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Keeper of Goals, Keeper of Hearts by HereLiesDobby
Chapter 1 : Summer Loving...
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Keeper of Goals, Keeper of Hearts: An Oliver Wood Romance

Chapter 1: A Summer in Scotland

“Scarlett Pavlina Gale, get up! We’ve got 20 minutes until the Portkey leaves and if we miss it, I’m not taking you by side-along apparition! It’s your own fault you failed the test!” Rhett Dmitri Gale yelled up the stairs to his sister’s room.

  Silence. Rhett smirked. The Gale parents, Aleksander and Svetlana, had left Rhett in charge when they’d left two weeks earlier for one of their customary 2+ month absences. Having Unspeakables for parents, especially ones as high up in the department as Scarlett and Rhett’s parents left something to be desired in parental bonding. Rhett sighed. At least this summer he and Scarlett wouldn’t be stuck in the 350-year old homestead. Thanks to Rhett’s pull as captain of Puddlemere United and Scarlett’s own natural ability, they both were headed to Scotland for a two month long Quidditch camp. Puddlemere always hosted a Quidditch training camp in the summer mostly for scouting purposes, but it gave kids from all over Europe a chance to get together and learn new Quidditch tactics as well develop international relations. This year, being Captain, Rhett made sure that Scarlett was on the list of the 50 Quidditch players invited to the camp. It was going to be an interesting summer.


“Scarlett Gale stood in front of her closet trying to find something to wear. She’d been up since six that morning making she had everything she could possibly need for a summer in Scotland. Scarlett sent a silent thanks for Merlin that her brother had privately trained her for Quidditch. On her own, she was sure she wouldn’t have made the cut for the exclusive camp that brought together the best players her age. Of course, being the sister of the captain of the team hosting the event didn’t hurt either.

  Rhett had been with Puddlemere United for three seasons, but before that, he’d been the seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team. There was no doubt, as Quidditch Illustrated pointed out, that Rhett was going to be “the next big one” and was one of the best seekers in the league. However, in his second season, due to poorly hit bludger and a 100-foot fall, Rhett had sustained incredibly serious injuries, most of which couldn’t fully heal. After almost a year of extensive therapy, Rhett was transferred to Puddlemere, a move that had Rhett tearing his room apart for hours. He had been working as hard as he could so he could rejoin the National team, but when he found out that he’d been traded, he hadn’t been happy to say the least. Scarlett was relieved to see him happy again now. It had taken months, but Rhett had gradually settled in to life with Puddlemere and his natural leadership skills, not to mention his incredible skills had gotten him the role of Captain after only one season with the team.
“Scarlett, FIVE minutes!”

  Scarlett jumped and grabbed the first pair of jeans she could put her hands on along with a burgundy racer back tank top and her brother’s old Bulgarian Quidditch team jacket. She quickly levitated her bags ahead of her and trotted down the stairs where Rhett was waiting impatiently beside a slightly glowing old boot.
Finally, I thought you’d gotten lost in your closet…or you didn’t want to go to Scotland after all,” Rhett joked, shoving his sister. She glared.
“Not on your life, Rhett Gale.”
Rhett laughed and shrunk their bags before sticking them in his coat pocket. The boot was glowing brighter now. Scarlett and Rhett quickly put their fingers on the top of the boot and after a moment, felt a familiar tug around their middles before the Gale’s grand foyer disappeared. A minute later, they let go and were dropped on a cobblestone street.

  “Last one, Mike…from Bulgaria. This is Gale, Scarlett and Rhett, Puddlemere’s captain,” an old wizard called out to a salt-and-pepper younger Scotsman standing by a large scarlet bus.

  “Finally, Gale, you’re team’s already waiting at the site. You being captain, ya shoulda been there already, lad!” Mike, the coordinator for the event yelled at Rhett. Rhett laughed.
“Sorry, O’Malley, my sister was taking too long this morning,” he joked, shoving Scarlett again. She glared at him. The two walked over to Mike O’Malley and shook his hand.

  “Mike O’Malley, this is my sister, Scarlett Gale. She’s seventeen and I trained her myself, so she’s bloody good. If she gives you any trouble, though, feel free to beat her senseless,” Rhett introduced. Scarlett slapped him across the back of the head. O’Malley laughed.

  “Got a right feisty one, eh, Gale? Eh, get on the bus, you two. Ya can’t keep the whole camp waiting!” he said and pushed them up the stairs. Scarlett and Rhett grinned at each other. This was going to be a good summer.


  “Alright, I’m not givin’ ya a grand speech today—ya know exactly what yer in fer here…yer gonna be working yer arse’s off and maybe by the end, we’ll have made real players out of ya. Room assignments are posted outside each tent. Be back here in two hours ready to start,” Mike O’Malley ordered the 50 Quidditch players clustered around him. They all scurried to do as he said. On the two hour bus ride, they’d all learned that when Mike spoke, short though his sentences may be, he meant them to be carried out immediately. They all liked him immensely.

