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Queen Of Hearts by _Keeper_
Chapter 1 : Queen Of Hearts
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So this story is dedicated to a really special friend, who is close to my heart, Caitlyn. She is an amazing artist and an even greater friend. I love you Cayt! This once for you! = )


‘McGonagall has decided to give us a Halloween Ball!’ Ginny squealed as they walked down the hall, ‘Can you believe it!’


‘Yeah, we heard you Gin, about a million times back in the common room this morning.’ Her brother replied, clearly annoyed.


Ginny fell into a silent pout, as the trio continued their conversation.


‘So what do you think of the Quidditch team this year Harry?’ Ron said, ignoring the groan from Hermione.


Harry shrugged, to many other important things on his mind to be thinking about Quidditch, ‘I don’t know Ron. We have a pretty fair shot at the Cup again.’


‘Yeah but there is that new Hufflepuff Seeker and—’ and the rest of what he said was lost to Harry, who was trapped in his own thoughts.


Harry could feel Voldemort getting stronger every day. The time was coming when he would face him.


Harry stole a glace at his two best friends. They where always in danger because of him. Everything that was bad was because of him it seemed. He couldn’t do anything without something going wrong now a days, even if his intentions where right.


‘Harry? Harry?’ Hermione’s voice broke through his solitude.


‘Hum?’ Harry replied, halfheartedly.


‘Are you going to sit down?’ Hermione asked. Harry looked down at her, Ron, and Ginny who where already sitting at the Gryffindor table.


‘Oh, yeah.’ Quietly he took his seat, not saying much for the rest of the meal.


After the first few classes of the day Harry got a break period. He decided to take it out by the Lake; no one would be out there on a chilly day like this, a great place to be alone with his thoughts.


Once he got there he set his bag off to the side, wrapped his arms around his knees and rested his chin on top.


Sometimes solitude is the best thing in the world. That is, until someone decided that you don’t need to be left alone anymore. Enter Luna Lovegood.


Luna came skipping down the path just as Harry started to let his guilt fill his thoughts.


‘Hello Harry!’ Luna called, walking up behind him. Her silvery hair flew out behind her as she took a seat next to the sixth year and her bright glassy eyes started to read him, ‘What’s wrong?’


‘Nothing it wrong Luna.’ Harry said, a bit harsher then he intended it to be.


Luna didn’t seem to notice, ‘Well, you kind of look like you just got punched in the stomach—or, or maybe you got attacked by Nargles! Did you Harry? Get attacked by Nargles that is. If you got punched in the stomach then maybe you should tell Professor McGonagall.’ Luna tilted her head as Harry turned to look at her dumbfounded.


‘No Luna, I don’t think it was Nargles, and no body punched me.’ Harry turned back and rested his chin back on his arms, ‘Anyway, Nargles are found in mistletoe, and its the end of October.’


Luna’s face lit up, ‘That’s true. Wow, usually people don’t remember anything that I say about them, I blame the Wrackspurts though.’


Harry, even though he wanted to stay upset, had a hard time keeping a straight face, ‘Yes Luna, I’m sure you do.’


He saw her nod out of the corner of his eye, ‘So, what are you doing out here anyway Luna?’


The girl shrugged, ‘I wanted a break away from everyone. Apparently they forgot that my names Luna.’


Harry cringed slightly, not wanting to ask his next question, ‘What have they been calling you then?’


Luna shrugged again, ‘Looney mostly, a few Goofy’s here and there, but mostly the first.’


‘And that never bothers you?’ Harry asked, his eyes still staying on the water, thinking back to all the nicknames Malfoy had come up with over the years.


‘Their just having fun. It’s not really important to me anyway. It just gets a bit tiring after a while. Ones is funny, sixties is boring.’ Luna replied, leaning back on her arms for support.


‘Um, I think you mean once is funny twice is not, Luna.’ Harry replied, his expression confused.


She shrugged, ‘You know, I miss the DA. Everyone was nice there.’


Harry nodded.


