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Breakout the Songs by summerluv12
Chapter 2 : Makeing Friends
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So here is chapter 2 please leave a review enjoy.

Makeing Friends

     Wow this is so cool
I thought as I looked at the big beautiful train “So what do you think?” Elena who was right next to me asked. “It’s amazing I never thought I’d see something this big in my life!” I laughed “Isn’t this exciting?” my mum asked we nodded in agreement while Petunia sulked behind. The whistle blew indicating we only had a few more minutes to board. 

        “Lily, have a great year we’ll miss you so much write as soon as you can. Remember I love you and be home for Christmas” mum said hugging me goodbye and turning to Elena. 
     “It was nice meeting you dear, I hope you have a great year too.” She said giving Elena a hug as well. 
   “Thank you, Mrs. Evans bye Petunia. Come on Lily lets go find a compartment.” She said waving at my sister who didn’t say anything at all.
       “Bye Pet. Bye mum I love you” I said waving goodbye. 

       ************************ On the Train****************************** 

    “Your mum seems nice your sister on the other hand well she’s something else” She said while we looked for a compartment.
     “Yeah she is I’m sorry for her being rude. She’s been like that since I got my letter. Do you have any brothers or sisters?” 

    “I have an older brother Damien he’s a second year in Ravenclaw. He’s been telling me things about Hogwarts the entire summer I’m pretty excited.” she said as we finally found an empty compartment and sat down. 

   “To be honest I didn’t know wizards and witches existed until Professor Dumbledore came to my house with my Hogwarts letter. I’m scared of not doing well me being a muggleborn and all.” I said making a face. 
    “Don’t worry about that the only one’s that would say anything about that would be the Slytherin’s, but there a whole bunch of prats anyways. Besides them no one cares I know I don’t.” she said with a smile when the compartment door was slid open by a girl with short blond hair with blue eyes. 

   “Hi, I was wondering if I could sit here well more like hide from all the commotion being made by some wierdos on the other side of the train?” she asked with a pleading look on her face. 
   “Sure there’s plenty of space we’ll protect each other if they come this way. I’m Lily Evans and this is Elena Martinez what’s your name?” I asked extending my hand. 

   “Violet Smith, thanks I was starting to worry they would turn my hair green!” she said with a laugh. She went on to tell us of how the group of boys turned a boys hair green in the compartment she had passed on her way to find a compartment. 

     The door slid open again this time by a girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes “Can I sit here everywhere else is full?” she asked “Sure, What’s your name?” the three of us asked at the same time.
    “Thanks I’m Alice McDonald.” She said with a shy smile. “Nice to meet you I’m Elena and they are Lily and Violet” Elena said pointing to each of us. Alice seemed shy but started getting more confident as we talked about random aspects of our lives. 
     They started talking about the houses I just sat there looking confused. Realizing that I didn’t know much about it they took some time to explain the qualities the four houses looks for in the students. We all seemed to agree that Slytherin was not the house for any of us seeing as most of them were coincided and cruel. We considered Gryffindor to be the best house out of Ravenclaw and Huffelpuff. 

    “My brother Damien is in Ravenclaw, but my dad was in Gryffindor when he was at school. He became an Auror after he graduated a few years later he was assigned to move to the Auror department in the U.S. there he met my mom at work.” Elena said with a smile. 

     “What about you guys?”She asked. 
“Both of my parents and my brother where in Gryffindor so I hope I won’t break tradition” Alice said laughing 
  “My dad is a muggle and my mum was in Huffelpuff so might have a chance at that. How about you Lily what house do you think you’ll be sorted into?”Violet asked. 

      “I’m not sure both my parents are muggles and as far as I know I’m the only witch in my family. So I really have no clue what house I’ll be in.” I answered truthfully before continuing.
    “Any way do any of you play the guitar or any other instruments?” 

    “I play the drums and sing a bit but prefer to play.” Alice said taking out her sticks from a bag she was caring with her. 
   “I play the base guitar and sing/write” Said a smiling Elena. 
  “I play the piano, key board and I also sing a little.” Violet admitted to “What about you?” they all asked at the same time. 
“I play the guitar, sing, write, and dance” I said standing up to get Lucy from my trunk. 

  “This is Lucy my guitar” I said as I placed her on my lap before passing it around for them to see. 
   “Wow, Lily it’s so pretty where did you get it?” Elena asked as she plucked the strings with her thumb “My dad got it for me when I was 7.” 

   “That’s so cool can you play something for us?” Violet asked 
  “Yeah please Lily” Elena insisted passing Lucy back to me. Thinking for a few seconds I took a deep breath before agreeing how bad can it be

   “Ok, my friend Izzy and I heard this song True Friend by Hannah Montana.” 

   I placed my guitar on my lap and stared the first cords of the song and started to sing nervously. 

         Outside of the Compartment 

    Boys P.O.V 

    A boy with black hair and glasses made his way with his mysterious looking friend down the hall of the train laughing about a joke his friend had just said. They were passing the compartments looking for their next victims when the one with glasses stopped. 

   “Do you hear that?” asked the boy in the glasses.
  “Yeah, where is it coming from anyway?” his friend said looking around. Not noticing he was being left behind by his friend 
  “James hey wait up!” he yelled going after him. 

   He walked forward following the faint music that got louder as he went down the hall. Stopping only when he figured out the sound was coming from a few compartment down from where he they had stood. 
  “Why did you leave me behind?” he asked James loudly “SHH just listen.”

“Whoa who’s singing?” his friend asked 
  “I don’t know but I think I’m in love” he said with a dreamy look in his eyes earning him a wack in the head by his friend.
  “What was that for?” he asked rubbing the spot where he was hit “You’re an idiot” his friend said with a shrug. 
 They stood there listening hypnotized by the singing mystery voice until the song finished. 

   **Inside the Compartment** 

   looked up from my lap to see Elena smiling at me encouragingly. I smiled back looking at the rest of the girls who like her had smiles on their faces. 

   I finished the song when the door was slid open once again this time by two boys. The one on the right had short black hair that stuck up in every direction and glasses on the bridge of his nose. The other had dark brown hair that was elegantly placed over his grey eyes 
   “Were sorry we couldn’t help but over hear, was that you singing?” the one boy on the right asked me with a smile. “Sirius what are you doing here?” I heard Elena ask one of them. 

   I’m sorry for the long wait I had some trouble with validation on this chapter. Disclaimer I do not own the song True Friend that song belongs to Disney. Please leave a review tell me what you think.

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