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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 12 : Swapping tactics
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A/N: Hello everyone! how are you all? thanks for reading the next chapter, it makes us happy that people are liking the story. 
Happy reading :-D

Disclaimer: we only own Lucida and the storyline, everything else is borrowed.

“Good morning” Lucida said bounding down the stairs towards Ron, she leaned forwards to give him a kiss when dean and Seamus walked past wolf whistling and jeering at them

“Get in there Ron!” Seamus winked before they walked off 

Lucida laughed and leant in for another kiss, but Ron pulled away from her mumbling that they should get to breakfast, slightly crestfallen Lucida nodded and followed him out of the common room, going to reach for his hand but he quickly moved it out of the way.

“Ron?” Lucida called

Ron turned around to face her his hands in his pockets 

“Is it me? Is it something I’ve said or done?” 

“What?” Lucida paused, and remembered they way Ron had moved away when Seamus had called to him earlier

“Did someone say something to you whilst you were at the match yesterday? Because you were fine with kissing me in public before”

Ron went a little pink and shuffled his feet.

At that moment Harry had appeared   and clapped Ron on the back saying “oh come on you, still can’t be upset about the  match yesterday, we’re only two hundred points away, we’ll get them next time” and he steered Ron in the direction of the great hall, still talking Quidditch as Ron looked back over his shoulder at Lucida.

Lucida sighed irritably and followed them into the hall.

Later she managed to catch up with Ron again and was not willing to let their discussion rest.

“What’s wrong?” she asked Ron as they walked down the deserted corridor


“Then why did you pull away when I went to kiss you” she said

“Well” Ron sighed “not in front of people Lucida I don’t like it”

Lucida looked around “there’s no one here… do you not like kissing me or do you not like me?”

“No it’s not that it’s just…”

“You even pull away when we’re alone in your dormitory” Lucida said angrily

“Well I …” but he stopped

“You know what never mind” she said moodily walking away

“Where are you going?” Ron called after her

“To see Snape!” and she stormed off.

As she walked to Snape’s office she found that, as she had done every time she walked to Snape’s office, Draco turned up to see her

“Hey what’s up?”

“Nothing I'm just going to see Snape” she said “I’m late for his vampire lesson”

“Oh ok so I take it we can’t talk then?”

“Well not now but in around an hour we can”

“Cool i'll see you then” he smiled

Lucida walked into Snape’s office

*          *          *          *          

An hour odd later she walked out of Snape’s office, feeling very refreshed Snape had just given her some blood and she was feeling quite alive, she walked outside and sat underneath the tree, breathing in the fresh air around her. She leant back with her hands behind her head and smiled as she recognised a familiar smell.

“Hello Draco”

“How could you see me I was on the other side of the tree?”

“I could smell you” Draco was about to sit beside her, but hesitated,

“Do you make a habit of smelling your friends?”

Lucida laughed and tugged at his robes, he sat next to her.

“No, I can just smell things from far away”

“Ah! The senses!” Draco nodded

“What do I smell like then?”

“You sprayed Verisite for men at about 7 o’clock this morning” she grinned at Draco, who gaped at her.

He looked at her suspiciously

“I may have done…” he sat up and folded his arms

“So it WAS you in my room stealing my underwear!”

Lucida looked at him and raised an eyebrow

“Well if it wasn’t you then…Crabbe and I are going to have a serious chat later on!”

Lucida laughed

Draco smiled at her

“So what was up then?”

“Oh it’s nothing” she said waving her hand vaguely 

“Is it your vampire senses? Have they got whiff of Potter?”

Lucida shook her head trying not to laugh

“Are they tingling?” Draco said raising his eyebrows cheekily and waving his fingers at her.

“No!” Lucida playfully hit him on the arm

“Ahhhh!” Draco grabbed his arm dramatically

“Wimp!” Lucida laughed

“Hey!” Draco stopped

“So are you going to tell me what’s up then? I think all we got up to was Harry’s BO problem”

Lucida tutted and rolled her eyes

“I can see you’re laughing!” Draco said pointing at her.

Lucida laughed again

“There we go!” said Draco triumphantly

“So what is wrong then?…Snape?”