‘It was sort of like having friends for a chance. It was nice.’


Harry looked back to Luna, ‘You have friends Luna.’


She casually shook her head, ‘Not really.’


‘You have Ginny.’


‘I suppose.’ Luna replied, keeping her eyes distant, ‘We’re not very close though.’


Harry looked down at his shoes. Luna was always so painfully honest. It was a surprise the girl never seemed to know pain herself, she would just state the facts then move along.


‘Well, I’m your friend too, Luna.’ Harry finally said, looking back up to her big dreaming eyes.


‘Thanks Harry.’ Luna gave a small smile, but kept her eyes on the water.


Silents fell over the two of them, only broken when the bell rang signaling the end of free period.


‘Well, I have to be getting to Potions.’ Luna explained, standing up and dusting herself off, ‘We’re with the Hufflepuff’s today. Maybe I’ll see you later Harry?’


‘Yeah, probably—’


‘Ok, great, see you then.’ And like that Luna was gone.


Harry watched as the girl skipped of towards the castle, ‘What’s gotten into her?’


Harry stood up, brushing himself off and thinking about his encounter with Luna.


‘Never, in my life, had I thought Luna Lovegood could sound—nervous?’


And with that said, he started off towards the green houses, and Herbology.




‘So I have decided that tomorrow will be a Hogsmeade trip for those planning on attending the Halloween Ball.’ Professor McGonagall announced at dinner.


Cheering erupted here and there, a few groans sounded mostly from the girls that hadn’t found a date yet and some from the boys who hadn’t gotten the courage up to ask anyone.


‘Permission slips will be checked as usual.’ McGonagall continued, ‘And do remember the dress code when choosing an outfit.’ She said, her eyes looking sternly over to the Slytherin girls, who just giggled, ‘Of course it will be a Halloween theme, and the best dressed couple will win a prize.’


After she was finished whispers erupted around the hall, again, mostly from the girls.


‘Well, that is all, enjoy your evening.’ And with that everyone broke off to go to their separate common rooms.


The sixth year Gryffindor boys stood up and started towards their common room.


‘So have you thought of anyone to ask mate?’ Seamus asked Ron who just shook his head, ‘Aye, to bad, so what about ye Harry? Harry?’


Harry, lost in his own thoughts, didn’t even hear Seamus. He was busy thinking of reasons Luna could be acting so odd. First the thing by the Lake, and now there was no sign of her at dinner. Something was up, and he wanted to know what. She had even dodged him in the corridor earlier when he had simply waved.


‘Harry, you alright mate?’ Ron asked.


‘Yeah, I’m perfectly—’ Harry caught sight of blonde hair turning around a corner, ‘I-I’ll be right back.’


Leaving his friends dumbfounded, Harry took off in the opposite direction.


‘Luna? Hey Luna!’ The girl froze and turned around; she looked like a deer in the headlights. She looked as if she was choosing between staying where she was or to start running.


Luna went with the first. She composed herself easily and smiled, ‘Oh, hello Harry.’


‘Yeah, hey Luna.’ Harry hadn’t really thought what he was going to say to her, or even if he wanted to say anything.


‘Was there something you needed?’ Luna replied hastily, bouncing from one foot to the next anxiously.


‘Um, yeah, I was wondering…I was wondering if you would be my date for the ball.’ Harry said and then froze. Where had that come from? He was just going to ask her how her classes where today, and now he was asking her to the ball?


‘Um…ah—good night Harry.’ And she started back down the hall without another word.


Harry stood there, speechless.


‘Oh, Merlin!’ He ran his hand back threw his hair, ‘What did I do?’


And then another thought occurred to him. She hadn’t given a response. Why was it that he wanted her to have said yes?




The next day Ginny and Hermione, dragging a very reluctant Luna with them, where heading towards Hogsmeade.


‘So what do you think you’ll go as? I was thinking something like a princess, you know? Looking for my prince in shinning armor?’ Ginny said. She was clearly the most excited for the ball out of the three.


