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Hide and Seek by Mistress
Chapter 19 : Cheese to go with that Wine?
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This chapter is dedicated to every reviewer who helped this sequel
surpass its original story in reviews. You all are so amazing! Enjoy!

Edit: Quickly wanted to mention the overwhelming response on how to
dispose of Amanda Beckett in the reviews from last chapter. I think we're
all rather horrible, haha. Only joking, she'd be deserving...right?

I knew right away I would need reinforcements. There was no way I would be able to pick out the perfect dress for the fundraiser dinner without help. Who cared if I owned several dresses that would fit the part? This was important. It was a dinner for the Quidditch community and I was going with Liam Denters.

That was why I went to the dress store armed with Alicia, Katie, Angelina, and of course Roger Davies. I didn’t intend on originally inviting Roger because I was sure it wasn’t his thing, but after receiving another letter detailing this girl and how she didn’t know he existed, I felt it was necessary.

“I know girls like certain cuts, but Jane, you’ve tried that dress on three times.” Roger smiled at me when I twirled in my fifth dress just outside the fitting room. We were alone in a little boutique Lou told me about (Yes, Lou was telling me about boutiques) and I felt comfortable with the floral wallpaper and lounge chairs.

“That is completely different than the last,” Katie said. Things were (thank Merlin) back to normal between us since she apologized for being a twit. In return I promised to listen to her rant about George. Not that I wanted to. “It has a longer bottom. The last barely went to her knees.”

“Oh, I remember that one,” Roger said with a sly grin. I smacked him on the arm.

“Do we like it?”

“No,” said Angelina. “It’s not better than the second one.”

“The second was rubbish!” cried Alicia, dodging a hit from Ang. “The third was pure sex. You’ll have the boys jumping all over you.”

“Is that what I want at a fundraiser dinner?” I asked.

“That’s what you always want, what are you talking about?”

I smiled. “On to the next dress.” I shut the door behind me and stared at the three I had left. Picking a dress for a fundraiser was harder than I thought it would be.

“I feel like I’m the audience right now,” Angelina said and I heard the ruffle of magazine pages. “I want to go to a fancy dinner to raise money for something. Jane, tell me again how you seemed to woo Liam Denters and none of us did? I quite remember laughing at his jokes and I didn’t get a letter.”

“It wasn’t broadcasted you were single in Quidditch Weekly,” I replied, snickering. It seemed almost so long ago stealing the magazine and ripping it open to the article. Laughable even. I was so ridiculous at times. “Let’s change the subject though, I get nervous when I think about the whole Quidditch World being there.”

“Okay, let’s talk about Dodger and his girl love,” Alicia said loudly and Roger made a disgruntled noise.

“I figured now Hogwarts is over people would stop calling me that,” he said, but I could hear the twinge of a smile in his voice. “And so now I’m not going to tell you about her at all.”

“You’d better!” I said through the door, fighting with the zipper on a pretty brown dress.

“She’s a girl,” he said.

“Oh, good start.”

Roger chuckled. “I don’t know what you want me to tell you. She fancies one of the Magpies players so she’s not into the reserve team.”

“And is this Magpies player dishy?” asked Alicia.

“I don’t—he’s married!”

I stuck my head out of the door. “So she’s going after a married man?”

“She’s not going after him—you’ve got my words all mucked up. She fancies him because he’s a good looking bloke but she’s never made a move or anything. That just means she doesn’t eye anybody else at the moment.”

“Maybe you should step into her line of view,” said Katie slyly.

“It would probably annoy her.”

Katie snorted. “Have you even tried?”

I pushed the door all the way open and modeled the brown dress, but I didn’t think anyone was paying much attention considering Katie was kneeling on her chair to look at Roger and his face was flushed red.

“Well, no,” he said.

“You’re going to have to,” Ang said, leaning over Katie. “She’s never going to think you’re interested if you just sit back and watch.”

“Why is this turning into a counseling center stay?”

I laughed. “Why is this turning into relationship advice instead of Jane-dress-examination?”

Katie’s head flew around. “Jane, I love that one. Makes your figure look great, but it’s graceful. Now Roger, you need to ask her a question first—ask her where the dining area is even if you already know.”

“Won’t I seem like a bit of a git?”

“She’ll notice you and want to help,” Alicia chimed in. “Great dress, Jane. I like how simple and sexy it is.”

