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Just My Luck by jamesiee
Chapter 1 : Just My Luck
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A/N- Alright, so I'm an idiot and had this rejected in the middle of August right before the vacation thing, and have forgotten about it until now. Sorry. This songfic is based off the song Just My Luck by the one and only McFly. You should really check it out. Oh yeah, and feedback is appreciated. ;)

“To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his right and left hands. He uses both.”
        -St. Catherine of Siena

Her body was tangled in the warm blankets but somehow; she got a hand free to smack the Wizarding Wireless on the floor beside the bed. Celestine Warbeck’s wavering voice shut off. With a happy sigh, Rose Weasley turned over, drifting back into her dreamland.

Unfortunately, when she hit the Wireless, her wand rolled off the dresser and into the unknown land under her bed. She slept on though, unknowing and uncaring of the trouble a lost wand can cause.

You and I have got a lot in common
We share all the same problems
Luck, love and life aren’t on our sides

His footsteps were heavy as he ran around his flat; trying to find the documents he'd spent all night working on; the papers that were the cause of his little lie-in.

After running his hand through his disheveled hair several times, Scorpius Malfoy finally spotted the papers, underneath yesterday's pants. Breathing a sigh of relief, Scorpius threw the papers onto the cluttered kitchen table, trying his best not to wrinkle them, before rushing back to his bedroom for his socks. He came back into the kitchen to finish his coffee- his morning rush-, hopping on one foot while putting on the left sock.

Although on the house Quidditch team in his Hogwarts years, Scorpius tripped over his book bag. He swore loudly and in his haste to stop himself, tried to grab onto the counter. But in doing so, he knocked over the freshly poured cup of coffee. Scorpius fell on the cold floor with a thud. As he lay there, wondering why it always seemed to happen to him, coffee-covered papers began raining down on him. A closer look told Scorpius that it was the documents that were to be in his presentation today, the one he was already late for.

Scorpius let his head thud on the ground with a groan.

I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time
Always the last one in a long line
Waiting for something to turn out right, right

Rose's hair was a mess. The prominent Granger hair genes that she couldn't seem to rid herself of, and the bright red Weasley hair made an unfortunate combination. No one had seen her hair in its natural state since she'd discovered the magic of hair charms back in fourth year. Rose had planned to keep it that way except she slept in, which gave her roughly five minutes to get dressed and have a spot of breakfast (she was a terrible person when she didn't eat in the morning) before rushing out the door to her office where she would answer phones and help her cousin with interviews and articles for WitchWeekly. Victoire hated lateness and even though Rose was family, wouldn't hesitate to fire her.

Rose ran around her small flat, trying to find matching robes and her wand. She found the former but didn't end up finding the latter. She couldn't risk being late so, with a piece of toast in her mouth, Rose slammed the door, leaving an empty flat and her wand behind her.

“Morning Rose,” Chloe, Victoire’s sectary, said when a blur of red hair ran past her desk.

“ ‘M not late!” Rose replied breathlessly.

“I never said you were- Merlin Rose.” Chloe had looked up from her to-do list and her eyes were automatically drawn to Rose’s hair. “It looks like something died on your head.”

Chloe wasn’t known for beating around the bush.

“Cheers,” Rose said darkly, glowering at her co-worker. “It’s the perfect combination of Weasley-Granger genes.”

Chloe missed the obvious sarcasm. “Not really,” She snorted.

Rose bit back a reply as Victoire walked in.

“Ack Rosie! ‘Oou nearly gave moi a ‘eart attack wiz zat ‘air of yours!” Even though she was born in England, Victoire spent most of her childhood and teenage years in France, giving her a strong, most likely faked, French accent. “Zis iz a professional workplace. We cannot ‘ave ‘oou looking like zat. ‘Oou will be on field today.” She handed Rose a list of errands to run and left. Rose grit her teeth; questioning what could have possibly given her the idea that working in the fashion industry could be fun.

I’m starting to fall in love
It’s getting too much
Not often that I slip up
Well it’s just my luck
Yeah, yeah

Scorpius hurried down the street, his head was bowed and his chin tucked into his collar, as he attempted to keep the cold wind away from his body. He only had a short lunch break and planned to make the most of it. Nobody gave him a second glance; the wizarding world had long since accepted the young blonde man, despite all the negative attention his family had gotten in his forefathers’ time. All the hostile stares and whispers had stopped a couple years after wizardkind got over the fact that Scorpius had befriended Harry Potter’s middle child.

Envious at the thought of Albus Potter’s Puddlemere United training camp in South of Spain, Scorpius ducked into Gringotts, wondering why he gave up the same chance to pursue a career as an Auror.

Scorpius’ shoes clicked on the marble floor as he made his way to a goblin sitting behind the high desk.

“Er, I’d like to make a withdrawal please,” Scorpius said. The goblin peered down on him, looking bored.

“Does sir have his key?” It asked. Scorpius only paused for a second before digging into his pockets. Scorpius turned each one out without finding his key.

“Ah, no. I don’t,” He finally said.

“Then sir cannot make a withdrawal,” The goblin sneered.

“But I need to make one! It’ll be my money for the week!” Scorpius protested. The goblin leaned over the desk, his smile oily.

“Apparently sir will not be eating then.”

Rain clouds are gathering in numbers
Just when I put away my jumper
Luck and love still not on my side

Rose cringed every time she caught a glimpse of herself in a window. Since Victoire had sent Rose to collect different garments and coffees, she hadn’t had a minute to herself, with which she could try and undo some of the damage. So Rose had walked around most of magical and muggle London with crazy hair. She got many strange looks, though she wouldn’t make eye contact with many people.

