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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 7 : I don't know what to do
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hey sorry it took so long for chapter 7 to get here but it's here now !! PLEASE reaview !!

Chapter 7

The three landed with a loud crack in the Burrow’s back garden Draco looked around In a stunned silence his mouth agape, he quickly recovered his composure.

“So this is where the resistance hangs out.”

“Yeah.Now come on I want to get Luna inside and have mum check her wrist out and then I want to find out if George and Gin’ are back safe.”


“This way.”

As Draco walked towards the Burrows back door his foot caught on a stone he pitched forward regaining his balance as Fred grabbed his arm to steady him. Luna hissed through gritted teeth as the pain shot through her wrist and the side of her body.

“Luna are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine I just want to find out if George and Gin’ are home ok.”

“So do i…so do I.”

They reached the door and Fred pushed it open for Draco and Luna to pass through it.

“What the hell happened to you? And why the hell is Malfoy here?”

Huge smiles spread across Luna’s and Fred’s faces as sitting at the huge kitchen table were Ginny and George looking perfectly fine.

“Long story…”

Noticing Draco glancing around the kitchen Fred gestured to the table.

“Put Luna here.”


Draco placed Luna on the edge of the table her face was an ashen grey and she looked like she was about to throw up from the pain.

“Oh my Luna I’ll go get mum.”

Ginny leapt up from the table and ran to the stairs.

“Thanks Gin.”

The four in the kitchen endured a few minutes of awkward silence before Mrs Weasley and Ginny returned down the staircase.

“OH Luna what happened? Wait never mind that, what hurts?”

Luna looked up at Mrs Weasley.

“Everything but my wrist is actually killing me!”

Mrs Weasley whipped out her wand.

“Ok let’s start with your wrist. Which one is it Luna?”
“Oh sorry Mrs I mean Molly it’s my left one.”

“Okay but Luna I can only partially heal it and put a charm on it so it doesn’t hurt but you’ll have to wear a support bandage I would like to take you to St. Mungo’s but I don’t think it will be safe.”

“Molly don’t worry no pain and a support bandage sounds a lot better than what I’m going through now.”

Molly tutted almost to herself and then turned to her children and Draco.

“Fred a question before I begin can we trust…”

Molly looked up at Draco waiting for him to fill the gap.

“It’s Draco Mrs Weasley.”

“Thank you dear.”

“Mum yeah we can trust him he killed the death eater who did this to Luna today and it was also the death eater who stabbed her back in September.”

“Okay I don’t believe in killing but today I believe it was justified.”

She looked at Draco’s dirty robe and sighed inwardly.

“Draco I’m guessing you would like to freshen up.”

“Actually I would like that very much.”

“That’s fine Ginny show Draco where the bathroom and towels are you could also give him a pair of Charlie’s spare jeans and a shirt.”

“Sure Mum .Come on Draco. This way.”

Draco looked surprised but followed Ginny dutifully out of the kitchen.

“George go get a support bandage from out of the cupboard now. Right Luna you’ll feel like something is squeezing your wrist and then after about two second that feeling will stop you ok with that?”


Five minutes later when George returned with a support bandage Luna had almost returned to her full colour but was still leaning on Fred for support she was also helping Fred to explain what had happened.

Twenty minutes later when a clean but still wet Draco came down the stairs followed by Ginny she was sitting up with out support and was slowly drinking a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate.

“Luna you’re ok?”

“Well I’m getting there.”

Ginny smiled and sat down she looked over to where Draco awkwardly stood.

“Draco sit down.”

He sat down straight away.

“Draco, Ginny do either of you want a drink?”

“Hot chocolate please mum.”

“Sure. Draco?”

“Can I have the same please?”

“Of course.”

As Molly bustled around George, Fred and Draco started to discussed Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes while Ginny and Luna talked about Christmas tomorrow.

“Mum open the window an Owls coming.”

Molly set down the two mugs she was holding and quickly unlatched the window as the owl flew in she moved the mugs to the table and handed one each to Draco and Ginny.

“Thank you Mrs Weasley your kindness is appreciated.”

“Molly please Draco.”

“Of course.”

“Thanks mum.”

“Mum the owl.”

“Oh yes.”

Molly reached over to the owl and pulled off the letter the owl stood back but didn’t retreat. As Molly read further down the page her face got whiter and whiter as she sank down into a chair her hand was shaking and she looked like she was going to cry.

“Mum what’s wrong?”


“Mum what was in the letter.”

“Mrs Weasley?”

“Molly what’s happened?”

She took a gasping breath and then looked up tears shone in her eyes.

“It was Bill deatheaters have taken over the ministry there rounding up all the workers especially if they are known to have had contact with Harry he says that Charlie is fine as he went over to Romania this morning but he said he doesn’t know about Arthur…”

She drew another shuddering breath.

“He said we should run now and we should go as far as we can as soon as we can.”

The tears finally broke through and started to fall down her face.

“Oh my Mum what are we going to do?”

“Ginny I really don’t know.”

Draco put a comforting arm around as Fred tightened his grip around Luna’s waist.

“I really don’t know.” 

So what did you think dramatic or just the opposite please review and tell me what you think !!!

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Perilous Beauty: I don't know what to do


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