“I agree, I love the cut,” said Ang. “Seriously, though, she’ll recognize you when she sees you again at functions. I think she’ll approach you because let’s face it, Roger, you’re quite the handsome guy. I can say that now that you and Jane aren’t together. But if she doesn’t approach you then you can go thank her for the directions or something.”

He made a skeptical face, squirming slightly in the yellow pleather seats. “I don’t know.”

The girls glanced back up at me.

“You’re getting that one, right?” Ang said.

It wasn’t exactly the revelation I wanted over a dress since I expected the stars to align when I tried on the right one, but I had to admit I did fancy it quite a lot. I nodded. “As long as Roger agrees to at least talk to the girl.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to her. It won’t work, but I’ll talk to her.”

I rolled my eyes and shut myself back into the fitting room. Pulling off the dress, I listened to them argue back and forth about different things and about past experiences with approaching people when it truly paid off.

“Didn’t it work for you before?” Alicia said. “When you said something to Jane in the Entrance Hall or whatever?”

He paused. “I guess you’re right. I think it was a different situation considering I’d known her for six years. Has it ever happened to any of you?”

“I always sort of fancied Fred so when he came up to me after a Quidditch match and attached himself to my face…well, I was expecting it.” I could almost feel the heat off Ang’s face from behind the door.

I placed the dress on a hanger and stood back to admire it. Sodding dress was more trouble than it was worth. Expensive bugger too.

“Yeah, it worked for Lee though in a way. I had no idea the boy liked me. Came a little out of nowhere.” Alicia laughed. “I wish I could see him, though. I miss the jerk.”

The room went a little quiet. Katie cleared her throat. “I’m not really sure what that’s like. George and I…it was different.”

Quiet again.

I broke the silence by opening the door with an arm full of dresses to put on the “not getting” pile I was so fond of by that time. I held up the chocolate brown dress. “Are we ready to head out, then? It’s almost noon.”

“It’s your own fault you didn’t pick a dress until the day of the fundraiser,” said Ang.

They stood up and followed me to the register, weaving in and out of interesting shirts and bleach-stained jeans. I parked myself by the window and the smiley cashier started to ring up the dress. She continued to smile. I felt awkward.

I chanced a glance back to see Ang and Alicia both staring out of the corners of their eyes at Katie. I followed, nearly shocked to see the girl partially in silent tears. Then I followed her stare, which led me to a blatantly obvious display in the front window of a very bohemian style wedding dress with white layers and a lace trim.

Well, fuck.

“Katie, come here and look at this,” Roger said, putting his hand on Katie’s shoulder. “Tell me if I would look good in a shirt like this because a few people on the team said I would but they might have been being sarcastic and I just couldn’t decide.” He steered her away toward a display by the door and I let my breath escape.

The girls and I exchanged glances and I paid for the dress. Stupid expensive bugger dress that I was going to look absolutely stunning in.

I felt bad Katie was nearly crying over the wedding dress, but part of me had no idea what to say. There was nothing to say. They were her emotions and she needed to sort through them on her own. I couldn’t tell her to talk to George, especially since she convinced herself she hated his Weasley guts.

Ang coughed a bit and leaned over. “Fred tells me Mrs. Weasley is peeved at Katie.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t have the whole story,” Alicia said.

“I should right hope not—I guess George has been basically insane this whole last week. Fred said now he’s going through anger and denial. What a rollercoaster guy.”

“Who knew George was capable of such emotion?” I said with a laugh, careful to keep my voice down. “Are you sure you can’t head back to my place while I get ready?”

“Sorry. Fred and I are meeting in secret. He’s told George he’s getting gardening supplies because apparently the boy’s taken up gardening.” Angelina rolled her eyes and glanced over her shoulder at Roger and Katie. “And Katie said she’s spending the evening with her mum and dad since he finally got back from his trip. It’ll be good for her. I think.”

“Wish it was good for me to spend time with my ‘rents,” Alicia said thoughtfully. “But maybe it’s good I’m not because I get to help Jane adjust her blush and tell her she looks fat in her dress. And we’ll have Roger there for good company.”

“I wish he was actually on the Magpies so he’d be at the dinner,” I said, recounting the change the cashier handed me back and taking the bag. “I might need familiar faces to help me through this one.”

“Isn’t it exciting, though?” Alicia said, leading the way back over to Katie and Roger. “You’re going to be eating dinner with some of the most famous names in Quidditch. I’ll bet Bastian will be there.”

I surveyed her.

