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Dyslexic by Jessiy
Chapter 1 : Train ride
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It seemed like it was only yesterday,but the truth stung when I realised how long ago had passed since those days. It also stung when remembering the years in between and what they had brought. I can almost hear the train whistling as the last of us got on Hogwarts express and the sound of some of the children saying goodbye to our parents. I can almost see the smoke surrounding us, the parents sobbing and waving to the children who hung out the windows.

I remembered looking for an empty compartment since I didn't know anyone to join even though they would know my second name and would instantly be scared. There was none, the closest to empty was a compartment at the back with a boy roughly my age in it. He had raven coloured hair that was ruffled and brown eyes. He looked sad as he turned to look out the windows, sighing. I opened the door and he looked up instantly at me, his eyebrows furrowing and he seemed almost annoyed with me but not scared.

“Mind if I join you? Everywhere else is full,” I asked.

He gave a small smile, relief flooding his face but I couldn't understand why, “Sure.”

I took a seat opposite him, throwing my trunk onto the shelves and sitting opposite him, “I'm Sirius.”

“Black?” He asked, and I started to worry that he would throw me out, the Blacks were pureblood that hated everyone who wasn't.

“Yeah,” I said looking down, brushing my neck with my hand nervously.

“James Potter,” He said warmly, I looked up and he held a hand out.

I thought it through, he wanted to be friends? I wondered if he knew much about my family, like I only knew that the Potters were a pure blood family. “Hi,” I said shaking his hand.

Just then the compartment door I had came through opened, making me jump. At the door stood a watery eyed boy beside a much taller boy who looked a bit tired and worn. The smaller, plumper boy looked scared, his eyes darting at both our faces, his straw coloured hair a mess on his head. The taller one seemed confident but depressed, like he wasn't ever happy.

“Hello?” James asked after a minute of silence, puzzled at the silence.

“Hi,” The tall, dark haired one asked, “We were wondering if we could join you.”

“There's no more seats anywhere,” The smaller boy asked nervously, his voice somewhat squeaky

I smiled, “Sure.”

They sat down, the tall one beside me and the smaller one beside James facing each other.

“I'm Remus Lupin,” The taller one explained, “and that is Peter Pettigrew.”

“I'm James Potter,” James smiled.

“And I'm Sirius Black,” I added, I noticed Peter flinch at my second name but I didn't get annoyed or shocked, everyone was like that.

“What house do you expect to be in?” James asked, making conversation.

I sighed, my family were all in Slytherin and I didn't want to go in that house but I knew I would be. I would even rather be in Hufflepuff! My mother would kill me if I was in any house except for Slytherin though, “I'd rather be in Gryffindor.”

“Me to,” James beamed, not knowing I probably wont be though as I smiled back. He looked at Remus, “What about you?”

“Ravenclaw preferably,” He announced, and to be truthful he seemed quite intelligent even if he looked a bit worn out. I thought about it, I'd never be in Gryffindor, not even in a million years because of my family. I looked closely at Remus beside me, there was scratches across his face, his eyes shadowed by purple which I found odd.

“I'd love to be in Gryffindor,” Peter said wistfully, and looked at James with adoring eyes which made me want to laugh.

Those were the days. The almost care free days, when my friends were alive and I had only one problem, only one major secret which had nothing to do with my family.

A/N- Hope you enjoy it! Please r/r Jessiy x

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