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Compromises by mexprizoner
Chapter 7 : Denying the undeniable
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A/N: Just a quick update because I’m on my way to do my first Lima Lama exam so wish me luck guys and I hope you don’t hate it too much.

Chapter Seven: Denying the undeniable

Blood ran from the broken skin of my knuckles, the gray stone wall smeared red from where my fist had been smashing against it. Rage boiling up inside, it’s taste bitter in my mouth as the same image repeated itself over and over again in my mind, the image of her running after that stupid, red-headed weasel. 

But why should I care? I’m not supposed to care. 

I should be happy and relieved that I can finally get away from that dirty-blooded Gryffindor. I should not be thinking about velvety soft lips, silky tresses of curly hair and the scent of vanilla on smooth skin. 

Yet, these thoughts keep swirling in my mind adding to the fuel of my wrath. How she could affect me in such away in such a short time, snare me in such a way that I seriously feared I would go mad. 

She isn’t worth it! 

I know she isn’t, there must be a reason for this, lust. Yes, lust still ran thorough my veins. It had nothing to do with her per say, only her body. Something I could easily get from any other girl, a much worthier girl. 

With this thought in mind I make my way to the dungeons trying hard to push her from my mind. By the time I arrived the common room was nearly empty except for two fourth years playing a round of chess watched closely by a minute first year. 

Pansy and Daphne Greengrass sitting near the fire place, apparently finishing homework that is probably due tomorrow, I walk over to Pansy, she looks up and smiles at me. 

“Hey there where have you been hiding” I ignore her question and Daphne’s shy smile kneeling next to her and pulling her mouth towards mine, fighting for oblivion to forget to get rid of all the memories overwhelming my brain. 

“Well, I’m glad to see you too.” Pansy laughs and pulls slightly away. 

I place my hand on the back of her neck and slam her mouth back to mine, I can feel my lips bruising as I’m sure hers are. She doesn’t seem to mind as she presses her body against mine apparently liking the roughness of my kiss. 

I hear Daphne slam her book shut and the sound of hurrying feet tell me she left for her dormitory. The rest follow shortly after with mumbled growls of ‘get a room’ left behind. I continue to kiss Pansy allowing all my frustrated need to show by pushing her back onto the rough cushion of the embroidered carpet. I fought for release from the overwhelming desire burning me from with in. 

I allowed my body to take control, concentrating on nothing but the heat of her mouth, her fingers pulling on my hair and her hips grinding against me. The sound of her moans filled my ears as a soft growl escaped my throat when her lips fell on my neck.
She pulled back suddenly starring at me in confusion. 

“What did you just call me?” she asked her voice aggressive. 

“Nothing” I answered bewildered, yet I pulled her back insistently didn’t she understand how much I need this. 

“You just called me Hermione!” she exclaimed pushing me away with a disgusted expression on her face. 

“No, I didn’t” did I? 

It couldn’t be, I hadn’t been thinking about her. I hadn’t! 

“Yes, you did I heard you clearly Draco, you just called me Hermione!” She shrieked jumping to her feet and away from me. 

“Pansy, you better go get some sleep you’re delirious” I commanded pulling my self onto the green velvet couch avoiding her scrutinizing gaze by running a slightly trembling hand through my hair. 

She didn’t move only stared at me though narrowed eyes, hands at her hips. 

“I said go!” I roared needing more than anything to be alone now. My injured hand was now throbbing, the blood dried yet I welcomed the pain, it was a small distraction. 

With one last disgusted look Pansy grabbed her books and made her ways towards her dormitory. 

It couldn’t be it wasn’t possible I had not been thinking about her. What the fuck is wrong with me? 

Maybe some sleep would help, it could be; I hadn’t really slept properly the night before what with… I stopped that particular train of thought in its track as I headed of for my solitary bed. 

My dreams where plagued with images of the last two days unbidden by me but by the time I awoke the next morning my head was considerably clearer than the night before. I was able to make it through most of the morning keeping unwanted thoughts at bay. Pansy had already forgiven my slip from the previous night sitting next to me at breakfast to my annoyance. 

But mid-afternoon though my hard work went to hell with the sight of her, just as I exited the transfiguration classroom I saw her hurry along pass me following a furious looking Ron Weasley. It was like pouring lemon juice on a wound I didn’t know I had. 

I wasn’t aware of making a decision to follow her, but the next thing I know I’m heading after the tantalizing scent of vanilla left after her. I stop when I hear the sound of raised voices, hidden behind the bust of a sickly looking wizard; I’m able to make out the sight of her tear stained face, Weasley too far ahead for me to see. 

“I’ve already told you what happened, what else do you want from me?” I could see her hair was a wild mess and her eyes red rimmed as she cried out to her supposed best friend. 

“I want the truth! You can’t possibly pretend for me to believe that load of bullshit” Weasley shouted the only thing I could see was his hand gesturing furiously in her face. 

I felt a mad urge to punch him again. 

“It’s the truth! I’ve told you to ask Slughorn if you don’t believe me” She insisted choking back a sob. 

“If it’s true then why are you here why isn’t he here with you?” 

“The effect wore of last night, I’m not exactly sure we only realized it after you left; as soon as I knew I went to find you.” Her frantic explanations echoed in my ears a strange pang throbbing in m chest. 

“Ron I’m your bestfriend, please, please believe me. I need you and I hate having you mad at this way.”She finished tears flowing freely down her cheeks. 

Weasley took a step closer to her and I could see the internal turmoil reflected on his freckled features. Finally with a heavy sigh he gently wiped her tears away from her eyes. 

“I’m sorry Hermione, I know that you wouldn’t lie to me, it’s just that seeing you with that git really got to me. I’m sorry ok.” I had to strain my ears to hear what he was saying his voice had dropped to a near whisper, Hermione let out one last sob before throwing her arms around him. 

“You can be such an idiot sometimes Ronald Weasley.” She said a teasing tone to her voice. 

“I know but you know you love me for it.” He chuckled; with a playful slap Hermione led him away. 

I sat back in my hiding place only to realize I had been holding my hand in tight fists, small white half moons marking the skin where my nails had been digging into it.
I would have to do my best from now on to ignore what ever it was that happened yesterday, I would erase all thought of her, to think of them would only be unnecessary torture. 

Was it really worth it?

I don't think so, not really.

A/N: Ok I said it wass short didn’t I? really short and kindda filler chapter a lot of you have been asking for some of Draco’s PoV so there you have it he is just as affected as Hermione is even if he won’t show it. the next one will probably be the last one but I’m thinking about doing an epiloge so it might not be. Please leave a review and tell me what you think. 

P.S: Don’t you just love my new banner I think it’s gorgeous!! 

love you all to pieces


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