“Not that I care or anything—he’s a right dishy bloke, no matter if I turned him down or not.”

I nodded. “Too right you are. Ready Katie? Roger? I think it’s time to finally start getting ready for this shin dig.”

“I think I should take your place with Liam,” said Alicia, pushing open the door with both hands. “Just because you said the phrase, shin dig.”

I was glad Dad wasn’t there right away when I got home so I had the place to myself with Roger and Alicia and when I changed into the dress and twirled around both were much more taken with it than in the fitting room. At least this time we weren’t discussing Roger’s dating diary. Or Charms journal. No, I wasn’t thinking about that.

“It’s really rather stunning,” Alicia said, taking a walk around me and admiring the detail work.

I stared in the mirror beside my window. I liked the way it swooped below my knees with tight seam stitches mixed in with the dark brown and I kept looking at the top cut showing off my collar bones. Paired with beige heels it seemed almost perfect, but not trying to be perfect. Not like Bridget’s red dress and lipstick from the World Cup. Honestly, who wears that to a Quidditch match?

Not me because Quidditch and I were broken up.

“So,” Roger said, hoisting himself up to sit on my desk. “Katie’s still majorly hung up, huh?”

“Like it’s going out of style,” Alicia said, huffing loudly. “I’m not sure when she’s going to come to her senses. Every time I try to help she gets crazy with me. I think we should devise a plan.”

“A plan? Can we wait until I at least get back from the fundraiser dinner? I think I need to plan for that.”

“Good idea!” Alicia threw her index finger in the air. “We’ll make some sort of plan to get them together for a … shin dig, as Jane would say.” She paused and watched Roger for a minute until he shot her a quizzical stare. “It’s not weird for you to be mates with Jane after snogging her senseless for a few months?”

“Not really,” he said, smiling. “Though the snogging was ace, I have to say.”

“I do try,” I said cheerfully.

“No, though, it’s not. I could tell neither of us were really one hundred percent in anyway. It’s better we can be friends and be one hundred percent invested this way, you know? We do get on quite well outside of the relationship thing. Plus, it was obvious she fancied Wood way more than me.”

I tightened my lips, not wanting to say anything, and Alicia changed the subject back to Katie. He was right, of course I fancied Wood more. But now—no way. Even though I wasn’t really super attracted to Liam, I wasn’t attracted to Oliver much at first anyway because he was a git, so who was to say I couldn’t fall for Liam Denters? I could. I just needed to spend more time with him. I liked that he was a country boy at heart too. Not all dinner and dancing.

So eventually I could start to fancy him.


I couldn’t stop the groan from escaping as Amanda Beckett came flying into my room with a shit-eating grin on her face and my skirt in hand. Alicia quickly formed her laugh into a cough and Roger stared fairly rudely with his jaw hanging open.

Bugger, I hadn’t told them about dear Amanda. How she came from Lou I’d never know.

“How simply amazing to see you!” she shrieked at the level only dogs could understand. I did too but that wasn’t the point. The point was she was annoying.

“Erm, hi, Amanda,” I said casually yet stiffly. “These are my friends Alicia and Roger.”

“Oh, friends of Jane!” cried Amanda, slamming the door shut. “Ones from your school in America?”

Alicia turned her laugh into a hacking cough this time.

“Actually no, friends from around here,” I replied quickly.

“Why are you wearing that dress? Do you have a whole other stash I don’t know about?” Amanda giggled and I cracked my knuckles in a masculine way.

“Alicia—Roger, this is Amanda. Lou’s daughter.”

“Roger, huh?” Amanda said, nearly stepping on my toes to get to where Roger sat on my desk. “How do you know Jane? She’s quite interesting, don’t you think? I’m going to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Fancy anything?”

“Water is fine,” Roger said, trying to disguise his smile. Amanda rushed from the room, throwing my skirt onto the bed and slamming the door.

“A stiff scotch,” I muttered, letting out a huge sigh. “Cliff notes,” I said quickly. “Amanda is Lou’s daughter, she’s a Muggle so no wand-whipping, She’s bleeding crazy and thinks she needs to be bonking at fourteen and she thinks I go to a school in America so let’s just stick to that, shall we?”

Alicia laughed. “And she’s obviously quite taken with Dodger.”

“I’m going to throw you out the window,” Roger said, laughing. “Quit calling me that.”

“All right, Dodger,” she said cheerfully. “Wish the little git would have gotten me a water. I’m practically parched.”

