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Fragments by Joanne K
Chapter 3 : The Art of Clumsiness
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Challenge (issued by reallyginny):

Write a drabble about a non-canon pairing which involves a declaration of love that happens on Valentine's Day.

A hazel eye peeked over the top of the potions book and stared at the boy sitting two rows ahead. He was a handsome boy with a square jaw and messy red hair. His admirer let out a sigh. She wished she had the courage to tell him her feelings or to even speak to him without tripping over her words, or her own feet for that matter.

“Nymphadora Tonks!” came the cold, harsh voice of her professor, “Do you think it is possible for you to make it through a single Potions lesson without creating a disaster?”

Tonks suddenly noticed her cauldron spewing purple foam all over her desk.

“S-sorry, professor Snape,” she murmured, extinguishing the flames under her cauldron.

The bubbling ceased and Tonks set about cleaning her desk. Her potions book was soaked in the foul liquid. She siphoned off as much she could, but the pages retained a purplish tinge.

As the class filed out of the dungeon, Tonks clumsily knocked over her cauldron, spilling the remaining potion onto the floor.

“Blistering bubotubers!” she cursed.

“Can I help?,” offered a kind voice.

Tonks looked into the face of Charlie Weasley, who was grinning widely at her. Tonks turned bright red.

“Th-thank-you,” she said, staring at his perfect white teeth.

Charlie quickly whisked the liquid off the floor with his wand and deposited it back into the cauldron.

“I'll see you around,” he smiled as he walked off.

Tonks spent the rest of the day unable to forget the way Charlie had smiled at her. She knocked into statues in the halls and fell off her chair in Transfiguration because she was so preoccupied with thoughts of Charlie.

By the end of the day Tonks made a decision. Valentine's day was the following day and she was no longer content simply dreaming about Charlie. It was time she asserted herself and let him know how she felt.

As Tonks ate breakfast in the great hall the next morning, her fingers nervously fumbled with her toast. She dropped her butter knife with a loud clatter as she noticed Charlie swagger into the hall with his Quidditch mates.

She waited patiently as Charlie ate. When he left the Gryffindor table, Tonks shakily arose from her own chair and began walking towards him. His long strides meant he walked much faster than Tonks and she realised she would have to run to catch him before she lost sight of him. She quickened her pace and was able to shorten the distance between them.

“Charlie!” she called out, “I love...”

Charlie turned, but before she could blurt out the rest of her confession, she tripped over and landed on the floor with a heavy thud. Her eyes felt hazy and in a moment everything was black.

She woke up in the hospital wing with a thumping headache. With a pang she remembered what happened. She had totally embarrassed herself in front of Charlie. Tonks knew now she would never be able to face him again.

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Fragments: The Art of Clumsiness


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