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Love Will Find A Way by ScorpiousRoseLover
Chapter 3 : An Unlikely Friendship
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Rose and Scorpius kept their friendship based around Potions class. They still sat next to each other and had become partners in making certain potions. Rose found that Scorpius was a lot of help to her in this class, as it was the only one that was difficult for her. Scorpius and Rose would often get called out by Professor Slughorn to be quiet, as they were always talking during class. Albus, Pat, Rebecca, Lenny and all the other Gryffindors in the class sat on one side, whereas the Slytherins sat on the other side. Rose and Scorpius were the only Gryffindor and Slytherin who sat at the same table and talked and laughed as amicable friends.

Albus was the first to say something to Rose, though not unkindly, “Do you think it’s alright to be hanging around with him?” he asked her one morning at breakfast.

Rose sighed, “Al don’t worry about me and don’t go judging him by his dad. He’s nice, honestly” This seemed to be a good enough verification for Al because he didn’t pester her more about it. But James was a different matter.

“Hey Rosie” he came over towards her with his friends Michael and Conner in tow, “I hear that you and little Scorpion are friends”

“His name is Scorpius” Rose corrected her cousin.

James rolled his eyes, as though this was beside the point, “Whatever. I don’t like seeing my own cousin with the enemy.”

“He is not an enemy!” Rose said, feeling furious with him. James laughed and shook his head; he seemed to get the notion that because he was a year older than her he was superior. Then he and his cronies walked away and Rose fumed in her seat. Why was everyone so prejudiced against Slytherins? She thought as she played around with her eggs.

But it did not end with her cousins. Pat and Rebecca cornered her and asked her to sit near them in the next Potions lesson, but Rose declined the offer, saying that she needed Scorpius’s help. They bit their lips but didn’t press the matter any further. Rose was starting to get annoyed at all the persistent questions, so during free times she often hid in the library, where she could loose herself into all the wonderful books.


Just two weeks after school started, Rose spotted Errol, the old family owl zooming through the Great Hall with a letter for her. She grabbed the envelope and tore it open, desperate for her family’s words.

My Dearest Rose,

Hugo, your father and I are desperate for news about your first two weeks at Hogwarts! We’ve been wondering what house you’ve been sorted into and how you’ve enjoyed your classes. Everything is going as usual here, your dad’s been working overtime at the Ministry and Hugo’s been pestering me about Hogwarts. We hope to hear from you soon!

Lots of Love

Your Mother 

Rose scanned the parchment and decided to write back quickly. She got out her own parchment and wrote back,


I’m having the most glorious time at Hogwarts! Please, don’t let dad or Hugo read this letter, but let them know that I was sorted into Gryffindor. I don’t want them to know that I’ve become friends with Scorpius Malfoy. I know you didn’t much like his father, but Scorpius is alright. And you were right, the library here is wonderful!

Love you too


After tying the letter to Errol’s leg and telling him to give it to Hermione’s hands only, the small elderly owl flew off and out of the window in an instant, eager to take the letter. Rose felt more comfortable in telling her mother about Scorpius, her father would surely be upset and never understand.


“Hey Rose,” Scorpius’s voice rang from the other side of the hall after breakfast. Rose turned around to see the blonde boy hurry up towards her. “Have you got anything planned for today?” he asked her.

“Well its Saturday, but no” Rose replied. Her only real plans were to finish that Defense against the Dark Arts essay in the common room and maybe sit by the lake with Rebecca and Pat.

“How would you like to play a game of Wizard’s Chess with me?” He asked. Rose smirked.

“You know, I’m rather good at that game” she told him.

“Well then, it’s a competition. I’ll go get my board game, I can meet you in the library in fifteen minutes” he said before hurrying off down a flight of stairs. Rose beamed, thinking of all the times she had played chess with her father. She would surely beat Scorpius. As she skipped to the library she didn’t care about what people would say about their friendship, just so long as they were friends, it didn’t matter.

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