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A Serpent's Tongue by HereLiesDobby
Chapter 1 : When Our Eyes First Met
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Chapter 1: When Our Eyes First Met

“Anna, come on, the train’s about to pull into the station, get dressed!” Harry told his younger sister as he pulled her up from her sleeping position. Anna glared at him but obeyed. The two has only recently been united that summer after a particularly hair-raising and suspicious time at the Ministry of Magic. Grudgingly, Anna grabbed her school robes and skirt and headed to the girls’ bathroom and changed into her uniform. Anna surveyed her appearance in the mirror. She tugged the pleated skirt down a bit, but it still seemed a bit short. The white blouse seemed a little tight, but maybe that was the mirror. Anna patted the red and gold Gryffindor patch on her robes and straightened her tie, nodding. The Potter girl bit her lip and looked around. Quickly, she drew her wand (Willow and unicorn hair, 12 inches) and muttered a quick spell. Her long red hair that normally was pulled back from her face save a few curled strands now lay in elegant auburn red ringlets. Anna smiled and decided that she was done. The train lurched to a stop just as Anna opened the door to the corridor, making her fall. Someone helped her up. “Watch where your going, girl?” the rather good-looking boy sneered. Anna opened her mouth to retort.


“Anna, there you are! Hurry up, we’ve got to find Ron and Hermione,” Harry ordered, grabbing her hand and dragging her along. Anna protested a bit, looking back at the blonde-headed boy who was now glaring murderous looks at Harry. “Pushing more people around, Scarhead?” the boy asked, menacingly. Harry turned and glared at the boy. “Only my sister, Malfoy, so you stick your greasy nose elsewhere. Come on, Anna,” Harry said, tugging her arm. Malfoy’s face turned into surprise as he stared at Anna who was being dragged down the corridor with Harry. Damn, Potter’s got a sister. A damn good-looking one too. Some people have all the luck. Malfoy thought bitterly as he followed Harry and Anna many feet away. The Slytherin watched his enemy eagle-eyed as Harry continued to drag Anna down Hogsmeade station to look for his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.


Draco Malfoy sneered at the thought. Ronald was, for one, a Weasley, and therefore poor and desolate. Granger was a Mudblood and that put her near the top of Malfoy’s hit list. Draco sighed as he watched Anna’s auburn red hair swing prettily as she ran with her brother. Draco ran his fingers through his hair and walked after them, lost in the throng of students. Hands suddenly were wrapped over his eyes. “Guess who, Drakey-poo?” a high-pitched voice asked with a giggle. Draco shuddered. “Pansy,” he droned but no emotion except distaste. The hands disappeared and a rather ugly girl with a face like a pug appeared, smiling broadly. “Duh, Draco, who’d you expect?” she said, giving him a hug. Draco stood there, grimacing. Pansy let go, grabbing his hand, pulling him along the walkway to the carriages that carried the 2nd-year and above students up to Hogwarts castle. Pansy kicked two younger students out of a carriage and pulled Draco into it. Before Pansy shut the door, he caught a glimpse of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Anna jumping into a carriage a few ways up. He smiled a bit, but groaned as Pansy moved over to sit on his lap. “Get off me, Pansy. People will look. I, unlike you, have a reputation that doesn’t need to be tarnished,” Draco said evilly. Pansy looked shocked, but moved across from him, her head looking down. Draco sighed, breathing in fresh air unadorned with Pansy’s choking perfume. The Malfoy heir stared out the window, trying to spot a glimpse of a red-haired girl a few carriages up.


That was Draco Malfoy! He was bloody good-looking too. Stop that, Anna! He was Malfoy, your brother’s worst enemy and therefore off limits to you! Anna thought to herself. She sighed and leaned back against the soft plush of the carriage couch beside Hermione, who nose was buried in one of her schoolbooks. Ron was staring out the window and stealing a few glances at Hermione. Harry was staring at his sister, his face grim. He couldn’t that she had tangled with Draco Malfoy! Of all people to run into or whatnot, she had to pick his worst enemy. Harry sighed. He was going to have to keep a close on Anna this year. Harry guessed that was what being a brother was all about…keeping an eye on everyone who tried to mess with your sister. Harry was glad he had Ron there to help him out. Ron, of course, had to deal with taking care of Ginny, his younger sister, so Harry was sure Ron would give him some tips. Harry sighed at the same time as Anna and they smirked. The carriages jerked to a stop and the four friends stumbled out, stretching their joints. Ron, Harry and Hermione hurried forward out of the beginning rain, but Anna hung back a bit, searching the crowd for Draco. Similarly, he was looking for her. Their icy blue and green eyes met, staring. Anna’s heart leapt a bit as Draco started to make his way to her, but sank when a girl, a rather ugly one, wrapped her arms around him. Anna’s smile fell and she thought tears would burst. Draco smiled at her apologetically and tried to push off the girl who was clawing him. Anna clenched her jaw and turned, running swiftly up the crowd, pushing through the other students, trying to find the nearest bathroom before she cried. Sniffling, Anna burst into the bathroom on the first floor, sobs starting to shake her body.


Draco groaned as Pansy latched onto him. His heart plummeted as he saw the despair of Anna’s face. In that instant, he felt absolutely horrible and did his best to push Pansy away. “Get off, Pansy, can’t you ever stop trying to touch me?” he asked bitterly. Pansy pulled away reluctantly, her expression hurt, but Draco didn’t care. He looked ahead again for Anna, but she gone. He sighed and walked dejectedly up to the castle, rain drenching his hair and cloak. I hate myself…Better than that, I hate Pansy. She ruins everything. Now Anna will never talk to me again…Well, maybe it’s a good thing. Potter can’t use that as a reason to try and kill me now Draco thought bitterly as he walked down the aisles to the Slytherin table in the Great Hall.