Hermione shrugged, ‘I was thinking about maybe something simple. Just a nice dress, maybe a masquerade mask or something like that.’


Ginny clapped her hands together, ‘Oh that would be lovely! What about you Luna?’


‘I—I wasn’t really thinking I would go.’ Luna mumbled under her breath.


‘Nonsense! You have to go!’ Ginny pouted, ‘It wouldn’t be the same without you!’


Luna winced at Ginny’s voice, ‘You’ll be too busy with Michael Corner to even notice me.’ She smiled.


Ginny blushed, ‘I would still notice. Hermione would too! Wouldn’t you Herms?’


‘Of course I would! Who else would sit with me, I don’t want to be the only one without a date. Please Luna, come with us.’ Hermione pleaded, using the big brown puppy eyes that she rarely every pulled out.


Luna looked from Hermione to Ginny, who was coping the puppy eyes, and rolled her eyes.


‘If I say yes, will you stop looking like that? You know your faces could freeze like that. A Junefri could come right by and freeze ‘em, just like that!’ She snapped her fingers for emphases.


The two Gryffindors broke out into laughter, leaving the Ravenclaw girl confused.


‘It could happen!’ Luna said in defense, crossing her arms, ‘No I’m kind of hoping that it will.’ She mumbled to herself.


The two settled down from their laughter and stood, trying to catch their breath.


‘Ok, so where do you want to start? At Three Witches, or Sorceress?’ Ginny asked, a smile still sketched onto her face.


‘Lets start at Sorceress, they had some nice things last time we where here.’ Hermione stated.


The girls nodded and started towards the store. Inside wasn’t very busy, but Hermione was right, they did have some beautiful dresses and costumes.


Ginny squealed, ‘Where to begin!’


The three broke off into separate sections of the store.


Luna walked along the racks, just browsing, not pulling off everything and trying it on like Ginny or examining it all like Hermione.


She brainstormed some; she could just wear something in her closet. There was no need to waste money one something when she wasn’t even going with a date. Although, maybe if she hadn’t freaked out last night—


No, not a possibility, Luna thought to herself, He was just being a good friend, nothing more.


Luna was just about to give up and go sit down to wait for the other two when a certain dress caught her eye. She walked over to the rack and carefully pulled it off.


Her eyes grew and her smile lit up her whole face. Even from across the room the other two girls could tell she had found something perfect. Hermione and Ginny looked over to each other and smiled.


The dress was very simple, but very beautiful. It was a wine-red with black and gold beading down the front and train. The neckline was square and the sleeves where long and flowing.


‘Wow.’ Was all Luna could manage to say. It was the perfect dress; it was even her size.


‘So, are you coming to the ball or not?’ Ginny walked up behind her and swung an arm around her shoulder playfully.


Luna held the dress up once more to catch the light, ‘I am definitely going to the ball.’




‘You asked Looney to the ball? Are you mad?’ Ron said, walking along the isle at Honey Ducks.


‘Don’t call her that.’ Harry snapped. Scaring himself at how defensive he was becoming over Luna, ‘We’re friends, I thought she might want to go—with a friend.’


Ron threw his hands up, ‘Alright, sorry mate.’


Harry nodded, still slightly annoyed, but he continued to browse all the different kinds of treats.


‘So-so who are you going to ask?’ Harry asked Ron casually.


The ginger shrugged, ‘I’m just going to go with the guys I think.’


Harry nodded. His eyes continued to browse as he walked down the isle. His eyes fell on a certain rack of sweetheart candies. Somewhere hearts, others where just colored with reds and pinks. All around, it looked like Valentine’s Day had just come and threw up on the rack of candy.


‘So what did Loon—I mean Luna say when you asked her?’ Ron said, quickly correcting his term for Luna at Harry’s death glare.


‘I…well, I don’t know. She took off in the opposite direction.’ Harry replied sheepishly.


‘So your saying mate that you got stood up…’ Ron had to stop to contain is laughter, ‘…by Looney Luna Lovegood?’ And Ron lost it, he broke off into laughter.


