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Shakespeare, Magic, and Me by heyITSme
Chapter 6 : "Nay, he's a flower, in faith, a very flower." Nurse(1.3.84)
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[Disclaimer: I don't own a thing]

C H A P T E R S I X: "Nay, he's a flower, in faith, a very flower." Nurse(1.3.84)

[Previously: "Oh, thanks! Speaking of Monroe the Hoe herself, you reminded me: I was wondering if you wanted to run lines some time,"

James smiled this big silly smile, "Sure, that'd be great."

"Great," I smiled as I went to the door, "I'll see you later Potter."

Just as the door was closing I called back to James, "Oh, and thanks for the chocolate, James!"]

I hummed quietly to myself as I approached the library to meet Brad later that night. After quickly scaning the tables, I spotted him in the back corner.

"Hey babe," he said in his oh-so-charming voice when he saw me approaching.

I swooped in for a quick kiss which actually turned into a great snog. Just in case you wanted to know.

"So how's your day been?"

"Absolutely smashing now that you're here," he said with a smile.

He is so cute. A little cheesy, but I like to think it's all part of his charm.

"Whatcha workin' on?" I questioned, as I peered over his arm.

"Damn Potions essay," he smiled, "wanna help me out?"

I smiled back, "Of course. Now budge over, I liked writing this essay."

He gave me a look, "Only you."

When it reached curfew, Brad and I chatted about the play as he walked me to the Gryffindor Common Room.

"So I want to marry you, but you don't because you like Potter better?"

"Umm...ew, can we please use our stage names? When you say it like that it sounds really bad. But yes, that is the basic gist of the plot line."

Brad rolled his eyes, "And stage names doesn't sound odd? You make us sound like strippers."

Hehe. I wouldn't mind much if Brad became a stripper. My stripper. I giggled aloud.

"And apparently there are kissing scenes." Brad said, breaking me from my very sexy mental image of him str-- You get the point.

Wait. What did he say?

"Hello? Earth to Lily?"

I looked at him with wide eyes.

He rolled his eyes, "I said that apparently there are kissing scenes."



"And who partakes in them?" he asked, knowing the answer but obviously wanting me to say it.

"James and I."

"Oh? You and James?"

This is one of the things about Brad I really don't like. He's a jealous arse.

I peaked at his tall 6-foot frame when I responded. "Yep. Me and Potter."

His blonde brow furrowed. I ran my fingers through his light blonde hair as I turned his head towards mine.

"Look, Brad, I know that this sucks, but it's honestly not a big deal. Potter's not obsessing over it. Neither should you."

I smiled a bit, and leaned into him for a goodbye kiss, seeing as we were standing just outside my Common.

"'Night," I whispered as our lips parted.

Why is he jealous? I mean, It's not going to be that bad. There's the kissing scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet, the garden scene...which is a little intense.., then their wedding, the morning after their wedding...I wonder how we're going to act that out. Because there is no way in hell I'm climbing into bed with Potter naked. Maybe a curtain...? Oh fuck.

But then there's the whole kissing Potter. Maybe it won't be as bad as I worried. I closed my eyes, imagining his face getting closer to mine; his long messy black hair tickiling my forehead, his soft pink lips co--

"Oi! Lily!" Marlene called to me from the sofa, "Where've you been all day?"

"Detention with Black. Head Meeting with Potter. Library with Brad."

"Dear Merlin, Lils. You and your men.."

"Haha, very clever Marlene."

She smirked at me.

"Long day, dear?" Alice asked soothingly.

I smirked at Marlene, "Atleast someone loves me!" I turned to face Alice, "You have no idea."

"See," I began, "Detention, as I told you earlier, was all right. Head duties with Potter went well to, actually. We agreed to practice lines together."

"But?" Alice asked.

"But...ok, well Brad got really pissy when we talked about the play and...mine and Potter's...scenes."

Marlene snorted from behind her book, "'Scenes'. Nice way of phrasing your snogging sessions."

"Marly!" I cried, "It's not like I agreed to this!"

What, does she think I signed up for this? Obviously not. Black signed up for me. Idiot.
"Well you aren't exactly throwing your usually hissy fit, are you?" Marlene asked.

I opened and closed my mouth like a guppy fish, spluttering. Alice looked at me, nodding, "It's true, Lils."

"Bu-but, I was trying to be mature."

Bloody hell, there isn't any pleasing these girls, is there? I yell at Potter for being a moron and that makes me a cold-hearted bitch. But when I don't throw a fit, I'm suddenly chummy with James? What the hell?

Marlene and Alice looked at me blankly.

"You?" Marlene asked.

"Mature?" Alice questioned.

"Oh shut the ruddy hell up!" I cried, "Everyone gets bloody pissed at me when I throw a fit, so I thought I'd be calm about the whole thing!"

"It's just..." Al began to say.

"So not you." Marlene finished.

What are these two? Twins? They need to stop finishing each other's damn sentences!

"Yeah, well..." was my excellent excuse.

"Anyways," Alice said, obviously catching the vibe for a change of subject, "Do you have any ideas for costumes, Marlene?"

Marlene's face brightened, "I do! See, I've read Acts I and II like Monroe said, and I did research in the library this morning on Renassaince clothes!"

What the hell? I can't even get Marlene into the library during exams. But when clothes are involved, she rushes to read? Damn.

"I'm going to dress the Capulets in all whites, golds, and creams; and the Montagues will be dressed in dark blues, greens, and greys."

