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Life Sucks, Almost! by Voldy_needs_a_hug
Chapter 2 : Yes,I'm awake! Shut up!
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“Lily!” Are you awake? Lily…?” I hear the voice I least wanted to hear at the moment.


 Why oh why does this moronic excuse for a human have to follow me around? I open one of my eyes slightly to see what’s going on. Oh! I’m in the hospital wing. So who spoke? It’s Alice and Poppy. (It’s actually Madam Pomfrey but she insists on being called ‘Poppy’ because it makes her sound younger –and believe me…it doesn’t!)


Wait…Alice isn’t the moronic excuse for a human! So I open all of my eyes fully. (Because ya know, I have more than two eyes!)(Sarcasm) 


Oh okay, this makes more sense, its Alice, Poppy and shit-face Potter. They’re all crowded around me, trying to get a good look at my face…he he.







Oh alright-y then, they want to talk at the same time.


“How long have I been out?” I ask.

“Three days” Again, they speak as one.

“STOP THAT!” They screch at eachother.  Oh gosh I’m tired of their loudness.


They actually sound pretty funny. He he. Haa ha! HAHAHA! AHAHA! HA! Haa...aaah…hum.Idiots! Well, not really…just one idiot. Mindless idiot! Mindless pathetic Idiot! MINDLESS PATHETIC MORONIC FOOL! 


I’m a little crazy…

Quick as ever, Poppy notices my glare towards Potter and speaks up. “Why don’t you leave Mr. Potter?”


“sure” He mumbles and stalks out of the room, looking rather gloomy.


“Jeez what’s his problem” I ask.


Poppy looks away, but Alice comes forward and helps herself to the seat next to my bed.


“Lils, he hasn’t left your side for three days”


Oh okay! She WANTS to go there! Well, I COULD go about this the mature way and tell her that I’m sorry. Or I could go the Lily way and dump water on her head from my jug while I whine. How about a compromise? I’ll whine but without the water. (Even though it would have been more fun)


“Alice stop taking his side! He’s the one who Ki…k-k-…uhm” Oh crap…


“He KISSED you?!?!” Wow this girl is slow. “Well, okay he kissed you but he still cares deeply about you, Lils.”   


She doesn’t get it does she?


“And how do YOU know, Alice?” I retort like a five year old.


“He stayed by your side for three days!”


Did she NOT just say that half a minute ago?!?


“He held your hand and refused to let go of it”


Eww…remind me to take a bath with holy water!


“He tried not to leave; he only left when …ermm…nature called.”




“Black brought him all the food he needed”


This was TONS, probably! (Believe me, James Potter and his loyal band of dumbarses can EAT!)


“Not that he ate any of it!”


Oh, never mind then!


“He was too worried about you, too busy being in LOVE with you, Lily and all you can do is give him a GLARE?”


Whoa!!! Back-up! In love with me? Oh for the love of Merlins bra!..what? dont look at me like that! I HAVE heard it before!



He does NOT love me! Now if only I could work on saying that out loud. But I can’t. I’m way too paralyzed with shock .Alice continues to speak.


“He deserves you, Lils…but obviously you don’t deserve him!”


Well…can’t say THAT didn’t hurt.


Alice gets up and leaves, leaving me on the bed open-mouthed.


“She’s right you know…”Poppy quietly says.”He deserves you.”


Oh you have GOT to be shitting me!


“Why?’ Is all I can manage to squeak.


“Well, it’s clearly not a crush anymore ,huh? He’s been after you for what…6 years now?...give him a chance dear.”


Give him a chance?


Give HIM a chance?


Give ME a chance, damn it!


“Go on after him, see what happens.” Thanks, poppy! You might as well have just told me to go and get married to him…In VEGAS!


I get off my bed and run outside , only to be stopped by two voices, one whispering , the other crying.


Oh shit.
It's Potter and Black ... and let me tell you one thing. Black is not the one that's quietly sobbing.

A/N : Sorry for the long wait (to anyone who still cares)
i tried to make it good. 
bright side is that i already have the 3rd chpter written. Just need to work on getting my lazy bum to send it in or validation. I'm sooo sorry bout the length but you understand right? *hopefull look on face*
and thx to the following peeps for reviewing :
-Mina Slade (well,she doesnt really count ,but thats personal so dont ask!)
-dramione4ev -the reason this story is continuing.Thankyooouu!
-Harry and Ginny

and a virtual cookie and hug to the following for fave-ing this story:

-dramione4ev *hugs and hands over cookie*
-Harry and Ginny *hugs and hands over cookie*
-sreduaram *hugs and hands over cookie*
-sonibella *hugs and takes bite of her cookie and hands the rest over*

EDIT: Apr/17/2010 -- Its abandoned, sorry. i just cant think of anything else to put here. if i get any more ideas, ill start again. but as of now, it's abandoned. If you've got any good ideas , post a review .

***sorry Kelly, i know you've been asking for a while and i always promised i would get it up but i have nothing else i can add to this story.

~~~ Stay posted for my new one shots though, I've got some good ideas :D


EDIT: Nov/06/2012- This story is under heave HEAVY construction, and it'll be posted under a different name. I don't want to delete this story from HPFF, because it will be QUITE different from the one that will be posted sometime within the next month. Stay posted :D Ciao x


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Life Sucks, Almost! : Yes,I'm awake! Shut up!


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