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Fragments by Joanne K
Chapter 5 : Red Lipstick
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Challenge (issued by pookha):

Write a drabble using the prompt 'red lipstick'.

It was the first thing he noticed about her as she walked through the door: that bright red lipstick. His eyes were drawn to those full pouty lips that were painted in glistening scarlet, like a ripe red strawberry. He wondered if her lips would taste as sweet as a ripened berry.

He drew away his focus from the woman's crimson mouth so that he might take in the rest of her features. Her face was white like porcelain and her dark hair was tied into a knot at the nape of her neck. Her brow was creased in worry, marring her otherwise beautiful demeanor.

"Sit down," he offered, pointing the seat opposite him.

The woman nodded curtly and sat down in the seat he had indicated, smoothing her skirt beneath her as she sat, so as not to crease it.

"How can I help you, Miss...?"

"Mrs. Weasley," the woman supplied, putting emphasis on the title so he could be left in no doubt of her marital status, "Hermione Weasley."

"How can I help you, Mrs. Weasley?" he asked, cursing his ill-fortune that the woman was married, he had already been imagining himself kissing those red-stained lips.

But no matter, it could never have been more than a fantasy anyway, there was a strict policy about dating clients. He had learned long ago that it always ended up being more trouble than it was worth.

"I'm seeking a man by the name of Xavier Whitman," she replied, "I've heard you are the best there is in seeking out those who have gone into hiding."

"It's true," he nodded, "But I must say it is not everyday my services are sought by those in Magical Law Enforcement. I would have thought it was below you."

He raised an eyebrow at the woman before him, who fidgeted slightly in her seat.

"I'm afraid these are extenuating circumstances, Mr. Urquhart," she said, pursing her red lips, "Mr. Whitman has been evading our department for some time now and we can't let him continue to avoid us. It is imperative that he is found a brought in."

Urquhart found himself grinning at the way the woman spoke so passionately.

"Will you help us, Mr. Urquhart?"

Urquhart licked his upper lip and pressed his fingers together thoughtfully.

"I'll do it," he replied somewhat slyly, "On one condition."

Hermione looked at him with narrowed eyes as a cheeky grin played upon his face.

"And what might that condition be?" she asked in a businesslike tone.

"A kiss."

"Excuse me?"

"I want to kiss you Miss Weasley," he said with a smirk, enjoying her apparent discomfit, "I want to kiss those beautiful pouty red lips. Just once."

"I thought I made it quite clear that I was married, Mr. Urquhart," she replied, waspishly, placing her left hand on the table in front of her so that her wedding ring was in plain sight.

"It's just one kiss," he said casually, "And those lips just look so delectable."

Hermione's face was quickly turning the same shade as her lipstick.

"If this is the way you usually conduct business, Mr. Urquhart, then I am not sure I wish to conduct business with you after all."

Hermione rose sharply from her seat and Urquhart shrugged his shoulders, unfazed by the angry stare she was giving him. Hermione turned on her heel and stormed out the door. Urquhart simply chuckled to himself. He would let her stew for tonight, but he would send her an owl in the morning agreeing to take on the case. Galleons were still galleons after all. Still, it would have been nice to kiss those gorgeous red lips.

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