I rolled my eyes, adjusting the straps to the dress as Amanda flew back into the room with Roger’s drink. “So I’m thinking hair down, what do you think?”

“Where do you go to school, Roger?” Amanda said loudly.

“Yes, Jane,” Alicia said. “You look sexy with your hair down.”

“Are you a lesbian?” Amanda spat out wearing a wide-eyed expression of curiosity.

Alicia choked on her nonexistent water. “What a good conversation piece,” she said darkly. “You really have no manners, you know that?”

“Are you though?”

Roger coughed loudly. “I’ve actually graduated so I’m not longer in school,” he said. “Wear your hair down, Jane. It looks good. I’m thinking natural makeup too.”

“Are you a lesbian?” said Alicia, laughing. Amanda gave her a dark look. “Really, I don’t know what hair opinions have to do with sexuality. Anyway, do you need help with jewelry?”

I nodded and Amanda practically snuggled up next to Roger. He was looking awkward.

After doing all my makeup by hand (usually I at least used my wand for the mascara) and giving me hair volume by shaking the bleeding hell out of it, I stood back and smiled. I looked good. I was even down to not snapping at Amanda every few minutes since Roger obviously felt bad for the poor girl.

I wanted to shove her down the stairs to twitch with Bridget and Libby.

Just as I was about to lead her out to the building staircase, Dad poked his head in the door and I put my plan on hold. Instead, I smiled warmly.

“Pumpkin, you look stunning,” he said, grinning. “What time are you leaving?”

“Liam should be here soon; I’m not sure when.” I shrugged and turned back toward the mirror. I almost wished I was more nervous.

“Liam, who’s Liam?” said Amanda loudly.

“Amanda, why don’t you come out here and watch a movie with your mom and me?” Dad said, using his Dad-dar to figure out how much I wanted to kick her.

“I want to hang out with Jane.”

“That means she wants to hang out with Roger,” Alicia muttered.

“I’ll be back later, Amanda. Thanks for hanging out while I got ready.” I said this through gritted teeth. I convinced myself I was only being polite since my dad was standing in the doorway and he fancied the pants off Lou Beckett (bad mental image associated with that innuendo).

She pouted, shot Roger a look of pure desperation that clearly signaled she wanted him to be her lucky first when she turned fifteen, and huffed out of the room. Dad smiled and followed her out.

“She’s quite the…who am I kidding, that girl is insane,” said Roger, checking himself for signs of scarring. “For a minute there I thought she was going to just going to plant one on me. What a weird girl.”

Alicia nodded. “I felt like I didn’t exist. Which was strange. I’m not used to that. I’ll have to tell Lee about my experiences dealing with being left out.”

I laughed and turned. “Am I done?”

“You are very done,” Alicia said. “You look stunning. Maybe you’ll pick up a few more Quidditch boyfriends while you’re there. I’ll let you share with me. I’d do that. Out of the goodness of my heart.”

“Thanks so much,” I said, laughing. I was about to add something about Alicia being a home wrecker, but right when I opened my mouth Amanda came soaring through the door nearly sweating.

“Tell me that ridiculously dishy boy at the door belongs to you, Jane,” she said, breathing heavily.

Since when did Amanda say dishy?

“If it’s Liam then he doesn’t belong to me because I’m single,” I said.

“So sly, Jane! I’m going to do that too. I just won’t be in relationships—I’ll have them take me out places and spend money on me!”

“That is so not what I meant,” I muttered, nearly pressing my palm to my face. What a disaster this girl was. “Liam is here for me, Amanda. He’s taking me to a fundraiser dinner. End of story.”

“Oh! He’s out there talking to Mum and your dad. Oh, Jane, we’re practically sisters!” She rushed out again and I groaned.

“What a lousy summer,” I said gruffly, grabbing a small clutch and strapping my wand to my leg.

“Lousy summer?” Alicia said. “I don’t know how you can get off saying that. You’re going out with Liam Denters. He’s famous, you know. Like, really famous. Roger, isn’t he famous?”

“You didn’t call me Dodger,” he said shocked.

“Dodger, isn’t he famous?”

“Walked into that,” Roger mumbled, pulling open the door. “Yes, he’s famous. Are you ready, Jane? I’m going to meet this bloke.”

“Like I need your approval,” I said, laughing, but I led the way regardless and was even more taken by Liam’s goodlookingness than I was the first time I saw him.

