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Fragments by Joanne K
Chapter 2 : The Sweet Taste of Self Loathing
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Challenge (issued by reallyginny):

Write a drabble about a character you hate using the prompt 'Accio'.

"Accio chocolate!"

A piece of chocolate came flying out of the pink glass bowl that sat upon Dolores Umbridge's desk and landed neatly within her podgy palm. Dolores tore off the golden wrapper with great relish and crammed the sweet between her open lips. She chomped away noisily, savouring the sweet taste and creamy texture that filled her mouth. Chocolate had always been her one great delight. There was something about the way it melted in her mouth and the way the sweet taste lingered upon her taste buds, even after the sweet had gone, that was immensely satisfying.

Licking her chocolate-tainted lips, she arose from her chair and waddled over to the elaborate mirror on the far wall. She wiped a smear of chocolate from her cheek with her the back of her hand, savoured the lingering taste of chocolate in her mouth and stared intently at her reflection.

She gazed at her own round face with its multiple chins and fleshy cheeks. She scrutinised her rotund figure, which bulged under her pink cardigan, threatening to burst a button or two. She pinched the flabby flesh around her stomach with a look of discontent upon her face. Her eyes narrowed critically and she gave a disgusted grunt.

“You're fat, Umbridge,” she chastised herself, “You're fat and disgusting. You're a repulsive tub of lard. Nobody could ever love you, especially not Cornelius.”

Angry tears fought their way out of Umbridge's eyes and streaked down her face. No amount of will power could stop the tears from coming. She looked at her red puffy eyes and screwed up forehead in the gilded mirror. The sight of herself crying only intensified her self-loathing.

“Look at you,” she screamed at herself, her fists balled up and her body trembling, “You're just a big blubbering baby.”

Umbridge turned away from her mirror, sickened by her own image. Her eyes fell upon the bowl of chocolates on her desk. They seemed to call to her in their shiny golden wrappers and to offer her comfort for the self-hatred that churned inside of her. She felt the urge to shovel the entire bowl of chocolates into her mouth to make herself feel better.

“No,” she scolded herself, resisting the urge and stopping herself from lunging towards the pink glass bowl.

She aimed her wand at the bowl with a shaking hand. A spell shot out of her wand and shattered the bowl into pieces, scattering pink shards of glass and golden-wrappered sweets all over the floor. Umbridge's chest heaved as she lowered her shaking wand hand and she breathed rapidly in response to her outburst.

Her eyes lingered on the chocolates that littered the plush pink carpet of her office. It was as though they were calling out to her once more, as the gold wrappers sparkled in the reflected candle-light. Umbridge felt her wand hand trembling ever more uncontrollably and her lips quivering, fighting to say the words.

“Accio chocolate!” she whispered, hating herself all the more as she did so.

The small round ball landed snugly in her hand.

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