair this had been, even though there wasn’t much to back this up.

“Don’t overstress yourself about it. The Quidditch season is about to start, and we’ll be getting plenty of gold from that.”

And of course, when you think that everything will start to look up, it goes anywhere but up.

At long last, the day of the tryouts were finally here, and Ginny had done everything she could to make the team. Practicing twice a day by herself and with Ron playing keeper had changed her chaser skills to being unrecognizable. Since Ron was getting better without trying to, and the fact that Ginny was still scoring on him the way that they started, which was nine out of ten, she was pretty confident with her chances of making the team. This was step one of her master plan.

Harry put on his brand new Ireland Quidditch robes. Eliza was in the kitchen, still not talking to him. They had had a row last night. Harry had been trying to persuade her that it didn’t matter if she was working or not. Eliza said that she refused to be a ‘common housewife.’ Harry retorted, and the yelling had begun.

Harry wasn’t in the mood to apologize to Eliza, or worse, get into another yelling match. So instead, he grabbed his Firebolt, pulled out his wand, and disapparated to the Quidditch field.

When Harry arrived, there were already several players already on the field, either on the ground talking with others, or up in the air doing warm up laps or throwing the Quaffle to one another. Harry had a feeling that, being in his Quidditch robes, once everyone saw him they would gather around. He raised his wand and shot up a couple of red sparks.

Once the crowd, which already included Ginny, gather around Harry, he spoke.

“All right, I’m sure all of you have prior Quidditch playing experiences, and so this won’t be the first time you’ve ever tried out for a team. But, I’m still going to have groups of you do laps around the field, just to see how you’ll be once your in the air.” Everyone nodded. Harry split them up into seven groups of ten. Ginny was placed in the third group.

The boy to girl ratio was actually pretty even. If everything turned out like Harry wanted, he would have a reserve seeker, a reserve chaser, three chasers in the starting line-up, a keeper, a reserve keeper, two beaters, and a reserve beater. There were about eight or nine seekers, along with nine or ten keepers trying out. Fifteen of the players were beaters, and the rest were trying out for the chaser position.

Of the seventy people who flew around the field, Harry had to only throw out five. Three had fallen during the first turn, one had messed up with his broom mount, and one hadn’t even come with a broom.

Nine hours later, Harry had a full team. He had decided that he might as well get the whole try out done in one day, just so no one else decided to turn up late, which would double Harry’s work.

Harry had a very young reserve seeker, who had a knack for feinting that she saw the snitch. He had a keeper who was great at throwing the Quaffle the length of the field, which would come in handy if a chaser made a fast break to the other side of the field. The reserve keeper Harry had chosen was good at saving difficult shots, but wasn’t the best when it came to fakes, which was how Ginny had been able to score on him three times in a row.

And speaking of Ginny, she had made the team with flying colors, scoring a total of twelve goals in the tryout. She made the team with two chasers. Once was great with passing. He had thrown the Quaffle to Ginny five times, all ending up in the goal. The other chaser had been on the Chudley Cannons, and had been known for stealing, but had gotten injured in the middle of the season and had been thrown off the team. He was a bit rusty, but the many stories Ron had told him about this player made Harry want to give him a chance.

Two giant, muscular beaters, who were great with strength and accuracy, and the reserve, which wasn’t as well built, had a great swing. The two reserve chasers were just out of Hogwarts, but had said that they had both helped their team win four Quidditch Cups. Harry decided to give them a shot as well.

“I would have us stay on the field and chat a bit,” said Harry, stifling a yawn. “But I’m way to tired. We can do that some other day. Just take these.” Harry handed out some gold coins. “These are fake galleons. I’ve used to these before to tell members of a group the date and time of the next meeting. Just look on the place where the serial number would usually be, and turn up here.” Everyone on the team looked at the curiously, except Ginny.

“They’ll grow hot when I change the date. But I think we won’t use these coins for very long. I’m probably going to schedule regular practices soon.” Ginny stopped listening here. She was looking at the team Harry had put together. It wasn’t the best she had ever seen; the reserves could have been improved, and the starting chasers, other than herself, could have been better at scoring. It would be a lot of pressure on herself to score all the team’s points.

