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Slytherin Heirs by Ariane Aure
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Next morning

“Good morning students and lets welcome your first day of school happily and with a stomach filled with food!” Dumbledore said way to cheerfully, his eyes scanning the Slytherins till coming across Malia, his eyes lingered on her and then looked away. Owls started flying in, but Malia wasn’t looking in the sky she was looking on the ground and the table, suddenly a boa appeared on the Gryffindor table, causing everyone to freak out, Malia whistled and the boa slithered over to her with a letter in its mouth.

“Here’ssssss you mail Massssster!” The boa said in parseltounge.

“Thankssssssss Fang!” Malia said back in the same language. She took the letter which was from her grandmother it said.

My Dearest Malia,

I hope your liking your school! And I hope you aren’t hexing everyone who annoys you! And if you are Sev will fix you up! He always loved you like a daughter, your cousin as well, Megumi not so much but still, He loved Megumi like a son instead of a daughter since Megumi isn’t a girl like you two! But we are all doing well; your cousin became your parent’s legal daughter, Megumi is sad that you went away for the whole year. Snape sent me a letter today saying he is going to visit me soon. I hope to hear from you soon and I hope you being Salazar’s true descendant hasn’t caused you unwanted attention!

               Your loving Grandmother.

Malia smiled softly at the short letter and quickly scrawled on a spare piece of parchment with her green and silver ink quill


No I haven’t hexed everyone, only one person and he was asking for it, and you know how I am, I can’t control my ‘dark’ side when I snap, so everyone isn’t gonna annoy me all that much because the Slytherins(my house!)all saw me snap on a seventh year so they started spreading it around that I could beat anyone and anything up! I only heard that because of my awesome ability to hear beyond the normal person! I’m glad to hear Cuz and Gumi are well! I won’t be coming home for holidays sadly, but I want to have time to explore all the places that Salazar built while here that he later wrote in that parseltounge book I was reading over summer! I heard he has a chamber here with a basilisk, but sadly Harry Potter killed it, but I’ll still find a way to get in the Chamber! Love you and hope that you write back soon!

                        Your loving Granddaughter Malia Ravage Slytherin

“Okay Fang, ssssssend thisssssss to Grandmotherssssssss owl immediately pleassssssse!” Malia said in parseltounge. Fang just nodded and disappeared instantly. Malia got up from the table when she finished eating and headed off to D.A.D.A class, she was the first person there except for the teacher who was wearing all pink. “Excuse me are you Professor Jane Umbridge? The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who is Under Secretary for the Minister?” Malia asked politely.

“Why yes I am, and you must me Miss. Slytherin, who is supposedly Salazar’s true descendant, I’ve heard that all true Slytherins have heightened senses and abilities and outstanding at potions, dark arts….”Professor Umbridge sneered the words out. “Transfiguration and occlumency?”

“Why yes I am! And everything you have said is true, I have better senses and abilities then nonSlytherins and I am outstanding at my magical abilities and occlumency, but I also can speak parseltounge and snakes adore me! Particularly boas like Fang here!” Malia says while mentioning Fang who is around her neck like a necklace once again. Umbridge paled a bit at the words parseltounge and snakes. “Oh Professor do you by any chance….not like snakes?” Malia teased knowing Umbridge wouldn’t get a chance to reply because the rest of the class came in. Malia sat down and Draco sat on her right and Blaise on her left who held a picture.

“Hey Malia is this any chance your sister?”He says holding the photo.

“No actually that is my cousin! But other than that we are the same except that she has blonde hair whereas I have black, my brother has brown hair though.” Malia replied before Umbridge started the class.

“Now you teaching on this subject has been scarily….uneven….so this year you are going to follow a simple Ministry approved text that will get you through your O.W.L’s which I what school is really all about, passing your exams.” Umbridge started.

“Ummm Professor there’s nothing in here about using defensive spells!” Hermione Granger said.

“Using spells! Why on earth would you need to use spells?” Umbridge replied flatly.

“Umm, maybe because Voldemort is back and is going to kill us all!” Harry blurted out.

“Detention Mr. Potter! For your insolent behavior!”Umbridge called out. Malia started giggling when Harry got detention. “Detention for you as well Miss. Slytherin!” Malia’s eye darkened when Umbridge called her name out, everyone was staring at the two wondering what was going to happen.