You could see Harry’s temper rising, ‘Don’t call her that!’


And without another word Harry stormed out of the store leaving a very confused Ron behind.




‘Why am I acting this way? What’s wrong with me?’ Harry sat with his head in his hands on a bench just outside the Three Broomsticks.


Harry looked up and watched as everyone scurried around him. Hogsmeade was mostly filled with Hogwarts students, a few teachers here and there. Every store was decorated for Halloween, which was just in a few days. Meaning that the ball was just in a few days. Which brought Harry back to feeling miserable once more.


Harry groaned and once again hid his head in his hands.


‘Harry?’ He knew that voice. His head snapped up, followed by the rest of his body as she struggled to stand up.


‘Luna?’ Harry replied, a strange excitement in his voice.


The blonde stood before him timidly, a bag hidden behind her back, all he could make out of the lettering on it was Sorceress.


‘I-I was wondering if you still wanted to go to the ball with me? As-as friends.’ Even as she said it, it felt weird. She knew she cared about Harry, she always had, but this new feeling, well, it wasn’t something she was use to. It was fearful and exciting all at the same time.


‘As friends?’ Harry repeated. Both of them resented that sentence, but neither would dare tell the other.


Luna simply nodded.


Harry faked a smile but said truthfully, ‘Yeah, of course I do.’


Luna returned his forced smile and nodded, ‘I-I’ll see you later then I guess.’


‘I’ll meet you in front of your common room at seven, is that alright?’ Harry asked quickly.


‘Sounds good.’ Luna gave another smile and waved as she started back down the path to Hogwarts.


Harry smiled as he finally got to see what the bag was. Sorceress, dresses for all witches.


She had already gotten a dress.


And as they walked in the opposite directions of each other, they smile the brightest they had in years at the thought of the upcoming ball that they would be attention together.




Harry fussed over his robes as he walked up the stairs to Ravenclaw’s tower. Nerves played at the back of his thoughts and sweat gathered at the cuffs of his robes.


He wasn’t really in costume; he was just in the robes Mrs. Weasley had bought him for the Yule ball and a simple black eye mask that Hermione had given him to wear.


‘I can fight Death Eaters, face Voldemort, even look at Vernon Dursley in the morning, but as me to take Luna Lovegood on a date—’ Well, as friends, Harry mentally corrected himself, ‘—and I’m at a complete loss!’


A few couples passed Harry on the way down, Seamus, who was going with a Ravenclaw girl named Tyler, gave Harry a sympathetic nod as they passed by.


Harry gave a nervous sigh as he made his way to the top. The door was open, so dates and ‘friend’ dates for the Ravenclaw girls waiting to be picked up could come in.


Harry walked in nervously, looking everywhere for the small blonde. He just wanted to find Luna and get away from all the stares from everyone in the small room.


He quickly faked a smile to a few people he knew, trying to make it feel less awkward. But there was no way to calm his nerves.


He was going to the Halloween Ball with Luna Lovegood. That was sure to draw all sorts of attention.


Not that he was embarrassed of her or anything, but he didn’t want their simple—whatever—to be the center topic for all those in the room.


Not only was he the Boy-That-Lived, he was the Boy-That-Lived-And-Was-Now-Going-Out-With-Luna-Lovegood-A-Strange-But-Lovable-Girl.


Harry thought about the title for a while, To many words and adjectives, was his conclusion.


‘Harry?’ The usual dreaming voice broke through his thoughts.


He turned so quickly he startled the girl, ‘Luna, you look—’


And he stopped. Her costume was probably one of the most…unique…things he had ever seen her wear. 


She was wearing a wine-red dress with elegant beading. Her hair was partially up; kept back in a fishtail braid, while the rest was let loose and cascaded down her back to her waist in graceful curls. Strands of shimmering red threads where tied at the roots of her hair and where left to fall down to the tips.