But Ginny wasn’t looking at that. She had just successfully completed step one of the Master Plan. Step one had been to actually MAKE the team. Now she had to look for a certain someone…

The only chaser that looked ‘dateable’ and would have any chance to even catch Harry’s attention was the chaser that was great at passing. The only negative, or more like a positive for Ginny, was that he was five years older than her, making him 24. Ginny decided she would take it slow. When he caught her eye, she simply smiled, and then turned her vision back to Harry, who was wrapping up.

“I think we have a good chance to have a pretty good season. I’ll see you on our first practice!” The team nodded, some mumbling ‘see you,’ and went to the locker rooms to shower.

“Ginny, you were excellent!” said Harry. “Ron had told me that you improved a lot, but I didn’t know he meant that you would score twelve goals! It’s like you’ve been playing forever!” Ginny smiled at Harry’s compliments, but said nothing more. She was still thinking to herself. Harry went to go grab the crate of Quidditch balls. Ginny left, heading for the locker rooms herself.

Harry arrived at his front door about a half an hour later. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about arriving back at home. Eliza obviously still had the row on her mind, and Harry would be the one to settle it.

The only thing that kept Harry from staying at the Quidditch pitch all night was his stomach, which was aching in hunger. He would have to find something to eat at home.

Harry entered his kitchen, and went to the refrigerator, planning on making a ham sandwich. He heard footsteps behind him, and looked up. Eliza was standing there, looking horrible. Harry straightened up.

“Look, Eliza,” Harry started, but didn’t have a clue what to come up with next. Eliza didn’t look like she was about to help him either. “Err…We can’t stay like this for long. Not when we’re living together. Err- I know it hasn’t even been twenty-four hours yet, but, well-.” Harry felt like he was talking to himself. Eliza was looking through the kitchen window, watching the sun set. He willed himself not to get angry.

“Eliza, I-” finally she cut him off.

“Harry, we’re going to go through some rough times,” she said softly. “I’m unemployed and you’re going to be practicing almost everyday for the next eight months. We can’t start acting like some old married couple now. We’ve just got to get through this.” Harry nodded.

“I shouldn’t have yelled last night. I think I know how you feel about being on the sidelines,” said Harry, thinking of Ginny. “It won’t happen ag-”

“Don’t say that,” Eliza cut in quickly. “We’re married, and we’re going to have arguments. That’s just how life is. At least this way, we’ll get to know each other better, right?” Harry grinned, moving over to Eliza’s side.

“Right. You really get to know a person when they’re screaming their head off at you.” Eliza laughed softly, kissing Harry softly.

“How were Quidditch tryouts?” she asked him. Harry groaned.

“I’m beat. Everything I did took at least an hour. From warming up to choosing players. Ginny made it, though.”

“She did?! Harry, that’s wonderful!”

“Yeah. If you were watching from a distance, you wouldn’t have believed that was Ginny flying out there. I left her and Ron two weeks ago, and if you asked me, she would have been lucky to be a reserve. She scored over a hundred points today!” Eliza told Harry to sit down, and she’d handle the sandwich.

“No need,” Harry replied. “I’ll just get Dobby.”

“Harry Potter, sir, Dobby here!” Harry jumped when Dobby suddenly appeared next to him. He squeaked, “Harry Potter, you and your wife may just sit over in the living room. Dobby will take care of the food. Dobby is ashamed he didn’t have a meal ready for Harry Potter when he came home. Dobby wasn’t sure when Harry Potter would be home!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Harry said quickly. “I didn’t even know when I would be home. Thanks, Dobby.”

“No trouble at all, Harry Potter, sir!”

First chapter, along with step one= complete! I’m really excited about how this is going to turn out, and I hope you are, too. Also, to all you Harry/Ginny lovers, I can say that later chapters will bring happiness. I can’t say exactly when, because I have no idea. Please tell me how I’m doing…review!

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