He wore a finely pressed suit with a flower pinned to his jacket and a little emblem basically explaining he was a player. His hair wasn’t gelled or anything, which was nice, and his smile practically lit up the room. I felt Alicia nearly go rigid next to me.

Thank Merlin Amanda and Lou seemed to have vanished into the kitchen so Liam didn’t have to hold back anything, like Quidditch talk, while wooing my father.

“That’s Liam Denters,” she whispered.

“You met him at the World Cup,” I said.

“Yeah, but he wasn’t dating you at the World Cup,” she whispered back.

“Jane, hi,” said Liam, kissing my hand. I let a bit of blush creep up my cheeks. “I’ve just been talking to your dad about the Puddlemere plans. Our rebuild is coming along fantastic.”

“Liam, this is Alicia. You met her at the World Cup, she was there with me. And this is Roger. We went to school together. He played for the Ravenclaw team and is a Magpies reserve.”

“Aw, Magpies, mate?” Liam said, laughing as he shook Alicia’s and Roger’s hands. “Respectable. They had a good showing at the Cup. I do remember you, Alicia, right? Yeah, I remember arguing with you about Hufflepuff.”

“I am still no closer to understanding that sodding house,” she said.

“Ready then, Jane? I’ve left us a little extra travel time but we’re probably cutting it close.”

“Sure thing.” I smiled and hugged Alicia and turned to Roger.

“Be careful,” he mouthed, giving me a hug.

I hugged Dad too. “Keep her out of my room,” I snapped quietly. “I definitely locked my door before and she took that skirt.”

He made a face. “That would be my fault. She told me you said it was all right.”

“Lying little wench,” I muttered, but regained my smile as I turned back toward Liam. “All right, I’m ready. I’m really excited and hungry too, so I hope we can take care of that. Bye!” He pulled open the door for me and I finally let myself be a bit nervous.

“When we apparate there we’ll end up around the corner of the building because restrictions on the agreement say we can’t apparate right into the lobby. Just so you know.” Liam smiled and let me slide my arm into his as we walked down a few flights of stairs.

The first thing I wasn’t prepared for was the general fanciness of the place. The fundraiser was held in an enormous building somewhere in London with giant pillars and chandeliers in the lobby and a ridiculous amount of shiny decorations. It was gorgeous with tall ceilings and everyone gasped and oohed and ahhed when they walked in. I was a bit guilty of it and Liam smiled.

The second thing I wasn’t prepared for was the media and cameras in my face. Right when we walked in the lobby door there were ropes lining off the media with their bright orange tags and lights. I clung to Liam’s arm at one point.

“Liam, tell me about your donations for this evening,” said one reporter with a large camera.

“I’ve got twelve-hundred galleons and some Puddlemere tickets for tonight,” he said cheerfully, leaning into a magical microphone. Photos were snapping everywhere and my eyes started to hurt.

“Who do you have with you tonight?” asked another reporter.

“This is Jane Perry. She’s the Seeker for Gryffindor,” Liam said, smiling, and I blushed. “Isn’t she stunning?”

“Absolutely beautiful,” said the reporter.

Another one leaned over. “Jane Perry? Aren’t you the girl mentioned in Quidditch Weekly’s elegable bachelor section?”

My head snapped over.

“I helped edit that section. Oliver Wood’s ex, aren’t you?” he said, shoving the microphone in my face.

“I am,” I said, my voice shaking a bit.

“Moving on up in the Quidditch world?” he asked.

“I’m just the date,” I said, trying to smile. My stomach exploded in nerves.

“Tell me about what your plans are for after graduation!”

“How many times have you caught the Snitch?”

“How does Liam Denters compare to Oliver Wood?”

“Have you donated to the cause?”

Cameras were everywhere. I clutched Liam’s arm and felt his muscles flex and he answered a few more questions before steering me inside. There were several long tables under enormous chandeliers and high ceilings and the centerpieces were bouquets of violet orchids.

He led me through a fancy crowd of women laughing with champagne glasses and I felt completely out of my element. I knew I wasn’t the most sophisticated girl with a dad and a flat in London, but I felt as if I could hold my own at a fancy dinner. I spotted several forks surrounding each place setting and felt my stomach fall. Bollocks, I was positive I should use every single one of them for the same course.

There were also place settings behind every china plate with names scrawled on them in black ink. I found Liam’s almost immediately at a large table near the center of the room and mine next to it. My name looked horribly fancy and I sort of liked it.