Covering her eyes was a beautiful red and black masquerade mask with gold thread woven here and there, her eyelids blended right into the mask as if she had painted them that way.


The topper of her whole outfit was the heart pendent that was around her neck. It was on a silver chain, and not very big, but very unique. 


The whole outfit was strange and it was beautiful. It was only something Luna Lovegood could pull off.


‘Luna, you look—’ Harry was at a lost for words.


Luna looked down at the dress, ‘Is it to much?’


Harry quickly shook his head back and forth, ‘No, no, it’s—perfect. You look…stunning.’ And even then Harry realized there wasn’t a word for the way he saw Luna just now. He needed a stronger word, a more passionate one, one to describe her beauty and innocents just at that moment in time.


‘You look…well, to be honest Harry, you kind of remind me of a bottle. You know like one of those ones you find on beaches?’ Luna replied.


It was hard for Harry to keep from laughing, even though the bottle green color that Mrs. Weasley had chosen did bring out his eyes, it had always reminded him of those glass bottles you could find every now and then on the beaches.


‘I like your mask though.’ Luna smiled, a hint of nervousness cracking her voice at the end.


‘T-thanks.’ Harry stuttered, ‘So Luna…’


‘Yes Harry?’


‘Who-who are you suppose to be?’ Harry asked. Fidgeting with the cuff of his robe once more.


Luna’s smile lit up, ‘I’m the Queen of Hearts.’


Harry gave a small nodded and then offered his arm, ‘Shall we?’


‘We shall.’ Luna replied, taking his arm.


And as they walked off, each hoping the other wouldn’t see their blush; Harry knew right then who had the key to his heart. Why the Queen of Hearts, of course.




The hall was decorated to perfection. The jack-o-lanterns where floating in the bewitched sky per usual, but the hall was just covered in oranges and blacks in all different shades and shapes. Where the center two tables usually would be was a grand marble dancing floor, off to the sides where scattered tables and chairs for those just caring to watch the festivities.


Harry and Luna entered with a group of other couples, arriving just after the dancing had started.


‘Do-do you want something to drink Luna?’ Harry asked, leading her over to one of the empty tables.


‘Yeah, that sounds nice. Although, no slices of lemons or lime from the punch please, if there is raspberries in it I would love a few, but not of the other two please.’ Luna leaned closer to Harry’s ear, ‘They have been known to attract baby Gulping Plimpies.’


Harry turned to look at Luna with a curious expression, ‘That what do the raspberries do? Do they repel them?’


Luna shook her head, ‘No, they just taste good.’


Harry smiled, ‘I’ll be right back Luna, with your lemon-less and lime-less punch. We wouldn’t want Gulping Plimpies to be attracted to someone so beautiful tonight such as yourself, and ruin what you’re wearing.’ Harry smiled, he had no idea what he had just said, he meant it as a compliment and Luna seemed to take it that way because a blush flew up her cheeks.


‘I’ll be right back.’ Harry replied, and started over to the refreshment table.


‘So, you came with Harry?’ Luna turned around to see Ginny standing beside her dressed in a Cinderella style dress smiling from ear to ear. Someone dressed like one of the armor statues guarding the Hogwarts grounds stood beside her.


‘Oh Ginny, you look lovely. But why did you bring one of the guards? I thought you and Michel where coming together?’ Luna asked, turning her head to the side.


Ginny giggled, ‘Oh silly, this is Michel.’ And just to confirm what she just said Michel Corner’s face appeared as the knight lifted his helmet.


‘Wow, its so amazing…Michel I never knew you where a guard of the caste!’


The boy looked almost scared by the small girl.


Ginny looked from one to the other, ‘Well, you look lovely Luna. That dress is perfect for you!’ She said, changing the subject before Michel could but in.


‘Thanks. Harry seemed to like it too.’ Luna replied, her dreaming voice a bit dreamer when she said Harry.


Ginny smirked, ‘Oh…I see. Well he just has great tastes—wow, that pendant, I don’t remember you getting that when we where in Hogsmeade.’ Ginny bent down to look at the stunning ruby heart.