Oddly excited to be getting back to her office where she could (hopefully) fix her appearance and in her eagerness to cross the road, Rose didn’t see to giant puddle caused by the day’s earlier rain. She ended up ankle deep in cold, dirty water, sufficiently ruining her shoes and soaking the bottom of her robes. Cursing loudly, Rose tried to shake the dripping water from her left foot but in doing so, she managed to get her leg caught in her robes, ripping the expensive fabric. Rose dropped the drinks in her hands and sighed, “Why me?”

And I’m starting to fall in love
It’s getting too much
Not often that I slip up
It’s just my luck

“I just can’t do this anymore Scorpius.”

Scorpius choked on his fire whiskey. “What?” He managed to ask.

“This.” Connie, Scorpius’ girlfriend of two weeks, motioned between the two. “Us. Together. It’s not working for me.”

“Oh.” Scorpius ran a hand over his day old stubble, trying to remain indifferent and collect his thoughts.  “Are you sure?” He finally asked. Connie’s fake smile fell.

“Yes, of course I’m sure,” She snapped.

“Really? Cause I thought we had it going on.” Scorpius winked suggestively. His cheek stung a few seconds later. When he opened his eyes, the pub door was swinging shut and he was sitting alone.

Just my luck
Just my luck
Just my luck now
Yeah, you know
It’s just my luck

Rose couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when Victoire let her go for the day with a dismissive, “ 'Oou’ll scare away zee clinets if oou are ‘ere any longer.”

Rose left in a hurry, not even caring about her hair anymore. That is, until she stepped outside where it was pouring rain. The falling water plastered her hair to her head and her makeup ran, giving her the appearance of a drowned raccoon. She sighed and tried to pull her ruined robes over her head. While doing so though, Rose collided with a body.

She promptly fell on her bum.

“Ahg, Merlin, I’m so sorry. I just seem to be having the worst luck today.”
Rose blinked water out of her eyes and looked into the frustrated face of Scorpius Malfoy.

“It’s okay Scorp. I’ve been having the same kind of day,” Rose said, smiling at the look on his face. Since he’d been her cousin’s best mate at school, Rose and the Malfoy heir were on good terms despite her father’s obvious dislike of the family.

“Blimey, now I’m really sorry Rose.” Scorpius offered her a hand up.

“It’s fine, really,” She said, taking it. “I should’ve expected something like this; my day’s been that horrid.”

“Aye, I know the feeling. But I have to bet mine’s been worse.”

“I’m having a hard time believing that.”

“Join me for a drink, will yah? We’ll compare days,” Scorpius said.

“Alright, sure. Anything to get out of this rain,” Rose said. “It’s doing nothing for me.” She followed Scorpius into the nearest bar. They ordered two butterbeers before sliding into a booth. When the waitress returned with the drinks in tow, Scorpius shoved two of his last sickles at her. She winked at him, very obviously trying to pick him up. Scorpius ignored her, instead asking Rose,

“So how was your day Rosie?”

“Well, other then the fact I slept in, giving me five minutes to get to work, which gave me no time to do my hair, leaving me with this.” Rose motioned to her hair. “And then because my mum’s a Granger- hair genes,” She added in answer to Scorpius’ confused look. He nodded for her to continue. “I got sent on errands all day because Victoire didn’t want me to,” Rose cleared her throat and said in a very fake French accent, “scare away any of zee coustomars. And then while I was out, I ruined my shoes in a puddle, ripped my robes dropped what I was carrying and had to go back and do it all again. Oh and my wand is missing,” she finished in her normal voice. Scorpius was silent for a couple beats.

“I guess you had a rough day. But I still think mine was worse.”

Rose sat back in her chair, raising an eyebrow and nodding slightly for Scorpius to tell his story.

“Well I didn’t wake up on time because I stayed up til half three finishing my papers. My
lie-in wasn’t that drastic but I couldn’t find the papers and when I did, I split coffee on them. I was late to training, didn’t have my work so was given extra due tomorrow. I was dumped and then slapped, plus I’ve lost my Gringotts key and can’t get a replacement until sometime next week because the goblins are all up tight about security.”

Rose exhaled slowly. “I think I win.”


“My day was worse,” She said simply.

“No,” Scorpius disagreed.

“You were just unlucky.”

“Well yeah, but so were you. Wrong place at the wrong time- that’s unlucky.”

Rose chose not to answer her companion, instead taking a sip of her drink. Scorpius copied her, lifting the previously untouched mug to his lips. As he set back down on the table between them, Rose gave Scorpius a funny look. He raised an eyebrow.

“You have something here.” Rose pointed to her own face. Scorpius brought his hand to his face and rubbed his cheek.

“No…” Rose leaned over the table, slowly moving her face closer to Scorpius’. Her arm extended until it rested on his cheek. Brown eyes never leaving grey, she hesitantly kissed his upper lip, effectively getting the form off. Rose finally pulled away; the kiss awakening something she never thought possible.

“Mhmm,” She said, licking her lips as an embarrassing flush crept up her neck. “I’m sorry, that was-“

Scorpius cut her off by smashing his lips to hers.

When the two broke apart, the world seemed to start moving again.

“Did you feel that?” Scorpius asked, grinning happily.

“Yeah.” Rose nodded. “I think our luck’s changing.”

Just my luck
Just my luck
Just my luck now
Something will turn out right

Just my luck
Just my luck
Just my luck now
Waiting for something,
 I'm waiting for something to turn out right, yeah

I’m starting to fall in love
Its getting too much
Its not often that I slip up
Its just my luck

Its just my luck

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Just My Luck: Just My Luck


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