The third thing I did not expect was to see Oliver Wood’s pompous glare from across the table. He wasn’t down the table, either, he was across it. Directly across it, looking down at his menu card while Bridget Lilion was gabbing away next to him.

Son of a batch of cookies.

“Oliver,” Liam said loudly, extending his hand over the table and Oliver shook it. “How are you? And Bridget, you’re looking lovely tonight.” He motioned to her bright carnation pink dress with frills around the neckline. It made me almost physically sick.

“Thanks, Liam. You look—holy shit.” Bridget nearly dropped her glass as her eyes found mine.

“Bridget,” Oliver said harshly since a few people glanced over at her language. He followed her eyes and proceeded to choke on champagne.

“Would you like a drink, Jane?” Liam asked, seemingly taking no notice of Oliver’s breathing problem.

“Water is fine, thank you.” I pulled out the chair and sat, now alone with Oliver and the bag of douchery herself, Bridget. I didn’t want to start anything, especially with all of the impressionable people around, so I remained silent and examined my name card.

“It’s been a while,” Bridget interjected into my examining.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“I didn’t know you were with Liam.”


Oliver was staring like he couldn’t believe what he was looking at. I didn’t make eye contact. “How long have you been seeing him?”

“Do you remember that time you threw a display of jewelry at me? I do.” I smiled sweetly and Liam returned soon after with my glass of ice water in a fancy goblet.

He leaned over to talk to the person next to him, which was apparently some huge sponsor representative for the Arrows, and I made a face at the empty seat beside me. I would just have to amuse myself.

“How did you even meet him?” Oliver snapped.

I supposed I could have Oliver help me amuse myself for the time being.

“You introduced us at the World Cup.”

“Are you bleeding insane? That’s my teammate.” He looked visibly angry, which Bridget took no notice of since she was adjusting the powder on her earlobes.

“Then you’ll know all about how lovely he is.” I smiled.

“I can’t believe you.”

“Story of my life,” I muttered, placing a hand on Liam’s shoulder. He leaned over toward me. “So tell me about these people, love.” I emphasized the “love” a little bit more than I usually would and saw Oliver twitch.

He explained all about the sponsors and players’ families and people who donated in order to get a place at a table, though they were usually stuffed near the back as per society rules. I laughed at his jokes, put a hand on his arm playfully, and ordered which food I would like while talking about the Tornadoes’ season.

“Red or white wine, ma’am?” A waiter appeared over me, hovering several bottles of wine and a tray of glasses.

My eyes snapped to Oliver’s accidentally and I found him not leaving my gaze. Instead, I switched back to Liam and said, “white.” When I tasted it I suppressed the urge to spit the mouthful out. It was disgusting, but I drank it anyway.

I watched him make his way around the table, Liam ordering white as well and the sponsor bloke ordering a blackberry wine. Bridget ordered white “because of her complexion”.

“Red or white wine, Mr. Wood?” said the waiter.

He caught my glance again, anger in his eyes. I watched him, unable to tear my eyes away and force myself to pay attention to exactly what Liam was saying. It was something about bartering on pirate ships or something to that nature.

The fourth thing I was not prepared for was for Oliver to pick red wine with a somber expression on his face and deep into his brown eyes.

A/N: First of all I wanted to say a quick sorry for being delayed on this one. Training turned out to be a tad more demanding than I thought it would when I was only coming to my room to sleep and change clothes quick during the day. After two weeks, my room still isn't completely unpacked which should give you an idea of what life has been like for me.

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who nominated me for a Dobby. I am so overwhelmed and amazed, so thank you! After reading all of those I knew I had to crank out this chapter before the queue closure since I can't post even though I'm a TA. So thank you again. I really can't believe it :)

Also, about the chapter. Oliver reentered the picture...what do you think? How about Liam? And Roger? All of Jane's leading men in one chapter. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the hottness in this chapter. And there will be plenty of hotness in the next chapter too. What to do with ourselves?

Lastly, I want to seriously flip out for a moment (in a good way) because there were 80 reviews  (as of now) on the last chapter (18) of this story. Holy CRAP! Thank you SO much. I've only ever had that much when Oliver snogged Jane falling off her broom in Keep Away and the very last it really means a lot to me.

Gah, sorry for Godzilla author note! I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Would you rather.... (a) date Liam (b) date Roger (c) throw Amanda off something tall

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