Luna picked up the small heart, and held it up to the light, ‘It was my mothers. She gave it to me just before she passed away.’ She said it without any pain in her voice. It was hard for Ginny to come up with something because she didn’t know if an I’m sorry was suppose to be said, or if a simple it’s beautiful, she had wonderful tastes would suffice.


Luckily, she didn’t have to worry about it because Harry walked up to them, ‘I didn’t know it was your mother’s, it really is beautiful.’


Harry handed Luna her punch, while she adverted her eyes a little, all the compliments from Harry this evening wasn’t confirming in her head that this was just a friendly little date.


‘Thanks.’ She mumbled a bit.


Harry was surprised, Luna never showed much emotion in the way that she talked; she was usually straightforward or speaking in that daydreamer’s voice of hers. So far she had been nervous around him a few times in the past few days, he couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing.


‘So, we will let you guys get back to your date. Ginny, care for a dance?’ Michel offered his arm and the two where gone in a flash of silver and blue.


Neither Luna nor Harry cared to correct him, they where both lost in the thoughts of the other. That was, until Romilda Vanes decided to come over to them with a posy behind her.


‘So, you decided to go with Looney instead of Beauty tonight Harry?’ She walked up in a slim black dress, showing most everything she owned.


It would be hard for almost any guy to keep his eyes off her, she was beautiful, but to Harry she was disgusting and repulsive compared to Luna, or even for that matter a Blast-Ended Skrewt, but saying that Luna was more beautiful sounded better, it felt better to say too, because it was true.


‘You know Harry,’ Romilda slunk towards Harry, her hips looking like two ships on a stormy ocean, ‘I could always give you a good time after this whole affair, make up for everything you missed.’ Her eyes wandered over to Luna, ‘If you know what I mean.’


Usually things like that wouldn’t even faze Luna, but what Romilda Vanes just said made her want to find a place, alone, and cry.


It kind of scared her; she hadn’t felt that strong of a pull to cry since her mother had died. It felt like someone had pierced her already broken heart once more.


Harry on the other hand was just shocked. How dare someone come up, insult his girlfriend, and just get away with it. He could see the pain in Luna’s stunning eyes and—




Did I just say girlfriend? Harry thought, She’s still my friend either way and Romilda has so right to speak to her that way.


‘You know, I won’t be missing anything, because I have everything I want right next to me. All the beauty in the world.’ Harry picked up Luna’s hand and stood up, ‘Let’s get away from this polluted air.’


The two walked off, leaving a very stunned group of girls behind.


Luna could still feel the tears budding at the corners of her eyes, but whether it was from Romilda said or from what Harry said, she wasn’t quiet sure. And that scared her.


‘H-Harry…’ Luna could hear the strength in her voice waver.


‘Yes Luna.’ Harry realized he probably sounded a bit harsher then he meant it to, he saw Luna cringe slightly, but he was just still pissed at Vanes nerves, ‘Sorry, its not directed towards you, its toward that-that-that—’


‘Bitch.’ Luna found the word out of her mouth before she could think of it.


Harry’s face lit up in a smile, ‘Why, Ms. Lovegood, I never knew that you could swear.’


Luna blushed so red her cheeks practically went with the outfit.


‘But what was it you wanted to ask me?’ Harry asked, not even trying to hid the curiosity in his voice.


‘Well, um…’ Luna knew what she wanted to ask, but she also knew there where a lot of eavesdropping ears around, ‘Do you want to go out on the balcony for a bit? It-it’s a bit stuffy in here.’


‘Oh,’ Harry said a bit disappointed, ‘Ok.’


The two headed out to the privacy of the balcony, but definitely not going unnoticed.


Dumbledore, with that annoying twinkle in his eye, made sure to cast a silent spell over the glass doors so no other ears could hear what was being said in private.


Harry walked over to the edged and rested his hands along it, ‘It’s a beautiful night.’