He searched for Anna but didn’t see her. He saw Harry, Ron and Hermione, but there was no sign of the Potter girl. Draco felt horrible but decided he should probably try to make himself feel a little better. Making sure no one saw him; he ducked behind the wall and exited into the Entrance Hall. Draco lost himself in the crowd of students coming into the Great Hall and moved down towards the first floor. He glanced behind to make sure Anna wasn’t in the crowd, but continued down the corridor when he didn’t see her. “Anna, Anna are you here?” he whispered, praying none of the Professors were walking the halls. Draco heard sniffling and sobs as he came near the girls’ bathroom and decided to investigate. Slinking, he slid inside the door to the bathroom and hid behind a pillar in the floor. “Anna, is that you?” he asked, barely speaking above a whisper. The crying stopped. “Who’s there?” a girl answered. Draco sighed in relief. “It’s me, Anna, Draco Malfoy,” he replied, hoping she was alright. Anna slammed open the door of the stall and came out. Her eyes were red from crying but Draco still thought she looked beautiful. “I don’t want to talk to you, Malfoy,” she said angrily, trying to exit the room. Draco moved quickly, blocking her path.


Anna glared at him. “Get out of the way, Malfoy, before I hex you,” she said, drawing her wand to show him she meant every word. Draco gulped and tried to talk it out. “Anna, I’m really sorry about…you know, Pansy. I don’t like her. She’s a git really,” he explained, but Anna rolled her eyes. “What makes you think that I’m crying over you?” she asked, sneering. Draco blinked. “A-aren’t you?” he stammered. Anna shook her head. “Typical Slytherin…typical boy, for that matter, always thinking every girl is swooning or crying over him,” she snapped. Draco stepped back, feeling sick. “I-I,” he stumbled, but Anna came closer, her wand still in front. “I know all about you, Draco Malfoy, and…I don’t like you one bit. You’re a right foul git, you know? I can’t believe I thought for a moment I might like you,” she cried, slapping his face. Draco flinched, but a smile found its way onto his face. “So you do like me!” he exclaimed, chuckling. Anna glared. Reaching back with her hand, she punched him square on the nose. Blood squirted and Draco howled in pain. Anna stood over him as he fell on the ground. “Don’t you come near me, Draco Malfoy,” she said menacingly. Her cloak swirled as she turned on her heel and stormed out of the room.


Draco watched her go, dumbfounded. What had he done wrong? Had he mistaken all of her signals? It would be the first time that he hadn’t successfully wooed a girl. Slowly, and trying to keep any blood from falling on his cloak anymore, Draco searched for his wand. Finding the slender wood, he muttered a spell and his nose healed…rather painfully however. Draco staggered to the door and exited, heading toward the Great Hall. Draco sighed in relief when he found the Sorting hadn’t started yet. He scurried down toward the Slytherin table, earning a few odd looks at the few bloodstains on his usually spotless robes. Draco glared at them all and the students found other places or people for their gaze to travel. Draco glanced over at the Gryffindor table, seeing Anna was glancing over at him. He glared, but couldn’t help feeling a bit of warmth when she winked. This was followed by her miming breaking his nose, to which Draco glared and made a rather rude hand gesture. Anna raised an eyebrow and turned back to the Sorting, which had just begun. Draco sighed and looked down at the gold plate in front of him. This was not going to be a good day.


Anna watched Draco steadily as he looked down at his plate sadly. Anna felt a small pang of guilt, but forced it away. It served Draco Malfoy right for thinking that she was like every other girl that he knew, just waiting to fall in love with him. Well, Anna Potter wasn’t like other girls and she wanted Draco Malfoy to know it. I am such a bloody liar. I do like him, so why don’t I just admit it? I didn’t have to go and break his nose just to save my stupid pride…but then again, it would make Harry laugh and he deserves a bit of happiness after all he’s been through Anna thought as she watched her brother. Harry hadn’t exactly had the best life in the world and Anna felt a bit sad and guilty that she hadn’t been there to help him.


Anna had always known Harry and not just his story. They had talked a few times, but it had never occurred to either one of them how similar they were. Anna and Harry shared the same fiery sprit and dogged determination and the same eyes, Lilly’s eyes. Harry was a mirror image of his father, James Potter. Anna was a spot-on picture of her mother, Lily Evans, when she was her age. No one had ever really even suspected that Anna Grayson and Harry Potter were related. It had taken the truth from Dumbledore and an almost-deadly visit to the Ministry of Magic for it to come out.

Anna shook her head to shake out the events of the visit that summer, but she knew she would have to face them sooner or later. Harry looked at her quizzically in the middle of his conversation with Ron and Hermione. Anna shook her head and continued to eat the scrumptious food. Harry raised an eyebrow, but Anna gave him a look that said he had better drop it or else to which he obliged.


He knew how deadly Anna’s hexes were and he didn’t ever want to be on the receiving end of one. Harry was worried about Anna. Part of it was normal brotherly protection that had come rather naturally to him, surprisingly, and the other half were because of the events of the day. He was not comfortable at all with the way Draco Malfoy had looked at Anna. The evil Slytherin could stare at other girls, but not Harry’s sister. Malfoy’s reputation was not something to consider lightly and the last thing Harry wanted was Anna caught up in that. Even worse, Anna had looked at Malfoy with the same adoring look. Harry did not like that one bit. His sister could not get involved with Draco Malfoy, his greatest enemy.

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