“Okay Professor, whatever you say!” Malia said coolly. At that moment the bell rang and everyone ran to their next class even though it was potions the Gryffindors ran as well hating that hag more than Snape. Malia arrived at Potions class first ahead by a couple of minutes. Snape looked up and saw the anger in Malia’s eyes and decided to spell a calming draft into her stomach.

“We’ll talk later” Snape murmured and then left the room, Malia sat down and again Draco and Blaise sat next to her. Snape billowed in after everyone had walked in and the door had shut. “Today we will be brewing a draft of Living Dead, anyone who can manage to get as close to a perfect potion will get no homework for the rest of the month. Although I doubt anyone over here….” Snape gestured to the Gryffindors. “Will be able to get even close to perfect, and for cheating wise, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Blaise would you please4 move to your own table!” Snape had a glint in his eyes, the two went and sat at another table and got out their ingredients and books. Malia had already started on the potion while Snape was talking, the Draft of Living Dead being her specialty she knew she would have no problem winning. “You all have two hours to brew it, begin.” Snape ended and went to grade some essays. Thirty minutes later Malia was cleaning up and putting her stuff away and had started on her D.A.D.A homework which was a 3 foot essay on how not to use defensive spells. Snape looked up when he heard murmuring. “Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasly why are you talking?”

“Well Professor its Malia, she’s finished!”Ron and Harry both blurted out. Snape looked at Malia and smiled and walked over to her cauldron and dropped spiders in them, they all died and turned to dust in a second.

“Why yes she is, and she’s done better than all of you pathetic excuses of students could ever do combined! Miss. Slytherin is the winner, you all my clean up and leave for lunch!” Snape said.

“Professor I can’t stay, but I’ll send Fang to you with a note explaining earlier!” Malia said, she walked to lunch and then went to afternoon classes. When she finished her classes she had a free period, so Malia went to the libraries restricted section to study there and write her note to Snape. She wrote in the note what happened in D.A.D.A class. Soon it was time for her detention with Potter and Umbridge; she walked up to the Professors office and almost ran back out because everything was pink. She walked in noticing Harry was already there. “Potter! Umbridge!” Malia said distastefully.

“How nice of you to join us Miss. Slytherin, now you both are going to be doing some lines for me, using a rather special quill of mine.” Umbridge said while giving the two both a blood red quill, Malia sat down and Harry sat across from her. “You will write Malia ‘I will not laugh in class’ 100 times and you Potter will be writing ‘I will not tell lies’ also 100 times. You may begin you have one hour.” Both students started writing. Harry started twitching his hand and Malia could smell blood, Malia finally looked up when Harry softly moaned in pain, the back of his hand had the words ‘I must not tell lies’. Malia’s hand had ‘I will not laugh in class’ on the back of her hand. Finally the hour was up and both students walked back to their common rooms.

“Hey Harry want me to heal your hand?” Malia asked while healing her own hand, Harry nodded and Malia waved her hand slightly and suddenly Harry’s hand was healed.

“Thanks Malia, you know you’re not what I expected the descendant of Slytherin to be like.” Harry said, Malia nodded.

“I know!” Malia said before skipping off to her common room and Harry walking slowly to his. Malia finally arrived at her room and fell asleep instantly again. She woke up the next morning and went through the same thing at school except for the detention. Everyday seemed to be the same until Halloween dinner came along.

Halloween Dinner

Malia had gotten a howler from her Aunt and Uncle which had yelled at her.


“Happy Halloween everybody! Now that the howler is over, I hope you liked the feast the house elves have prepared for us!” Dumbledore said. “Now I do have an announcement, those who are staying for winter holidays will you please sign up with you head of house. Now everyone off to bed!” Dumbledore said after everyone was done eating. Malia went off to bed and the cycle continued, she signed up to stay for the holidays and found out Draco, Blaise, and the Golden Trio were staying as well as several other students. Classes continued as usual and finally the night before winter break arrived and everyone was eating an early Christmas dinner. Suddenly the loud bang of the two Grand Hall doors bursting open, and a girl and boy bursting in. The girl had long blonde hair with green tips the same eyes as Mali, a cobra on her neck and wrist, the girl also has a long cut on her face and arms. The boy had brown hair with green tips and the same eyes as Malia and a cotton mouth on his arm. Both were pale and shaking from exhaustion but still looked amazing. Malia stood up and shouted.