‘Yeah, the stars are so bright.’ Luna walked up next to him. The sky looked as if someone had broken an ink well and threw diamonds across it. The moon was full and bright, the topper to what would be a perfect fairytale ending.




‘Yes Harry?’ Luna was caught up in the moment. Her she was with a guy she really cared about, more then she would have ever guessed, it was just one of those moments when time seemed to stand still and nothing in the future or past even existed. It was just this moment, right now, that mattered.


‘Would you care to dance?’ Harry offered his hand as Luna turned to look at him.


‘I would like that.’ And she took his hand.


The music was playing just loud enough to be heard on the balcony. Harry was careful where he placed his hands, and kept checking to make sure he wasn’t stepping on her feet. Luna was just enjoying studding the boy before her, the boy who had done so much, helped so many people, and still he looked as if he thought himself the enemy.


‘Harry,’ Luna whispered, waiting till he looked up to her, ‘You’re a good person, you know that, right?’


Harry cast his eyes down, ‘I’m not so sure about that.’


‘Well, I am.’ Luna replied. Harry smiled at her, here, in her arms, nothing mattered but them. Not Voldemort, or Death Eaters, or even Vernon Dursley in the morning. Luna was all he saw.


‘Thanks Luna.’ Harry replied, pulling her a bit closer.


Luna looked a bit surprised by the closer contact but held her calm demeanor, ‘Anytime.’


Their eyes met, just like in a movie, and they just stayed like that. The music playing in the back ground, the stars shinning above, and the two most unique people in all of Hogwarts history together in each others arms.


‘Luna?’ Harry asked barley above a whisper, his arms tightening around her small waist nervously.


‘Y-yes Harry?’ She replied, nervous herself.


‘I think I want to kiss you.’ He blurted out before he could stop himself.


Luna’s eyes, if possible, seemed to grow even more, ‘I think I might be bad at it.’


Harry chuckle lightly, and moved a bit closer to her, ‘I don’t think that could be possible.’


He let Luna lean in the rest of the way, their noses just barley brushing the others.


And then he finally let his lips find hers. It was soft and innocent, passionate in its own little way. Nothing like you would see in the movies, something only two people that really cared about each other could feel.


Luna pulled back, letting her eyes wander up to Harry’s, ‘That was magical.’


‘You’re what made it like that.’ Harry whispered softly, leaning his forehead against hers.


Luna’s smile lit up, but she kept quiet.


The two pulled part after the song finished, learning that it was true what they say – who ever they was – one song in the arms of someone you truly care under the stars is more then a thousands dances with someone else.


‘Sh-should we go inside?’ Luna asked, looking up to Harry.


He shook his head, ‘No, I don’t really feel like I want to share you with anyone right now.’


Luna leaned her head against Harry’s chest, ‘And I don’t want to share you either.’


‘Harry?’ Luna asked after a while of silent.


‘Hum?’ Harry was just enjoying the scent of her hair, which, not surprisingly, smelled of raspberries.


Luna pulled back, ‘I think I just saw a Crumple-Horned Snorkacks over there by the trees.’ Luna let go of Harry’s neck and took his hand, leading him over to the bushes.


Harry couldn’t help but smile. Never would he have thought that his perfect night would involve Luna, in a beautiful Halloween dress, on all fours looking under the small trees, but even in all the strangeness it seemed to just make the night even more perfect.


‘Here, let me help you.’ Harry followed suite and got down on all fours next to Luna.


‘Oh, I thought I saw it. It would have just made the night even more perfect.’ Luna sat down on the cobblestone and looked over to Harry.


He smiled back at her, ‘Well, we have all night to find one.’ Harry stood and offered his hand, Luna stood up and they began there dancing once more.


And so that’s how they spent more then half the night, alone on the balcony, just dancing and enjoying the company of the other, stealing a few kisses here and there, stopping every now and then to look for a Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.


And so here is where story ends of the Queen of Hearts and her Knight in Shinning Armor.




Junefri – (June-Frye)

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