  Scarlett waved to Rhett who was standing with Anderson Boggs, his Keeper, and then set out to the big clearing where everyone was heading to the ten big tents erected on the green.
She scanned the tents quickly for her name, but didn’t find it until reaching the second to last tent. Scarlett noticed that she’d be rooming with two girls from Hogwarts and two from Beaubaxtons. She’d heard of the other Wizarding schools, but this was the first time she’d have the chance to meet anyone from there. She couldn’t wait.
Scarlett slipped through the open flap in the tent and her jaw dropped. She was used to luxury—one can’t help it when one lives in a mansion on a 250-acre plot with three other homes around the world and enough money to fill eight Gringotts vaults—but this was new. Scarlett had been camping before with her brother and their friends, but Rhett had insisted on doing things “the muggle way”, so of course she had expected the same for the camp. Scarlett looked around the tent in awe. There was a large, connected living and dining area with assorted, vintage couches and chairs as well as an oak dining set that was, to Scarlett’s trained eye, all in excellent condition and value. Through a curtain of hanging beads was a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a large island in the middle. Scarlett browsed through the cabinets—all fully stocked. This was certainly not what she had expected. This was far better. It was, however, oddly quiet. Scarlett had seen several bags in the living area, so she knew the other girls must be around somewhere. She went back out to the living room.

“Hello?” she called out. Across the room, there was a flurry of activity from behind a closed door and then it was flung open and a tall, very pretty, black girl came out followed by a petite blonde.
“Hello, you must be Scarlett, right? I’m Angelina Johnson and this is Emmeline Wood. I’m a Chaser and Em’s a Beater. We’re from Hogwarts,” Angelina said quickly, holding out her hand for Scarlett to shake. Scarlett shook both their hands.

  “I’m Scarlett Gale. I’m a Chaser…from Durmstrang.”

  Angelina’s jaw dropped. “The Durmstrang? I thought it was only a boy’s school,” she said, bewildered.
Emmeline nodded. “Yeah, that’s what I heard. Hey, do you know Viktor Krum? He goes there, doesn’t he?” she asked, excitedly.

  Scarlett laughed. “Well, it was originally a boy’s school, but they opened it to girls about a century ago. There haven’t been many though…it’s a tough place. All my family’s gone there and my brother graduated a few years ago. And yeah, I know Viktor. He’s one of my best mates. My brother recommended him for the Bulgarian National team two seasons ago,” she explained.

Angelina looked confused. “Who’s your brother? Is he a recruit?” she asked. Scarlett shook her head.

  “No, he used to play for Bulgaria. He was the seeker a few years back, but he got hurt pretty bad and ended up being traded to Puddlemere. He’s the Captain there now,” she told them. Angelina’s eyes widened.
“Your brother is Rhett Gale?! I mean, I didn’t make the connection when I heard your last name and that you were from Durmstrang. That is so cool. What’s he like? I mean, your brother is completely dreamy. I was so upset when he got hurt…those bloody Germans can’t keep their Beaters in check for anything!” Angelina said angrily. Scarlett laughed.

“Yeah, it’s been tough on Rhett, getting hurt and all…but he’s really happy now,” she said. Angelina nodded, still in awe. Emmeline chuckled at Angelina’s expression.
“Well, we might as well introduce you to the other girls. They won’t believe that you know Viktor Krum…or that Rhett Gale is your brother! Come on, you’re in here with us,” Emmeline said and they all followed her into the room. Scarlett was amazed again at the size and quality of the room. Three twin beds had been pushed into the center of the room and placed in the shape of a horseshoe. The dressers and nightstands were against the walls and in one corner, there was a large array of bean chairs. Angelina and Emmeline had already begun to unpack and already the room looked very homey. Through one door, there was a very large bathroom with a gigantic tub in one corner and a shower on another side with a long, marble sink and three separate mirrors along the opposite wall. It was perfect, with just enough space for three teenage girls.

  “We thought we’d push the beds together to create some more room…and so it’s easier to talk at night,” Emmeline told Scarlett, who nodded. It was a very good idea.

  “Alright, drop your bags and let’s go meet the others,” Angelina said bossily. Emma laughed.

  “Honestly, Ang, no need to be a Mum here. Scarlett’ll never want to associate with you now,” Emmeline joked. Angelina scowled at her.
“We’ve only got an hour and a half in which to unpack, eat, and get properly acquainted. The goal is for us all to be best mates before the day is out…and we won’t achieve that goal by standing here,” Angelina argued. Emmeline rolled her eyes and winked at Scarlett.
“Best do as she says…she gets cranky when people don’t follow orders. Good thing she’s not captain at school though…Gryffindor would probably murder her after the first practice,” Emmeline whispered. Scarlett chuckled. “Gryffindor? What’s that?” she asked.
“It’s one of the school houses at Hogwarts. There’s Gryffindor, which is where Angelina is. Then, there’s Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, which is the house I’m in. Last, there’s Slytherin…and you don’t want to mess with them. That’s a house full of Dark Wizards and their relatives…a real bad lot. Don’t you have that at Durmstrang?” Emmeline asked. Scarlett shook her head.

