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At His Side by CatGryffindor
Chapter 1 : Mornings at Malfoy Manor
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Thud. Thud. Whack. Smack. Smack. Whack. The mansion's gym was in full use this morning, much like every other morning for the past three years. A faint hint of sweat hung in the air as Draco Malfoy's personal bodyguard kicked the punching bag, sending it swinging before crashing against a knee and stopping in place. Bandaged palms hugged the punching bag as a lock of black hair fell into the blue eyes. A small sigh escaped moist lips before their owner cringed and started to count softly "in three, two, one-".

"Mackenzie!", Lucius' voice louder than most mornings as he burst through the gym doors "where exactly was my son last night?". He searched the gym before spotting tanned skin and marching towards it "Mackenzie I pay you good money to watch over my son and keep him out of trouble-".

Mackenzie Lakewood rolled her eyes behind their closed lids before stepping away from the punching bag and facing her boss. "I'm aware of that, and I do do my job-", her hand bolting up to silence his remark "when Draco complies. But I am not a babysitter and it's not my job to scold him".

"I am well aware of that, Mackenzie", Lucius' tone harsh as he strangled the Daily Prophet "and I'm not asking you to tell him no or put him over your knee-". Mackenzie smirked at the remark before Lucius boomed louder "I have merely told you time and time again to pull him out of these", he shook the paper violently "situations! Will you look at this, today's Daily Prophet".

Mackenzie caught the mangled newspaper and unfolded it before groaning at the moving pictures covering the front page, reading the headlines and captions to herself with a scowl. 'Draco Malfoy parties with models Emma Adams, Daphne Beachman and Christine Clark', 'Malfoy heir seen snogging multiple females surrounded by empty firewhiskey bottles', 'Draco Malfoy spotted with a new set of arm candy'.

Looking up at Lucius she shook her head and threw the paper onto the floor "if you didn't think I was good at my job you would have fired me long ago-".

"I have kept you employeed this long because you blend in with the crowd where Draco goes, look good at his side and don't send any messages or give off that you're a bodyguard-"

"Or it could be that no one else is willing to deal", Mackenzie laughed haughtly "or keep up with Draco's partying habits, the girls that cling to his side and still be able to help him walk out of clubs without making it look like he's dead on his feet". Lucius made no attempt at replying as she picked up her bowler bag and walked past him. Turning to look behind she muttered to her boss softly "and I'm grateful for it but I'll try harder" before walking out the door and making the long walk to her room.

Even thick black velvet covering every inch of window couldn't block out the morning rays, the four-poster bed curtains rattling as their inhabitant thrashed around in a dazed state. Groaning at the feeling of morning Draco stared bleery-eyed at the world with his head throbbing, his voice a hoarse groan as he mumbled to himself "Emma will pay for making me drink that much".

Patting the thick wool curtain Draco blindly searched for his bedside table before sliding off the bed and landing on the floor with a series of curse words, his hand reaching above him and grabbing a cold vial. Draco uncorked the vial and groaned at the popping sound before downing the anti-hangover potion with his eyes closed, waiting for the wave of relief and meeting it with a sigh. Tossing the empty vial onto its silver tray Draco got off the floor and pushed open the bed curtains to see an empty bed, his voice barely a breath "didn't I have someone in there?".

Mackenzie had just turned onto the long corridor that passed Draco's room and, eventually, lead to hers when she heard shaky breathing and whimpering moans. Rolling her eyes she muttered to the walls "not in the bleeding hallway, Draco", her long stride bringing her closer to the source of all the noise as she mentally prepared herself for the scene. The curtained windows and low lighting helped and didn't help the situation, the lack of light hid anything going on but also made it difficult to avoid them. Unable to bare the thought of her blindly walking through Draco in action Mackenzie searched her bag for her wand, instantly lighting the candles and gas lamps in front of her as she kept her pace before stopping at the shadow in front of her.

Blonde hair clung to tanned skin as beads of sweat rolled down a scared face, the beautiful girl's forehead knitted tight while she pouted and chewed her lip. Muttering to herself she paced back and forth helplessly "where am I? Where am I?", her arms hugging her naked body tight as she shiverred. The sudden bright light sent her stumbling into a wall before collapsing on the plush carpet, her legs tangled under her as she whimpered "where am I?". Shaking with worry the naked girl hugged herself tighter, unaware of Mackenzie watching her with worry or walking closer.

"Malfoy Manor".

The girl gasped with shock as she stared up at Mackenzie with wide green eyes "I'm at Malfoy Manor?", her voice timid while she rearranged her arms.

"Yes", Mackenzie's voice calm as she handed the girl a clean towel from her bowler bag "do you know how you got here?".

An attempted smile flashed on the blonde's face as she wrapped the oversized towel around her body "I was clubbing last night, at Spellbound and Draco Malfoy was sending my table drinks. After a few I walked over to his lounge and we started dancing and um", she blushed a deep pink. "We ended up alone in his VIP lounge and well, we-".

Mackenzie nodded, blocking her mind from making any visual images before muttering "were intimate?".

Nodding feverishly she looked hopeful "yes!". She stood up and raced over to Mackenzie, hugging her tightly as she smiled brightly "that's why I'm here! Draco was being escorted out of the club when I was-".

Stepping back from the oddly calm bodyguard she stuck out her hand with an all-too-happy smile "I'm Bridget Dirk and I love your hair! And I wish I had blue eyes like yours and your body and-".

A look of mild terror graced Mackenzie's face when the party girl's towel dropped to the floor, her quick reflexes taking over and marched her to Draco's door. Her fist pounded the door rapidly as she shouted through the dense wood "Draco! Draco Malfoy open this door!". Minutes passed as her hand continued to pound the door louder as Bridget gushed on and on to no one but herself.

"Draco Malfoy open this door NOW!", the door opening mid pound as Mackenzie's fist stopped inches from Draco's face before dropping to her side. Mackenzie smirked before addressing the young Malfoy like a child "how many times have I told you to keep your playthings in your room?".

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At His Side: Mornings at Malfoy Manor


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