“TEIRA! GUMI!” Malia ran to the two, every student and Professor had their eyes on the necklace the new girl was wearing that had the Slytherin crest and the armband with the Slytherin crest on it which the boy was wearing. Malia quickly hugged both of them and then dragged the two of the up to Professor Dumbledore. “Headmaster this is my very distant cousin Megumi Slytherin” Malia said gesturing to the boy. “And this is my other cousin Teira Storm Slytherin.” Gesturing to the girl with the long cut on her face. Snape stood up immediately and walked over to Teira.

“Headmaster there is no need for them to be sorted since they are also descendants of Slytherin.” Snape asked while trying to heal Teira’s wound but to no success.

“No of course not Severus, they belong in Slytherin” Dumbledore said.

“Good, then I’ll be taking these three to my office” Snape replied quickly and left the Grand Hall with the trio following behind him silently, the only sound in the hall is the sound of Teira’s blood dripping to the floor. Finally the three arrive at Snape’s office and the four walk in and then put the Muffliato spell on the room so none can hear their conversation. “What happened Teira? I know that that cut did not happen on accident….” Snape waited several minutes before asking again. “Teira I can’t help you until you tell me what happened! Why won’t you tell me don’t you trust me!?”

“Teira’s parents hurt her badly Sev, I would be shocked if she would talk right now, but I know what happened….”Megumi started but never got finished because Teira punched him hard on his arm making a bruise for right then and there. “Alright I won’t tell anything beyond that your parents abused you badly.” Megumi said while rubbing his arm.

“Headmaster can I tell Teira where our room is so she can go and rest?” Malia asked sweetly.

“Of course Malia.”Dumbledore replied who had just arrived via the floo network. Malia started saying something in parseltounge and then Teira walked off to her room down in the Slytherin Common Rooms. “Now….”Dumbledore continued when Teira left. “Megumi can you please tell us what happened?”

“Well, I don’t really have to tell you….but if you have a pensieve I can SHOW you what happened.” Megumi stated.

“Ok, I happen to have my pensieve in my office, nothing a simple fetching charm won’t fix” Dumbledore said and then waving his hand to summon his pensieve. The pensieve appeared in the middle of the four and enlarged itself so everyone could see the memory. Megumi held up a small bottle filled with Teira’s memories of the one fateful day, he poured the memories into the pensieve and then everyone put their heads into it.

Teira’s Memory

“Mother I’m home!” Teira called out.
“I’m in the library!” a woman’s voice called out. Teira ran down several hallways and finally arrived at the library which was huge. Teira stopped short when she saw her mother and father in the library with extremely angry looks.

“Mother, Father what’s wrong?” Teira asked warily. Her mother and father both pulled out their wands and their snakes quickly wrapped themselves onto Teira’s ankles, binding her to the floor. “WHAT DID I DO!!?” Teira cried out which made everyone watching the memory flinch at the pain in her voice.

“You left to find your sister! You need to be punished gravely!” the mother said.

“I don’t have a sister!” Teira cried out in the same pained tone. Teira was already flinching from the pain that was about to come.

“DON’T LIE TO YOUR MOTHER GIRL!” the father yelled.

“BUT IM NOT LYING!!” Teira cried out, tears starting to trickle down her face.

“For lying to us both, you will get five lashes, and two long rounds of the cruciatus curse!” her mother stated, Teira started crying as her mother whispered a spell and fire and ice came out of her wand and formed into a whip, she felt something slash her face and then blacked out. When she came back too, her parents had gone out to some party, and had cobras started crawling over her wounds healing all but the one on her face, the marks on her back from a whip were reduced to thin red scars, and the mental scar that had been there since she was old enough to walk and talk. Teira got up and ran to Megumi who was visiting Grandmother. Teira grabbed Megumi and apparated to the gate at Hogwarts and then continued to run to the great hall.

The four came out of the memory, all shaken and disgusted that parents could do that to a child.

“Megumi….call Teira back here NOW!” Snape ordered. Megumi ran off to find Teira who would most likely be in her room which she was. The remaining three just stared at the pensieve wondering how such a child like Teira survive that kind of torment and still remain sane. Malia however was wondering what the parents were talking about when they said Teira had a sister. Megumi burst back into the room dragging an angry Teira with him. Teira finally snatched her hand back from Megumi’s grip and slapped him, blood still trickling down her face.