“No, it’s nothing like that. Everyone is just grouped by their class mostly. I’m in the A class…which is the next class to graduate. It’s pretty small…only about 75 of us now. When we all started off in the lower levels at school, there was near about 200. Everyone’s weeded out around the time we entered the top levels. It’s a really hard school, more practical studies than memorization so not a lot are tough enough for it,” Scarlett explained. Emmeline and Angelina nodded.

  “Still, you get to hang around with dreamy blokes like Viktor Krum…so it can’t be too bad. Come on, let’s meet the other girls and then we’ll make lunch,” Angelina suggested. Emmeline and Scarlett followed her back across the living room to a door on the other side. Angelina knocked and then opened the door.

  “Scarlett’s here, girls. You wouldn’t believe who her brother is! She knows Viktor Krum personally, too!” Angelina gushed. Emmeline shook her head and shrugged. Scarlett laughed and they followed Angelina into the room. Scarlett could tell at once that she and the two French girls were not going to get along and it wasn’t only because the girls kept their room way too immaculate. First, they gave her a calculating once-over that clearly she did not pass. Then, they frowned at her Bulgarian Quidditch team. Worst of all, one of the girls, a tall, leggy redhead looked at Scarlett and said, in a high-pitched, bored voice, “And what would Viktor Krum want with you?” Scarlett practically saw red. She took a step forward, but Emma grabbed her wrist. Angelina cleared her throat.

“Um, well, actually Scarlett and Viktor go to school together at Durmstrang…and Scarlett’s brother is the reason that Viktor even plays for Bulgaria,” she told them, giving a sideways glance at Scarlett. The two French girls looked at each other and giggled.

  “And just who is her brother? Some lowly recruiting officer perhaps?” the other girl, a thin, raven-haired asked with a snotty tone. Scarlett took another step forward, but Emma kept a tight grip on her wrist. Angelina looked again over at Scarlett. “Um, Rhett Gale, actually…you know, he used to play for Bulgaria and now he’s the captain for-“

  “We know who he is, of course. We are not completely deficient,” the redhead interrupted. Angelina shut her mouth and then opened it again.

  “Now look here, Frenchy, we’re going to stuck together for the entire summer, so we might as well try to coexist peacefully. We’re going to be tired enough without bloody fighting amongst ourselves,” Angelina said angrily. The two girls looks surprised that Angelina had stood up to them. Emma released her grip on Scarlett who was still livid. She took another step.
“Angelina’s right…just because you two are completely stuck up and probably bribed someone to get into this camp doesn’t mean we’re going to let you ruin our summer,” she said nastily before turning on her heel and leaving the room, slamming the door behind her. Angelina and Emma looked at each other nervously.
“Um, well, right then, we’ll just go. We’re, uh, making lunch, and it should, uh, be ready in about…um, five minutes or so…so, uh, we’ll just call when it’s ready, shall we? Uh, sorry about that…um, right, bye,” Emma said quietly and tugged Angelina out of the room. They closed the door again and stood in the living, staring at each other. After a moment, they burst out in quiet laughter.
“This is going to be the best summer ever! Honestly, this Scarlett is absolutely amazing! I wish she was going to Hogwarts…it’d make things so much more interesting,” Angelina whispered. Emma nodded.

“She’s very nice. I hope those two French girls don’t make any trouble. We probably should properly apologize later though…with Scarlett,” Emma decided. Angelina looked scandalized.
“Honestly, Em, don’t get to be a Mum on us. Didn’t you see the way they were analyzing Scarlett? And asking why Viktor Krum would know her? That’s just terrible…they’re asking for trouble if they don’t shape up,” Angelina replied angrily. Emma shrugged and walked into the kitchen, looking for something to make into lunch. Angelina sighed and crossed the room and went into their room. Scarlett was sitting on her bed cross-legged, holding a pillow. Her face was calm, but Angelina could tell she was still angry. She didn’t blame her.
“Um, lunch’ll be ready soon. Em’s just fixing up something. We’ve got about 45 minutes until we’re expected back at the hill so, wanna come get some food?” Angelina asked warily. Scarlett looked up at her and Angelina could see that she looked on the verge of tears.
“Yeah, that sounds great. I can’t wait till tonight. Whatever we end up doing, we’ll show those girls what’s what,” Scarlett said, mostly to herself. Angelina smiled and held out her hand to help Scarlett off the bed. Scarlett smiled up at Angelina and took her hand and they went to the kitchen where Emma had made sandwiches. 45 minutes later, they were dressed in shorts and tank tops, their brooms over their shoulders, standing on top of the hill with the 47 other players waiting for instruction.

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Keeper of Goals, Keeper of Hearts: Summer Loving...


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