Lucida shook her head

“Potter…flobberworm that he is...”

Lucida shook her head again 


Lucida hesitated before shaking her head

“It’s him isn’t it?”


“Yes it is!”


“Want me to kill him for you? I have connections you know”


Draco looked disappointed

“Shame…ok tell me about it”

Lucida sighed

“Fine…he….well maybe it’s me”

“What! There’s nothing wrong with you! Your fine…you’ve got it written all over you!”

“Oh please!”

“You are!”

“Save your lines ok?”

“Fine if you don’t want my opinion …” Draco turned away from her

“No I do honestly! I just…I’m not sure what to do”

“What’s the git doing?”


“Ok… what’s the Weasel doing?”

Lucida sighed

“It’s…ok this is a bit weird talking about this to you…but…when we kiss, he keeps on 
pulling away.”

Draco raised his eyebrows

“Maybe he fancies Potter”

“Draco! That’s not helpful!”

“Ok let’s get this straight then …show me what you do”

“Oh for goodness sake I knew this is pointless talking to you!”

“No no “ Draco held up his hands in protest

“We’re going to do this logically and exchange tac-tics”

“This isn’t a Quidditch match!”

“Well it’ll make it more interesting”

“Do you want me to get my broom?”

Draco stopped smiling

“You’re not taking me seriously! now sit here” he pulled her up straight and she 
sighed again.


“Now show me what you do”

“Right” Lucida leaned forward

“I lean forward for a kiss...and then…” she moved backwards “he pulls away”

“Right so, he leans in” Draco leaned forward “and then he pulls away”

But he didn’t move back

“No, I lean in, then HE pulls away” corrected Lucida 

“Show me what you mean” Draco said sitting up again

“It’s not that hard!”

“Well do you want to learn or not?” Lucida shook her head

“I lean in…”

“Ok, so you lean in”


“Does he lean in a little bit?”

“No” Lucida gently pushed him back

“I lean in …”


She leaned forward so she was very close to Draco

“And then he pulls away…”

Draco stayed still

“This is the part where you move away”

“Maybe I don’t want to…”

“I’ll lean away then” and Lucida sat back up

Draco smiled at her 

“One more time…”

“Oh my Merlin!”

“YOU lean in”


“He leans away”

“Yes!…..move away then!”


Lucida was taken aback

“Do you ever get to kiss then?”

“Erm…well...not very often”

“So you don’t often get to do this then?”

And Draco leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Lucida froze

Draco pulled away and looked deeply into her eyes

“Erm…no we...erm…not really” mumbled Lucida

“Not at all?”

Lucida gulped


He leaned forward again

“Not even…a little bit?…not even…”Lucida’s heart raced as Draco got closer and 
closer. He kissed her again, but as he pulled away Lucida found herself leaning in again

Draco grinned at her

“So…” Draco said and he moved toward her again, sliding his hand through her hair 
and this time Lucida didn’t move away. She felt her heart pounding and butterflies in her stomach, but still she wound her arms around him and continued to kiss him.

“Oi Oi!”

Lucida gasped and pulled away, her pale face going red

“Go on Draco don’t let me stop you!”

“Well I’m quite surprised you don’t all have popcorn or something!”

“Hold on a minute”

And with a whish of his wand a box of popcorn appeared in Blaise’s hand, he offered some to Madden

“You just carry on don’t mind us”

“Well you’ve ruined the moment now Zabini!” 

“Fine!” Blaise said huffily snatching the popcorn from Madden and making it disappear.

Draco turned to Lucida “I’d better get this lot away then” he grinned and stood up

“See you later” he winked at her, Lucida just nodded, smiling

“Bye Lucida!” Blaise and Madden said blowing her kisses

“Hey!” Draco punched them both and pushed them away from Lucida

“Oh wait a minute”

He quickly rushed back and whispered to Lucida, 

“Meet me here at nine tonight…I’ll be waiting” he kissed her again and dashed back

“Oh we missed that one!” Blaise cried

And as Lucida watched them go, she knew that at nine that night, she would be waiting for him.

A/N: dun dun duuuuuuuuun :-D so what do you all think?

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