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Luna's Desire by AntigoneBlack
Chapter 1 : Luna's Desire
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"Harry, what's that?" Luna asked curiously as she peered at the large mirror ahead of her. She had never seen it before, and she had thought that she had been in all the the rooms in Harry's new home. "I've never seen that before."

Harry walked into the room that Luna was standing in, it was his study that he had just started decorating. "Oh, that. It's a gift that I received from Aberforth Dumbledore, that mirror and I have a long history." Walking around the boxes that littered the floor he approached his friend. "Do you remember the story of my first year when I discovered that Quirell was being possesed by Voldemort?"

"Yes, I remember hearing about it, yes. You found the stone of Nicholas Flamel," Luna stated. She didn't remember the event very well, because she wasn't yet at school. She did distinctly remember the article her father wrote about the event and the death of Flamel.

"Well this mirror is what made the stone end up in my pocket and not in the hands of Quirell. This mirror isn't your average mirror, take a look and make a guess at what it shows for yourself," Harry had always wondered what other people see in the mirror. Harry walked up to the mirror and turned it around, and before stepping away he took a look in the mirror himself. Looking back at him was no longer his parents, but himself, a young woman whose face was not shown, and children running around the bottom part of the mirror. Harry still saw family, but the family he saw was now possible.

As Harry stepped back, Luna peered into the mirror. She saw herself, but she was older and all around her were creatures of all kinds, from nargles to hippogriffs. With her stood a man that she had never met. An elderly man that she then realized was the famous was Newt Scamander. "It shows our most desperate goals. What we want more then anything else in the world," Luna said whimsically.

Her voice would always be something that he would love about his friend. She spoke as if the world was a bright and magical place, something that Harry would never have the chance of experiencing. For him the world will never be light, but always shadowed by the events of the past. He took a few moments to think about this but hadn't realized he had drifted away from the world. He pulled away from the thought, then saw that Luna was just looking at him. Harry's face became slightly pink before he started to reply, "Well, Luna, you're quite close. Dumbledore told me when I first saw it all those years ago that it shows our heart's most inner desires. So in a way, it does show us what we want."

"What do you see?" Luna's voice was barely above a whisper. Her ravenclaw nature often took the best of her, and her curiosity took over her. "What do you see when you look inside, Harry?" she asked again.

"I see myself, surrounded by family. My family. My wife and me and my future children. The first time I looked in, I was only eleven, but even then what I saw was my family. I used to see myself with my parents. My parents are still there today, but they are in the background now," Harry admitted. He had no idea what Luna would think about his heart's largest desire, but something calmed him. When around Luna, Harry thought, he felt as though he could say anything, tell her anything and be supported.

"That's wonderful. Are you not curious about what I see? Or are you too consumed at the thought of having your own family?" Luna asked with a slight hint of sarcasm.

"Actually, Luna, I have always wanted to know what people see, but it is your choice on whether you want to share that with me or not," Harry was again a little embarrassed at his drift from reality. He couldn't understand why he was having trouble straying away from his thoughts, he was never really a daydreamer, but today Harry couldn't help but drifting away. Harry looked over at Luna and could see that she too was spending time in her own thoughts. After a few moments she finally replied.

"I see myself surrounded by magical creatures of all varieties and I am conversing with Newt Scamander," she stated. The idea of working with the famous author and fellow creature lover had been Luna's dream since she was a child. Her copy of Scamander's most famous work, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was battered and torn after years of constant use. She knew that working with him now would be nearly impossible. In his old age the man was no longer able to work as he used to, and is often known to cause quite the scene if he is not allowed to care for his personal creatures.

"Newt Scamander. That name sounds very familiar, oi, I know. He was the one that wrote that book on creatures. Fantastic Beasts. I heard once that every creature that he documented he either owned or has cared for at one point in his life," Harry remembered hearing about the eccentric man, and while looking at Luna he knew that she was telling the truth. Luna was meant to be around creatures, her love for them was like none he had ever seen, ranking even higher then Hagrid's. "That sounds like a fantastic goal. Have you ever tried to write to Scamander?"

Luna heard the question, but as she often did, didn't fully comprehend it. Her mind had been elsewhere, and she blamed that on the grindids, those nasty little buggers that often took away from comprehension and understanding. Muttering to herself about the grindids, she made it obvious to Harry that she hadn't heard the question. He repeated himself and hoped that Luna was listening.

"Oh, that's what you said. I think you have grindids in your house. They make buzz around and often make it hard for people to understand each other. You will have to do a garlic treatment, which is quite unpleasant but will have the grindids out in no time. No I have never thought of writing to Scamander, he probably has to read letter upon letter from people asking to work with him. I'm not special enough from him to want to work with me. Now Harry, have you ever done a garlic treatment? It's really a simple procedure," Luna started to rant.

Harry took the chance to cut her off before she continued telling him about how to make a garlic spray to make the house reek and get rid of the most likely imaginary creatures, "Luna, you are very special. I have never met anyone else that loved and cared about creatures as much as you, not even Hagrid. With a mind like yours and a flair for research, there is no reason why he shouldn't hire you."

Luna thought the idea over, "Thank you, Harry, for the compliment. But I am still not sure if I am worthy of working with someone so famous. You can write to him about me if you want."

"You know what Luna? I will. I am going to do it right now." Harry left the study and walked down to his kitchen, which for the time being also was a study, sitting room and dining room for himself and his guests. He grabbed a piece of parchment from a drawer and started to write out a letter of recommendation to a Mr. Scamander. He was just sending the letter off when Luna joined him in the kitchen.

"Harry, I haven't been much help today. I came to help you unpack your study and nothing got done. I promise I will come another day and unpack it, but I am to tired to do so tonight," Luna spoke in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Three days later a very brightly dressed blonde woman appeared in Harry's kitchen. Harry was quite shocked to have her there, considering it was only 7:30 in the morning, and she was wearing robes that may be more blinding then the sun itself. "Luna, uh, hi," Harry muttered.

"Oh Harry, you are just the greatest friend ever. Last night I got a letter from Newt Scamander. He wants to meet me! Today! He said something about needing someone to help a family member of his organize his research on all of the creatures, and take care of his creatures as well! Oh Harry, this is wonderful." Luna rushed over to Harry and planted a kiss on his cheek, "I don't know how I am ever going to repay you. Thank you, Harry!"

Harry was still quite tired and his response time was still a little slow. "Oh, um, you're welcome. But I didn't really do anything. Just wrote about how much you admire him and how it's your heart's desire to work with him."

"I have to go, I'm going to be late. Thanks again Harry," Luna said brightly as she stepped out the kitchen door and vanished.

'Wonder what will be her heart's desire now?' Harry thought to himself.

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