"Wow, that's really, really creative, Marlene!" Alice cried.

"Thank you!" she beamed, " I purposefully put you, Lily in the lighter colors. It'll look great with your hair! And then, after you and James get together, you'll be dressed in green or blue, to symbolize that you're a Montague."

"Daaaaayum!" I laughed, "Marlene's done her research!"

"Yep! And I've even begun sketches! And I've picked out these three Hufflepuff sixth years to help me with costumes! They're really nice, actually. Kat, Katie, and Katlyn."

I was quite for a moment, digesting the information. Marlene's done this all in a day! She seems so excited! I'm not ready for this!

"So when will you and the KKK--I mean the K's meet up?" Alice asked.

"Wednesday!" Marlene glanced down at her watch, "Yikes! I've got to dash, I'm meeting Frank in five minutes!"

Once Marlene was out of the room, Alice spoke up, "I've never seen her so...excited."

"Yeah," I agreed, "She's really dedicated. I'm really proud of her."

"Yeah, me to...What do you reckon she's doing with Frank?" she asked me.

"I dunno. Why does it matter?"

"Oh...umm, just curious. So how much have you read of R&J? I'm half way through the second act. I'm a little confused, but I like the story so far."


"You haven't opened the book have you?"


Alice rolled her eyes. "I'm going to do my Charms essay that's due next month. I still can't believe Flitfuck would assign such a huge arse essay."

"Yes, six feet is really obnoxious."

Alice laughed, "Yep."

I can't believe they've read so much in a day. I seriously need to catch up.

It was only ten minutes into my second class of the day, that fateful Monday morning.

Wow, dramatic much?

So anyways, there I was, sitting in Transfiguration, obviously not paying attention. McGonagall was taking a sick day or something so everyone sat where they wanted: Ravenclaws in the front, Slytherins clumped behind them, the Hufflepuffs, then us Gryffs. This random ass ghost was teaching class, and she ordered us to call her 'My Lady'. She's like on PMS or something. If ghosts can even have that. I don't think so...unless she died while PMSing...?

Whatever, doesn't matter.

What does matter is that in an unfortunate (or fortunate?) turn of events, Marlene had to sit next to Sirius.

Obviously, Marly's still on her period. Wow. I really need a code name for that, the word period makes me feel like I'm on PMS. How about...carpet? Yes, carpet. So anyways, Marly still obviously likes carpets a lot. So much it's terrible. Her carpet fetish is making her unbearrably bitchy.

So Sirius is know...minding his own buisness. Which in Sirius terms means being a pain in the ass. And who else would he bother but Marlene?

"So McKinnon, how does it feel to be so...manly?"

"Excuse me?" she hissed.

"I said--"

"I heard what you said!" oh yes, Marlene McKinnon is really enjoying these carpets.

I glanced around to see if anyone else was watching this soon-to-be epic show down.

I caught a hazel eye. Damn. Only Potter.

"Well," Sirius whispered dramatically, "You're just...such a boy."

I snorted, Marlene is the definition of Girly-Girl. I might as well call her Girl-In-Pink.

"You play Quidditch like a bloke," he continued, "you eat more than Remus, and I've seen guys with bigger boobs."

Oh shit.

Marlene's eyes turned to near-invisible slits and her face became completely devoid of all color as she lunged for Sirius's throat.

In, like, the blink of an eye, James jumped up between the two and pushed Marlene back.

"Do you want to get detention? Or suspended from a Quidditch game?" he hissed, "Just ignore Padfoot!" There we go with those nicknames again.

Marlene took deep breaths, nodded, and faced My Lady; pretending to take notes.

James slapped Sirius in the back of the head and sat back down.

Poor Marlene. She's really sensitive about her...lack of boobage. And having the biggest player in the school tease you about it must really suck. But she's really strong. That kinda stuff doesn't usually bother her. She's a rock. She--


I glanced up at Marlene in suprise; only to see her head bent low, resting in her arms. She never did that! Said it was bad for her posture!

I looked closer to see her wiping under her eyes, her fingers having smeared mascara on them.

What the hell?

Was Marlene...crying?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

She would so not care what Sirius said.


I hastily scribbled down my fears onto a scrap paper and tossed it at James's head.

He gave me an odd look and read it with raised eyebrows. He responded quickly,

You think Marlene likes Sirius?

I closed my eyes for a moment, thinking back to how Marlene would always have a small smile on her face when she and Sirius bickered, or how she claimed she hated him when she so doesn't, or how she always gets really passionate when talking about him.

Yes, I wrote, Meet me after class. This is a problem.

I just realized that my best friend could possibly have a crush on a guy who's only enjoyment in life is teasing her. Oh yes, this week will be just grand.

A/N: well it's not september, is it?! i'm so incredibly impressed with myself! i guess all the reviews i got really pushed me to write, wink wink. but anyways, my next chapter will have to be in september, seeing as they're closing the queue.
PLEASE REVIEW. it really pushes me to write! i almost quit this story when i began to write this chapter because i was so uninspired, but your reviews pushed me! thank you!
also, if anyone has ideas, or thoughts, or plotlines you really like, TELL ME! i will totally put it in if it goes with my plan! i love combining different ideas :) 
and to finish off this crazy long A/N, if you can make a banner, please make me onee!! my email is on my author's page. but i never check it, lol. so if you do decide to make a banner, put it in a review. :)

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Shakespeare, Magic, and Me: "Nay, he's a flower, in faith, a very flower." Nurse(1.3.84)


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