“Gumi!! Why did you do THAT! I told you NOT to show them!” Teira cried, the same pained and betrayed tone in her voice that was in the memory, everyone flinched at her voice.

“Teira Storm Slytherin! Come here now!” Snape ordered. Teira walked up to Snape who twisted her around and pulled her shirt up so everyone could see her back which had five angry red scars on them.

“They’ll be gone by tomorrow!! Honestly I’m FINE!!” Teira yelled in the end, activating her magic which brought up a slight breeze that lifted her hair up and made it swirl around her face. “I’m fine! Headmaster may I see my class schedule now, and don’t lie I know you have it!” she said beginning with a sigh.

“Um, of course….here’s your schedule; do you want to start class tomorrow?” Dumbledore said realizing it was a stupid question and handed over her schedule.

“Of course I want to start tomorrow!” Teira said while taking the schedule and then started reading it over. “Hmmm, seventh year everything….it’s fitting. I like my classes and triple potions and double D.A.D.A should be fun!” Teira said and then swept out of the office and went back to her room.

“Wait Teira! Oh never mind you’ll learn about her tomorrow….Goodnight Sev! Headmaster, come Gumi I’ll show you your room!” Malia said and then skipped out dragging Megumi along with her. She entered the common room and saw Teira yelling at Draco Malfoy.

“I DON’T CARE IF YOUR FATHER IS IN THE MINISTRY! I KNOW EVEYTHING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Would you like me to share some with all of the Slytherins!!?” Teira was yelling and then the trade mark evil smirk of the Slytherin family appeared on her face. Megumi grabbed Malia’s arm and kept them in the shadows so no one could see them.

“N-n-n-NO!” Draco cried out and then paled some.

“You know what too bad!” an evil look appeared in Teira’s eyes. “In your second year, your house elf went to the assistance of the only Harry Potter to supposedly save his life! At the end of the year Harry saw your father Lucius ‘abuse’ him and Harry TRICKED YOUR FATHER into freeing him! The house elves name was Dobby and still serves the one and only Harry Potter to this day!” Teira started laughing, her grip on Draco still tight. “So don’t EVER think about talking trash about my family or me! Cause I know more about you then you know yourself!” Everyone in the common room was pale and kept thinking ‘she’s crazier than Malia! Wait no, I think Teira is more violent and more easily angered then Malia and that’s what makes her scarier!’ Teira started laughing again. “And don’t try and keep secrets from me!! I’ll find out sooner or later!” Teira went into her room and slammed it shut, at that moment Megumi released Malia and both of them appeared out of the shadows.

“So Draco! What did you say about our family?” Malia and Megumi said together. Draco screamed like a little girl because he had not seen or heard them coming.

“I didn’t say anything!!” Draco said quickly before running to his room.

“Come Gumi I’ll show you your room! You don’t have to share with that scaredy cat!” Malia said and then dragged Megumi down the hall Draco had just ran down, they passed Draco’s room and stopped outside a large door with a cottonmouth on it. The door opened and the duo stepped inside seeing the silver, black, and green coloring and the single but large bed, the separate bathroom and cottonmouths everywhere.

“I’m glad a cottonmouth is my familiar! They can be quite useful in a scrap….” Megumi said, he walked over to his bed and laid down. “You can go now Malia, besides I’m sure Teira will need to be calmed down after that fight with Malfoy!”

“Okay Gumi, I’ll see you after class then since the three of us aren’t in any of the same classes!” Malia look glum but smiled quickly and happily and skipped off to her room where she found Teira in her silver and black nightgown, her hair down and brushed, a bandage on her face, and was fast asleep. Malia smiled when she saw the peaceful look on her cousin’s face. Malia herself got ready for bed and fell asleep quickly.


Hey Everybody its A.A here! I hope you liked my second chapter!! Cuz me and my friend have been very busy making new chapters! Btw this is hopefully gonna be a trio of stories, so there will be this one,then a sequel, then the final third book. R&R and i'll read your stories!Future chapters WILL be longer!!!!

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Slytherin Heirs: Chapter Two


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